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  1. Saw the kingdom hearts all-in-one package on sale on the psn store today.i have had my eye on the game for a while. but is it worth buying? other than the fact that i get like 6 games for the price of one
  2. I am planning to buy a game but am not sure which one to buy. so pls help me choose one. Ps I played both arkham asylum and arkham city and played GOW 1, a part of 2 and ascension (but i know the entire story of GOW) and i have not played any of the Just cause games.
  3. that would be great if it's not too much.thanks in advance
  4. Well i have the weather changing mod and i have used it in sandbox mode a few times i also had a mod insert the shiny charm.. Other than that i have never altered the save file in anyway that i know. But i know nothing is wrong with the game. Cause i saw the girl in another save file which belongs to my friend.
  5. im doing the quest to get incinium z and the girl is not in the third floor. i have also tried other save files the girl is there. but in my save file the girl is not there pls help fix this. Game.rxdata
  6. i can give you one. but it will take some time.i will pm you when i have it
  7. @Gengar768well it was hell trying to get him. had to soft reset for a time almost equivalent to a week.
  8. @Gengar768 i can help you get a 6iv togepei but it will take some time. Will pm you when it is ready
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