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  1. Neml

    Battle time

    Thats where i'm at, patiently waiting while I blaze through Trails of Cold Steel III. Guess being on both fronts is helpful, still up for it anytime from now, 5:30 my time until probably 10, or 11. Am again on discord which looks amazing, great job guys, and thank you for directing me down the right path!
  2. Neml

    Battle time

    Im in U.S. central timezone Not on the reborn discord, though i do have the program and will look into joining the channel *UPDATE* am now on the discord, same name and pic etc
  3. Neml

    Battle time

    Been a while since i've even looked at this community. Going through hard times, and figured nothing is better than getting some friendly battles out and going. I used to be really into the online & community but honestly cannot remember much about how this goes. I've got both Rejuv and Reborn at end game, plenty of options to choose from so multiple battles are totally accepted, across both games as well. Again not completely fresh on what I need to post to get these started, but i'll list what info I can below and will be checking this throughout the day, hope someone sees and is ready to have some fun! Online Id - neml In game name - Iris Mods or anyone else please let me know if i need to update, etc.
  4. Online username: nemlTimezone: CSTAvailability: Pretty random throughout 12pm- 10pm CST, throw me a pm anytimeRules/Field effect: Any fields are fine, prefer 3v3 singles, but up for any challenge most of the time
  5. volcarona

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      Above your member info.

    2. Nanami's-Egg


      *uses Quiver Dance*

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