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  1. Happy Birthday ūüėĄ, i hope that you will have a great day ūüėĄūüćį

    1. CodeCass


      Thanks so very much! 

    2. LykosHand


      You're welcome ūüėĄ

  2. Nothing like car trouble to start the weekend off right...

  3. I got a takoyaki pan for Christmas! Now I just have to place a huge Amazon order for the rest of my ingredients like Kombu and Bonito flakes...plus the last of my InuYasha seasons will make this a very Japanese flavored order heading to rural Kentucky...

  4. Just bought Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky...I've heard great things. Hope I'm not disappointed! 

    1. Commander




      Not to spoil much but I recommend getting at least the first two in the trilogy since it is only half the arc. Dont be afraid to bother me about Trails/Kiseki questions?

    2. CodeCass


      Thanks @Commander! I'm sure I'll have questions. I've heard for years how good the series is but have always been somewhat intimidated by it's grandiose scale. The first game was only $9.99 today and I just recently won a $10 gift card so it seemed like it was meant to be, haha. 

  5. I can't get over how frustrating yet addicting Death Stranding is. I love it 

  6. So...Death Stranding is pretty great and super addicting. 

  7. Finally the champs of Galar! Final team was Seismitoad (Dat Boi), Coalossal (Olie), Arctozolt (Hammond), Passimian (Nat), Noivern (Decibel), and Weezing (DapperDan). Adored playing through Sword.  

  8. So the "Hungry Like the Wolf" cover by Twiztid and Jimmy Urine might be my favorite song of 2019. Absolutely adore it. 

  9. The gym battle theme music in SW/SH has no business being THAT good. 

  10. I adore the fossil Pokémon in SW/SH so much. I feel so bad for their existence that I can't help but take care of them. 

    1. Wolfox


      to me it feels like there's 2 parts missing (the electric body and dragon head). 

      and it seems they're based on something that happened in the UK where they just slapped pieces together if they looked right

    2. CodeCass


      I think my only real issue with them is that we don't have all the pieces so there's no way to put the "originals" together as well. I wish maybe the missing fossils could have been super rare or something. I like the mixed-up mechanic and think the idea behind it is cool, but could have been taken just one step further to have been really great. 

  11. So what are you all's Sword and Shield teams looking like? Mine's currently: Perrzerker, Arctozolt, Araquanid, Toxtricity, Coalossal, and Runerigus!

    1. Wolfox


      Mine by the Champion was Inteleon, Grimmsnarl, Corviknight, Toxtricity, and Hatterene 

    2. Des Teto

      Des Teto

      The grass starter, Corviknight, the coal train, the glass canon water fish, the bulky ground snake and still looking for the last one.


      I don't know the names in english ^^

    3. Autumn Zephyr

      Autumn Zephyr

      I technically haven't even started yet (I'm borrowing a friend's Switch to play, and part of the terms is that he has to be around when I use it, which hasn't quite happened yet due to scheduling issues), but I plan on running:






      >Blueberry Sweet/Caramel Swirl Alcremie (it look like an underbaked muffin!) 


      >G. Corsola/Cursola (I haven't decided as to whether or not I want to evolve it yet...)


      Who needs cohesive themes when you can just use any fancy new toy that strikes your fancy? ūüėÜ

  12. I feel a responsibility for bringing poor Arctozolt into this world...I can't not use him now

  13. Ready to get off work and grab up my copy of Sword! Only 4 more hours. 

    1. Maqqy


      4 hours....  its going to feel like = 4 decades

  14. Counting down the hours until I can start my new Gen 8 adventure tomorrow evening. Sobble and I are gonna rock this! 

  15. Beyond excited for Sword and Shield's release on Friday. I'm ready for a new adventure. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. CodeCass


      @Wolfox I'm going for Sword. I've tried to stay away from leaks and spoilers outside of official trailers, so I'm not sure what version exclusives are looking like this go around. I've usually chosen my version based on the box legendary over the years. The last time I was super pleased with my choice was White and White 2. Hoping I'll have chosen well again! 

    3. Wolfox


      I'm going shield just because of Galar Ponyta, I like the horse

    4. CodeCass


      Haha! Nothing wrong with that at all! 

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