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  1. When you beat Victoria before challenging Kiki, when Victoria walks past us to leave, if an NPC is standing in the path then Victoria will phase through the sprite. Something I noticed while watching the Penta-Op. This is what I mean. Watch NumbNexus's screen (top left) between timestamps 14:18 and 14:23.
  2. Sorry to pester but does anyone have a solution? Until I find one Sandbox Mode is completely unplayable...
  3. Thanks for your time and effort in updating these rules. I do struggle to understand and remember things sometimes, so please forgive me if I missed the point or overlooked something which basically says this. If I have, please correct me. But I'd like to make a suggestion, if I may. I think there still ought to be a way for users to redeem themselves after making errors or getting large amounts of points -- some sort of community service that, when completed, takes off a point or two. While I understand that some people may abuse them, we shouldn't let a few rotten app
  4. I decided to try this out of curiosity and I'm having a problem with (apparently) movement? As soon as I click New Game I hear the collision sound of a character bumping into something and this sound continues until the end of the opening cutscene. Motion afterwards is fine, however, up to the Grand Hall. As soon as I select my starter and fight Cain, when he takes me down to the Pokemon Centre to heal, my character walks straight down into the wall and endlessly collides with it and I'm unable to do anything else. Has anyone got any suggestions for this problem? It's like Twitch Plays Pokemon
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