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  1. Can you perhaps add Let's Go MImikyu to the list of debugged games?
  2. Hello Jan! Is it correct to say that everything but character sprites and tilesets are free to use?

    1. Michael_


      Its everything but the MC sprites


    2. Don't Contact Me, I Left

      Don't Contact Me, I Left

      Aight! Late but thanks 🙂

  3. @Zumi Question about Gen8. How will the leaked moves be handled for Home and also old moves for new Pokemon learnsets? (i.e. Zoroark gets Sludge Bomb now or new egg moves on old Pokemon)
  4. My personal ideas on earliest placements and note that I'm listing them by earliest stage if applicable:
  5. I am making this thread so there's a general spot of speculation for the new Pokemon being placed (or Gen Eight) in V13. What Pokemon do you think will be available in V13 and where? General Rules: 1. Please do not make fun of anyone's placements ideas. 2. Have fun. Now theory crafting GO!
  6. Hi. So this is a thing I guess. Decided to make a run based off of the Trope “Love Hurts”. It’s sorta like a wedlocke variant. RULES:
  7. Oh, I messed up. Chapter 11 is where you canget the three, not Chap 10.
  8. Yeah, you can get the three then too since Chap11 ends after a specific interaction inside inside RT iirc.
  9. Yeah if you mean the Inkay sidequest Yui Ranch, I can confirm it is post Erick (maybe Flora/Florin depending on when the guy returns). Both by memory and 100% guide.
  10. Small error updates: If I missed anymore tell me and note that while the 100% guide is accurate, it doesn't always give the earliest obtainability points.
  11. The Blacksteeple update though. First location I think besides Nymiera's house where we've seen a depiction of Xerneas.
  12. Slight but notable error: When the choice to choose an appearance comes up and you do not (arrow to) choose any, a white screen will come up and you will have to soft reset to start the game up. Am I the only one having this problem?
  13. Anyone know the debug variable for the interactions in Darchlight to get Spiritomb?
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