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Rejuvenation Directory/FAQ [🌟V12 UPDATED - READ BEFORE POSTING🌟]


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Arrow Keys: Move
Space: A button; Talk/Select, Toggle walk/run, Change Mining Item
X key: B button; Open menu
Z key: A button; Talk/Select
Shift: Use registered item
A: Sort Bag
S: Toggle walk/run
😧 Quick-Save
F1: Program Options

F8: Screenshot
F12: Soft-reset
Alt+Enter: Full Screen-ish mode
Enter: Alternative for Z (so another A button, used to Talk/Select)


Important Questions:


Cheat Engine / Editor:

Please refrain from talking using cheating methods, unless it's being used to speed up the game (typically for grinding or breeding purposes) or to edit a certain Pokemon that will be usable for your specific challenge run (e.g. a starter for a Monotype that does not have any available Pokemon pre-Venam or a Mystery Egg Pokemon). I personally won't help you cheat.



According to Jan, here will be a "normal" ending and a "special" ending, depending on what choices you made in-game, such as choosing to save a certain character or choosing who to give a certain item, defeating (or not defeating) certain optional bosses, and doing side-quests such as the Help Center quests. Doing the correct things will give you "Karma Points" (like a game variable rather than an actual Item), which serve no purpose as of version 12.



To patch your game, simply install the most recent version of Rejuvenation, unzip it, install the most recent patch (as of v12, patch 12.2), unzip that, and then place the patch 10 folders into your copy of v12 and replace the v12 files. This will ensure you have the most bug-free experience while playing!


Save Files:

Rejuvenation has the option to have multiple save files, as well as autosave and backup saves! In case you get stuck, you can delete your current Game.rxdata and rename an older file to Game.rxdata. This way you'll be able to keep playing and prevent yourself from getting stuck again.


Minor Questions:


Current Generation:

Rejuvenation follows Gen 7 (SM) for learnsets, TMs, etc. as of version 12.


Difficulty Levels:

There are three different difficulty levels in Rejuvenation: Casual, Normal, and Intense. Casual is more akin to the normal Pokemon games (similar to Gen V-VI difficulty), with Trainers having less and lower leveled Pokemon. Normal is more akin to Reborn, with all Gym Leaders having six Pokemon. Intense is basically hard mode, with middle Gym Leaders even having Z-Moves and Legendary Pokemon. Feel free to change your difficulty mode in Gearen City, in the red and white circus tent!


Evolution Methods Specific to Rejuvenation:

Pikachu -> Alolan Raichu: Use Apophyll Pancakes on Pikachu or use a Thunderstone on Pikachu anywhere in the Goldenleaf or the Terajuma region.

Cubone -> Alolan Marowak: Level Cubone to level 28 in the nighttime in the Goldenleaf or the Terajuma region.

Exeggcute -> Alolan Exeggutor: Use a Leaf Stone on Exeggcute anywhere in the Goldenleaf or the Terajuma region.

Magneton -> Magnezone: Area unavailable.

Nosepass -> Probopass: Area unavailable.

Eevee -> Leafeon: Level Eevee up once in the Secret Grove (near the mossy rock). This area is unlockable through a Kakori Town Help Center Quest.

Eevee -> Glaceon: Level Eevee up once near the icy rock.

Inkay -> Malamar: Rather than pressing the space bar, C, or Z (A button), press X (B button).

Crabrawler -> Crabominable: Level Crabrawler up once near the icy rock.

Charjabug -> Vikavolt: Level Charjabug up once anywhere in the Terajuma region.

Alolan Form -> Kantonian Form: Breeding an Alolan/Kantonian form will always result in a Kantonian form, with the exception of breeding an Alolan form, with the female or the non-Ditto holding a Destiny Knot, which will always result in an Alolan form.


Gourmet Treat/Rejuvenation-Specific Items:

While expensive (Gourmet Treat, purchase-able in almost any general mart) or rare (Rejuvenation-specific items), there are some Pokemon who won't do anything with you unless you bring them a Gourmet Treat/the correct Rejuvenation-specific item. They may take it or not, but in the end, the Pokemon will either join you or fight you, giving you the opportunity to catch it.


In-Game Time/Weather:

Morning, Day, and Night are determined by the time of your computer - if it's 8 A.M. where you are now, it will be morning in-game. As for weather, certain places randomly may have a certain weather, shown both in the overworld and in battle, such as Rain in Gearen City. You may enter and leave these specific areas until you do get the weather you need.


Mega Evolution / Z-Crystals:

Unavailable right now, as we do not have a Mega Ring / a Z-Ring. Some of these unusable stones are obtainable in-game, though.


Mystery Egg:

You can trade a Phantump Egg for a Mystery Egg in Route 3 during the day. This Egg will hatch into one of 18 very strong Pokemon (and there is at least one of each type/generation, so never fear, specialty run players!), some of which cannot be obtained in-game by other means yet. They will definitely be available, though, for those who want to complete the Pokedex. However, you cannot soft reset to change what Pokemon you get, as it is pre-determined once you get your starter (although picking the same starter does not necessarily mean you will get the same Mystery Egg Pokemon). For now, you may trade Pokemon with other people using the Trading Thread provided, and to those who are playing Monotypes but did not get a Pokemon of your type (or any challenge but did not get a Pokemon of your type, really - Monogens, Mono-colors, etc.), I'm sure if you ask around, someone with the capability to would be willing to help you out.


Nerfing/Buffing Leaders and Axing Pokemon:

If many people think that a Leader is too strong (or weak) or a Pokemon is too good for the part of game where it is at and therefore is overused, the Leader may be buffed/nerfed or the Pokemon may be axed (cut from the game) or moved, such as quite a few Pokemon from Version 2, including a mistake event Victini. However, just one person, no matter how vocal, will probably not be enough.


Pumpkaboo / Gourgeist Size:

While it isn't made clear in-game, the only Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist size available is the Super size, or XL.


Purifying "Ace" Shadow Pokemon:

Ace Shadow Pokemon, such as Shadow Beldum, requires Max Tempo in the Purify Chamber of the PC, meaning all the chambers must have Max Flow (which works just like it does in Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness - you must have a perfect cycle of four in which a Pokemon would have a typing that would be advantageous offensively to the next). This is most easily done by putting 4 Normal types in each chamber. You can read about this in a book in Gearen City's Magnolia Library.



Jan has stated that all resources (besides the sprites for main characters) can be used (but you should definitely give him and all of the others who have helped credit!). I mean, you could potentially use the main characters' sprites, but he'd prefer if you didn't, as that would be considered stealing...


Trade Evolutions (Link Heart):

Rather than trading Pokemon, there is an Item called the Link Heart. You may use it on a Pokemon for it to evolve, if it needs to be traded in order to evolve (e.g. Machoke). If the Pokemon requires another item (e.g. Spritzee with a Sachet), have the Pokemon hold the item and then use the Link Heart on it. Pokemon like Shelmet and Karrablast do not need to be traded for each other; just use a Link Heart on one to evolve!

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Zumi's edit: Posts beyond the OP and the post above are OUTDATED. They contain information that is no longer accurate, please only use the posts above or the posts beyond the one I made announcing the update to contain V12 information to refer to presently relevant information.

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Can't remember the exact meaning but it has to do with rattata the original f.e.a.r user. It's when a very low leveled like a level one rattata is hit by a move using a focus sash to live with one health and using the move endeaver to get the opponents health to one. It can than be finished with a weak priority move. Other variations of the strat with other pokemon are also possible but that is the idea.

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more FAQ's

Where is Kristilines help center

How do i unlock Kristilines help center

What do i do in ??? in kristilines help center (although ill probably have this covered if i ever get around to that side quest guide)

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more FAQ's

Where is Kristilines help center

How do i unlock Kristilines help center

What do i do in ??? in kristilines help center (although ill probably have this covered if i ever get around to that side quest guide)

I could show a screenshot if it, but i'm too lazy.

Do first the terikuminja help center, and finish all the request.

Go to deep carter(forest on east side in kristilines city), and pretty much there.

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just giving examples of frequently asked questions on forums that was one of the things on chubbs to do list

Chubb if you search the old forum for rejuv i think i screenshotted where the kristilines help center was

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QUESTION : Looks like Team Xen uses their own Mega-Evolution to their Dimensional Rifts (ex : Gyarados became D (Dark or Demon ? )-Gyarados). Does that mean we'll also obtain the Mega-Evolution during the adventure ?

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On 8/4/2015 at 3:11 PM, GS_59 said:

QUESTION : Looks like Team Xen uses their own Mega-Evolution to their Dimensional Rifts (ex : Gyarados became D (Dark or Demon ? )-Gyarados). Does that mean we'll also obtain the Mega-Evolution during the adventure ?

Well, Team Xen uses Demon Stones, but it's doubtful we'll be able to get Demon Stones, as the protagonist. However, we will most likely be able to use Mega Evolution at one point during the adventure. Of course, it might be a bit later, since Mega Evolution might be too helpful right now.

Jan says we'll be able to hunt for Mega Stones starting in version 7, although we might not be able to get the Mega Ring yet, and therefore not be able to use them.

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um okie favor time 1. put up the polliwag guide and 2. change the link to the orphanage guide to put (v5) and Side quest guide under reconstruction :0

Yeah, I'm going to change the links up there soon. Not now, too tired. :/

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Specific Questions:

Q: How do I use Cheat Engine for this game?

A: Please refrain from using or talking about Cheat Engine here. It is frowned upon, with exceptions being to speed up the game. If you must know, however, it follows Reborn Cheats.

Q: How do I use the Gourmet Treat for Event Pokemon?

A: Certain Event Pokemon will not interact with you without the Treat. Then they will eat/destroy it, making them join your team or battle you! In addition, you can feed Pokemon Gourmet Treats to raise their happiness, if you really want.

Q: For the choice between the four girls, who is the strongest? (Meaning what's the correct choice?)

A: All choices are "correct", although they each will have minor different dialogues. Choosing Melia is the best choice, since that's the only one where you get to team up against Saki and Venam. Choosing anybody else means fighting the two alone.

Q: Is there a way to beat the "impossible" battles?

A: Well, they all can be beaten with strategies like F.E.A.R. Dimensional Rift Gyarados and Shadow Mewtwo, however, are much easier than Madame X. The easiest way is to cheat, which is not recommended because it can corrupt your save file. The stories do not change, either way. Just minor changes to dialogue.

Q: I've played Reborn before, and I see that Rejuvenation was inspired by Reborn. Are there any cameos to Reborn?

A: There are no true crossovers, although Jan has said that he may do that at some point. However, there are a few references to Reborn, such as:

- Trainer Scout Amaria shares the same name as Reborn's Water type Gym Leader, Amaria! (There are actually quite a few theories behind this, but can't tell you about them because they spoil both games...)

- Starter Oshawott follows you like Cain's did.

- Scientist Fern in the Xen Lab of Carotos Mountain has a mono-Grass team.

- Blue Moon Ice Cream and the others have made a return from Reborn, and their descriptions even say that they are from Reborn City!

Q: Will there be a "normal" ending and a "good" ending like Reborn will have?

A: Yes. There will be a few split-story choices, and I shall list them here:

- Choosing to save Kreiss

- Choosing to save Eldest or keep the Magma Stone

Q: OMG please nerf this Gym Leader! OR OMG please add this Pokemon!

A: While this isn't a question, I'll "answer" it. This may be over exaggerated, but it's what I see in the Youtube comments section a lot. Anyways, Jan will definitely take your criticism in consideration, unless it's something that is too game-breaking, like an early Legendary (RIP Victini).

Q: Should I EV train my Pokemon?

A: While it isn't necessary and is tedious, EV training can be useful for Gym battles. There's the EV training guide, as mentioned above, to help you. FYI, the Gearen City EV Training Center only has HP and Speed as of Version 5.

Q: WAIT. Victini was available?

A: Yes, at one point, in Version 2. That was a mistake on Jan's part, and it was later axed (meaning it was either removed for now due to being too powerful or put later into the game. In Victini's case, it will be removed for a while, being a Legendary. It'll probably be catchable in the post-game). Other powerful Pokemon that were axed very early included Magikarp, Hoppip, and Rotom.


A: Not yet. Soon.

Q: How do I know the weather and time of day?

A: Morning, day, and night are dependent on your computer's time. For weather, there are certain areas that usually rain / have sun if you keep entering and exiting buildings.

Q: How do I evolve Pokemon that need to be traded to evolve?

A: Rejuvenation brings a new item called the Trade Heart, which you can simply use on your Pokemon to have them evolve. If the Pokemon needs another item, like Swirlix with a Sachet, put the Sachet on Swirlix and then use the Trade Heart on it. However, as of Version 5, there is only one Trade Heart, so use it wisely...

Q: How do I evolve Inkay? It always stops just when it is about to evolve, and I am pressing the Space bar or the Z button...

A: You have to press the X button (B button). It is the opposite of regular evolution, and we can't just turn our computers upside down, now can we?

Q: What is this Mystery Egg, exactly?

A: When you trade a Phantump Egg for a Mystery Egg, you have a 1/18 chance of getting some pretty useful Pokemon, like Starly and Azurill. However, you can't change what Pokemon you get, since it is predetermined by your save file. You can, however, trade for one, and the other Pokemon WILL be available later on for those who want to complete the Pokedex.

Q: What are these "jackpot starters"?

A: When you get your starter, Amaria introduces you to a rainbow machine that spits out a Pokemon for you. If you soft reset, however, you may get an Axew, and Eevee, or a Ralts, too! However, the chances for those are much slimmer than getting a normal starter. Good luck!

Q: How do I soft reset the game?

A: Save before the event you want to repeat to give you desired results (i.e. before an important battle or to get decent IVs/Natures/Abilities on a certain Pokemon), then press F12. It's much easier than closing the window and then having it load up again.

how do i get the trade heart?

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Anyone knows the locations of all the Key Shard thingy in v6 ? Pls send me a message if you do

how do i get the trade heart?

Buy them on route 3 for 10k in the morning (only for v6.2)

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Anyone knows the locations of all the Key Shard thingy in v6 ? Pls send me a message if you do

Buy them on route 3 for 10k in the morning (only for v6.2)

Shard 1 Is in the Team Xen hideout located in the Sheridan Wetlands.

Shard 2 is located on top of Mt. Valor, directly below where Zetta and Geara were standing.

Shard 3 is located in the Alien Lab in the help request "???" in Kristilline (forgive the misspell) in the middle top of the final room.

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