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Rejuvenation V12 | Death of One, Birth of Another

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Cover Art: Alternate Cover Art [SPOILERS]         "FLORA: Oh, would you look at that... It's p̺̠̜̩̭͆̈́ͧͭ̂L̯̈́̌ͤͨ̈̏̕ȁ͍̯̲̘͈̖̬Y͉̠͔̖̮̠̋̓ͨ̅é͆̎̊̿r̭̭̯͇̻ͫͩͦ͂̈̈́͢ͅ Lemme

The game's been out for less than a week...  

PBS Files are finally up! There WILL be a patch 2 sometime tomorrow, but it will be small and mostly focus on fixing the Black/White flute issue. This closes out V12 finally. Onto V13.

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Woohoo! Amazing job by all the developers to get this out so quick! You guys rock!


I'm going to start a new game, but I can't decide whether I want to do normal difficulty or intense. I think I want to play the game as blind as possible, so it may be better to just play on normal.

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