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    • Lets try this Game.rxdata
    • That's french to you, that's how they spell Toxic. Apparently I still haven't integrated the correct spelling after 300 hours of english only fangames.   That aside, maybe that's just me wholly underestimating rollout+defense curl (it's really possible, mind you, I'm not particularly experienced with Pokemon Strategy), but it feels like a lot of moves for a gimmick that doesn't ultimately amounts to much.   Like, looking at the numbers, I can see the appeal of the rollout defense curl combo, but I can't help but feel like this is a "win harder" set. The only kind of team this set beats is a team you already had the tools to crush anyway.   Scolipede doesn't have that much physical bulk, looking at it. Sure, if you get in defense curl first you can bring up the defense to a respectable level, but because of how PVE works (enemies being regularly ahead of you on the level side, perfect IVs being a pain to acquire while the AI has them, limited item selection), Scolipede can get outspeeded by other fast mons until speed boost kicks in, or just taken down by prority moves, and scolipede just doesn't have the bulk to take two good hits and live, even at +1 def.   Even so, Scolipede still has a base 60 HP, and that's really bad for a mon who's going to take at least two hits just to get in the groove (defense curl + the first rollout that's gonna hit at 60 base power, unstabbed). Like. I run a donphan in my team who has double that HP stat and 120 defense, making it bulkier on base than Scolipede after a defense curl, and it will still go down in two good hits. I know the comparison isn't perfect, but my point is that I have some trouble believing you would be able to set this combo up consistently to warrant using it, and more importantly, to use it in situations that really counts.   There's also the problem of rollout locking into itself and ground type moves being entirely negated by flying types and Levitate mons. sure, you can just switch out after getting the KO, but then that resets the whole combo, which limits the ideal scenario where it lets you sweep half a team with it.   Similarly, rollout has 90% accuracy. While this is fine for the overwhelming majority of moves, the fact rollout has to repeat itself uninterrupted for the damage multiplier to remain means that a single failed roll can drop the whole combo dead on the ground. I got majorly screwed over by that fact in the early game when rollout is venipede's only decent move. Sure, you can argue I was just unlucky, but the fact your combo has a 10% chance to crumble entirely every turn even when nothing else is going wrong adds just another layer of unreliability on it.   I'm also unsure of whether Baton pass would really be worth it as wasting a move slot on. I dunno how long you plan on spamming defense curl so maybe passing like +6 Defense would be pretty okay, but it goes back to the issue of consistency : I have a hard time believing the opponent isn't just going to KO scolipede before it reaches + 3 defense, on average, and passing +1 def isn't really impressive.   Plus, while using rollout, you can't decide to just use baton pass : you're switching immediately after the KO when the game gives you the option (so no baton pass), or you stay there and keep rolling. Situations where rollout naturally ends, and your opponent cannot kill you in retalation, and you can baton pass to someone else are way too niche to warrant a move slot, so I gotta ask : what's the case where you have a use for baton pass ? Because I'm not seeing it.   -------------------------- To talk about Protect, I find two uses to it that are pretty good. First, it gives you the first speed boost for free, at which point you can safely assume you outspeed everything outside of priority. It came clutch during at least two critical lategame fights for me. I said earlier Scolipede can occasionally take a hit, but the problem of a bug/poison type is that when you try to use the bug typing to check psychic types, the psychic types checks you back, and you REALLY don't want to find out you're actually the slower one of the two mons.   Second, it synergizes well with toxic : Provided you survive the turn you use toxic, you can just use protect to get another free turn of toxic buildup for your opponent.  Before getting mega horn, Steamroller's 30% chance of flinch can take this even further by flinching the opponent, giving you another two turns to live while toxic builds up, since it lets you reuse protect afterwards.   While it is not flashy, it's a really great tool to deal with almost any mon, which makes it very consistent and versatile. If Substitute was available as a TM, I'd teach it to Scolipede so it can reliably stall anything and everything the rest of the team isn't properly equipped to deal with. Mega Horn alone is more than good enough for just hitting stuff really hard, and poison tail is respectable throughout most of the game, only falling behind in the late game, and I don't really see a move that require just one slot in the moveset to be useful that would be better than this one, outside of maybe putting back steamroller to flinch my opponents, but I appreciate the occasionnal fairy-type check poison tail provides.
    • Is there a way to get Scyther in the current release?
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