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    • Kino and Enma   Familiarity was a double-edged sword; as much as Kino could take a good guess as to what targets she should attack and their potential resistances and capabilities, they too, may also have some preparation toward Kino and her kin. While the Imps seemed meek, Kino's attention was more fixated on the avian that was eyeing the group--was it the bird that made the Inn's ominous name? Part of Kino resisted to attack given that fact, and even Enma felt less eager about the battle even with their numbers. Only the goddess appeared to dare attack it at present, though she seemed to possess an idiosyncratic position and familiarity to the world that surpassed Kino's herself; she decided she needed more information, and chose to attack the less intimidating targets at present.   Are you scared? I'm with you. And our brothers and sisters. There's little to fear.   Kino (73/98) Enma (68/68)   Kino unleashes her Revelation of spirits, the incantation causing wear that costs 25% of her maximum health.  Enma attacks the Black Imp, dealing 1d6 + INT(9) damage to it, and marking it with Entente of Malice, which will empower Kino's next attack dealt to it.   
    • Escavalier since I fought Radomus. I ended battles pretty fast thanks to his def stats + fell stinger + scope lents  I never thought I would adore a bug Pokemon too much 
    • Welp...Been through the void and man I feel dead and numb inside and I feel sorry for Luna. For those who've beaten the current version of Full Moon you know what I'm talking about.   If the devs sees this somehow please make Luna happy and with someone that loves her. (Which I'm sure they planned that from the very beginning.)
    • The site wont let me like, thank, or upvote anymore for the day and its only 8:30pm.   Did I get in trouble or something?
    • Yeah I kinda thought about the longer run that's why I tried to diversify my team but that doesn't always help in the beginning. that's at least what my basis was for with my Froakie as it can morph into 4 types. I usually stick with 9 Pokemon that have all 18 types for coverage and swap between them as needed but sometimes that can't happen.
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