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  2. Don't mind me, I messed this up thinking the help center was in the apartments building when it's actually in the central building ^^
  3. As the title and image suggest, I can't access the left lift shown here and hence the GDC help center. I have completed the main story as of V12. Any suggestions??
  4. Hi there! If anybody is willing to help de-bug my game, it would be so deeply appreciated. I posted about being soft-locked more than six months ago in the "Major Bugs" thread, but never received any help, and I would really, really love to be able to continue playing now. I'm soft-locked in Kristiline because I cannot enter the TM shack. I have the required Magma Stone, but I still cannot interact with the shop. It is most certainly NOT frozen in NeverMeltIce, as it should be -- just totally unresponsive. I've tried everything to make the story progress: followed the V12 walk-throughs meticulously to make sure I didn't miss anything, installed the available patches, tried to re-play forward from the earliest back-up save files that I have, but no matter what I do, the building remains a silent, unresponsive monolith. I think that perhaps the cook off in Teila Resort may have bugged the TM shack, because the city was not covered in snow -- even before I even beat Angie. It's impossible to progress to Mt. Valor without accessing this darn building. Halp. Please. Somebody. It's been so long since I've been able to play my game. I miss my Flareon. Screenshot: My sprite in front of the perpetually unresponsive TM shack. Game.Lilah.7badges.BrokenTMShack.Kristiline.rxdata
  5. I had a first save that got stuck at the garbodor second battle and couldn't find the game.rxdata file and then I made a second save and got boxed in by the espurr at the back of the raised area. My game proceeded to autosave and now I'm stuck there. Please can anyone help, its so frustrating
  6. Thank you i have been trying everything I can think of for almost a week now
  7. Golden Items also won't function until you actually have the HM and appropriate badge for the move they mimic, for the record. (Which should be after beating Valerie for surf)
  8. You can not fish in every waterplace, for example inside the two caves in Terajuma Jungle there are no encounters, so fishing won't work
  9. nvm sorry it just suddenly fixed itself, but I swear, I'm on chapter 6 now and everytime before this fishing didn't work
  10. For some reasons, water just does not work for me. I can't use surf or golden surfboard, and whenever I fish it always say pokemon got away.
  11. I have been suffering from crash lately whenever i come near a strength boulder. I try to load my save file backward when i still have 7 badges but it keeps happenning. What can I do? Game.rxdata
  12. Found a problem with Doom Desire. After using it, on the strike turn, it says "___ took the Chatter attack", the attack doesn't do any damage, and this error message pops up: --------------------------- Pokemon Rejuvenation --------------------------- [Pokemon Rejuvenation V12.1] Exception: NoMethodError Message: undefined method `>=' for nil:NilClass PokeBattle_Move:4220:in `pbReduceHPDamage' PokeBattle_Battle:5846:in `__clauses__pbEndOfRoundPhase' PokeBattle_Battle:5809:in `each' PokeBattle_Battle:5809:in `__clauses__pbEndOfRoundPhase' PokeBattle_Clauses:42:in `pbEndOfRoundPhase' PokeBattle_Battle:4710:in `pbStartBattleCore' PokeBattle_Battle:4709:in `logonerr' PokeBattle_Battle:4709:in `pbStartBattleCore' PokeBattle_Battle:4693:in `loop' PokeBattle_Battle:4714:in `pbStartBattleCore' EDIT: Also, if I'm using random moves, how am I supposed to use the TMX moves without buying all the golden items? The TM number for each TMX move stays the same, but when you use it on a Pokemon, it teaches a move that is different from the one listed in the TM. Is there a mod like the one included in Reborn's randomizer where you don't need HM moves to interact with the field?
  13. Ever since I got to west gearan my game crashed when I encounter a wild pokemon and I do not want to go back to my last back up becasue that would require hours of play time. I have progressed to darchlight forest but now there is to much grass which makes this impossible. Please Help Game.rxdata
  14. ah hello can some one tell me what to do if you wantthe save file here also i tried to download the game again nothing happened Game_2.rxdata
  15. so, i don't know if this is a tile error or it's supposed to be like that, but i just saw this
  16. I had this exact same problem. It is possible that your save file is corrupted. Did you make something unusual in your playtrough, like skipping an important battle, but still progressing trough the game? You can try to go back to an old save file, try to test if touching boulders doesn't trigger the message. That's the only solution I tried, I don't actually know how to properly fix it, but it should work
  17. I am in darchlight forest and my game has been crashing everytime I encounter a wild pokemon since I got to west gearen. I have tried using repels and even those do not work. I can't progress any farther can someone help please. Game.rxdata
  18. From one side I love your art as always. Over 9000 kudos for you But at the other side, I'm crying when I compare little Maria with her older self and for what happened to the Theolia Family. Still grieving for them all Screw you Dark Gardevoir for ruining my favourite family and turned Vitrus to Indriad. GO. TO. HELL! IT'S ALL YOU FREAKING FAULT
  19. New character art for Melia (3rd appearance), Venam (2nd appearance), Kanon (1st appearance), Maria, Vitus, Anathea, Amanda and Erick has been added!
  20. Um Hi people I managed to get myself stuck in Route 9 outside Souta's house And is there some sort of WalkThroughWalls mod for Pokemon Rejuvenation? For some reason my backups don't exist and the last one I have was after getting the 7th badge...
  21. Ever since I got to west gearen my game crashes whenever i encounter a wild pokemon can someone please help me out. I have been able to progress to Darchlight forest but the game is unplayable now because of all the grass, even repels do not work. Game.rxdata
  22. and before you ask about the patches and crap like that, i am ISOLATED on a island with no way to leave teh area to reset
  23. i can't seem to access the Game.rxdata to ask for help in the first place X_X the only thing close is LastSave.dat anyone know how to properly find it?
  24. Hey, I am at the place where you get the Shadow Beldum and I have the pieces of the Card key and the newest patches installed, but i'm not able to use it. Could someone help with this? Game.rxdata
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