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  2. Huh? Blaziken with Speed Boost is still one of the best mons in the game. Garchomp can still put in work even without EQ. And Jan already confimred that the mega ring will be available in V13 which means that you can use Mega Mawile which will be a good pick for 3 of the last 4 gyms (dragon, fairy and dark). Also if you want a better water type, you can catch popplio. And if you want better electric type, you can catch Rotom in the Old Castle above Goldenleaf(assuming you did the Dufaux Sidequest)
  3. A Melia that's actually likeable and behaves like a normal human being? But...but then what do i complain about every time? Well at least our Melia is still the same obnoxious Mary Sue so we do live in the best timeline after all. Now i'll probably have to play this game....hmm maybe i'll wait till the final version comes out in like 10 years (too bad i won't get a Dragon starter). Look at the bright side Sean it wasn't 50k for an ice cream it was 49150 because you got some money too
  4. First thing to do in version 13^ Replaying the game because team kinda BRUH
  5. It was just a small conversation between Melia and the professor and a video clip of Melia's audition for the gym leader position, i'm pretty sure
  6. I just want to know did anyone snoop in melia's diary I just heard you can (maybe I would have saved and read it then went back to the save) But can someone tell me what it said (not to be sneaky)
  7. Dimension type is being removed in V13 actually because it never gets used anyways, so Gyarados will have a minor type change.
  8. Torterra, makes an alright pokemon into an absolute BEAST! Since it reverses the types it is weak against and strong against.
  9. That train GIF is haunting me. Soooo... you don't hate her as much now but must keep busting her "balls" huh? Ok. That makes sense. I didn't expect that to come so soon though. Umm... Where on the statue were you rubbing? Because you're secretly Sonic The Hedgehog... I feel like I said that to you before. Did I...? Idk. Well... Maybe Chiller will somehow be pleased with the ice cream you have obtained? Hmm... Idk. If I remember correctly, Reborn Sean is more... "losing his mind over the characters" kind of guy. I mean I know you do here as well but you know... Now that
  10. https://nuzlockeforums.com/forum/threads/the-terribly-titled-nuzlocke-of-pokemon-rejuvenation-part-3-chapter-95-back-track-attack-18-04-21.1076/page-44#post-837242 Eeeeyyyyyup. That's a right purty lookin' chapter right there. It may not be what you city folk are used to but down here in the south we do things a lil' differently. Replies:
  11. Hi. i also have the same problem. I recently just beat the rift garbodor and now I am stuck in the wall. Can someone help me plz. I have put so many hours into this game. Edit: Don't know if my past request through sorry
  12. Definitely Claydol. The Psychic type is one of my favourite types and Claydol is such an interesting and well designed Pokémon. Its movepool is very diverse, but Claydol is usually a very passive Pokémon. Its crest changes that and turns its fantastic defensive assets into a threatening offensive moveset. Cosmic Power to further boost its Defense and Sp. Defense stat and Hyper Beam as mandatory beam move has saved me more than a couple of times.
  13. sorry no ik its on the discord and it might just be the newest download
  14. Hi. i also have the same problem. I recently just beat the rift garbodor and now I am stuck in the wall. Can someone help me plz. I have put so many hours into this game.
  15. Either Castform or Claydol crest. Those are one of the most creative and fun crests, and they make two of my favorite Pokemon much more viable.
  16. I understand. When I fought this kind of Ledian, it punches my Feraligatr with 4 Thunder Punch ahah !
  17. I prefer Typhlosion Crest. It's nothing special but kind of being useful so it would be good for Typhlosion to have much choices about moves and such counters like using Slash and Burn on Water types, Rock types and Ground types.
  18. I particularly love Claydol's Crest. I did like Claydol's design and idea before, and the crest gives it the ability to use its firepower accordingly. I also love Ledian for similar reasons: Cool style, poor mon. Crested Ledian is probably still not an Uber but it's more of a threat now
  19. Hi everyone ! If you discovered the Crest in Rejuvenation, you must have seen some of their effects in battle. I want to know what crest you have tested, and which one is your favorite crest. In my opinion, two crests are incredible : Feraligatr and Castform. Feraligatr is one of my favorite starter, and I used it during my travel. It saved me due to its priority move when it switches in. And Castform is WOW ! Having the choice between 3 forms is enjoying. Personnaly, I chose its ice-form ^-^ So, what kind of crest do you love ?
  20. hello Haru, i was trying to do a randomizer run, but when i turn the Move type Randomizer on, No move type get changed. But when i turn both that and Base Power Randomizwer on, it works normally. Game.rxdata
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