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  2. Maybe Betrayal could be Crescent. After all, she is the one who caused both Ren and Nim to betray us and has repeatedly tried to get us to abandon our friends. She also committed an act of betrayal herself when she left the Stormchasers. For obsession, the only person I can think of besides Karen (A side quest character so probably not her) would be Angie, but I'm not too sure about that one.
  3. I dont get it either but this v12 teaser seems to insuniate that Flora is reponsible somehow so I guess she is? might be a retcon though
  4. I feel like the darkness of betrayal is Nim/Lorna, since she betrayed her friends and even turned some of them to stone. Ren isn't really evil, just misguided, though I guess you can say the same for Nim. They were both manipulated by Crescent, yet Nim has done more evil things than Ren. The only problem I see with Nim being the darkness is that Damien claims she isn't human, and even calls her an "it", implying she is something akin to a demon.
  5. Can you send me your save file? This guide will help you find it: https://www.rebornevo.com/forums/topic/18748-a-guide-to-using-your-backup-saves/
  6. Found some typo's and spelling mistakes: Most of them are pretty straightforward Zebstrika, not Zebsrtika I instead of it Autumn is capitalized for no reason portrayed, not potrayed weird, not wierd Pokemon is not capitalized and the last one is kind of funny: Kimono girl Efi is supposed to sound French, saying things like 'Au revoir'. However, when she should be saying "Oui" (Yes), it's spelled 'Oi', making her sound Australian :P Happens four times:
  7. Hi, I have the same problem. Did someone already answer you?
  8. Ok, well definately didn't think of that, seems like an odd thing to do to shut off the power though.
  9. Melanie has already been shown to be able manipulate Melia's emotions with Nim, so perhaps overlapping isn't a one-and-done thing. So even if you win the first mind battle, if you at any point have a weaker psyche than someone overlapped with you, maybe they can take control back? Either way, the fact that they even bothered to show Melanie again makes me think that they are going to do something whether that be from inside Melia's head or not.
  10. The one problem I have with Melanie being it is that... She's pretty much permanently incapacitated. You can't really have her as this big bad ending the world when she's stuck inside of Melia's head.
  11. You battle the trainer to the left of the warehouse, get his electrike to use discharge, which shuts off the field and thus shuts off the electric plates, then defeat the elctrike before it can use discharge again. Then you can pass through the electrified plates and have an easy double battle with the gang as Venam helps you out.
  12. Are you gonna put the PBS file some time later?Just curious.
  13. You get the the shiny charm in calcenon City right before the end of v18
  14. so i must be mad but i decided to play memejuvforms i just hope i dont lose mah sanity
  15. Is there a Shiny Charm item in the game? if so how can I get it? Do I need to max out the Pokedex?
  16. Thank you. For some reason I was putting in R+G+Y for the first and it was accepted. I think that's what was throwing it off.
  17. The hidden room is pretty simple! Red + Green ( Brown ) Red + Green + Blue ( White ) Red + Yellow ( Orange ) In that order of Brown-White-Orange
  18. Ren says this instead of playername. I don't know if this always happens since on my first run of the game I never encountered this text glitch.
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