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  2. So im getting absolutely fucked in the angie fight (Even though im maxed level i can be before i claim her badge) so i thought id evolve my shiny jigg for wigglytuffs defense but the link hear isnt working. also any tips on angie?? shes shitting on me atm. my recent team i challenged her with is: Dreadnaw Coalassol Cinderace Decidueye Mr. Mime Luxray
  3. Same here - Aelita, Souta and the receptionist all say the same lines of dialogue on repeat and I cannot proceed. I'm using Mac - if any other Mac users can confirm what file I need to post, that would be great! I posted a .ini file before, but managed to find a workaround and never got fixed.
  4. I think it is way harder now. I played it on v12 on Normal and started 2 playtroughs on Casual & Normal after v13 came out. With the blocking of the early EV room access it is way more punishing now even battles I could do before with relative ease or with some problems. My playstyle is to only use 6 POkemon at a time and if I switch one out I am not allowed to use them again afterwards. (Boxing is sending them on vacation). The fight against Venam I needed to use trash mons (Mons I only used as deathfodder and to do chipdamage in this battle and never used again). The Lycanroc
  5. Do you mean the music in Tesla's villa or the music in the normal houses? The music in Tesla's villa is indeed an Undella Town remix, while the music in the normal houses is the Heahea City night theme from Sun/Moon.
  6. According to the walkthrough, you can't get a Thick Club from mining. However, you can get a Rare Bone from it and the items look sort of similar. I think wild Cubone have a 5% chance to hold a Thick Club, but maybe the devs changed this to nerf Marowak.
  7. You need Strength to access the area where the den is located. You can farm the red essence on Route 4, although it may take some time.
  8. Its not the Data folder you have to move the files, its to the Scripts folder
  9. Welcome to Rejuvenation Intense Mode! We have cookies and soda by the table, enjoy your stay~ But yeah, that's pretty much how it goes.. Fight the first time, get a feel of the leader's team and strategy, create a party to counter that strategy, fight again, try to get the hang of which pokemon should lead and what you should do for each of the enemy's pokemon and, finally, win.. And yeah RNG play a big part too.. There were fights that if I missed one move or got paralyzed and lost the turn that meant the entire battle was now over..
  10. Some mysteries still remain after v13: Who is Madame X? Why did her word in epilogue the same as that of Eriena? How did Maria turn into Melia? The house in prologue and the marble mansion are two different places. Why does Melia the only Archetype having Genesis Syndrome? Where did Indriad go? Did he really fuse with Anju? If yes, then when and how? How will good ending/neutral ending/evil ending look like? Why did the data of Kieran and Clear so important? So important that Puppet Master went crazy after she failed to get those data? The history of ancient
  11. I heard you could get a Thick Club from Mining but I've been mining for hours and have yet to find one. So can you actually get a Thick Club from Mining or is it just extremely rare?
  12. I started a new playthough for v13 in Intense Mode , and pretty much every single Important fight I am asked to form the perfect team against that opponent and also do repeats of the fight so I can predict when they switch or not . After all that goes well I also have to pray to rng jesus to win for some of them . Its satisfying to win but for some of these fights its like cool I won a 1/100 version of the fight . In my normal run which I played in V12 I remember getting destroyed in the fight with Geara and Zeta on top of the mountain (maybe it was an even more previous version ) and now Saki
  13. If you don't see an extension after the PokemonParty (like a .txt or .rb), then you need to enable an option to see it. Try this. https://www.howtogeek.com/205086/beginner-how-to-make-windows-show-file-extensions/ if you're on Windows. Then you can delete the ".txt" and replace it with ".rb".
  14. You need to go all east, pass the cubones and get to the den (kind of a Rocky well). A cutscene should start where nim says she wants to see what's inside the den. Go to the well and interact with it from it's southern part. It is kinda bugged, so if you don't get it right first time just run around the den clicking against it until something happens lol
  15. i tried putting it through a file converter to... disappointing results. i guess i'm just not meant to play this game. thanks for trying to help anyways.
  16. Oh, I'm sorry, I misunderstood. My pc opens .rb files with notepad (so as to edit them) so they show up with the little symbol that makes them look like text docs but they are still listed as RB files. Not sure what would cause those files to download as text files.
  17. no, they just say PokemonParty and PokemonPauseMenu and the file type is listed as a text document. i'll try your folder suggestion though thank you
  18. Like my last post, I've been taking notes as I do my playthrough, so I'll periodically make posts here as I continue to make more progress. Same deal as last time. Thanks! Corrections: Suggestions:
  19. So it is a .rb file? In that case, all you have to do is make a mods folder inside your data folder (if you don't already have one) and drop it into there.
  20. Same here. You figure out how to get past it?
  21. sorry, its listed as a text document, it didn't actually say .txt it didn't have anything after it. my bad.
  22. Anyone found Galarian Ponyta/Rapidash? I'm assuming in Darchlight Woods if anywhere.
  23. i know but i don't want to do that i'd rather have it from the start.
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