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  2. nim did she said I don't want to but then she did the spikes if she hadn't targeted ren first that would have been it
  3. But even after you protected your friends, Nim didn't try to harm you
  4. Hello there. I am new to Pokemon Rejuvenation (just downloaded the other day) and i had lost the fight to Garbodor once before and when I went back a second time my character walked through the walls and now is unable to move or interact with a bag so I can't use an escape rope. Any guidance would be really appreciated I don't want to lose all my progress up till now. I have noticed that the blue haired character (I believe his name is Erik) is already there when I enter the cutscene, don't know if that's important information to add but it doesn't hurt to share. Thank you for any help
  5. She might as well have. By this point she knows we'd protect our friends with little regard for our own safety.
  6. Also, knock off doesn't seem to indicate what item was knocked off if the opposing pokemon faints, which can sometimes be useful information - I'm also not sure if this is a mechanics issue with reviving a pokemon who fainted to knock off and if they keep their item or not
  7. She purposely didn't set Nim against US though. She told Nim that everyone else had betrayed her, but that the player had remained by her side.
  8. don't think she necessarily saved us there (she admits to that in the sequence after all, which is something some people forget), but there are instances (carotos) where she actually does save the mc. don't think the immediate goal at that point was nim though (although it was probably going to be her next move), rather ensuring xen was defeated
  9. Did cresent really help us on valor mountain she didn't save our life we are the interceptor so it's not like she did much until she came over with the mewtwo. I thought her goal was nim so she came to us fed nim false memories and set her against us
  10. Someone didn't keep Quick Guard on their Fletchling/Talonflame
  11. Really? Terajuma levelling = Vikavolt??? Then, Terajuma levelling = Probopass, too? Damn it, i was none the wiser... About the +1 rare and then -1 reverse candy i actually knew, since ages ago i made Floatzel evolve for an early fight that wasn't supposed to be... But i also didn't even think about it at that tight spot. Thank you, will keep notes (although Abomasnow was actually rare, i farmed hard in castle to make that Sawk ready and only 2 ever appeared). As for the jungle you 're right, after the party i also happened on a guide with local terajuma pokemon against Valarie (which even gets you covered up for intense and is hardcore, no items etc). It recommends Toucanon and Shiinotic, among other things. But i bet your Abomasnow field changing is easier. Hmmm, and various people find Reborn to be too hard! I wonder if they ever played Rejuvenation... After getting well acquainted with it, Reborn feels like "easy mode" (plus, it never made me to train/rotate more than exactly 9 pokemon, all the way to the currectly released endgame, while Rejuvenation has me training a bunch every gym leader/important fight come)! Argh! I completely forgot! The Shadow Cacnea and Finneon from Goldenwood Forest attack! Oh damn it, i 'm starting to become senile
  12. it evolves by leveling up charjabug on terajuma island if you have a spare rare candy (which you probably will?) you can push Snover up to 41 to learn Blizzard, then level it back down to 40. Valarie has no way to change the field back and icy field neuters her team since it turns off swift swim and makes her water moves way less threatening. Her lead shouldn't be able to OHKO Abomasnow unless you're like 0 HP/Def IVs and a -def nature It's definitely annoying on a blind playthrough since your only options to improve your team are likely gonna be the pokemon in the jungle itself
  13. It's a possibility, though it's entirely impossible to tell if it'll actually happen until the game is in our court. The Devs. do try their absolute best to kick all of the bugs out of existence by the time the community release is out, but there have been things that slip through the cracks before (decidueye learning Steam Eruption instead of Spirit Shackle in V9, for example). We'll see how it goes when the time comes.
  14. i think she might have aligned herself with indriad before going with the stormchasers, anyways she have had a temporary alliance with indriad (or even not an alliance, maybe she was forced to seeing as through angie we know indriad has a tendency to know others' secrets) or indriad's ideas changed over time (seeing as it would seem like initially his goal was to make a new world). she could've also lived through the alternate future as well and stopped following him, but i doubt. jan has said that we'd know more about indriad's backstory, which might give some insight.
  15. well the thing with madame x is ur actually SUPPOSED to lose the fight and very little atm changes aside from snippits of dialogue but yea to win it there only "easy" way is to cheese it be it by PP stalling and running intimidate mons to weaken struggle down as well as A LOT of revives as for valarie u can screw over her team with something that has access to water absorb/storm drain tho i dont recall if u can get shellos by then but if u have a vaporeon with aqua ring and water absorb for its ability u have a good start there and much like madame x's yveltal the fight against madelis' houndoom is tricky and on intense is really only winnable with luck as u need to pray that metronome gives u something like hydro cannon/origin pulse hell maybe even rain dance might help but idk either way the madame x and madelis fights are technically supposed to be losses tho only minor dialogue changes with the madame x fight if u and and u do gain +1 affection or w/e the stat is with melia if u win against madelis' houndoom
  16. Curse body would work, but needs revives, much more itemization to prevent wipe and repeat at least twice total. Although you take no damage from Struggle, which is nice... I got and regularly use Shuppet this play, but i went with Sawk this time. Endure works only with Struggle and not with Decimation, because the latter deals damage equal to your pokemons max HP, securing the KO and foiling all Sturdy and similar abilities, all in one go. Hmmm yes, i was lucky enough to grab an Abomasnow, but i missed Foongus and i don't know where and how to evolve Vikavolt, i can only have its 2nd stage. Valaria gave me hell, really.
  17. Protect doesn't fail in single battles when it isn't the first thing done (for example when the opponent switches out or uses an item); not sure how this canonically works in doubles While walking around in the east side of Neo Gearen, my team randomly reset to where it was a couple of levels ago, including writing in pokemon I had deposited into the PC over pokemon currently in my party (so I got some duplicates and permanently lost some pokemon.) This happened pretty soon after I used the glitch to deposit one of Ren's pokemon in my PC, in my first time in Neo Gearen I don't know if this is intended, but during cutscenes when the player is following scripted movement you can pull up the quicksave menu and save. This is usually actually a helpful feature to skip some dialogue when soft resetting for fights, but autosave also seems to be able to take advantage of this window, which can be really annoying It seems pretty easy to softlock around the Blacksteeple fight with Madelis - if you lose you get taken back to your cell, and if you leave the cell you automatically get taken into the fight with no chance to change your party. I'm not sure if there's a hidden mechanism to fix this, as I haven't played with it too much
  18. Oh yes, that was a part of the theory that I forgot to mention. And Indriad probably viewed all women as children of Nymiera because Nymiera was the first woman. As for Crescent being aligned with Indriad, it would explain many things. On the other hand, why on earth would she be? Why would a former storm chaser who went rogue (probably because she found out something she should have) align herself with a death cult bent on destroying the world as we know it?
  19. well i'm gonna answe the first question : i use talonflame with quick guard since decimation is priority move and unlike protecting move quick doesn't have a chance to fail
  20. vitus was inside and working on some shady stuff, it's already known from the dufaux sidequest. but i believe that burning it down was meant to be some sort of symbolism, seeing as the other 2 events that lead to keta's demise (the gearen city incident and sheridan burning down) are related to fire also yes, we can say that crescent helps the player, or atleast does that indirectly in carotos mountain (where she saves the player and aelita from the cave's collapse) and when she brings aelita to the healer (+ defends, or attempts to, against the mysterious figures). debatably she helped the player on the ss oceana, gothitelle could either just have been stupid and sent them off to augustus' room as a joke (as trolling the player is a gothitelle trope) or only could send them there. i think a possible reason crescent doesn't want us to learn anything (even if she isn't aligned with indriad) might be because of the mc's past: remember, we don't know anything about it so there might be a detail which explains why we can't know anything (repressed memories like in the hiyoshi city town possibly, or even memories from a past interceptor).
  21. Random idea: is it possible that, actually, the only reason why Wispy Tower was burnt was that Vitus (under an alias) was inside and working on some shady stuff? After all, it'd be child's play for Crescent or Indriad to strike down Nora without burning an entire tower (where she actually wasn't^^). Also, can we really say that Crescent helped the player? Apart atop Mount Valor (and that was showing off since we know we didn't need her actually), she never helps us, rather helping herself, blasting Team Xen wherever she finds them, and making sure we see her in a good light. A far better help would have been to, well, hint at what was going on and give us the reasons why we shouldn't get involved (and why the Xens had involved us anyway). It actually seems like she's more trying to prevent us from learning anything than anything else. But of course, that could be reverse psychology.
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