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  2. yo I just want to know the locations of the starter pokemon which are in wild.
  3. then the question is what happened to nymeria i said it was nim because of the pearl route and the damien and alexandra storm 9 battle.we know anju was captured in the mansion then was transformed into angie during our journey or it is possible the mansion was just connecting the past and the present .hazuki was taken by thomas to the evacuation vessel but then nymeria was most probably fused with storm-9.xenpurgis is possibly inspired from storm -9. nihilego is part storm-9. probably nymeria was also fused to a part of storm 9 .so what is the real boss storm 9.may be eternamax eternatus but with rift matter level power. why was nora(keta's daughter in WLL) killed was told to be some kind of dangerous being. in v13 we came know that madamex and celine has some stone named light stone and dark stone so does these stones are reshiram and zekrom or are they different mons.is they are then doesntit mean madamex has a zekrom and a yvetal to legendary mon. one more question was souta killed by isiah halvard bcz of his spirtual healing it was in rift volcanion's notes who is Draconia's
  4. pretty sure hes like nymeria and is immortal and the very same one from the backstory
  5. Always thought the same thing on Grass and Flying. The Water call would be great as well, with Scald acting on Ice types the same way Freeze Dry does on Water types.
  6. I think Ice should resist Water the same way Water resist Ice.. Also, why doesn't Ice also resist Grass and Flying is one of these GameFreak decisions you just don't understand..
  7. You need to complete the following sidequests -Inkay quest on route 9, requires you to complete the Kristiline town help quests -Compete all of the Neo Gearen City Help Quests -Fight the New Poison Gym Leader Once that is done you can get in the castle!
  8. There's one thing that's been lingering at the back of my mind since the end of V13. In the diamond route, after you beat Cera and Angie, a soul comes out of Angie, and it's said that it is actually Vitus Theolia from before Storm-9. With further information from Vitus' Gardevoir after Vivian sacrafices herself to protect the future, she said that Vivian shouldn't mess up what Vitus gift to humanity. I'm pretty sure this is STORM-9. (Or i hope it is, or else this theory wouldn't make sense). If it was indeed storm-9, I'm wondering about a couple of things. 1: The Nihilego It's not necessarily their second form, but rather them coming from ultra wormholes, similar to that of Kieran and Clear. If that's the case, i'm wondering if either Vitus knew about the existence of these wormholes and had the power to manipulate them, or if they came from a second source not controlled by Vitus. Either way, it shows that there was ultra beast/ultra wormhole activity, which is something i'm curious about. 2: The Motive With the future of the world being in complete disarray in the future caused by Vitus' actions, whether or not it was Storm-9 or not, I'm wondering about the intent behind it. There's no real One-dimensional villain in Rejuvenation, so i'm still having trouble establishing a motive beyond "He was evil". Part of it could be the intent to rule over Aevium, and subsequently the world, but that could have probably been obtained through Garufan means. It's a little puzzling, and if there's anything to that hints or explains it that I missed because I'm a dumbass, please tell me. 3: Vitus Theolia's Identity This is the most puzzling. He's not just an ordinary man. This is probably the most farfetch'd. He was or is the descendant of the man involved in the story about Arceus splitting in 3. Honestly i don't have too much reliable information bar 2 things. 1: it's shown that he has the some knowledge on Garufan spells through Kanon's memory, when he is revealed to be his creator alongside Nymeria. Nymeria knows about it because she's very versed in that aspect of humanity, and could even be the woman in the story or a descendant of the woman in the story (this is a big stretch), but there would be no other reason as to why Vitus knows about it, especially since he's been doing it before him and anathea got married. 2: His association with Arceus and having a cult of maids which continued into Angie. When in Angie, similar to that of him in the prologue with Maria, he is shown to sacrifice maids and other people to Arceus on a similar table, which has a yellow circle with a pentagram-esk shape in the middle. I feel like since the man in the story is vehemently asking arceus about problems and was seriously devoted to him, this level of devotion could be through multiple generations of lineage/if he the same person. If he is, then maybe his soul can travel across death and be reborn. (Honestly, the identity is a bit of a stretch and is super clumsy, but ah well, i still quite like the first 2 and they seem to be somewhat coherent)
  9. You need to complete the Inkay Sidequest beforehand at the Ranch in route 9. After you complete the mission, when you go back to the castle of goomidra, ben will meet you outside and the guards will let you in.
  10. Goomy: Goodra castle after gomink quest Beldum: requires 15k red essence in a special den in sheridan wetlands (MAKE SURE YOU SAVE BEFORE INTERACTING WITH IT. it is fought as a boss battle so you need to break its shields first and get it into the red. it will take recoil damage so you only get one shot to catch it. really annoying) Deino: After getting 7 or 8 stamps go talk to ghost girl at one of those floors and she will give you one of two items you need second is in Darchlight cave under the Darchlight forest by gdc, in the area where you made the mirror, get another thing of darkmatter (or whatever the thing is called). go to a small island in front of the church north of Kristiline town to find an alter where you will encounter dieno Garchomp: Zone zero after events at Eclysia pyramid. You can only access the pen after doing a puzzle in an apartment building to the right of the area (I'm pretty sure you need a key to gain access to it but i forgot where to find it If your having trouble activating the gomink quest, make sure you do the sidequest at the farm south of gdc
  11. So I just got a new Laptop that came installed with Linux Mint and I transferred stuff there including reborn/Rejuvenation. I downloaded the linux version and was able to open the appimage version just fine. My question is, what folder do I put my Game.rxdata file in so that I can resume my old savefile? If I can't and it's advised to use WINE, what WINE version and settings do you have that make it work, because i'm not able to open EXE files on WINE for some reason. Bear in mind that i'm nvery new to the Linux community and will probably need a step by step guide for it
  12. i did this in v13.0.5 just last week, so i don't think that's the case lol. it'll most likely be fixed come v13.5 though
  13. I think in previous versions of v13 the Rift Matter you "threw" into that den didn't get spent. Like you could take the total quantity of Rift Matter, throw it, check it and still have it in your Gather Cube lol. But sadly it got fixed so now you spend it.
  14. it should actually be around 15000 rift matter, but i think you'll get that rift matter back if you reset after the purple beam lights up (since once the beam lights up it'll be like that until you beat the beldum or close the den). at least, that was the case for me. though i'm pretty sure it's an oversight
  15. my bad, i didn't realize that that was the case. so yeah, only those other 4 then glad i was lucky enough to get larvitar as my v12 mystery egg lol
  16. Problem solved. I had to reset the whole room thought, so you're back at the entrance :( sorry Game.rxdata
  17. Big fan of Ice type too, my favorite one. Too bad it is so mediocre defensively. Being able to resist only to itself, what a sadness... Game Freak could have put a Fairy resistance as of Gen 6, but did not. Such a shame, that one would make pretty much sense moreover.
  18. It was replaced with Tyrunt. Tyranitar was probably deemed too overpowered, especially in combination with Arenite Wall.
  19. I think Beldum's quest changed in V13, you have to fill the Raid Den in the wetlands with, I think ,30000 Rift Matter (the thing you get from Raid battles on route 4) and then a purple glow lights up and you can battle it.
  20. G-Darmanitan is an exception due to it's ridiculously massive status.. Also when it enters Zen-Mode it isn't pure Ice-Type anymore AND it gets even stronger and even if you don't use Zen Mode the alternative, Gorilla Tatics, is basic a Choice Band in ability form which, when combined with Choice Scarf, becomes a menace as you have now a Pokemon that deals 1.5x more damage AND moves 1.5x faster.. But as a rule of thumb, Ice-Type is the weakest type, resisting only itself while being weak to 4 other types.. Most other types only come out with a net negative when combined with Ice (which is a shame, I like Ice).. Mega-Glalie is one of the weakest megas, heck, G-Darmanitan is much better than it and it's a MEGA.. So here's hoping A-Glalie will be better (Who knows, maybe Jan will even make a A-Mega-Glalie?) but yeah, Grass/Ice will be a TERRIBLE combination which will make it weaker than regular Glalie.. But I guess it fits the theme, I guess..
  21. Sorry I meant i couldn't get pokemon rejuvenation to work for Mac Os even after following the directions.
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