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  2. I... don't know. But I'm fairly sure someone mentioned it was slowly growing bigger. No idea who mentions it. Lots of people reference it at one point or another in later episodes so it's hard. Perhaps one of the bladestar grunts who dump the MC in it? Or the guy who researches it? It feels like maybe it was Ren. I destinctly recall reading in the game that it's slowly getting bigger. But I could easily be misremembering. It does bring one to wonder. Maybe Melanie was lying about destroying all the land, and it was in fact falling into the sea because chasms were opening up same as what happened to Alamissa Urban. That right there gives evidence that maybe the dungeon is spreading. Oh. I just realized something important. Vivian. Vivian is/was connected to the EARTH. Voidal Chasm is in the earth itself. So if Voidal Chasm is directly connected to Indriad's Gift... would be very vulnerable to Vivian's sacrificial protection spell...
  3. Our character has saved himself from death seemingly knowing we couldn't die. The reason I believe this is that during the dark future we seemingly protect melia by killing ourself. Our interceptor is in my opinion is probably of a higher rank than other interceptors. Correct me if I am wrong but cresent died after valor mountain killed by freya. After her death we traveled to the dark future and died since freya knows about the interceptors and cresent might be dead for good we in our dark future death we shouldn't have come back. There are 2 possibilities here 1 that our character is the interceptor of interceptors or we are the core. First lets talk about the grand interceptor possibility we know that interceptors are supposed to judge not interfere we clearly interfere in everything and can access memories of other interceptors. Now the other more far fetched theory of us being the core. We know of the core takes enough damage the interceptors become mortal we know since the core is what gives interceptors their power it has to see their memories and minds as of now only our character has demonstrated the abilty to know things it shouldn't know and finally what or who the core is was never specified. So those are my 2 theories on it
  4. I thought that Crescent 'saving' us at Valor was just her lying to our face to keep us out of the way since we come back to life without anyone's help at Blacksteeple. Though her threat about us not coming back next time could be real considering how we haven't damaged that version of the Core since then. I agree with you that the Voidal Chasm is probably going to be very important in the future, but I don't remember it being said that it was spreading, where did it say that?
  5. Okay, I managed to collect the egg with reverting back to V11.1. I'll leave this here tho, since it's problematic in the bewest version of V12. Thank you!
  6. Hello! I'm in the Kakori Village Help Center and just like I always do, I fulfill most requests before claiming the rewards. This wasn't a problem before, so I'm wondering, what is going on here. The reward for Clear the way is not a problem, but I noticed the plaza guy doesn't stop talking like the others before him did in between rewards. So when he goes on with Bandit at large, this following script error shows up and closes the game. Any help would be much appreciated! I think the only missions I didn't complete yet are Find it and Battle me again. // looking at it again, should I maybe try and have a free space in the team? It's talking about an egg.
  7. My thought on the way the main character behaves, and seems to lack the Interceptor power to avoid death, whereby Crescent saves us on Valor Mountain, even though it should have been our Interceptor abilities to do the trick... is that the Core is damaged from Indriad's Gift. Maybe Crescent is something more than an ordinary Interceptor. She might be someone high ranking in the project that created them, or maybe even a higher-ranking entity, like a Commander or Admin class Interceptor. Perhaps her functions put strain on the Core system and so she wasn't activated until things got dire. And the MC is the only one of the others left who can function, or didn't "fail" for the final time. She seems to indicate from the very beginning on the Oceania that there is not much time left for either of us. Why the hell is that? Nancy seems to know, but there's a lot about her that's mysterious too. And she is never around long enough to explain, and promised she wouldn't to Crescent, anyway. Then her nightmare is about running out of time, and something going to be "soon, soon..." She may be directly linked to the Core in a way that lets her see it's current status. She knows too much and look what kind of person she is. Maybe THAT is why the MC Interceptor is not given memories or understands their place. The truth, and the doomsday clock that could well be with it, might drive us mad or to panic-driven, and therefore sub-optimal, choices. Another thing about Indriad's Gift: I would swear it's connected to Voidal Chasm. And the chasm is SPREADING, and UNDERGROUND. Just like the Core and its associated systems... maybe it is being steadily eroded away... and we have nothing to stop it. Indriad always seems to get away and accomplish what he needs to in order for the Gift to manifest, and indeed, seems like it happens VERY soon after losing Anathea.
  8. Hey there. For some reason, the room where Keta joins me, Madelis's Laboratory in Carotos Mountain, just after Aelita is kidnapped, is completely pitch-black, aside from the glowing green things on the floor, other trainers and items. Is that normal?
  9. OK I downloaded it and used it now how can i change my pokemon to shiny I cant see any option for that... Nvm i got it thx for ur help
  10. Thanks for this. But I did it once it was not that great it will change every sprites including that of even wild pokemon... I wanted to know whether I can change only mine to shiny
  11. There is an easier method. But is manually done and takes lots of time. Unless you want only few pokemon with their shiny sprite. Go to the game directory, search in folders until you find the pokemon and player pictures. See the difference between the two type of files (shiny and normal) and simply rename them. The shiny picture must end up in the same name as the normal one and vice versa.
  12. Ooh, I didn't think about the gift. He may have gotten Giratina before he started with the vaccines. (What would be in the vaccines then? A serum somehow related to Griselda?) I agree about how he got Giratina. The doctors just say he "caught" it, which is a bit preposterous. I would have preferred if Crescent had actually caught Giratina on Valor Mountain--then Freya could have stolen it and handed it over to Isha. But maybe we have a better explanation coming our way.
  13. What if we found out who the champion is at Axis High?
  14. Is there any mods in the game that make our mons shiny
  15. In the AI, calls to "lastMoveUsed" aren't updated for rejuvenation's PBS and still use numbers from reborn (not sure why they don't just use PBMoves::MOVENAME). For example, in Crafty Shield's AI, this line is used: "if attacker.lastMoveUsed==565" (decreases the score if this is the case). In reborn's PBS, this is the move ID for crafty shield, but in rejuvenation's, it is the ID for the move Electric Terrain.
  16. Sure but we can’t ignore the dialogue choice options that we get. Like talking to valarie
  17. The only thing I can think of would be if it was somehow related to his 'gift'. Personally my question is how did he get Giratina in the first place? I mean Indriad makes sense because he has magic and stuff but Isha is just a guy, albeit a guy with some advanced memory tech but nothing that would let him catch and store a legendary without anyone knowing.
  18. This all started with a friend tagging me in a post joking about "Rejuvenation if Venam had a gun", then I started thinking about how unstoppable she would be, and this happened: Starring Veronica Venam Connor:
  19. yeah since the amount of memories can be overwhelming the interceptor represses the memories so they can judge fairly and so they don't have what happened at the pyramid (a previous interceptor using the current one to talk out of)
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