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  2. Plus darchlight wood has no encounters in the afternoon? wtf
  3. This is interesting. Kinda funny to see that the area has bugs like that, maybe I should check it out, but probably won't.
  4. I do not believe so. Spore can be sketched by Smeargle, like all other moves, but that is only temporary. (You could look for a debug script to add it via debug, but these can be Trojans) Though I am not entirely sure, I believe you'd need to edit the scripts to ensure double battles.
  5. Hello everyone, so i was wondering how i can teach my smeargle spore?I have checked the levels for the encounters of foongus,amoonguss, shiinotic and morelull and yet none seem to be at the right level. so is there any way to force a double battle or have my smeargle learn spore?
  6. I did a recolor of the shiny sprite for it that I Feel looks really good based on Reborns shiny sprite for each of them. The little back thing you added looks nice, might incorporate that as well.
  7. Dam, guess I'll stick to the old ways. Thank you!
  8. perhaps someone with save file editing skill could aid you by editing the save file.
  9. I checked the graphics folder where they'd be. I am afraid not, there are no shiny egg sprites. Good luck with your shiny finding!
  10. Hey! I have been breeding and hatching mons for an eternity (like half a day tbh) and have had no luck with a shiny golisopod. While looking around, I saw that Reborn has shiny eggs when the mon will hatch a shiny, is this also the case for Rejuv? Would help a lot not having to hatch every single egg.
  11. Ok thank you. As long as it isn't game breaking it's fine with me
  12. I believe this is a known bug with just this fight.
  13. Hello, I am doing the nim battle in chapter 5 and instead of a psychic terrain appearing the background is completely black instead. This is a really weird bug, is there any way to fix it? Thank you
  14. It's been a bit. Just getting back to the game and I'm doing great. Just wanna give this topic a bump so more people can see it.
  15. so we know that 13.5 is gonna be the calm before the storm > v13.5 .Karma files was born. A version that was never planned to exist. Yet, here we are. I've devised this section of the story to be required on your first playthrough, but skippable in subsequent ones (through passwords), as it is more of a preview of what's to come in v14. but wait 13.5 was supposed to be side quests ONLY i thought so is this finally where we make side quests and side tracking parts required which make sense with regards to the new ones coming like ana's and the talon intro quest and old quests like dafux, and the rift chandulure but also holy shit > After v14, the two paths will not cross each other and will provide unique story experiences for both. Essentially, from v13.5 and onward, there will be two versions in one. (Though due to the nature of the beast, v14 will be more linear) Why am I doing this? Because I want to. And because I am crazy. I know it's a lot of work you don't need to remind me! Each version will have equal amount of effort and time put into them*, and each route is canon. They also, like, totally play off each other so you should do both eventually! we an actual visual novel now the renegade route is supposed to be so much harder in exchange for early legends and items like life orb ~~tho i guess u can cheat by doing it on casual mode which will prob even it to be the same difficulty as the good route~~ genuinely hype to see how the bad route works since its gonna be totally different, i assume its like during the xen raid, we betray them and go from there we still fight the gym leaders but as an enemy and when we defeat the elite 8 the games over and xen wins and we learn more of the color duo lore from the rengade route tho i wonder if the climax of v13 will be changed if u were on the bad route cause as of now its still despite u having negative relations and shit, everyone still believes in u for some reason which is lol what
  16. Hey after i did reset my savefile yesterday because is was softlocked so i deleted the "Game" file and renamed the last save to "game" after that all good i could play again as usuall. Now the next day, i tried to start the game and i get an error wich says: "no starting position was set on the map editor" "the game cannot continue". I dont know what files i should be posting here so i just shared those 3. Hope someone can help.... Game.rxdata errorlog.txt LastSave.dat
  17. What tv show are you talking about here? (I just noticed this part now and If I edit my old posts, it wouldn't be answered since I'm fairly sure you write the answers to replies before posting the next chapter.)
  18. No problemo haha, enjoyy! I absolutely loved the goomidra quest
  19. Thats what it was! I forgot to battle her. I just beat her, went back and it worked. thanks, NeoBolt.
  20. Alrighty; and Have you visited Aya in Venam's gym as well?
  21. yoo, by all quests you have completed, does it include neo east gearen quests?
  22. For some reason I cannot start this quest. I'm still being stopped when trying to enter the castle and I don't get the scene when ben walks up. to my knowledge I have completed all side and help quests up to this point in V13, including the required Yui's Ranch Milktank quest. I've caught the Snorlax and did the Kristilline ??? quest, heard those might be required as well. One thing I noticed is that on other people's walkthroughs, in the house to the top left of the ranch there is a girl in there washing dishes that you can talk to, but in my game, I don't have her there. Also, I just updated to V13.0.5 patch and still no dice. Am I missing something or is my game glitching?
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