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  2. Hi there! I tried to adjust the controls to my liking and had to find out that the option to adjust controls was missing from the menu. After some browsing on the forums i found out this can now be done by pressing F1. However, there i noticed that you can't adjust all of the keys. For example, i am missing options for the quick use keys of items like the bike or the fishing rods. I'm also a little confused because only the F5 key works for quick use. Whatever i set to F3 or F4 can't be used if i press F3 or F4. The search feature on the PokéDex (Shift by default) also isn't workin
  3. I dont think that is a bug since gen 8 pc's dont automatically heal the Pokemon as well.
  4. I tried that and it didn't work. Could someone check my game for the problem?
  5. I guess this would most likely be the case, considering that near all pc spots, there’s almost also a healing spot near,so it’ll probably be sidelined for a while, since there are more pressing bugs to fix
  6. Just leave the area and come back. Do it a few times and she should be back.
  7. This problem is labeled as 'NOT FIXED' in the Google Doc for bugs whereas it would be labeled as 'NOT A BUG' if it were a intended gameplay mechanic. So it seems harder to solve than one would think? Or they prioritize other things..
  8. As far as I know, Shadow Pokemon in blues dens have moves normally unavailable to them. But what does the star number means? Sometimes, I get 1 Star. Sometimes 2. Heck, I even got a 3 Star finneon from a blue den
  9. I think it's a feature, multiple people already pointed that out yet two patches happened and this wasn't "fixed" so..
  10. I’m unsure if this is a bug or not so I put this in discussions, but why doesn’t the pc just heal your Pokemon up right away like before? Is it to make the game harder to play or just a bug?
  11. I'm at Axis High University with Aelita after you leave the Eldest. I read about that Erin is also meant to be there but she's not and I can't advance any further in my game. I'll attach my save if anyone knows how to deal with it Game.rxdata
  12. Yes, Intense clearly overdid it with this change, early game is a complete hell and has zero respect to player's time. In the end i WILL EV train anyway since its the only opion, but it will take me 2 hours instead of 5 minutes. How does this enhance experience?
  13. V13 managed to deliver some very interesting insight into the lore of Rejuvenation. For instance, Nancy mentions that the Nymiera in the Zeight is actually older than the real world counterpart. Of course, this is impossible if the creation story is completely accurate. This means that the Garufans must be from the world prior to the reset. Interestingly, I believe there was a piece of dialogue that highlighted the inconsistency in Garufan structures (some look futuristic, others ancient); it is possible that the futuristic ones are remnants of the prior world. while the ancient ones were crea
  14. The Game.ini file contained in the game folder contains the game title and it is defaulted to "Pokemon Rejuvenation". Prior to version 13, the game title shows up on the title bar when the game is loaded, it also decides the name of save folder that contains the save files of the game, as such, when the game title is changed, the name on the title bar changes along with it and a new folder with the name of the edited game title is created. However, the version 13 release only features a changed title bar when the game title is edited, the game still regards the original game title (Pokemon Rej
  15. Terajuma Corral reef, its in the diving spot
  16. It must be a glitch from you coming back to the mansion in v13 because I thought it was kinda hard to miss, but I restarted a new game with v13. from what I remember, when you point the 4 meloetta statues at each other successfully, you will get a announcement that a door opened. Go up the stars north of the entry, and enter that door witch will bring you to a hallway with three doors. the door on the left should have a green light on it. enter that door in there you get the indedee. That is how I remember it going down but someone can correct me if i am wrong.
  17. Where can I catch Indeedee? I heard that it was in Theolia Household but exactly where? I came back and there was only two Maid, one battled me (and somehow summon an invisible Venam who talked with her, maybe because the mansion was changed in V13?), and one told me about rotating the Meloetta statues. I searched all room and still no sign of it
  18. Yeah, I don't think there's any good reason to gate the EV cards. It takes long enough to rack up AP in the early stages, so it's not like you're going to steamroll Venam or Keta.
  19. Its been removed, if you want you can go back to previous ver and get it
  20. You can actually just walk around her and through the portal to leave.
  21. They are both bad, that said the stats Mr Rime loses compared to Mr Mime are negligible, 20 loss SpA SpD and Spe for doubling HP and 10 increased Def is worth it. Again though, both are bad, the only thing that makes Rime worth using is that a lot of opponents will try to set up screens so Rimes Screen Cleaner ability can be useful for quickly getting rid of those.
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