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  2. Hey all, I downloaded the RAR from the link but I'm a little confused on how to implement the randomizer into the game since no "challenge run" option is appearing for me. Any tips or ways to fix this?
  3. No, you can find it there afterwards too. I know this because I spent quite a while combing the grass there to find one.
  4. I wish Rejuvenation took a month to developer each chapter but Jan would have to hire a full development team of, at least, 30 people.. 13.5 will probably take months if not an year (or more, who knows)..
  5. and then we run into the same problem as fgo where they leave you in the middle of a cliffhanger for 1 months and all the theories will go wild over it
  6. Man, I wish we had more options to mess with her even further... Oh well, the fanfic realm is open for it anyway.
  7. figured it out! to anyone else who sees this and might be wondering, the shadow beldum (and the xen waste) are available right after you get fly. i didn't even need to use 15k essence, only 1k, which worked to open the den on my third reset trying
  8. I kept the stone and went in through the front. I just tried the entrance from Crawli's gym, nothing. Then tried went back to the front and nothing again. What's debug mode?
  9. I've never noticed the ribbon thing and don't even remember for sure which one I chose but I'm guessing it is a sprite bug like the invisible Aero in the MC's nightmare realm. The 5th time traveler is either: - Anathea's ghost within the Soul Stone - Adrest snoozing in the MC Inn (I loved Venom's soul hotel comment). - Madame X. I would say Adrest is least likely since he's a part of the MC who was already counted and if Adrest could be counted as separate from us than how wasn't the rest of the MC class. Although we know Madame X can time travel in this instance she seemed confused when she appeared in the ruined present with us suggesting that she was pulled into the timeline change by her own amulet or whatever she uses to exist in and/or remain astute of all alternate timelines. This leaves Anathea as the most likely 5th time traveler.
  10. As stated that password is NOT related to the tournament, it's for a gift and is obtained via specifically getting the true ending in the optional but recommended spin-off game 'Where Love Lies' that tells Keta's and Taelia's backstory. The reason I say it's recommended is because it fills in the context of Aelita's stories from her side adventures.
  11. Did you give the Magma Stone to Cera and as such have to enter the mountain event through Crawli's gym? In V12 it used to be that the Emotion Powder/Kyogre event trigger encounter was bugged in that route so that you had to progress until Saki gave you Magma Drift then leave again through Crawli's Gym and re-enter from the front. Or something like that. I don't know if it's the same in V13.
  12. Yes. I'm surprised no one has brought the fact that Nim's first word when she appeared in our dimension/timeline was our name sooner. She also resembles both Nymeria and Alexandra so my theory is that Nim is Nymeria possessed by a Nihilego. We know that Storm-9 hit right after we left Hiyoshi city (in the hospital in Zone Zero there are signs next to each room listing the last patient to have used them and the MC's name is listed next to the first room on the left from the Ren arc during which the MC is in a coma) but not what happened to Nymeria, the last we see her is in the underground where we fought Gardevoir before we defeat Gardevoir. A Nihilego could have gotten her during Storm-9 as it did the MC class but because she seems to be some kind of goddess (i.e Hazuki talking about being recognized by Nymeria as worthy and Nymeria's own non-corporeal appearance to Saki) instead of turning to stone immediately, her soul was able to fuse with the Nihilego or something along those lines. I know this is probably more reaching than logical but I just can't ignore her resemblance to Nymeria and Alexandra. Nim has to have something to do with Nymeria beyond just her name being inspired by her. I agree. I still maintain that Crescent somehow forced her way into Zeight as our co-host and that it possibly should have been Melia since Melia seems to be the only other character who has a connection to the core similar to the MC's. She certainly isn't above it, she's obsessive, manipulative and made it clear on a few occasions that she doesn't accept us having relationships outside of her. (i.e "They're my friends" Crescent: "Them? Your friends? No, I'm your friend.")
  13. While playing Chapter 15 again, some doubts attacked me. I thought that I should write them here:
  14. hm how did you enter the mountain? I guess from the front. Have you tried trough the gym? In one of my runs I walked trough the gym got a cutscence with Venam (I think) and walked up the stairs and than the cutscnece for the powder happend. If it still doesnt work I fear the only way is via debug mode adding the Emotion Powder.
  15. Well, this time I made not 1 meme, not 2, but...4 memes. Enjoy. The first one was inspired by my own run, meanwhile the last one is from Chapter 15.
  16. Okay so I feel like I have tried that in the past but never saw the cutscene, but nothing was working so nevertheless I went back and tried it. It worked! I saw the cutscene, went all the way upstairs, talked to everyone, made sure the house was empty before I left. So hyped that it finally worked so I hustled my way back to Valor and guess what? Still no powder when I walked in. Is there another step I might have to do after she flies away. I am desperate here lol I just wanna play the game.
  17. honestly, i'm glad v14 is being broken down into parts. it's probably good for the devs to not have to complete the whole episode all at once, plus it gives them more time to flesh it out overall
  18. She isn't the Interceptor, she found some way to piggyback off of our lives.
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