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  2. tried to reinstall it and I’m on the patch 13.0.5 but it might be my graphics card I’m playing on a laptop I’m not sure if I can fix that or not ill leave a screen shot of the problem and my specs please help
  3. thanks for this, you are da real mvp do you happen to know if debug mode works on mobile with rejuv as well? Havent tried it myself yet
  4. I just purchased all the stolen pokemon from the scientist and was wondering do I need to return the stolen pokemon to there trainers like in reborn or are they mine to use and evolve thanks for the help.
  5. @Mezashi I don't fully understand what Map Converter does either, I think it converts textures to a easier form for Joiplay to read. When I was first trying to play Rejuvenation on Joiplay about 50% of the backgrounds were just blank textures, but Map Converter seemed to totally fix the problem. Edit: Oh also apparently slow loading screens are a problem with HGSS scripts, I believe it's going to be fixed in the next release of rejuvenation.
  6. Curious, what does map converter do? I've been playing rejuvenation on joiplay but I never did that so just wondering. The only issue I have with joiplay is the wild pokemon battles take slightly longer to load in rejuvenation
  7. Alright I know what you're thinking "aren't there already guides on how to run these games on mobile", to which I say yes but those are either outdated and/or lack a very useful tool which is MapConverter which will increase your performance and fix a lot of bugs in general. So please if it's not to much trouble, give this post an upvote and a reply so that it's easier to find on google for wayward souls like me who are obsessed with playing these games on mobile. The Easy Way (Apple & Android) - Steam Link app or something similar While this isn't my favorite method it gets the job done and is also accessible on apple. Rather than trying to emulate the game on your phone it's a lot easier to access your computer remotely and just control the game with your phone. There's a lot of apps that do this but I'm going to walk you through how I did it with Steam Link. For this you will need: The Steam Link App A Steam account as well as the desktop app a lack of paranoia For whatever it's worth while giving outside control to your PC to a third party seems pretty sketchy I haven't had anything bad happen to me, I haven't been hacked or anything similar either. Anyways back to the guide. First login on the steam link app open steam on your computer (make sure to be logged in) On the steam link app open up settings then tap "computer" once it has found your computer select and exit out of settings and press play, it will then prompt you to enter a PIN on your computer Then on the desktop version of steam click on the word steam in the top left corner, it should give you a drop down menu, select settings. Once the settings dialogue box pops up you'll want to click on the remote play tab, click on Pair Steam Link and then enter the PIN that you got earlier. It will take a moment to verify the connection exit out of settings and hit play Then if you launch whatever game you want you should be good to go. (for something like reborn I highly recommend using a mod that allows you to click things.) IF you mess around with the settings enough you should be able to find something that works well for you. And now for the Cool way The Hard way - Android only - With Joiplay Joiplay is a fantastical technology that through some occult ritual allows you to run RPG maker games on your phone. So far I've tested Pokemon Reborn, Rejuvenation, Insurgence and Uranium and they have all worked. (Unfortunately games like Pokemon Phoenix Rising which run off of a modified version of RPG maker seems to be off limits for now) Setting up Map Converter (you don't necessarily have to do this but I recommend it) Download MapConverter from here onto your desktop, and take the .exe file out of the .zip file you got Download the game you want to play on mobile onto your computer Extract the game (if it's a .zip file) Move the mapconverter.exe file that you downloaded first into your game's folder and double click it to run it, Keep your cursor on the window that it opens, it won't run in the background wait a little bit once the loading bar finishes you should be all set to... Setup the Game with Joiplay Download Joiplay, you can find it as an APK on their Patreon or as a an app on the google play store (I recommend the playstore option, things will be simpler in the long run) Download the RPG maker plugin, also available on the appstore and Patreon Download your game of choice onto your phone (or tablet I guess) Extract the game (if it's a zipped file) into a folder onto your phone and remember where you put it - you might need to download another app to do this, I recommend File Manager (there are multiple apps under that name, choose the one with green in it's icon) open up Joiplay, press the plus at the bottom right and you'll be presented with a dialogue box Put anything you want into the name slot, it doesn't make a difference Tap the choose file button - navigate through your files to your game and then select the .exe file that launches the game. (The thing you double click to launch it on desktop) Choose a icon for the game (optional) Hit done, your game should now show up as a button on the main screen of the Joiplay app. Tap on said button and launch it, hopefully everything should be good to go. Please let me know if I can explain any of this better and/or if you're having trouble getting this to work for yourself. Also I know of a way to sync your progress between Joiplay and desktop but I'm tired, let me know if you want me to add a section on that and I will.
  8. Hi, first time posting here I'm currently working on a fanart of the best girl Erin
  9. Was entering route 4, forgot to heal, fainted, and Nim is now completely bugged out for me, didn't manage to reset a backup, they all got lost for some reason. I can't make any progress, for some reason, and when i enter route 4 again (escaped by losing to wild mons) I just get locked there, no way to progress that ive tried has worked, either. What I'm basically saying is, my savefile is ****ed Game.rxdata
  10. If I remember correctly, there is one near some surf zones, I'll check soon where. Maybe you have to finish the full quest but I don't think it's related.
  11. I retraced my steps to make sure I got all the badge chests but the gate in the Lost Tower is still not open and I have the Odd Key. Does anyone know what the issue might be? I checked the door near Narcissa's gym and the ones in the Wispy Tower entrance.
  12. I've just finished Aelita's nightmare realm but when I try to open the box after escaping the door I can only see the first page and can't move to the second page. Does anyone know what's wrong?
  13. Has the ditto been purified yet? If not, that's probably what's stopping you.
  14. It gets the story moving yeah. But while hard, it is beatable. I wouldn't bother with it though.
  15. So should i have to lose? is that crazy stat maded for lose the fight?
  16. So Melia and Aelita. Because while you probably figured it out after the fact, you're under some illusion that makes you think that you're fighting the two guys in white. So you're really facing against Melia and Aelita while the actual people in white you saw before the battle are your teammates. Edit: Also here's what the togekiss has stat wise. Note that since it's in intense mode, all opponents get illegal EV distributions.
  17. Yeah, tons of trainers on Intense have 252 EVs in every single stat.
  18. No, is against this two people on white after defeat the earth gym leader
  19. Is against Melia and Aelita? Much probably this happened because you were supposed to loose, since MC is like "guessing" that he's trapped. But I don't know much about Intense.
  20. So, i was playing against the 14 gym leader and after many attempts i manage to defeat it but i start notice my attacks arent doing much, even having 252/31 on my attack, so i decide check the stats of the enemy and oh my god! i dont know what i did but it seems all the enemies has a crazy boost on their defense, is like the game increased to them 100+ on both defenses, physical and especial making everyone almost tanks but also doing many damage, i check other gameplays on intense mode and i see the other enemies doesnt have such a resistance, so i dont know what just happened or why for me the game is in such difficulty making almost imposible defeats them.
  21. Much probably, after all, Rune stated that she and Flora make "plan" to make sure Huey got a life with fake family and more. Rune found Huey in Void Chasm with her after Miera's incident and I don't think she brought a kid with her and it was stated that Xenadin was one of the victim (but he ""survived"") and that's not a coincidence.
  22. Wait, does that mean that Huey is Lord Xenadin's reincarnation? I didn't catch that.
  23. Guys i am having a glitch in forsaken laboratory,when i am about to with an member of team xen who uses his whiscash as his first Pokemon the game gets crashed showing some script error etc.is there any way to avoid it or can anyone send your save file after forsaken laboratory part.
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