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  2. I don't know where the crest items are defined to modify how they work. Edit the files is easy just open them with a text editor, then you need to know what to edit and that depends on what is there and what you need. The issue is to know where is each thing. I haven't found on which prokemon the crest work in any of the ones I remember are for items.
  3. It stopped in Chapter 13 after you can get Zygarde 10%, but I guess that can continue in near future, since V13.5 will have some minor legendaries as catchable.
  4. I lost my save files recently so had to replay from the start, i've been very familiar with the game after playing it so many times so i skipped all the dialogues, this time used debug mode instead of breeding and EV training to save time, always used speed up function and by the end of whats there by now i ended up with 210 hours of ingame time still, speed up is x4 so i would say took me at least 50 hours. With reading everything again it's gonna be at the very least 80+ hours.
  5. Depends on how often you play the game, and how good you are at beating the tougher fights quickly. Took me 16 months with a final in-game time of 344 hours, though I was also recording most of my gameplay to show my family, narrating every word of the story and doing a lot of random exploration. You could probably do it much faster if you read the dialogue quickly and are good at the game. I should note that I'm already at 40 hours played on Reborn E19 and I'm only at Apophyll, so it might just be a me thing.
  6. Was thinking about getting back into Rejuvenation to refresh my memory and also play Where Love Lies for the first time after completing chapter 12. I'm just wondering how long it would take to 100% Where Love Lies and do mostly everything you can do in a single Rejuvenation playthrough.
  7. No your are not using them wrong your pokemon just receives all stats it would gain for multiple lvl ups with the first lvl up.
  8. Am I using Exp. Candies wrong in this game? They work normally, if the Pokémon just gains 1 Level, but if it gains multiple levels, all the stats increase by 0.
  9. What about Zygarde Cores quest? I totally forgot that question a long time ago.
  10. first off sorry if if this is the wrong place to post asking for help. i did the generator quest where narcissa switched places with past narcissa and the guide says to talk to narcy at goldenleaf by her house to continue the quest, but she's not there? ive walked everywhere but havent seen her. im before chapter 15, after visiting the pyramid. please help
  11. for anyone curious, considering there is official interceptor art of her now, i imagine something will happen with her
  12. You could do something like an amphibian/lizard playthrough, think grenininja, seismitoad, salandit and many more. It gives you a lot of mons to play with
  13. I get stuck in the doorway of the temple (the black doorway portion) which locks my movement. Any idea what's causing this?
  14. Here is Episode 47 of Pokémon Rejuvenation V13: Where we deal with the pollution issue that is plaguing West Gearen City by taking on the threat itself, and finding Kanon who traveled through time to get there.
  15. It's been a while since I lasted played the game but I am just gonna give this a go. Feraligatr @ Feraligatr Crest Ability: Sheer Force EVs: 252 ATK / 252 SPE / 4 HP Jolly Nature | + SPE/ - SPA Moves: Dragon Dance (Swords Dance can also work but is not available as of yet) Crunch Liquidation Ice Fang Since the crest gives Feraligatr a free priority in any moves, I think it would be great to use Dragon Dance first to get a free set up and then sweep with crunch since sheer force and the increase to bite attacks will increase a lot. Kind of wish that Feraligatr has access to Fishious Rend for a stab water move that can benfit the crest more than liquidation. But thinking this now, that might be way too overpowered.
  16. Maybe you could do run like i did with Pokemon mystery dungeon characters. I had quite a bit of fun with it on casual mode. And honestly, normal mode has some pretty unbalanced battles like the one with geara and zetta.
  17. well it only took me 2 mod to break the game thanks haru
  18. Middle Age Team, so mons bonded to chivalry and more, like Escavalier, Lilligant (Dancer), Bisharp (Knight), Gallade, ....
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