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  2. You probably missed the very first stamp from the receptionist at the department store. I've played through Rejuvenation several times now, and I noticed that you won't receive a stamp from her if you have other stamps in your possession. It's best to visit the department store as soon as you get the chance and collect the remaining stamps afterwards.
  3. While standing on this tile, if you check the tiles around you, all four adjacent tiles bring up a dialogue box saying "Central Station.", the dialogue box does not appear if you stand on a different tile and check the tiles that bring up the box.
  4. Two of the Bladestar grunts in Darchlight Cave vanish when standing on any tile in the column my character is in and every column to the right, except for the top ones of their respective columns. Some of the tiles below the top one make the top grunt vanish.
  5. Actually, he sent me his save file in a private message, so, he's not dead
  6. I think its basically confirmed from the confrontation between Melanie and Melia in Melia's subconscious. Melia wouldn't just overlap Melanie if they were different people Probably not Didn't the hippowdon also get excited when you play as Adrest? Or is it more excited when you play as Aevia?
  7. Glad someone is as disappointed in how Bladestar was handled as me. I just finished my second run of Rejuv, where I sided with Flora and bladestar, instead of ratting her out to Erin, thinking that somehow I'd get to act as a member of Bladestar, only to be disappointed by finding out that the story plays out exactly the same minus a few dialouge changes. I love your take on what you think they should've done with Bladestar, and I feel the same way
  8. Place this file where you got that one, overwriting the old file. Game_2.rxdata
  9. imma be real honest here, When i first played rejuvenation and met blade star for the first time, i didn't give 2 cherries on a milkshake about them as i saw them as unnecessary filler until we get to the team Xen stuff. But they clearly hold important lore to them, 1). they're trying to "fix" the current state of GDC (Which as we know is basically being controlled by team Xen) so we may or may not end up teaming up with them in the future 2). Flora DEFINITIVELY knows what happened to Huey's sister (i forgot her name) so we're definitely not done with her yet 3). A
  10. Well they also try to stop NTP throughout the game. (as Pokemon tends to leave abusers to just the evil team despite that being unrealistic) Honestly you could further the development of OTP by having them form a partnership and business relationship with the Ather Foundation of the Ultra universe.
  11. Text colored red after you go to the Marble Mansion in the past.
  12. Okay i am here with some fun ones this time: 1. Status applications caused by T-spikes, yawn or synchronize cause an error message due to an undefined value. when they are blocked by abilities or field interactions (basically anything that causes a message). this seems to be because these messages have an "if showMessage" attached, which in the status application functions for synchronize, yawn and t-spikes isn't an argument given to the function (for most cases in yawn "if showMessage" is already commented out, so ig this issue came up before, but wasn't fully fixed for every case it can ha
  13. I'm playing with the randomiser pack and i've gotten stuck gamewise as i can't progress through tesla's villa cause of one grunt crashing my game. Game.rxdata here's the game file
  14. I've encountered a similar error, the game was crashing when I was met with the option to refuse battle. Holding skip button after agreeing to fight solved it for me so maybe it would help you too.
  15. Hello! I foolishly got stuck in the corner after talking to Espurr and having it follow me around but now can't get out as the game autosaved. Can anyone help me out with this? I saw on previous forums to append the save data so hopefully this is the right file. Thank you! Game_2.rxdata
  16. Yeah, sorry, I was a little imprecise with my wording there. I've played BW2, I know Team Plasma technically sticks around after the first time they're defeated. What I really meant is that after the end of BW, no further consideration is given to whether they were right about humans mistreating Pokemon. It's just assumed by everyone that they were wrong, and everyone just carries on catching and battling Pokemon as though nothing happened. Certain characters, most notably N, do pay lip service to the idea of establishing a more equal relationship between humans and Pokemon without the nee
  17. Hello :) I saved my game in evergreen trench near the clawitzer (this was last year so my memory is hazy) but ever since then i haven't been able to open my save file! it just says this: this is probably a stupid question :P but is there a way to open up my save file again? i'm waiting on episode 13! it's such an amazing game :)
  18. I played the very very long game and just used calm mind and hyper voice Sylveon until the ralts and gardevoir finally dropped dead. It was like an hour fight.
  19. While there is much I disagree with here but won't get into as I don't really have time for a debate, I do want to touch up on your misconception of my favorite team in all of Pokemon, Team Plasma. They were not destroyed or went away but instead split into two. Old Team Plasma led by N and Rood, signified by wearing the knight outfits, took the lessons of separating humans and pokemon was not the answer to heart and truly reformed and now help pokemon stop pokemon abuse and care for them. Their base of operations is the only other church in all of Pokemon. Ghetsis and his goons now signified
  20. I'm in the villa on teila resort and one of the grunts makes me crash constantly so I can't leave cause that grunt blocks the way out. Game.rxdata heres my game data as well
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