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  2. Not only revives but also fresh waters. You must try buying it. It can be bought in salon.
  3. So once i buy that package i can buy revives?
  4. There’s only a way. Go to Teila Resort Building and buy the Luxury Package in order to have revives. But be careful. You must have much money and it will be paid once a day.
  5. if you know a way out and back into a town where i can buy those id love to here it
  6. There’s another way. You know Groudon will be poisoned due to this field. You must have revives with you if you want a chance to win against it.
  7. i know its just a matter of getting it to tank the hit from him
  8. You must try using the move Blizzard. It never misses during hail.
  9. Yes it just its fast or bulky enough to tank a poison jab from it...groudon uses that and he'll go down in one hit
  10. Does your Abomasnow has the move Blizzard?
  11. is there a tm for it this early in the game? I'm pretty sure my abomasnow could learn it. it would still have to survive at least one hit mine has snow warning
  12. If you had a pokemon capable of learning Solar Beam, maybe that would work, too.
  13. @Nocturne93 is there a pokemon and or tm somewhere thats fast enough? so far its had pretty decent coverage over my typings. Earthquake, thunderpunch, and i think it was poison jab is what its used so far.
  14. Did you already beat Groudon? If not, you should try to teach one of your Pokémon Grass Knot. Groudon is a heavy Pokémon and weak to Grass, so it should do a lot of damage.
  15. He's in the water, he's "shadowy", his field boost dark-type moves so Water/Dark makes more sense. Psychic isn't good since the field would go against his own typing unless it's changed into a psychic-field which won't make much sense, otherwise he would be pretty easy to beat.. Use Bite, it will be boosted by the field and then he takes Super Effective and bye-bye, OHKO
  16. Dear Sean i write to you this letter to express how sad and disappointed i am at your decision to cheat in a game, you really broke my heart and i will never be able to trust anyone again....seriously man this is your run and i watch it for the entertainment not because it's a Nuzlocke or whatever so it's fine with me. I hope you use Melia jr. to beat the crap out of the real Melia (if you end up fighting her again). Yeah i stopped playing "main" Pokemon games because they're too boring/easy now that i'm older and have more than 2 brain cells.
  17. There's also the fact that half of its body is in portals So yeah psychic typing would be better than dark
  18. Can't you ever be nice to your Pokemon? Or Ash just being able to hold a 300 lb (I think it is anyways?) Larvitar in the anime... Maybe he's just ridiculously strong. Idfk. Was wondering when you were gonna do the title card. Worst. Joke. Ever. I... Actually... Yea... SEAN ASKS THE REAL QUESTIONS FOLKS! BRING IN THE GIRLY HIKERS AND THE SKINNY MALE HIKERS NOW! Well while that is true, it'd be funny to see you to do a normal playthrough of the game on intense mode and see how long you'd get stuck on certain battles and see you rage out like the world was about to explod
  19. Another one of those classic filler episodes I'm sure you ALL love more than life itself. https://nuzlockeforums.com/forum/threads/the-terribly-titled-nuzlocke-of-pokemon-rejuvenation-part-3-chapter-96-hatchem-hatchem-gotta-hatchem-all-22-04-21.1076/page-44#post-837536 Replies:
  20. I believe it is right after dealing with Team Xen on the island.
  21. you have to sprinkle it with spice powder to "wake" it up and then try to catch it, there might be a chance that it doesn't disappear afterwards cause it's bugged. Should this happen catch another Vileplume outside of the Safari Zone and retry it, it should work properly then
  22. Darn, should put that in the item description. ive been sitting here wondering why it wont work on any of my pokemon
  23. focus band only has a 10% chance to stop a KO. focus sash is the one that always stops it
  24. Anybody know why my focus band isnt working?? im fighting against groudon and im a bit under leveled and its one shoting everything including my Abomasnow with focus band -_-
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