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  2. I don't think pure Paradox teams would be fun but adding 1-2 would be alright. Miraidon fits for Kieran since he already fancies electric type, he can be a strong monotype lad. He can keep Xurketree since it's kinda his thing, 252 speed and sp. atk, Timid nature, Choice Scarf. A-raichu is his thing. 252 speed and sp. atk, Modest nature, Choice Specs. Pincurchin to setup Electric terrain on entry, can be tanky and annoying, but generally whatever. Miraidon, 252 speed and sp. attack, Timid nature, Life orb. Iron Hands, 252 Hp and S. def, Careful nature, Assault Vest. Iron Thorns, 252 Attack, 252 speed, Jolly nature, Booster energy. He opens up with Pincurchin, follows up with A-Raichu for elec terrain double speed, if terrain is still up when Raichu dies he switched to Iron hands, if not to Miraidon. after Miraidon to Iron Thorns, last 2 are Iron hands and/or Xurkitree. Obviously got enough coverage to repel ground types.
  3. Well, they are both futuristic-looking, but yeah paradox Pokémon would go really well with their themes same as UBs or even regional forms or convergent Pokémon.
  4. I agree with you here and I have replayed through the game about 10 times now waiting for the update but it is better to wait for a masterpiece like this so I say keep up the good work Jan and I am very excited to see what comes from this. :)
  5. As the title suggests, a theme team for those 2. I feel like that these 2 really go well with the theme of paradox pokemons and i would like the people here to come up with fun strong paradox mon teams for the 2. One of them based on past and the other based on future. And koraidon and miraidon on their teams. Go!
  6. The accuracy mod I hate hax and i would prefer being zap-cannoned to infinity. That's what this mod do: both you and the opposite trainers will have access to 100 accuracy moves, it applies to almost everything. The sleep moves and OHKO moves are untouched for balance reason Moves are 100% precise so it doesn't prevent from missing if accuracy or evasion moves are used!! Actually it makes some useless move really interesting like zap cannon for example and prevents from killing yourself with high jump kick : I will also be updating this mod when new updates are released so no trouble with that (last update in title). Installation instructions: Mod download download the file you need (Rejuvenation or Reborn) and follow the steps : -Step one : You just need to drag the "move" file into the data folder (in your game folder) and to click replace when it asks, and you're done. Freed from haxx yay!!
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  8. Does this potentially fix the error on joiplay that crashes the game whenever you start a new game (or even load a save file for that matter)
  9. I very highly doubt it's an issue considering by now Azery and balancing co slap items on Megas on broken fields that can't be changed, forcing you to do very specific things. I haven't seen any issues with adding Dragapult, Grimmsnarl or Dracovish for example. Also crests exist for this very reason, to make a lot of less viable pokemon stronger. As i said in my message, it's up to them where to draw the line with it cause of rebalancing necessary for the teams, so if they decide it's a problem they simply won't do it. Which is why telling them not to add it is silly, they know their game better than any of us. I'm sure Lechonk is a terror that can't be balanced around. Maybe Pawmot is so broken i don't know it. Bellibolt suddenly gonna beat Garchomp? This part is just ridiculous, every generation have monster pokemon and power creep, a lot of good pokemon even now are relegated to endgame.
  10. Keta is a combination of Kenneth and Taelia, this happens sometime in the side story game. So uh… yeah that’s a fun fact. Dude I also thought of “The wind is pushing meee!” When I saw that the wind is strong text. Can’t wait for Dragons Dogma 2 to come out, I want to travel with my pawn again on new adventures. I enjoy your Rejuvenation run more than your Reborn run. Better jokes and more editing in the pictures, also Rejuvenation being just a more pleasant game then Reborn. It’s alright my Walrein is used to dying by now, I am not a good Pokémon master. I also never want to see that font type again, it’s ugly too look at.
  11. A good reason I can think of is balance concerns. A lot of the new mons from S/V are really, really strong Pokemon. New game altering abilities, new game busting moves with high BP, min/maxed base stat combos, potentially setting breaking designs --it will probably be more work to integrate Gen 9 Pokemon into the game than the Gen 8 Pokemon, considering the difference in power level between even weaker Gen 9 Pokemon and rest of Rejuvenation's roster. Players wouldn't have access to most of the new mons until relatively late, lest the early game be made trivial, and editing enemy rosters to incorporate new mons will take a more fine touch than the Gen 8 roster updates, which were themselves hard to do too, as I understand. I don't see current Rejuvenation being improved with the S/V additions. Maybe including S/V concepts as a central part of the post game would work well enough to justify including them.
  12. I am trying to adjust the controls under the F1 menu but U have a big stack of controls all listed on top of each other under one button and was curious if there is a way to fix it, or another way to adjust these controls. I can't really tell what they are, but I have like 8 things bound to one key now. Its the bottom left of this image.
  13. I'd be surprised if we're more than one year apart. How do you feel about approaching 30? I'm gonna go with "everything, all at once". No such thing as too much apocalypse, we're going 2012 here. Are you suruprised about that tho? (There's a correct answer.) Hey, where did your hair go? Trying to stack Sneaky Pebbles is a pretty bad goof, gotta be honest. ... you think they eat Meowth and Growlithe in Poke-China? Nevermind, I don't want to think about that. I don't think unfertilized Pokemon eggs exist, so probably no omelettes at least. Dancing is a free action Dancer does not use up a Pokémon's turn. Quiver Dance is the best move to copy, there was a bit of niche strategy in Doubles for a while with Mega Alakazam using Roleplay to copy Dancer then setting up Quiver Dance with Volcarona. Hey, don't talk bad about Pidgeot! It's not his fault he's a Gen I Early Bird!
  14. On the topic of 'Reborn vs Rejuv' with Terribly Titled, while I like both, I Rejuv has the win here for 3 reasons. 1: I haven't played Reborn. 2: The quality of the editing 3: The quality of the writing While I wouldn't mind reading more of Reborn's nuzlocke, now that the game is finished, I'm not sure if I would enjoy it as much as I do reading new Rejuvenation chapters. Also, you beat him more decisively than I did, because I don't teambuild. Well, I don't nuzlocke either so I suppose it's balanced out? Anyway, good luck with healing Aelita, I'm sure nothing will go wrong!
  15. damn I'm annoyed I missed an upload because that to be continued bit was really well done oh well eh the only important part of wll is a screenshot you can dig through the files to get anyways its not super necessary especially since keta is very minor in the grand scheme of things it'd be like a reborn spin off game featuring archer and maxwell the funniest jokes are the ones that you set up years in advance, good work past sean I did not realize the sky field battle took place on a fucking cloud holy shit mind clouds same bullshit rip souta, another victim of the reborn evolved forums americian focus oh well he gets off better then arceus
  16. An alternate title for this chapter was: "The Unpleasant Unfezant" but that was far too much like something that'd be in the actual anime so have a song reference instead. https://nuzlockeforums.com/forum/threads/the-terribly-titled-nuzlocke-of-pokemon-rejuvenation-part-3-chapter-151-blown-it-all-sky-high-flying-gym-battle.1076/page-89#post-922121 And hey, Chapter 151! We've made to the POKEYMAN number! Never did I think we would! ... Because I never EXPECTED THIS TO GO ON SO LONG AAAAAAAA Replies (Now with even MORE Comic Sans!): Z: Gentleman Jaggi: Hakimbluee99: VMeemes: Bluedude:
  17. Glad you got past it, i know of this bug. This happens mostly when you lose in Nightmare casino, try to reload an earlier save file, should be fine. In the save file folder you will have a ton of saves named "game - name - hours" e.t.c. You can delete your "game.rxdata" from current playthrough and rename the save file you need into a new "game.rxdata", it will override your current one.
  18. Thanks for your help, with bronzor cradily was easy to take down. Unfortunately for me I encounter a bug a bit later in GDC where my name changed to Aelita, lost all my money, every items I had and my team were replaced by Aelita's team, gonna make a bug report !
  19. Just raising awareness here. I am playing with this mod: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwi9_MDQ2qiBAxXVgf0HHQkRAmQQFnoECBQQAQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.rebornevo.com%2Fforums%2Ftopic%2F63421-rejuvenation-v1305-more-regional-forms-hisuian-forms-more-regional-variants-battle-bond-new-megas%2F&usg=AOvVaw03xNqz1JMQu2n9seE-2IyI&opi=89978449 so may have had an impact. Anyway, I keep getting stuck in this frame (image below) which meant I could exit from that door at any point. To resolve this I've made myself white out still in the ruins to leave (to continue the story after defeating groudon I had to wipe and then re-enter the big room before the ruins and the cutscene played out and was able to progress.)
  20. Several things you can do, for example can catch an Amoongus or Skuntank in the Darchlight woods and stall cradily out with poison/toxic. Less elegant solution is to keep using Megahorn and/or Close Combat from Nidoking and Arcanine in hope it crits. Another way to do it is to catch a Meditite (2%) in Sensu Meadow with huge power, level him a bit and then High Jump Kick the shit out of Cradily. Another thing you can do is to catch a Dusclops in the manor and hope it knows Curse which also can deal with Cradily. There is also a Bronzor/zong in the caves who likely can deal with it with Gyro Ball or Heavy Slam and is resistant to both Grass and Rock AND can learn Heal Block. And lastly there are Wobuffets out there which can Destiny bond or counter them i suppose. I would say Bronzor way to deal with it is the most reliable one.
  21. Cradily is clearly the one that makes me struggle because I can't one shot him and he has a lot of way to regenerate HP so im losing a lot of pokemon trying kill him, he also one shot my talonflame everytime. My pokemons are : Raichu with Charge Beam ; Volt switch ; Discharge ; Slam. Nidoking with Double Kick ; Earth Power ; Sucker Punch ; Megahorn. Arcanine with Flame Charge ; Overheat ; Extreme speed ; Close combat. Mr Mime with ice wind ; psychic ; Dazzling Gleam ; shadow ball. Houndoom with Flamethrower ; Overheat ; Shadow ball ; Nasty plot. Gale Wind Talonflame with Brave bird ; Acrobatics ; Flame charge ; Steel wings.
  22. Knowing your team and moves and which pokemon gives you trouble would help for starters, might be able to figure something out.
  23. You can try to add a curse by other pokemon then you can defeat her quicker
  24. This is what i found just now from a run of mono ghost. In fact you just need 1 pokemon to defeat Gardevoir. What you need to prepare: 1.Get a Sableye with the ablility Prankster and with the egg move Recover and Imprison (You can get these 2 moves from Elgyem, which you can get at the hidden library at East Gearen) 2.Get the HM97 Dark Pulse at the Darclight Cave. 3.Get the HM61 Will-o-wisp or HM84 Poison Jab. (For getting HM61 you need to get a pokemon which can learn Strength by itself and get it from the Wispy Ruins before taking the train to GDF) (For getting HM84 you can just get it easily at West Gearen) 4.No necessary for the EV and IV of the Sableye, the ablility and the move are the most important. The move of Sableye: Imprison+Dark Pulse+Will-o-Wisp/Poison Jab+Recover If you can get a leftovers by pickup then the Recover is not necessary. The item is not important if you don't have a leftovers, maybe a chesto berry will be easier. If you get all of this then things wil go much easier. The Gardevoir has the moves: Dark Pulse+Sacred sword+Hyperspace Hole+Lovely Kiss Normally, only the Dark Pulse can hit Sableye. Then the lovely kiss will make Sableye sleeping and deal a damage of 1/16 Max HP per turn What you need to do is that use the Imprison in the first turn. For the Ability Prankster you can use it first then the Gardevoir can't use Dark Pulse anymore. Therefore there is no moves for Gardevoir to use to hit Sableye, what she can do anymore is to use the Lovely kiss Then you just need to add a condition like burn or poison to Gardevoir and wait the turns pass Don't forget to use recover if you don't have the leftovers. I've checked the axle and easily defeat the Gardevoir. Maybe you can have a try in your game if you are stucked here.
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