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  2. Don't report bugs to the devs if you are using mods. If you have issues with this mod use this thread to report it or contact me by Discord. The rar comes with the proper folder structure, just throw the contents into the game folder. I made this mod separated from the QoL Mod Compilation Pack because I don't want people adding it by mistake if they just add all. This mod adds a QoL present in recent games, the one that shows the effectiveness of our moves. We can already check the types of the enemy, so this is saving us time from checking that fi you don't know the types and having to check what works better. Some people love this, others hate it, which is why I am providing it separate from everything else. Of course, bonus effects from the fields are also shown but that’s already available in non-modded Rejuv. The graphics to show the bonus of the fields differ with this mod to being able to show everything while looking good though. There are five indicators: Ineffective, 1/4, 1/2, x2, and x4, which is shown with colors and symbols very similar to how buffs and debuffs fields were shown. Now fields are shown with a big + or - of green or red color on the left side instead. On double battles you are shown both enemies, with the icons on left or right matching the opponent in question. If you think this mod can be improved further because something isn't being shown properly, please tell me. I know I can get more into specifics to get it better. ShowMoveEffectiveness Mod.rar
  3. New cheat added. Mining. Now you can mine from the Cheat Menu without restrictions.
  4. The Rar has the correct folder structure just uncompress it on the game folder. Last version should have it fixed, if not, tell me and I will check again. Some points of the game lock you in a certain time, time will progress again if you advance in the story. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Updates return to the forum thread. Update 20 has been released.
  5. 20/04/2024 Dev Blog We're back to the forums! The last two posts were done through Google Docs, however, I believe that its safe to return back to the forums, and continue here. I will link the last two Dev Blogs at the end of this post for anyone who missed them. So, what has been going on lately? Well, we're down to 4 cNPC slots left. Once those are filled, submissions will finally be closed for good (unless someone pulls their team from the mod, or other unstated reasons) And for this weeks post, I will be going over some unnamed map teasers, the remaining legendaries, paradox's, and Silvally forms, a new character reveal, and of course, another Aevian form. So let's get to it. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Map Teasers So, I posted two images in the Discord server, showcasing a snippet of some maps I'm working on, and now I'm sharing them here, and not giving any other context! yet More info on this map, and teasers will be given at a later date, it is a pretty important spot in the story however. Now, for actual stuff I haven't revealed yet. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Legendary Adoption Phase Okay, so we're doing this a bit early. Starting today, members with accepted teams will be able to submit a request for a legendary, ultra beast, paradox, or Silvally form, that is not in current use for their team. There will be a specific applications that will need to be filled out in the Discord server. It also should go without saying that new members submitting a team to the mod will have priority over the remaining legendaries. The application will consist of the following question: - cNPC Name - Field & Format (Singles or Doubles) - Previous Team - New Team (With the requested mon) - Why you should have the mon, and how does it synergize with the team/field. Teams that already have a Legendary, or any other the other forms will likely not receive a second one on their team, so keep that in mind. This adoption period will end once all remaining forms have been sent to a cNPC team. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Character Reveal Introducing, the goober, Solus. More often found during Excursions than within the Pinnacle's cities itself, Solus is quite amicable with Pinnacle life and is usually seen going from one task to another. That, or smuggling obscene amounts of GourmetTreats across the Pinnacle... A fair contributor to Pinnacle society they may be, Solus prefers to live in the outskirts and thus when not on the job you may find them in more peculiar places than other story NPCs like Vincent and Melody! They will be more prominent during the Paragon route but will show up a fair few times throughout Renegade as well. Le goob. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Form Reveal I'm starting to run out of forms that I can reveal without major spoilers, so here's one that isn't fully finished yet, but has artwork made for it. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ That's all for this weeks post! The next post will be on May 4th https://discord.gg/OverseerFiles
  6. As soon I got Surf, I want to Akuma to get Lapras in Seabound Cave. After that, all trainer battles and wild pokemon encounters have the Ice Field, whatever region I am. This srceenshot, for example, is from the HP EV trainer in Gearen
  7. Oh, I didn't even know that the board showed the quests, thanks!
  8. 1. there are more than 3 quests in the help center, both abnormal and secrets are available in there. make sure you talked to the board 2. the kristiline help center keys are only available after you finish all kakori quests there are 5 kakori quests initially
  9. Hello, I'm trying to do all the side quests on terrajuma but most of the listed quests on the wiki don't show up for me. For example both "Abnormal Phenomenon" and "Secrets of the Black shards" can't be found. Another one is unlocking the kristiline help plaza. The door won't open even though I completed 3 quests in the town. Please help.
  10. Not an update on this (though I'll get back to working on this mod within the next month, I'm just busy with college at the moment) but I made a smart difficulty mod that automatically optimizes EVs and nature for trainer Pokemon without any stats with at least 124 EVs in it. Unlike this mod, it affects the whole game, though in late game it should only affect random trainers, since all important battles will already be optimized. It isn't perfect, and I've only tested it a little, but it should help increase the difficulty. It can be found here:
  11. if you were on v13 and downloaded v13.5: 1. were you post saki aka gym 15 2. did you save in the league administration
  12. The shop in Route 2. They sell evolution items, just be lucky to get a lot of money, around 25K for it ;)
  13. Is there any way to get an additional cuff or wreath besides the one that you are given?
  14. I recently re-downloaded Rejuv to play it again after a while, and after trying to get back on after playing for a bit it won't load to the save files and keeps giving me this error Exception: NoMethodError Message: undefined method `keys' for nil:NilClass Pokedex:194:in `block in updateGenderFormEntries' Pokedex:193:in `each' Pokedex:193:in `updateGenderFormEntries' Load:684:in `startPlayingSaveFile' Load:495:in `block in pbStartLoadScreen' Load:476:in `loop' Load:476:in `pbStartLoadScreen' Rejuv/RejuvIntro:92:in `closeSplash' PBEvent:54:in `call' PBEvent:54:in `block in trigger' PBEvent:49:in `each' PBEvent:49:in `trigger' EventScene:728:in `update' EventScene:618:in `main' Rejuv/RejuvIntro:124:in `main' Main:40:in `mainFunctionDebug' Main:24:in `mainFunction' Main:72:in `block (3 levels) in <main>' Main:71:in `loop' Main:71:in `block (2 levels) in <main>' (eval):8:in `eval' (eval):8:in `block (2 levels) in <main>' (eval):4:in `each' (eval):4:in `block in <main>' Section000:3:in `eval' Exception: NoMethodError Message: undefined method `keys' for nil:NilClass Pokedex:194:in `block in updateGenderFormEntries' Pokedex:193:in `each' Pokedex:193:in `updateGenderFormEntries' Load:684:in `startPlayingSaveFile' Load:495:in `block in pbStartLoadScreen' Load:476:in `loop' Load:476:in `pbStartLoadScreen' Rejuv/RejuvIntro:92:in `closeSplash' PBEvent:54:in `call' PBEvent:54:in `block in trigger' PBEvent:49:in `each' PBEvent:49:in `trigger' EventScene:728:in `update' EventScene:618:in `main' Rejuv/RejuvIntro:124:in `main' Main:40:in `mainFunctionDebug' Main:24:in `mainFunction' Main:72:in `block (3 levels) in <main>' Main:71:in `loop' Main:71:in `block (2 levels) in <main>' (eval):8:in `eval' (eval):8:in `block (2 levels) in <main>' (eval):4:in `each' (eval):4:in `block in <main>' Section000:3:in `eval' Exception: NoMethodError Message: undefined method `keys' for nil:NilClass Pokedex:194:in `block in updateGenderFormEntries' Pokedex:193:in `each' Pokedex:193:in `updateGenderFormEntries' Load:684:in `startPlayingSaveFile' Load:495:in `block in pbStartLoadScreen' Load:476:in `loop' Load:476:in `pbStartLoadScreen' Rejuv/RejuvIntro:92:in `closeSplash' PBEvent:54:in `call' PBEvent:54:in `block in trigger' PBEvent:49:in `each' PBEvent:49:in `trigger' EventScene:728:in `update' EventScene:618:in `main' Rejuv/RejuvIntro:124:in `main' Main:40:in `mainFunctionDebug' Main:24:in `mainFunction' Main:72:in `block (3 levels) in <main>' Main:71:in `loop' Main:71:in `block (2 levels) in <main>' (eval):8:in `eval' (eval):8:in `block (2 levels) in <main>' (eval):4:in `each' (eval):4:in `block in <main>' Section000:3:in `eval' Any ideas on how I could fix this?
  15. It looks like there's something broken in the save file, and unfortunately I don't think its fixable, at least I don't know how to fix it. If you go back further does the error continue to occur?
  16. Hi everyone ! Recently, I've started to prepare a Mono Psychic Team based on the Psychic Terrain. I reached a cap with this team ! Actually, I don't know if it's possible to improve it ahah ! You will get all the information to build the team for your playthrough. I made a lot of tests to prepare this team. In Rejuvenation, Fields are various and many bosses take benefits from it. My Mono Psychic Team takes advantage of the Psychic Terrain, which is treated as a secondary field and some of its effects remain. By taking advantage of the field and the Psychic Terrain, the goal of the team is blasting the foe's team. Beware ! This team requires to be vigilant because some errors can lead to an imminent defeat ! Now, let's introduce the team ! Indeedee (M) @ Amplified Rock Ability: Psychic Surge EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Psychic - Hidden Power [Fighting] - Terrain Pulse - Encore / Protect (Duo) Indeedee is indeed a very important teammate for the team. It provides an Ghost type immunity, and it still is a dangerous Pokémon against slower Pokémon (under 95 BS speed). Hidden Power is boosted by 50% because of the Psychic Terrain, which mean Indeedee has a 90 BP Fitghting Type Attack as a coverage against Steel and Dark Types. Terrain Pulse is secondary in this movepool but can be very useful for having another coverage attacks boosted by another field. Encore is helpful to block a slower Ghost Type like Mimikyu because it can switch in a ghost type move and lock it with Encore, and it can even lock a Sucker Punch Pokémon to stall its priority move. For Duo Battle, I recommend you to use Protect because you want it to survive to generate the Psychic Terrain later. Expanding Force will replace Psychic when the move is available. Bronzong @ Aguav Berry / Seeds (depending of the field) Ability: Levitate EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD Impish Nature - Body Press - Stealth Rock - Iron Defense - Recycle After some tests especially against Crescent, Bronzong is a well choice for this Monotype team. It provides an important Ground type immunity and is a good switch in for Gardevoir and Rapidash. It covers some weaknesses of the team, tanking strong priorities such as Extreme Speed, or even Bullet Punch. With Iron Defense + Body Press, it can counter physical attackers. We prefer Aguav Berry + Recycle over Rest for its flexibility. Depending on the field where you fight, a seed is welcome for having different buffs such as HP recovery, stat boost,... Just pay attention to special attackers. It will take a lot of damage due to the lack of investment in Special Defense. Stealth Rocks is very important for the team to break the Focus Sash and Sturdy Abilities. With the help of Indeedee, it can stall out the PP of Sucker Punch abusers such as Bisharp or Honchkrow and set up some Iron Defenses and sweep physical attackers. 252 Atk Life Orb Weavile Night Slash vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Bronzong: 182-218 (53.8 - 64.4%) -- guaranteed 2HKO (In Rejuvenation, Knock Off is less used and the AI use rarely this move. In the case Bronzong switches in a Night Slash, it will be able to tank a second one and retaliate with Body Press) 252 Atk Life Orb Weavile Night Slash vs. +2 252 HP / 252+ Def Bronzong: 94-112 (27.8 - 33.1%) -- guaranteed 4HKO ( If Bronzong seted up a single Iron Defense, it will be easier to deal with strong Dark Types) Other proposition: Uxie ! Rapidash-Galar @ Wise Glasses / Focus Band / another item according to the situation Ability: Anticipation EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Expanding Force - Dazzling Gleam - Hidden Power [Fire] - Baton Pass A fearsome Pokémon under the Psychic Terrain. If you send Rapidash once the Psychic Terrain is set up, Anticipation will provide a huge boost of Special attack (+2 SpA). We can regret that Rapidash is not faster because its fragility and mid tier speed. However, Rapidash becomes a huge Wallbreaker in this team. It still has a good speed (enough to be faster than Garchomp) and can destroy a lot of Pokémon. With the Technique Contrat, we prefer to get Expanding Force instead of Mystical Fire. If you don't think you can OHKO a slower Pokémon, just use Baton Pass to send another Pokémon (plus you give the Special Attack boost to another Pokémon). Hidden Power [Fire] is boosted on Psychic Terrain and Rapidash receive a "Flamethrower" to beat Steel Types Pokémon. For the moment, we don't give specifics items to Rapidash but when it will be available, a choice scarf or a choice specs will be great choices. Here are some examples of the damage output : - Crest Delcatty (252 HP / 252 Atk according to the wiki, other stats in the screenshot below) of Xara is OHKO with Expanding Force on Psychic Terrain - Mega Metagross of Crescent (Offensive Adamant) is OHKO with Hidden Power Fire on Psychic Terrain +2 252 SpA Wise Glasses Rapidash-Galar Expanding Force vs. 248 HP / 8 SpD Eviolite Chansey: 297-349 (42.2 - 49.6%) -- 89.1% chance to 2HKO after Stealth Rock With Choice Specs : +2 252 SpA Choice Specs Rapidash-Galar Expanding Force vs. 248 HP / 8 SpD Eviolite Chansey: 403-475 (57.3 - 67.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO Gardevoir @ Interceptium-Z [Fire] Ability: Telepathy EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Moonblast - Psyshock - Thunderbolt - Hypnosis This is our Revenge Killer of the team. Under Psychic Terrain, Gardevoir's speed is doubled ( 512 at lvl 90, 568 at lvl 100) and its STAB moves are both boosted by the Psychic Terrain (x1.5). Moreover, it can use a 90 accuracy Hypnosis for allowing a safe switch in or beating by itself the opponent. We can "safely" use the Interceptium-Z while the foe is sleeping if you're lucky (that's not my case) to change the field (if needeed), use a Fire Coverage at 150 BP (For Steel Types, Corvinight can take a Thunbertolt and retaliate) but you can choose a Ground Type Unleashed Power. Plus, you can use Psychic Blinding Speed to outspeed and OHKO Unburden Sneasler and Hawlucha. Thunderbolt is for Flying and Water Types such as Gyarados or Skarmory. Psyshock is chosen over Expanding Force to pass special walls such as Blissey and Chansey, but it will be difficult to 2 OHKO them even with the Psychic Terrain. Here some calcs : 252 SpA Gardevoir Psyshock vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Blissey: 346-408 (48.4 - 57.1%) -- 41% chance to 2HKO after Leftovers recovery (the boost of Rejuvenation Psychic Terrain is taken into accounts) 252 SpA Gardevoir Psyshock vs. 248 HP / 252+ Def Eviolite Chansey: 253-298 (35.9 - 42.3%) -- guaranteed 3HKO Tips : Avoid to Baton Pass on Gardevoir, since Rapidash share the same types, Gardevoir could receive a huge attack and die (she doesn't look alive when it happens) Delphox @ Air Balloon / Another item according to the situation Ability: Magician EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Fire Blast - Psychic - Grass Knot - Will-O-Wisp / Psychic Terrain / Hypnosis... This is the special glue for the team. It has a Steel Type Resistance which is helpful for Rapidash and Gardevoir for a good switch in against Steel Types. It can be treated as a Status Move switch in thanks to the Magician ability under the Psychic Terrain (50% to avoid them, but if you're unlucky, forget that) with its initial role of Offensive Glue. We prefer Fire Blast over Flamethrower because Fire Blast allows Delphox to OHKO some threats such as M-Metagross (Offensive). You can use Mystical Fire under Psychic Terrain (~112 BP without STAB) but it makes Delphow weaker on its Fire STAB move if the Psychic Terrain is not present, and with my experience, you will need Delphox when the Psychic Terrain disappears. That's why I don't recommend to teach in a future update Expanding Force to Delphox. By default I've chosen Grass Knot as a Coverage move for Water and Ground Types Pokémon. The last move will depend of the situation. If you want a 2nd sleep inducer, choose Hypnosis (90 accuracy under Psychic Terrain) Hatterene (F) @ Leftovers Ability: Magic Bounce EVs: 252 HP / 204 Def / 52 Spe Bold Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Psyshock - Draining Kiss - Calm Mind - Nuzzle / Healing Wish Despite sharing the same type with Gardevoir and Rapidash, its amazing bulk makes Hatterene a good support for the team. We prefer Magic Bounce over Anticipation (+2 SpA) because it will help to deflect entry hazards and status moves. With Calm Mind, it also helps Bronzong and Indeedee to stall out Sucker Punch PPs. Plus, in combination with Psyshock, it's a perfect counter of Blissey and Chansey by safely setting up Calm Mind, Draining Kiss for the HP recovery and Psyshock to deal massive damage to them. Calm Mind allows too Hatterene to tank special attacks for the team. If you choose to use Hatterene, I recommend you to use Bronzong Iron Defense / Body Press to cover the Steel type weakness of the Team. Nuzzle is a very good support move because it can Paralyse faster foes for the team. Plus, Hatterene should get later a Mega Evolution. In this case, having Anticipation as a pre evolution ability could be a good idea, but Hatterene wouldn't be able to deflect status moves until mega evolving whereas it will get a huge boost for its defensive stats (in this case EV: 252 PV / 174Def / 84 Spe to outspeed 35 BS speed Pokémon such as Toxapex, Quagsire, or slower Pokémon like Slowking). Finally I put here the weaknesses of the teams : - Huge priority (aka Bisharp Sucker Punch, Mega Rillaboum Adamant Grassy Glide, boosted Extreme Speed, Bullet Punch priority) - Strong Dark type attacks - Huge enhanced Grass Type attacks (ex: Delphox is 2 OHKO by Mega Adamant Rillaboum with Grassy Glide) - Faster foes when the Psychis Terrain is not set up. I'll be glad to see your ideas and recommendation ^^ And feel free to test the team if you want, that's why I wrote this for 1 hour :)
  17. Hi ! The theory is well thought but I think it's not Nora behind the mask of Madame X (I played too Where Love Lies). I have some information that I remember. In my opinion, it would be Alice but I don't think she's Melia or Marriannette. Actually, I don't have any idea of her real identity. Melia has a different treatment about her archetype powers, because she has a Genesis Syndrome like Garufa people who tried to exploit the power of the Archetype. We know the children of Vitus are shards of the Archetypes, and he managed to get a strong influence on Marriannette (until we interfer) and especially on Alice. @cyberfox096, you haven't play yet to the Paragon route, so let me give you some information [BEWARE, SPOILER]. Firstly, you can beat Yveltal at Blackstepple Castle, then Madame X has the following dialogue : "Father, I have lost..." During the common story, we can assume that Madame X is the daughter of the founder of Team Xen. And it wouldn't be impossible that Vitus was the founder of Team Xen since Team Xen is known to have some things to do in the Miera Region. Here we can assume Madame X was influenced by her own father, like Alice. During the Paragon Route, we can learn that Vitus and Nymiera were 2 Garufan people who embodie 2 concepts : Life and Death. These 2 concepts are linked to Xearneas et Yveltal. Vitus & Nymiera generate a balance between Life & Death as the 2 legendaries. Like Vitus, Madame X is linked to Yveltal and death. And as you said, Madame X is a violent, selfish and manipulative woman. And when Alice is under the influence of her father, Alice tries to dominate people around her, and when it doesn't work, she becomes aggressive. This case happened during the Paragon Route, where Anju, under a spell of Vitus (probably, because she was trapped in his manor when we try to escape with Mariannette) "did something" to Alice and she became like before, during her time in the Uknown World, a violent, selfish and manipulative girl (tries to rule people, becomes violent when she failed). Moreover, Alice has a special link with Dark Types Pokémon and she learnt with us that we are the Interceptor and about the Archetypes. If we compare Alice to Madame X, we can remember Madame X let us understand that she knows for the Interceptor and the Archetype during Dommed Timeline Arc. That's ly theory for the moment, so I would need some time to improve it :)
  18. Episode 94 of Pokemon Rejuvenation Bug Mono is here! It's time to focus on Aelita in this episode as she tells Guzma where she went to on her own journey! She goes back to Sheridan to claim her title as Sensei! After the battle, she talks to a mysterious person! Can Aelita win this important battle?! And who is this mysterious person?! There's only 1 way to find out! Please enjoy!
  19. Found this on twitter, not sure if they posted here, but look at their work (https://twitter.com/codenameAL)
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