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  1. ooo very nice, maybe I'll finally do a monotype run. Great additions for sure
  2. Forum name: Lord Bagel Showdown alt(s): LordBagel Discord: LordBagel#6787 Availability: EST, free most evenings Favourite type(s): Ice, Grass Least favourite type(s): Electric
  3. Last post before the episode? Now what will I check for every time I get bored.
  4. I just hit 666 posts, I'm actually Satan

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      please when your rep and view count along with these posts reach 666 or a variation then you the devil

  5. ( ´‿ゝ`)we are men( ´‿ゝ`)

  6. Been like half a year since I posted here so what the hell, this is from about a month ago before snow enveloped everything.
  7. With the speech over Sim turned to Lucas. "As much as I hate to say it I need to head back to dorms, I still haven't dropped my stuff off there because of that ghost situation. Where do you plan on heading next by the way? I'll try catch up to you after I drop off some stuff in my room unless you want to come with, It shouldn't take too long." Thinking about the dorms Sim couldn't shake the bad feeling he had about it. "I really need to stop being so paranoid or I'll never get any sleep at night" Sim thought to himself. Pushing the thought to the back of his mind Sim was once again in good spirits. The dragon Pokemon shown on a rampage during redwoods presentation were brutal but everything else about the presentation had Sim excited like a child come Christmas morning. The prospect of getting a new Pokemon tomorrow was sooner than Sim would have expected. He hadn't put much thought into who would be a good partner for Vanish yet. For now however Sim had more pressing and heavy things to take care of, thinking of the meager possessions Sim was still carrying around.
  8. I nominate Kamina for snow queen. I don't need to nominate anyone for the T3rr4 award since we all know Jelly is the king of shitposts. He should be unlocked to except his award btw, He got locked for shitposting a few days before it was clarified as allowed so I don't see why his warning points were justified.
  9. I'm not going to read through everything because I want my opinions on this game fresh, I am however wondering something. The first and second games of the series were debatable my favorite games of that time (I didn't have the money for money games back then so It didn't have much competition), however just like main series games the most recent game didn't even come close to following in the footsteps of the first games. I heard that this game is actually harder than the first....which is fantastic. I do 't know how the story is however so....is it any good? I don't want any details just personal opinion if the story can live up to the second games just so it doesn't feel like a painful mash a fest.
  10. Cyaloom sorry I had to bunny you a bit but since I never replied before the update it left us in a bit of a tricky spot. I hope you didn't plan anything important on the walk over, if you did my bad.
  11. "There you are!" the black haired trainer exclaimed, while approaching his peer. "Are you alright now? The ghosts are finally gone." "I'm fine, I couldn't find anyone so it's a good thing everything blew over. I would have done a pretty terrible job otherwise." Sim added with a grimace. "Should we head towards the contest hall for Redwoods announcement?" Sim asked the other trainer. Lucas agreed and the two headed towards the contest hall. Sim and Lucas made it with plenty of time to spare and found a seat within the masses. Sim sat with Vanish in complete silence determined not to miss any details hot to miss any details. The battle points system sounded like a lot of fun, it seemed the more talented of a battler here the easier things would be. That would also apply to more than just battles. Sim turned towards Lucas wondering what he was thinking but couldn't tell what he was thinking. Sim had around one thousand questions and a half but found it would be better to wait and see if the other questions asked would provide enough information.
  12. As the commotion in the dorms left as unexpectedly as it arrived Sim couldn't help but be a little irritated. "Looks like something was just messing with us after all" Sim scolded himself. The ghosts had him cowering in fear, Sim was glad no one saw him overreacting like that. Shaking off the scare he listened intently to the announcement. Though irritated he never ended up being able to get set up in his room or meet his roommate Sim was however back in good spirits. The assembly was bound to help things make more sense and mention of a second pokemon can't help but be exciting. Sim started backtracking towards the entrance of the dorms hoping to meet up with Johnny and Lucas. Though the rotom was just pranking the new students Sim couldn't shake a feeling of unease. Everything seemed so real that it being a joke felt wrong, Vanish seemed to pick up on Sims feelings but didn't seem worried. "You've always been too carefree" Sim muttered to Vanish as he picked up his walking speed. Sim knew that he would spend a lot of time in the dorms so he hoped the feeling would pass. He arrived back at the dorms entrance happy to see that not everyone had left for the contest hall yet. Sim jogged towards the door, he was curios to see how what everyone else thought of that whole rotom ordeal.
  13. I'm about to make a post but I'm not really sure about everyone's position right now. I'm going to hang the post with Sim seeing someone at the entrance of the dorm, if no one is actually situated there I'll wait until someone does end up leaving and pick up from there as if me posting that was the same time of that person leaving.
  14. If that were me alone with something screaming it wants to kill me after a wall grew eyes.....I would be a b fazed. At least until Sim finds some other trainers I'm not going to play the I'm not afraid of anything card XD
  15. Sim felt that at this point he must have went through almost every hallway in the building. So far the search hadn't brought up anything, He guessed most people had locked themselves into there rooms the moment logic decided to take a vacation. If he couldn't find where everyone was hiding soon he would have to retrace his steps and knock on every door. It was a tedious option Sim would rather avoid. For the most part everything was quiet as he searched. Compared to how hectic things had began the stillness seemed just as creepy. At one point Sim could have swore he heard whispering from farther down one of the hallways, the thought of it sent a chill down his spine. In the corner of Sims vision something always seemed to be moving, He shrugged it off as paranoia but even so he had to wipe some sweat from his forehead. "Maybe I'm just imagining things" Sim mumbled to Vanish who was still within his arms. He wanted Vanish close, clearly anything could happen in this mad house. Just then Sim heard another whisper, this time clear as day. "We will have another. We will balance the scales." Sim searched around frantically unsure of where the noise was coming from. "GIVE IT TO US! YOUR LIFE! IT'S ONLY RIGHT! IT'S ONLY FAIR! IF YOU REFUSE OUR KINDNESS WE WILL DO TO YOU AS THEY DID TO HIM! YOU ARE ALL OURS, THIS IS OUR DOMAIN!!!" Sim's body shook, the first priority was tracing the sound but it sounded as if it came from all directions at once."Maybe we should have stayed with the others" Sim whispered with an unsteady voice. Slowly Sim backed himself into a corner, praying that whatever was causing all of this would leave in peace. Sim wondered what kindness was being refused, and what "they did to him" whatever that meant.
  16. Can the player characters inside the dorm hear what was written in red writing? If so I could probably base a post off of it. Otherwise I could post something but it probably wouldn't add anything new other than Sim just wandering around.
  17. I've felt the need to make a post for a while now but I need some input from some more experienced people here. I'm not really sure what kind of things chim planned on happening in the dorms so to describe what's going on I don't want to make an incorrect assumption. Should I try and post something or wait for more information to be given out?
  18. To be honest what I got by the original plan was that since you had no pokemon you were going to stay in the main room. If I knew that wasn't the case I wouldn't have left alone.
  19. I left the ending of my post fairly vague since I don't really know what Sim would find in the dorms. I'll probably wait for an update before I post again. Sorry for being very resistant to making Sim do anything not strictly guided, I don't really want to screw anything up since my experience in these things are limited at best.
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