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V13 Pokemon Placement Speculation!

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I am making this thread so there's a general spot of speculation for the new Pokemon being placed (or Gen Eight) in V13. What Pokemon do you think will be available in V13 and where?


General Rules: 

1. Please do not make fun of anyone's placements ideas.

2. Have fun.
Now theory crafting GO!

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My personal ideas on earliest placements and note that I'm listing them by earliest stage if applicable:


Wooloo: Rt1

Impidimp (and maybe Nickit): Darchlight Caves

Rookidee: Darchlight Woods

G-Zigzagoon: Goldenleaf

Grookey: Maybe replacing Rowlet in the Terajuma event

Yamper: Route 4 or Terajuma Depths.

Gossifleur/Milcery: Rt 2

Silicobra: Zorrialyn Desert

Cufant: Safari Zone

G-Corsola: Placed along with base Corsola in Akuwa

Arrokuda: Somewhere with Dive.

Sizzlipede: Valor Mountain.

Snom: Blacksteeple


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I feel like Scorbunny might get it's own new event in 


Axis High University

Grookey, Pincurchin, Indeedee, and likely Koffing will most likely still be unavailable, given their new terrain change abilities.

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