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  1. Messed up and now dont have any back up. Can someone take my last badge away so I can fight Titania again? Pretty please? Game.rxdata
  2. Ok tanks game works now. Now I need to find the save file and replace it with my old windows save file, I tried to find it but couldn't Is it saved in the same format? Where is it saved? Do I REALY need to get Wine and run the windows version in it? The Mac guide I found was all about Wine but I don't need it to play the game but to change save files?
  3. I downloaded the İOS version Should I download Wine and the Windows version? Becouse I realy would rather not. I am going to update my mac and see if that helps
  4. I downloaded my save file Game.rxdata from another source and downloaded the fruit version of the game but cant open it
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