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  1. This thread has been active for almost 4 years. And in just a single week its gonna be closed, what a journey and what a game. Thank you Ame and all the other devs who worked on this masterpiece, looking forward to the community release!!!!
  2. Yea suff like chomp is generally not counted as part of the nuzlocke.
  3. Nuzlocking reborn is not as challenging as it seems, as long as you don't do it on it your first playthrough anyone can do it
  4. heyyy fernip where u from uwu
  5. There are just no words to describe this feeling rn
  6. While it is true that Sirius is a lil evil you gotta remember who sent him down this path of total destruction. That being the true villain of Reborn so far. Good ol Rado. It is was said during glass that Radomus has a jeweller embroid the 4 keys to into jewels. He also said, iirc, that this "jeweller" was betrayed by Rado and then sought to get the extract revenge. Obviously none of this justifies all of the horrible stuff that this "jeweller" as done, but like don’t let Rado get away with starting all of these problems just because he wanted a castle for his crush.
  7. Idk i feel like Trick room will just hurt Linn sm, the speed cut plus its extension on new world is just asking people to use it. Its definitely the most viable strategy heading into ep19
  8. This hype train is approaching warp speed!!!
  9. yeah every starter is available at some point through an event
  10. With the 18 people losing to a regular grunt, imma have to say doubt to this statement here
  11. I think it is time we turn this into a Cass appreciation thread. Cass, thank you for continuing to deal with the this game's troublesome code and thank you for your awesome dev blog posts. Your hard work does not go unnoticed and is appreciated by all of the community!!!
  12. Today, here in Sydney Australia, it is the 1st of March in the year 2022. The first day, the first day of spring 2022.
  13. So i didnt understand most of that but it made me more hype than anything ever before so lets freaking g0o0o0o0!!!
  14. Crim, you have outdone yourself with these, they are amazing!
  15. Bring six weviles, have one hold the icium z then just click icicle crash. 99.6% win rate that
  16. Honestly i think the most viable strat would be to make the den a cave and then just abuse the new field. Fighting her in dden is gonna be like pre much impossible.
  17. 100 pages of pure hype This final ep is gonna be wild
  18. Personally I absolutely love the void and the following cutscenes (they rlly are the best part of the game lmao). Both events provided deep insight into characters that we had not seen in a while; rado, sera and luna and their relationship with each other. We learned that Anna and Noel are Rado's kids, we learned about gardevoirs relationship with rado, about how the keys were distributed and about Rado's connection with Sirius. Like bruh we watch a pokemon make a whole ass black hole, thats fucking sick! "Unacceptable" is just an objectively incorrect word to use to describe something you personally dont like and smth that lasts 1 min if u hold x lol.
  19. oh so we r gonna throw hands with Solaris again in ep 19. i assume in reshi path it will be because we lured his son into a death trap lmao
  20. yea i always found that a bit nuts, like shouldn't that kill her, its superpower from a freaking tyranitar
  21. My God did you say 2500 icons, smeargletail thats nuts. Ik i speak for most people here when i say the hard work, effort and time you guys put into this gem of a game is something we truly appreciate
  22. Ok this has usurped all of ep 19. Ame, Cass, devs, please, please leave the MAN plaque, in titania's castle
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