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  1. I am thankful for the EV training system which you dont have in Reborn. (I had to find out my own places and it takes way longer still) I was only against having it unlocked so late but now that this have changed back it is good and balanced in my opinion. You can unlock the AP for them like a few said before relatively easy. With free from the start it would be out of control in my opinion and like Blontary said use debug if you dont want to train them (every can play their own way but for me it took away a little of the game and felt strange for me). If I am not wrong you can get the beeries a little earlier than before and the IV is a great way but really strong and ok in my opinion that it is that late. For me the charm of Reborn & Rejuvenation is that they are way harder than the classic games which is the reason I play them.
  2. This was a problem for a lot me included but thankfully it got changed in and updated version fast. Now it is possible to unluck them from the start again with the right AP points. If you cant better check your version if it is the newest one cause a lot of bugs got fixed as well. Still a nice post and the only diffrence is that the Speed & HP rooms arn't available for free from the start compared to the past if I am not wrong.
  3. It reassures me that it wasnt only me that got the invis Aero. I had to play the scence 2 times cause the first time my character couldnt move in the flashback. I tried all other characters and havent had a problem besides Aero.
  4. Have you talked to Simon at the Graveyard in Beryl Ward? After that he will be in the house with the old lady.
  5. True I use it on my Bonsly which cause the error. I tried unequipping it and the error is gone. Big thank you for your help didnt think that an item could be the cause.
  6. Thank you for your fast answer. Yes I tried it without a single extra Mod and the same error ocurred for me.
  7. I hope this is the right place and I explain it correctly. I was battling the Cool couple Drake & Sherry at the Central Square in GDC and a weird interaction happend. My Aevian Milotic & Leavanny were battling against their Slowbro and Aerodactyl. The enemy Aerodactyl used skydrop on my Leavanny and as intended it got took up into the sky. But when it was my turn again while Leavanny was in the sky I was able to use Protect and it worked, I took no dmg. But a bug happend, the enemy Aerodactyl continued to use sky Drop on my leavanny (of course it is double effective) but it always said : "It failed". My Leavanny on the other hand was able to act like normal. Havent seen it before.
  8. This is an error or Problem I have and not the AI for once. I am on a Baby Pokemon only Run and had no problems so far till the Glitch field arrived. I had the same error against the Missignos for the department sticker in Ametrine Town and again in Terra's gym fight so it is obviously the field. It is always a single battle I had it with Munchlax & Bonsly against Excadrill and others and with them I get the error. Glitch field (Terras Gym battle) Terra If I use an physical attack move I get the error message, but if I use a status move like Curse on Munchlax it works and no error. With Smoochum it worked without Problems when I used an special move. Magby's fire Punch (becomes special as far as I know) also worked fine. I never had this kind of Problem with my other runs maybe it has something to do with the Baby Pokemon? I use the latest Reborn version. Thank you in advance for your help.
  9. Not sure if this is still actual but it happens on other places too now. Before it only happend for 2 major battles like the Giratina Geara fight (first time) or loosing to Giratina on Mount Valor, but now it happens in a weirder way. I wasnt careful and lost to a random trainer respwamed normal but after entering Darklight Woods. (even tough i lost in another area) it went back to the team I had around the 3rd badge. Still dont understand when and why it goes back or not. I just got the message (even tough my team was alive) Healing Party after entering the area Darklight Woods. Instantly reload and redid a lot of things. Seems to be connected to specific areas reloading to an old "teamfile" after loosing anytime even if it happend not shortly before it. Like a few said I save more often now cause of it.
  10. Hm thats an unsual bug. Did you talk to Venam in front of the wall with the runes? (While entering trough the door underneath Ranger HQ. In one of my runs i went trough their had to talk to her than went up trough the ladder and then Kieran arrived. If all doesnt help I think the only thing you can do besides hoping the safe file help does is, is adding the Emotion Poweder via the Debug Mode. (I have it for things like this just in case). I am sorry if nothing helped. Can you tell me what was diffrent in the chat in your game and the video?
  11. Did you go back to the house at the Teila Resort where Amber and Telia live and you saw the Scence with Venam & Melia flying away on Hapy? There is one more scence when you enter the house and walk to the top. After talking with Venam & I think it was Valerie you can go back to Mount Valor and a person in white will give you the Emotion Powder. The Problem was the "new scence" ats Ambers house that can be missed cause you can enter the mountain without seeing it but get stuck. If you enter from the front you will immideatly find him. in this room. The Scence should happen automatically.
  12. I would guess you didnt get the item "motion Powder" from a guy in the first room (with the healing crystal) that lets you activate crystals. This happend to me and a few others as well. If this is the reason you havent activated a cut scence at the house at the Teila resort between Valerie & Venam & the MC. The only thing that can help you is using an escape rope if yu have one or use dig. If you cant use either I would give you the adivce to use the "Debug Mode" to give you the item. Thats what I did cause a lot of people get stuck at this place and I think not all safe files got helped yet (with this problem)
  13. They also fixed it that Mysty Field of the Sylveon you get works now. IT buffs Hypervoice reduce her dmg and keeps you from fallign asleep. I used the Chesto berry and than mysty field and just used Hyper Voice and healed a few times in Normal & Casual. (Sadly doesnt work on Intense)
  14. For me it worked a little earlier. I tried the fight with the Sylveon on Normal & Casual and it worked with the Mysty field (it got fixed and works now) to now let me fall asleep buffs my hyper voice without buffing with Calm mind and only healing if needed. Normaly after I take 1-2 hits or when the field is over. Before the field worked I used Safeguard to keep her from sleeping my Sylveon The Chesto berry is like you said a must have. Normaly the Hyper Voice buffed with Pixilate is mostly enough without buffing. Buffing for Spdef didnt do much cause she used Sacred Sword all the time which is physical. In my opinion it is one of the fights that got waaay harder compared to v12. I dont want to nitpick and still wanna say big thank you for the tip and wished I saw your post before I beat her in a few runs. She is still the fight I hate the most in the game and make me break my no switching Pokemon out rule. I havent found another way to beat her
  15. i had a similar problem but for me not only was my money gone also my inventory as well as my team was gone and i got another players team. In my case it was Adam. It happend to me after I lost the battle on the Pyramid the first time and winning the second. I reported this bug had to reload to fix it. Seems loosing with another character often causes this.
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