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    I don't know.Somewhere dark,please send help.

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  1. Thanks for letting me know :) also i think
  2. This mesage popued up when i tried to run the game.It cant be cloesed and i cant move a save file to the shortcut folder
  3. Im pretty sure i read in a dev blog that NG+ is a thing in e19 and i do want to replay the whole game again and i was wondering,how to i activate NG+?
  4. Edit:lmao as soon as i posted,i found it.
  5. So i need to trigger something to continue the quest because nothing happens and going back is a dead end to where we fought hypno.So i continue witth the game and eventually i will be able to continue the darkrai quest?
  6. Seems like that was the problem ,i reverted to an old save file and redid the whole thing.And just like you i dont have a darkrai either and cass is gone to aks her about it.
  7. A forum user by the name of nguyengiangoc has made a very useful guide on post game puzzles.
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