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  1. Ah, ok, that's interesting, because it takes the damage right until it hits 1 hp, then stops and OHKO's my entire team.
  2. It's happened a few times now while battling trainers, but currently with Eustace, where I poison them or set up hail and they don't take damage. At the moment, it happens with Eustace's final pokemon (each battle attempt has had Alakazam last). I've set up one, the other, or both at the same time and he stops taking damage from them when his hp gets so low it would cause a knockout.
  3. I'm looking for Blue Moon Ice Cream. Is there anyone willing to trade me some? I'm almost to the Water Treatment Plant where Titania wants it, and of course the mega stones, but I've been trying for days and the vendor hates me!
  4. I just installed this mod pack, and it erased all the pokemon I had in my Shared Box. I got them back by removing the mods and going to an earlier save file, but you may want to make a note to remove pokemon in the shared box before installation.
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