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Pokemon Reborn Guide [3.0]



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Most people (myself included) skip the intro, so I'll keep this short.

I'll be making a guide of Episode 17 of Pokémon Reborn. Originally I was following Sophie's guide. She in turn was following Nickaboo's guide. Just as my predecessors before me, I will most likely not be completing this guide. Not because I'm a busy college student, but because Edit 3/9/18 I lied. My classes are destroying me. That being said, here is my general format:



Where to go next (For those who just want to know how to progress the story)

General tips


Starting date: 2/10/18

Starting episode: 17


         If I miss anything, feel free to alert me on this separate thread. I would also like to take time to thank those who helped contribute to the guide. I'll update as more people tell me what I've missed.

         Thank you to the following people for their contributions to this part of  the guide: Sparsyle-0 (Sophie), Walpurgis, Frelop, Paperblade



Chapter 1

Julia's Gym

         For reasons that will be made clear later, I will be ordering the gyms in order of the gym leader you're meant to fight rather than calling them "Gym 1" or "Gym 2".


         You'll start by choosing your protagonist. During the train ride, a... ghost, for lack of a better term, appears. Ame (the same person who made the game), recognizing the ghost as an omen, looks out the window and notices that the train isn't decelerating. She'll grab you and jump out the window, narrowly saving your life. The other protagonists who had the misfortune of not being picked will be killed in the crash. You'll awaken in the Lower Peridot Ward. Julia, the first gym leader, will have a brief conversation with Ame before the latter departs. The gym leader will then ask you if you plan on taking on the Pokémon lead and you'll be given your first choice. As far as I'm aware, choosing one or the other doesn't affect the game. However, if you're curious like me, you'll be interested to know what the dialogue becomes based on your choice. Keep in mind that you can save your game at any time by pressing D. So long as there are no current dialogue boxes, you can save. This means you can save in the middle of a conversation if people are moving about or if there's a brief pause. This can help you in the future when you have to go through a series of battles. You can also reload previous games by using the navigation pathway C:\Users\YourNameHere\Saved Games\Pokemon Reborn, deleting the file that says "Game", and renaming whatever file you want to "Game". Anyway, here are the results:


Are you going to take on the Reborn League?



Julia: Correct! Then I'll be seeing you very soon, because I'm also the Electric Gym Leader!



Julia: Whaaaaaaat? That's no fun! You simply must!

Hm? Why do I insist? Well, because I'm the Electric Gym Leader!


         She'll then direct you towards the Grand Hall. Before moving, you can find a Normal Gem in one of the rocks that surrounds you. If you give this to a Pokémon to hold, it'll boost the first damaging Normal-type move they use but will consume the item. Since all starters begin with a Normal type, you'll give yourself a slight edge in your first battle. It might not be necessary based on your starter, but you'll soon learn that you're not dealing with the average Pokémon game anymore. I digress. There's only one route to progress given that the police are blocking your route up  north, so start moving to the right.


         Once you enter the Opal Ward, you can speak to a lady with purple hair to get a Potion.



         This can also be useful for your upcoming battle. There are two ways to access the Opal Bridge, but the cool kids will stop you since you don't have Pokémon. Head towards the large building up above and you'll be stopped by a girl named Victoria. She'll act like your rival, in a sense. She'll take you inside and Ame will inform you that the person in charge of blowing up the station was caught. Ame will take you upstairs where you'll be able to choose any Fire, Water, or Grass starter from every generation. Yes, it is possible to get a shiny starter. The shiny rate in this game is increased compared to the normal game, but it can still take beyond an hour to get a shiny. If you save in the room and restart, you'll be able to change IVs, natures, abilities, and shiny status of all the starters in that room. Don't bother searching for the perfect ability because in about two hours you'll be able to change it anyway. Again, quick save is D and soft refresh is F12. If you're not interested in any of them, you can download this mod to choose your own starter from any Pokémon. For any who care, the first gym is an Electric gym and the second is a Grass gym. If you mess up your Pokémon's name, don't worry. In about an hour you'll find the Name Rater. Finally, Pokémon level 20 and below will listen to you if you have no badges while Pokémon level 25 and below will listen to you if you have one.

         After you choose Charmander, you'll be taken downstairs. Victoria will ask what starter you chose but won't counter pick you as she always chooses the same one regardless. You'll be introduced to Cain while she's away. He'll immediately engage you in a battle.

Attacks in red are health based moves. Attacks in orange are physical moves. Attacks in blue are special moves. Attacks in grey are non-damaging moves.


Pretty Boy Cain


Field: Default


Nidoran ♂ (Level 5)


Ability: Hustle

Item: ---

Stats: HP 19 / Atk 10 / Def 9 / SpA 9 / SpD 10 / Spe 10

Scratch, Leer


         I wonder if it's possible for your opponents to have shiny Pokémon? Also, I will not always be able to get all the moves of each opponent, so enjoy them while they last.

It doesn't matter if you win or lose since the story will progress the same. Furthermore, you won't have to pay any money for losing. I'll assume that you've won given that you have the Normal Gem and a potion on your side, but I'll put the text just in case.


Battling Cain


Should you win:

Post battle: Cute AND Talented.

Cain: Very nice!


Should you lose, the text moves too far past the box. He says something along the lines of:

"Hey, that's pretty unlucky, but don't take the loss too hard. I mean, unless you're into that."

         I'm not sure if the dialogue changes if you're a girl, but I'm interested to know if any of you chose one. Cain will take you over to the PokéCenter where you have the option to heal your Pokémon or not. Yes, you can choose not to heal your Pokémon, but you'll soon regret it. Victoria will emerge from the Starter Room with Ame. After clearing up a misunderstanding, Ame will take Cain away while you battle Victoria. You won't have a moment to buy more items. If you chose not to heal your Pokémon after your tango with Cain, you'll have to continue fighting with your lowered health. Remember that you can save while Cain is walking you to the healing desk, so you can retry your battle with Victoria by reloading your save game.


Apprentice Victoria


Field: Default


Litten (Level 5)


Ability: Blaze

Item: ---

Stats: HP 20 / Atk 12 / Def 9 / SpA 11 / SpD 9 / Spe 12

Scratch, Growl


         You'll have the advantage if you won against Cain as you'll have leveled up. You'll also gain money for defeating both of them. As stated above, it doesn't matter if you win or lose. Regardless, here's the dialogue.


Battling Victoria


Should you win:

Post battle: Wow... I don't know what to say!

Victoria: You're no ordinary trainer, are you...


Should you lose:

Victoria: Yay, I won! Don't get down though, every loss is a lesson.


         Cain will drop by to tell you he's leaving. You and Victoria will then go back to the Information Desk to talk to Ame. She'll give you a PokéDex, PokéGear (with which you may access the map and other, future tools), and Running Shoes (hold with the space bar to run or press S to toggle). She'll then leave to interrogate the terrorist who attacked the train station. Victoria will give you 5 Pokéballs to start your adventure and then leave. You're now free to do as you please.

         You can access your PC in order to find a free potion. It wasn't available until now because you were forced to walk to certain areas once you entered The Grand Hall. If you watch the T.V., you'll be able to watch many different channels. The only ones that might affect your actions are the Hunting channel and the Weather channel. Check the Hunting channel once a day to get the latest scoop on new Pokémon. If you talk to the lady in a green dress, you'll be able to battle her and her darling in a double battle as many times as you'd like. Their Pokémon level up as you progress throughout the game, so they're a source of free levels and money if you're able to best them.

         You can buy items on the right, but I recommend saving at least 500 poké. Always buy Pokéballs in sets of 10. This way you'll get a free Premier Ball as well. The Premier Ball has the same "strength" as a normal Pokéball. Even if you don't want to use it, you can sell it for 100 Poké which is half the price of a normal Pokéball. I personally use them to catch Shiny Pokémon. Once you're done buying items, head towards the exit. There will be a fisherman on the right side. He'll offer to sell you a rare Pokémon for 500 poké. As soon as you buy the Pokémon, the man on the left will steal it from you before you even have a chance to see it. As the fisherman will tell you, you'll be able to find the man in North Peridot. This will become a sort of hide and seek event that you'll have to play throughout the game. I'll reference it as Event: SP, the SP standing for Stolen Pokémon. You can ctrl + f to find out where next you need to go to continue the event. If you ever forget where to go next, you can talk to the people in The Grand Hall for directions. For now, you may exit The Grand Hall. A short cutscene will play in which you see Ame and a few police officers torturing information out of the terrorist.


Opal Ward map 

Sometimes when I speak, I'm not clear in what I'm trying to say. I'll be dropping maps in this guide and marking them to better explain locations. I recommend having them open in a second tab.


         Outside The Grand Hall you'll be trapped by a girl trying to talk to her Pokémon who ignores her. If you defeat Victoria, it will be a Snubbull. If you lose to her, it'll be a Stufful. Certain event Pokémon are chosen at random and may not be the same throughout your playthrough. They're supposed to be chosen at random, but from what I can tell, this Pokémon is decided based on whether you win or lose your match against Victoria. This girl serves as a reminder not to over level your team. If you do, they'll stop listening to you. Common Candies can be used to lower the level of your Pokémon by one. Anyway, with the path clear, you can proceed to catch your own Pokémon in the grass to the right and left. Pokémon Reborn uses a weather system as well as a day and night cycle. You can monitor the weather by watching the Weather channel on any T.V. Weather can cause certain event Pokémon to appear. If you fiddle with your computer's date, you'll be able to change the weather to something random. If you want something more certain, you can use a mod from the page I linked earlier. Additionally, the time in game is based on the time on your computer's time as well. This will have an effect not only on event Pokémon but also what types of Pokémon appear in the grasses around you. 6am-12pm is morning, 12pm-7pm is day, and 7pm-6am is night. If you're having difficulty catching a Pokémon and you have a Dusk Ball, you can always set your computer time to night so that the effects of the Dusk Ball kick in.

         Here's the Pokémon you can catch in the grass nearby:



Rattata (30%) Bidoof (30%) Patrat (15%) Pidgey (15%) Meowth (5%) Ekans (5%)

rattata.gifbidoof.gif patrat.gifpidgey.gifmeowth.gifekans.gif



Rattata (30%) Meowth (20%) Ekans (20%) Hoothoot (17%) Spinarak (13%)



Headbuttable Trees

Pineco (40%) Combee (30%) Spearow (30%)



         While it's possible to catch Alolan Rattata here, they seem to be exceedingly rare. Don't bother wasting effort trying to catch them here as you'll be able to find them much more frequently in a few hours. I'm also adding this video on how to EV train quickly in Reborn for those who don't have the patience or who are playing from the beginning again (like myself).


You can now battle the cool kids to gain VIP access to the cool bridge. In the top right corner, a few kids will be trying to push a Pokémon into a heavily polluted river. Again, the Pokémon here changes depending on your specific playthrough, but across the five times I've restarted it's always been Pachirisu. You'll have to fight the first kid's trash followed by double battling the thugs behind him. Once they're defeated, the Pokémon you've saved will request to join your team either out of gratitude or because it knows you'll keep it safe.


Pachirisu (Level 5)






Zigzagoon (Level 5)


Tail Whip, Tackle, Growl


         Pachirisu has some pretty good stats for an early access Pokémon. It doesn't evolve, but you might find it useful to hold onto.

         As you progress through the game, you'll notice that the condition of the city is as poor as its residents. You won't be earning a lot of money from battles, but there are a few Pokémon (namely Pachirisu, Meowth, and Teddiursa) that can have the ability Pickup. The items they gain you are based on their level as shown by this chartYou can either sell them or keep them for use. Your selection of Pokémon early on isn't great, so I would recommend running a team with Pickup until you find better Pokémon to replace them. Anyway, head left towards the Peridot Ward.


Lower Peridot Ward

Lower Peridot Ward map


         You may have noticed that there are items called PokéSnax. These can be used to get event Pokémon. They can also be fed to the Pokémon on your team to increase their happiness by a factor of about 10. One thing I would recommend is that you talk to and search everything throughout the game. It's the best way to get items or learn about events. Speaking of events, we'll begin by identifying the events on the right side and moving left as that's ultimately where you'll want to head.

         As you enter the city, you'll encounter a Teddiursa. This little monster will hide in various spots but it will always be somewhere in the Lower Peridot Ward, Peridot Ward, or Upper Peridot Ward. Search thoroughly as it hides in different spots between different save files. For what it's worth, I'll upload the locations where I found it. Some of the locations aren't in Lower Peridot but in Peridot and Upper Peridot, so just keep an eye out for them as you travel.















Baby-Doll Eyes, Lick, Fake Tears, Fury Swipes


         You'll overhear two people talking about a Pokémon that they stole and hid in a house due to not having a Pokéball. If you go to where the 1 is marked on the map, you'll find a man standing there. After giving him a total of 150 Poké, he'll step aside and sleep. Inside the house that the alley leads to, you'll find a Pokémon. This traumitized Pokémon is the one those thugs stole. If you have a Pokésnax on you, you'll be able to take it along with you.  You'll never encounter the owner, so you might as well care for them. Note that you don't have to feed it a Pokésnax, so you can hold onto it for later use. 


Espurr (Level 4)


Scratch, Leer




Minccino (Level 4)


Pound, Baby-Doll Eyes



In the house below that one marked 2, you can also find a Whismur. If you have a PokéSnax on you, it'll attack. You can choose to capture it, defeat it, or run away. This Pokémon is only available before defeating the first gym.


Whismur (Level 5)


Pound, Echoed Voice


         If you check the dumpster marked 3 behind the Whismur house while you have a PokéSnax on you, you'll be attacked by a Gulpin.


Gulpin (Level 10)


Pound, Yawn, Poison Gas, Sludge


         The 4 next to the gym is where a Blitzle will appear during storms.

Blitzle (Level 15)


Tail Whip, Charge, Shock Wave, Thunder Wave


         If you defeat the lady where the is marked, you can talk to her after the battle to receive a Rose Incense. This is a held item which increases Grass-type moves by 20%.

         At the top right of the map is an 6. After fighting a trainer, you'll have access to an alleyway. Here you can find Poochyena, Stunky, and Trubbish.



Trubbish (60%) Stunky (22%) Poochyena (18%)


         You can also find a Tynamo there in Stormy weather.


Tynamo (Level 10)


Tackle, Thunder Wave, Spark, Charge Beam


         On windy nights in any alleyway, you can find a Zangoose rummaging through the trash. This begins a hide-and-seek event where you must search alleyways throughout the game to find the Zangoose. I currently haven't found it myself, so I'll update this post when I do. From what I've heard, it's too high a level for you to currently catch.


Zangoose (Level 40?)




         To the right is a further extension of the Opal Ward. On rainy days, you'll find a Pokémon hiding under the bridge. If it's a Panpour, you'll have to fight it to catch it. Pansear will simply  join your team as it's probably just happy to be out of the rain.


Panpour (Level 10)


Play Nice, Leer, Lick, Water Gun




Pansear (Level 7)


Scratch, Play Nice, Leer, Lick


         If you go even further to the right, you'll enter the Underground Railnet.


Underground Railnet (Peridot Access)

Noibat, Woobat (in dark patches only)



         In the house just to the right of the alleyway is a girl with a Kricketot. Talking to her will reveal that it is sick. Shelly, the Bug-type gym leader, will come in on a house call. She'll realize the Kricketot is bored sitting at home all day and ask if you'd like to take it along with you. If you refuse, she'll take it herself and return to her gym.


Kricketot (Level 3)


Growl, Bide


         Over on the left side is a house marked 7. The man in there will give you his Old Rod. Currently, the only Pokémon you can fish up are Grimer since the toxicity of the water has caused all other Pokémon to flee.

         The man in the house marked 8 will battle you. His level 10 Goldeen packs quite the punch with its Horn Attack move, and it's rather fast. After defeating him, you'll gain access to the pool in the back of his house. In this pool you can fish up Finneons and Goldeens using your Old Rod. Don't forget to grab the Sea Incense at the top right before leaving. Like its rose counterpart, it increases Water-type moves by 20%.


Goldeen (70%) Finneon (30%)



         The Name Rater is on the left side of the map under the letters 9. In the 10 apartment complex, there's a man who's tired of meeting bad trainers. If you defeat him, he'll give you access to his garden. Here are the Pokémon you can find there:



Ledyba (30%) Cherubi (28%) Wurmple (21%) Caterpie (21%)




Caterpie (45%) Wurmple (45%) Cherubi (10%)




Hoothoot (30%) Spinarak (24%) Wurmple (20%) Caterpie (20%) Stunky (5%) Trubbish (1%)



Headbuttable Trees

Pineco (55%) Burmy (45%)



         That's all the events you can currently complete in Lower Peridot. We'll come back to the rest later. You'll notice that if you try to enter the gym, it'll be locked. A note will be left on the door by someone you'll soon meet. You'll soon learn that her character was made by running all of her words through thesaurus.com Here's the translation for what it more or less says: "Julia, maybe you shouldn't do things that make you sleepy before agreeing to meet up with us during what's normally your nap time. We'll be at the factory. Join as soon as you can." For now, move to the top left corner of the map and access the North Peridot Ward.


North Peridot

North Peridot Ward map

         You can complete your hunt for Teddiursa now that you've reached this area.

         The man in the house marked 1 will ask for your Bibarel and will give you a Munna in return. The only way to get a Bibarel is by leveling a Bidoof to level 15.


Munna (Level 15)


Lucky Chant, Yawn, Psybeam, Imprison


         The alleyway marked 2 will have the following Pokémon:


Trubbish (45%) Poochyena (34%) Purrloin (21%)



         The fountain marked will have a Surskit during rainy days.


Surskit (Level 11)


Bubble, Quick Attack, Sweet Scent


         If you talk to the woman in the house marked 4, she'll send you away for fear that the thieves who stole one of her Pokémon will come back for the other. If you visit the house near where the number 2 is, you'll find that two people are discussing going back to steal her other Pokémon. They'll demand you stay out of their way. Visiting the lady's house at night will cause you to encounter them. They'll finally introduce themselves as Team Meteor and will recite a chant you'll never hear again. After a brief battle, they'll run away. The lady will ask you to take her Pokémon with you for fear that they may come back to kidnap it.


Igglybuff (Level 5)


Charm, Defense curl, Pound, (Perish Song, Misty Terrain, or Wish)


         On clear or sunny days, a Budew will be walking along the edge of the wall at 5. If you have the Rose Incense on you, the Pokémon will be attracted to the smell and will jump into your arms (you'll need to "talk" to it for this to occur).


Budew (Level 5)


Absorb, Growth


         I recommend you go catch Budew for an event that will occur later in the game. Though this is a walkthrough, I don't want to spoil the event until you get to it. For now, I'll simply refer to it as Event: G.

         If you visit the apartment complex labelled by the number 6 at night, you'll enter a dark room. Someone will tell you that a Pokémon is absorbing the electricity and will ask you to find and stop them. If you can't see, turn up your screen brightness. The Pokémon is over on the right side of the room. Talking to it will initiate a battle where you can catch it.


Joltik (Level 10)


Absorb, Spider Web, Thunder Wave, Screech




Grubbin (Level 10)


Vice Grip, Mud Slap, String Shot, Bite


         Finally, head towards the house at the very top of the map. In there, you'll be able to continue Event: SP. The thug who stole the Pokémon will demand another 500 Poké from you which you must give to progress. His partner, the fisherman, will then come out of hiding and the two will engage you in a double battle. After defeating them, the thug will say that on the way to the house, a kid in Obsidia stole the Pokémon from him. Having gotten 1000 Poké out of you, the two will run away. If you really hate the idea of them stealing 1000 Poké from you, you can wait until much later in the game to battle them. When your Pokémon are around level 65, battling them will get you 1100 Poké as prize money. They'll still comment about getting 1000 Poké from you, but you'll be the one who ended with a net positive.

         Those are all the events on this side of the map, so you're ready to continue. Head towards the number 7 on the map. You'll run into a guy with green hair named Fern. Fern's the guy who talks really loud about how hard he partied last night at 4am. Fern's the guy who keeps interrupting the professor in the middle of lecture. Fern's the guy who puts ketchup on his steaks. Fern yells at people who are just trying to do their job like cashiers and waiters. If Blue from Generation 1 of Pokémon had angry hate sex with Joffrey from Game of Thrones and a child was made from it, Fern would be that offspring. As you'll soon find out, Fern is a character designed for you to hate. Surprisingly enough, I don't. He's so over the top that it's difficult for me to imagine someone as terrible as him. He's just a mild annoyance in my eyes. You'll find that he's supposed to meet Julia outside a factory but came to the wrong one. He'll then engage you in battle because why not. 


Blue But Worse


Potion x1

Budew (Level 12)


Ability: Natural Cure, Poison Point, or Leaf Guard

Item: ---

*Stats: HP 32 / Atk 13 / Def 14 / SpA 18 / SpD 10 / Spe 10

Absorb, Growth, Water Sport, Stun Spore


Rowlet (Level 13)


Ability: Overgrow

Item: ---

*Stats: HP 43 / Atk 21 / Def 21 / SpA 20 / SpD 20 / Spe 18

Leafage, Peck, Astonish, Growl


Sandile (Level 10)


Ability: Moxie

Item: ---

*Stats: HP 30 / Atk 20 / Def 12 / SpA 12 / SpD 12 / Spe 18

Rage, Bite, Sand Attack, Torment

*Due to variation nature, stats may alter


         Losing to him doesn't change the dialogue since you blackout and have to try the battle again. As such, don't lose. He'll act like he's too busy and leave. Head back to the gym where you'll bump into Julia. She'll inform you that the people who destroyed the train station are at the factory and asks you to join her. Head to the factory marked 8. You'll run into Julia, Fern, and Fern's sister, Florinia (the 2nd gym leader). The factory is apparently Team Meteor's hideout. They're the ones behind the train station demolition, and Julia gives back to them by blowing up the entrance to the factory. Before entering, check the barrel on your left to get an Ability Capsule. This can change a Pokémon's abilities and even grants access to dream world abilities.

         Enter the factory to be hit by an overwhelming stench. Florinia will tell you the lake is about 90% polluted if not more. Julia will state that the terrorist group needs to be stopped and will pair up with Florinia.  They'll take the right half of the factory, leaving you and Fern to explore the left side. Should you try to leave, Fern will say the following:

"Just where do you think you're going? I told you not to slow me down. But if you've gotta go do something, go right ahead! I'll just wait here." You'll then be allowed to leave to continue grinding or do whatever else you need. Despite the high stress environment, you can leave the story at any time to go complete sidequests or level up your Pokémon. It may take you out of immersion, but it can help you to better prepare for a battle you might otherwise fail. When you're ready, continue to the left inside the factory. You'll be engaging in double battles with Fern whose Pokémon never seem to gain levels while you battle. Your Pokémon will automatically be healed after each battle. There aren't any hidden items here though there are visible ones thrown about. Take notice of the change in battle field. You can find the effects of this Factory field in the provided link.

         The path through the factory is relatively straightforward. Eventually you'll find Florinia and Julia waiting for you. A gate that could most likely be destroyed with an explosion by a Pokémon blocks your path. You'll be instructed to go find explosives in the path below you while Florinia attempts to hack the gate. Before you do, go through the door on the right to find a Rare Candy. Once you find the explosives, talk to Julia. She'll place them in front of the gate, but the door will open before they can be set off. Don't forget to save your game. This will be your first "boss battle" of sorts.

         You'll enter the room to be greeted by my second favourite track in this game. You can find it here. The man with the eyepatch will tell you that you were meant to progress this far into the factory. Apparently the grunts before you were only meant to slow you down enough for them to delete whatever data they needed since the factory is no longer important to them. They even opened the final gate for you because they grew tired of waiting. You'll fight the pair Aster and Eclipse for the first, but not last, time.


Team Meteor Grunts Aster & Eclipse


Potion x1

Field: Default


Rockruff (Level 16)


Ability: Steadfast

Item: ---

*Stats: HP 44 / Atk 30 / Def 22 / SpA 18 / SpD 22 / Spe 30

Thunder Fang, Bite, Rock Throw, Howl


Rockruff (Level 16)


Ability: Vital Spirit

Item: ---

*Stats: HP 44 / Atk 30 / Def 22 / SpA 18 / SpD 22 / Spe 30

Fire Fang, Bite, Rock Throw, Howl

*Due to variation in nature, stats may alter


         Matching Pokémon. How cute. Delete them. Their boss will be disappointed that they were defeated so quickly. They'll all disappear somehow. Julia will explode the factory since it's most likely still polluting the lake. Fern will offer one last insult to you before leaving. Florinia will install a Field Notes app on your PokéGear regardless of how you respond to her. It'll have information about Electric Terrain which is the field Julia fights on in her gym. Julia will lament about the old days throughout the conversation before inviting you to her gym and leaving herself. It's now time to face her, so level your Pokémon well and head to your first gym battle. I personally keep my Pokémon a level below the level cap (currently that's 20, so my Pokémon are level 19). This way, if I sweep the gym with a single Pokémon, it won't get past the level cap and start ignoring me.

         Her gym, much like the factory, is straightforward. One thing I feel I should note is that if you leave the gym, your progress won't be restarted. Growing up, I always went through gyms in one go without stepping out to heal my Pokémon because the thought never occurred to me. What may be obvious to you might not be obvious to me, and vice versa. As such, I'll probably say some things that are obvious every now again. I don't know how you build your team, but I personally find that a team full of sweepers meets my needs in this game. Julia has a Voltorb which knows Sonic Boom, a move that always reduces your health by 20 points no matter what. I found it best to have at least two Pokémon available to sweep her team for this reason. The Voltorb is fast, so either take it out in one hit or have Pokémon with more than 40 HP. This is the first Pokémon game I've ever actually lost a trainer battle in (of course I save before big battles in this game and restart so that nobody knows I lose, but still). Episode 17 seems to be a lot easier than my memory of episode 16. You don't necessarily need to grind in order to be prepared for Julia's team if you've been using the same Pokémon throughout the playthrough thus far.


Cheer Captain Julia


Potions x2

Field: Electric Terrain


Minun (Level 12)


Ability: Minus

Item: ---

Stats: HP 38 / Atk 14 / Def 18 / SpA 26 / SpD 27 / Spe 29

Nuzzle, Quick Attack, Charge Beam, Encore


Voltorb (Level 12)


Ability: Aftermath

Item: ---

Stats: HP 34 / Atk 16 / Def 19 / SpA 19 / SpD 21 / Spe 31

Sonic Boom, Explosion, Rollout, Charge Beam


Alolan Geodude *Shiny* (Level 11)


Ability: Galvanize

Item: ---

Stats: HP 32 / Atk 27 / Def 29 / SpA 12 / SpD 14 / Spe 12

Rollout, Self-Destruct, Tackle, Charge


Pom-Pom Style Oricorio (Level 14)


Ability: Dancer

Item: ---

Stats: HP 47 / Atk 26 / Def 26 / SpA 34 / SpD 26 / Spe 33

Pound, Air Cutter, Work Up, Tailwind


Plusle (Level 13)


Ability: Lightning Rod

Item: ---

Stats: HP 40 / Atk 17 / Def 17 / SpA 30 / SpD 26 / Spe 31

Nuzzle, Quick Attack, Charge Beam, Encore


Electrode (Level 15)


Ability: Aftermath

Item: ---

Stats: HP 47 / Atk 24 / Def 30 / SpA 33 / SpD 33 / Spe 54

Sonic Boom, Rollout, Charge Beam, Charge


         You know how earlier I asked if people you face can have shiny Pokémon? Julia will have a shiny Alolan Geodude. This was written into the story rather than mere chance since the shiny colour makes the Pokémon match the colour theme of the gym. I was able to defeat her team with a level 17 Pachirisu using Spark and my starter at level 15 for any who need help. Her Pokémon have other moves, but I was only able to see certain ones before her team was defeated. If you know the others, feel free to inform me. Julia will award you the Volt Badge and TM75 Charge Beam. You may now use the TM Cut outside of battle (though you don't have it yet) and Pokémon level 25 and below will now obey you. Your opponent seems to have fallen asleep, so feel free to leave the gym. As soon as you exit the gym, Victoria will be waiting for you. She'll tell you that plants are attacking the Obsidia Ward and runs off to go help.

         Before we move on, there are a few more event Pokémon you can obtain now that you've cleared the first gym. If you talk to a hiker near the train station, he'll tell you that he's lost his home. Returning to the house where the Whismur is will reveal an apartment landlord who's looking to the place. Speak with him and then go back and inform the Hiker. The hiker will enter the home. Satisfied that he's now found shelter, he'll offer you his Onix in return.


Onix (Level 15)


Curse, Rock Throw, Rock Tomb, Rage


         You can also encounter a Numel at the train station if it's raining outside.


Numel (Level 15)


Focus Energy, Magnitude, Flame Burst, (Stockpile, Growth, Iron Head, or Body Slam)


         You can talk to this man to update your Pokégear with information about a Factory Field.




PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT ON THIS THREAD. Keep all comments on the discussion thread provided. I am working on the next part of the guide. It will take me a few days to complete. Subscribe for updates.

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Chapter 2

Florinia's Gym

Section start date: 2/12/18

Section post date: 2/15/18

         If you've seen an opponent use a move I haven't listed or seen a different Pokémon at an event, please include a picture and as much information as you can if possible. I'll be placing moves in bold during certain fights if they're boosted by the terrain. I've also just learned of the follow feature on this website, so you can follow this post for updates rather than checking back on Sundays.


         Thank you to the following people for their contribution to this portion of the guide: Sparsyle-0 (Sophie), Frelop, Paperblade


         Heal your Pokémon and head towards the Opal Bridge to continue the story. You'll encounter new trainers on the bridge every time you defeat a gym, so go ahead and introduce yourself to them. Once you're done, talk to Florinia by the guards.

Obsidia Ward map
South Obsidia Ward map

Coral Ward map




         As a gym leader and a Grass-type specialist, she'll have access to the Obsidia Ward. Given your recent help with the factory, she'll ask you to join her. As you've been informed, plants are destroying the city. Your job is to help her isolate what's causing it and put a stop to it. The source has been narrowed down to the park which houses many Grass-type Pokémon. She'll then leave you, so head into the Obsidia Ward.

         Despite the city's condition, many businesses are open. In the building labelled 1, you can find a grooming salon. Talking to the girl on the right side and showing her a Pokémon with maxed happiness will earn you a Soothe Bell. If you don't have any Pokémon that you've used throughout the playthrough, your starter should love you. In building labelled 2, you'll be able to buy special Pokéballs for a much higher price. In building 3, the man on the left will sell normal Pokéballs for a normal price. The rainbow building is a sweets shop. The kid at the vending machine wants an ice cream but doesn't have money, nor will they move to the side so you can buy them one. If a Pokémon on your team has Pickup, it may have already found a chocolate ice cream. If not, you'll have to buy one from an ice cream vendor outside The Grand Hall during sunny days. Give the child a chocolate ice cream and they'll happily move out of the way. The first vanilla ice cream you can buy will cost 1000 Poké and a Vanillite will drop from it.


Vanillite (Level 15)


Harden, Astonish, Uproar, Icy Wind


         The lady behind the counter on your left will allow you to complete a tile puzzle to get another Pokémon. Something I've noticed is that the bottom of each tile has a black line. It helps to organize the tiles in the correct order before solving the puzzle. You can play for free as many times as you'd like. Winning gets you the Pokémon in the puzzle. Here's the completed Swirlix tile puzzle:




Swirlix (Level 15)


Fairy Wind, Play Nice, Fake Tears, Round


         The mother in the PokéCenter will ask you if you've seen her child. You haven't yet, but you will soon. Buildings 4 and 5 are best left alone for now given their requirements. Move south towards the number 6 to enter South Obsidia and switch to its map. In apartment complex 1, you can talk to a man who has a disobedient Lillipup. It'll run from him, initiating another hide and seek event. We won't bother completing it right now because we don't have access to all the locations we can find it. Instead, head towards location 2. You'll run into Victoria who will tell you the thugs in the alleyway were harassing her. Unfortunately, this is the only way to get to the other side of Obsidia. If you tell her you aren't going through the slums, she'll agree that you've made the wiser decision and will try to think of another way around. As far as I'm aware, there isn't, so tell her you'll brave the slums. Concerned for your safety, she'll battle you to ensure that you're strong enough to survive.


Apprentice Victoria


Potions x2

Field: Default


Ralts (Level 15)


Ability: Synchronize

Item: ---

*Stats: HP 37 / Atk 17 / Def 17 / SpA 23 / SpD 20 / Spe 21

Disarming Voice, Lucky Chant, Teleport, Double Team


Pichu (Level 16)


Ability: Static

Item: ---

*Stats: HP 37 / Atk 22 / Def 14 / SpA 21 / SpD 21 / Spe 29

Fake Out, Thunder Shock, Nasty Plot, Sweet Kiss


Torracat (Level 17)


Ability: Intimidate

Item: ---

*Stats: HP 53 / Atk 38 / Def 26 / SpA 36 / SpD 26 / Spe 40

Fire Fang, Lick, Leer, Growl

*Due to variations in nature, stats my alter


         If you've played all the other Pokémon games like me, you may forget that Ralts is a Psychic/Fairy-type now. Remember to keep its new resistances and immunities in mind when fighting it. After defeating her, Mother Hen will continue to express concern over you but will "allow" you to enter the slums. On windy days, you can encounter Hoppip floating about in this area.




Poison Powder, Stun Spore, Sleep Powder, Encore, Grassy Terrain, Encore, Aromatherapy

*Moves and levels may vary


         Fight your way through the slums, making sure to pick up the egg in the basket as you progress. The colour of the egg determines what Pokémon emerges from it.


Drowzee (Level 1)


Pound, Hypnosis, Nasty Plot




Bronzor (Level 1)


Tackle, Confusion




Ducklett (Level 1)


Mirror Move, Water Gun




Cacnea (Level 1)


Poison Sting, Leer, Seed Bomb


         Friendly reminder that you can use Cheat Engine to hatch eggs in a few steps.

         Here are the Pokémon that can be found in the slums. The rooms seem to have different ratios as to which Pokémon pop up more frequently, so explore.


Obsidia Slums

Pidove (30%) Trubbish (20%) Mankey (20%) Pancham (14%) Yungoos (10%) Makuhita (6%)



         You'll also be able to find the TM60 - Quash somewhere in the slums. Its use is limited but I like collecting the TMs anyway, so I picked it up. A Pokéball will be laying on the ground and will contain a Moon Stone. You'll notice that there's a locked door in the slums. We won't be able to open it for quite a number of hours, so forget about it for now. Speaking of forgetting, remember Event: SP? You can continue it in these slums. A boy will ask you if you're looking to have a rousing round of fisticuffs. Respond in the positive and give him what for. Afterwards, he'll inform you that he sold the Pokémon to someone in North Obsidia.

         The residents of the slums will inform you of a moving box. Chase after the box, but make sure to heal, save, and prepare yourself for a double battle before entering this room.



         You'll encounter a Pokémon gang here. They refuse to listen to words, so you'll have to fight your way out of this. If the game shows you a Pokémon sending out other Pokémon like this, you can't catch any of them since they're considered a team. Don't waste your Pokéballs. 


Pokémon Gang


Field: Default


Scraggy (Level 14)


Ability: Intimidate

Item: ---

*Stats: HP 39 / Atk 27 / Def 26 / SpA 16 / SpD 26 / Spe 19

Feint Attack, Headbutt, Swagger, Sand Attack


Scraggy (Level 15)


Ability: Intimidate

Item: ---

*Stats: HP 42 / Atk 29 / Def 28 / SpA 17 / SpD 28 / Spe 21

Feint Attack, Headbutt, Swagger, Sand Attack


Scrafty (Level 18)


Ability: Intimidate

Item: ---

*Stats: HP 56 / Atk 42 / Def 51 / SpA 26 / SpD 51 / Spe 30

Feint Attack, Low Kick, Swagger, Sand Attack


Scraggy (Level 16)


Ability: Intimidate

Item: ---

*Stats: HP 44 / Atk 31 / Def 29 / SpA 18 / SpD 29 / Spe 22

Feint Attack, Low Kick, Swagger, Sand Attack


*Due to variations in nature, stats may alter


         It seems the gang respects strength. Your newfound friends will remove the gate and allow you to exit the slums. The police here aren't aware of your involvement in the mission, so they won't allow you up north. As such, head south into the Coral Ward.


Coral Ward

         Don't bother pulling up the map. The Coral Ward is the smallest ward in Reborn. If you search the rock on the right as soon as you enter, you'll find a potion. If you search a rock to the left of the first accessible building, you'll find an Ultra Potion. This will be needed in 2 minutes, so don't use it. The girl inside the building is blind and will ask you some questions to satisfy her boredom. Here are the answers:

How many headbuttable trees are there in the area around The Grand Hall? 4 trees.

Assuming you can see them all from one angle or another, how many satellite dishes are there in the Obsidia Ward? 7 dishes.

How many banners and ribbons are there inside the Peridot Gym? 31 banners and ribbons.

         You might ask yourself how a blind girl knows the answers to all these. Who knows. I don't. If you get an answer wrong and try to answer her questions again, she'll comment on it. Your reward is information on the Misty Terrain. Coral Ward is covered in mist, so this will be useful if you choose to fish up some Grimer. Speaking of which...


Coral Ward

Fishing (Old Rod)




         It's the only Pokémon you can catch in this area. For now, at least.

         In the house by the broken down gym is an old lady, her grandson, and a Skitty he adopted. He refuses to take it to the PokéCenter next door because he wants to heal it himself. Talk to the grandmother and give her the Ultra Potion you just found. A regular potion or two would have worked, but whatever. The Skitty will feel better. Seeing her opportunity, the grandmother will try to force the Skitty on you. You can choose not to accept it, but that doesn't lead to any interesting conversations since you can come back later to get it. As such, take the Skitty.


Skitty (Level 15)


Foresight, Sing, Attract, Disarming Voice


         On rainy days, you can find a Lotad on the pier.


Lotad (Level 15)


Absorb, Bubble, Natural Gift, Mist


         That's all the event Pokémon for right now, so let's move on. There's a lady with blue hair looking out at a Water-type Pokémon by the lighthouse. Go over and talk to her. As a Water Pokémon trainer, she'll be concerned for it. The lake is too toxic for her to swim across and rescue it. Cain will appear and introduce the lady as Amaria, one of the highest ranked gym leaders in Reborn. Once he understands what's going on, he'll will send his Alolan Grimer to swim out to the Pokémon and rescue it. Grateful to its rescuer, Popplio will decide to join Cain's team to return the favour. It wants to prove itself, so it chooses to battle you.The poor thing doesn't realize you're the protagonist. Teach that to it.


Pretty Boy Cain


Potion x2

Field: Misty Terrain


Alolan Grimer (Level 16)


Ability: Poison Touch

Item: ---

*Stats: HP 54 / Atk 33 / Def 23 / SpA 20 / SpD 23 / Spe 15

Bite, Acid Spray, Disable, Harden


Popplio (Level 16)


Ability: Torrent

Item: ---

*Stats: HP 46 / Atk 26 / Def 26 / SpA 30 / SpD 27 / Spe 21

Aqua Jet, Disarming Voice Baby-Doll Eyes, Growl


Nidorino (Level 20)


Ability: Rivalry

Item: ---

*Stats: HP 57 / Atk 41 / Def 31 / SpA 30 / SpD 30 / Spe 34

Double Kick, Fury Attack, Poison Sting, Focus Energy


Cubone (Level 16)


Ability: Rock Head, Lightning Rod, or Battle Armour

Item: ---

*Stats: HP 44 / Atk 23 / Def 37 / SpA 20 / SpD 23 / Spe 18

Headbutt, Bone Club, Leer, Tail Whip

*Due to variations in nature, stats may alter


         If you lose, you'll restart at the PokéCenter and the game will act like you hadn't talked to Amaria, so don't throw the match. Cain will leave to go meet up with his sister in the wasteland. Amaria will mention Florinia and you'll tell her about the events at the Mosswater Factory. Realizing that you're helping them, she'll tell you to meet her at the park. Go back to South Obsidia and go north past where the policemen were before. They seem to have been called away for another matter.

         On a clear day, you'll run into a Spoink on your way up to the park.




         When you talk to it, it'll flee. We can't catch it right now, so we'll have to come back to it later. You'll find Amaria and Florinia by the park. You'll be given HM1 Cut and will be instructed to cut down the tree blocking your access to the park. You don't have to go back to the PokéCenter since a Light Shard is within the park. As a guy in the slums should have told you, those shards heal your team completely. They're also an indicator that an important battle is about to happen, so save your game.

         Don't like having to teach your Pokémon HM moves? Remember that mod page I keep linking? There's a mod that makes it so you don't have to teach your Pokémon HM moves. Simply having the required badge and the HM will allow you to use it outside of battle. When you cut down the tree, the girls will go before you only to be ensnared by vines. The Shoal Cave Remix will begin playing again which is a sign you're dealing with a high ranking member of Team Meteor. You'll encounter a being named ZEL. This person suffers from a sort of split personality disorder. You can tell which of the personalities is talking based on which letter is capitalized during the text. ZEL informs you that the machine is responsible for the overgrowth in the city. When a Pokémon is hooked up to it, its abilities are amplified. This usually comes at the cost of the Pokémon, however. ZEL will allow you to fight the Tangrowth hooked up to the machine.


Meteor Admin ZEL


Terrain: Default


Pulse Tangrowth *Shiny* (Level 22)


Ability: Filter

Item: ---

Stats: HP 79 / Atk 36 / Def 96 / SpA 39 / SpD 85 / Spe 12

Vine Whip, Mega Drain, Acid Spray, Growth


         With the Pulse machine attached to it, the Tangrowth will gain a Poison typing. Adjust your team accordingly. E will yell at Z about not using mission-critical Pokémon in battle. Z  will inform the other two that the plants will revert back to normal now that Tangrowth is down. The machine is boxed up and taken away. Amaria will commend you on your battle while Florinia surmises that Team Meteor may be responsible for the other problems that are happening in all the other wards. Amaria will leave to inform Ame that Team Meteor is a much larger threat than initially perceived. Florinia will return to her gym in the Onyx Ward and will invite you to come challenge her.

         Now that you have access to the park and you're stronger, let's finish up some sidequests. In the park you can find the following Pokémon:


Obsidia Park


Buneary (40%) Bellsprout (20%) Oddish (20%) Sunflora (9%) Slakoth (6%) Sentret (5%)




Oddish (20%) Bellsprout (20%) Bonsly (15%) Venonat (14%) Slakoth (11%) Sentret (10%) Buneary (10%)




Hoothoot (40%) Bellsprout (20%) Oddish (20%) Venonat (18%) Bonsly (2%)



Headbuttable Trees

Pineco, Slakoth



         Remember the mother looking for her son? He's on the right side of South Obsidia.



         While you're here, let's knock out two birds with one stone. The shop in the image is a competitor of the grooming salon (building 1 from Obsidia map). Go in there and talk to the lady. She'll demand you go find out why the other salon is doing better than hers. Talk to the mother in the PokéCenter. You'll inform her of her son's location and she'll give you an Ability Capsule as thanks. Then go to building 1 on the Obsidia map and talk to the lady with green hair. She'll ask if you'd like to groom your Pokémon for 1500 Poké. You don't need to accept, but you can if you'd like to raise your Pokémon's happiness. Go back to the other salon and tell the lady what you've learned. Grateful for your help (and in an attempt to increase marketing), she'll allow you to take one of the salon's mascots. Talk to a Glameow to take one with you.


Glameow (Level 20)


Growl, Hypnosis, Feint Attack, Fury Swipes


         Go to house 4. The daughter is displeased with her birthday gift. You can give her a Furret to receive her Castform. The only way to get Furret right now is to level up a Sentret from the park. They evolve at level 15.


Castform (Level 15)


Water Gun, Ember, Powder Snow, Headbutt 


         In house 5, you can find the daycare couple, though they have terrible customer service. Continually talk to both of them until they finally reveal that they're Team Meteor members you've run into before. They'll announce that they've been stealing Pokémon from unknowing trainers and will engage you in a double battle. The reason I had you wait to fight them is that their Pokémon are a higher level than when you first entered the ward. It's easier to fight them now that you're more powerful. After you defeat them, they'll run away. In house 7, you can find a warehouse key. Grab this and head into the Coral Ward. You'll be able to open up all but one of the warehouses and each one contains something different.

         The warehouse on the left has the elderly couple who run the daycare. Team Meteor had kidnapped them and hidden them away in there. They'll be grateful you've freed them and will return to their home. You can now use the daycare service to breed Pokémon. You can generate and hatch eggs in a matter of a few steps if you use Cheat Engine.

         The warehouse in the middle is where you continue the Spoink event. Check each box and eventually you'll find Spoink. Trapped, it'll attack. You can choose to capture it now.


Spoink (Level 15)


Psywave, Odor Sleuth, Psybeam, Psych Up


         The warehouse on the right contains a Team Meteor member, most likely the one you just ran out of the daycare. Funny enough, you don't even need to talk to him. In the back is a lost Happiny. You can grab the Happiny and leave if you'd like since there's no reason to talk to the grunt or to avoid him. He doesn't fight you, only warns you to stay out of their affairs before leaving.


Happiny (Level 10)


Pound, Charm, Copycat, Refresh


         Finally, let's complete the Lillipup quest. You'll need to hunt down Lillipup. It won't always be in the same spot across different save files, so you might not have to check all of them. You only need to find it twice before its owner will catch it. Here are its potential locations:








         The final location with be in the Onyx Ward. The man will realize he can't offer Lillipup the time or attention it requires, so he'll offer it to you. If you say no, he'll continue to stand there, so just take it.


Lillipup (Level 15)


Baby-Doll Eyes, Helping Hand, Take Down, (Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, or Ice Fang)


         You can also enter the alleyway just south of the of the grooming salon that gave you the Soothe Bell. Inside you can find the following Pokémon:


Obsidia Alleyway

Trubbish (45%) Koffing (22%) Yungoos (20%) Poochyena (13%)



         If you enter at night, you can find a pair of Mightyenas cornering an Electrike. As soon as you draw close, the two will attack in a double battle format. They're level 25 and they both have Intimidate, so come prepared. Once defeated, the wounded Electrike will ask to join your team.


Electrike (Level 18)


Quick Attack, Spark, Odor Sleuth, (Crunch, Flame Burst, or Ice Fang)


         If you come down to this corner, either a Minun or a Plusle will pop out once it smells any PokéSnax you have on you. You can feed it and take it along.





         Interestingly enough, you can get both by visiting more than once. Just exit and enter the alleyway. You'll need a PokéSnax to make them appear.


Plusle (Level 20)


Bestow, Swift, Electro Ball, (Sing or Wish)




Minun (Level 20)


Switcheroo, Swift, Electro Ball, (Sing or Wish)


         As you can see in the picture, there's also a Litleo that appears in the daytime. Talking to it will scare it off. If you go to the house just left of building 4, you can find it again. It'll run downstairs. The Pokémon you can find in that area are


Underground Railnet (Obsidia Access)

Noibat (80%) Klink (20%) Swoobat (Dark patches only)



         as well as the Klinglang that's about to attack the Litleo. This level 35 Pokémon will be considered a trainer and can't be caught. Once you defeat it, Litleo will force itself into your party.


Litleo (Level 18)


Ember, Work Up, Headbutt, Noble Roar


         It's rather powerful compared to the other Pokémon you've encountered up to this point and it has access to Ember. Consider using it for the upcoming Grass gym if you're having difficulty, but be warned that it doesn't evolve until level 35 which you can't control right now. Finally, enter the Obsidia Department Store. It's right next to the entrance to the Onyx Ward. Talk to one of the ladies by the counter (not behind) to receive a store card. This store is the mega complex you've seen in other games. You'll need to get stickers to access the higher floors which contain better items such as berries to lower EVs or evolution stones.

         We've dealt with all the sidequests we can at the moment, so let's move on. Enter the Onyx Ward.


Onyx Ward

         The Pokémon Lottery Center is the first building you'll come across. You don't have a Coin Case just yet, so you can't participate. I would recommend you don't bother entering right now. You can talk to everyone, but you'd have to talk to them again to get some free coins once you get your case.

         In one of the houses, you'll find a girl who expresses concern for the daycare couple. She'll ask you to check on them. Since you already did, you can talk to her again and she'll be grateful to you. So much so, in fact, that she'll reward you with an egg. The egg contains a Water-type Pokémon.


Clamperl (Level 1)


Whirlpool, Iron Defense, Muddy Water, Body Slam




Seel (Level 1)


Headbutt, Perish Song




Remoraid (Level 1)


Water Gun, Acid Spray




Spheal (Level 1)


Powder Snow, Water Gun, Stockpile, Signal Beam




Frillish (Level 1)


Bubble, Water Sport, Acid Armour, Confuse Ray




Clauncher (Level 1)


Splash, Water Gun, Aqua Jet


         The people on the right side will be too busy talking to move out of your way, so enter the school from the left side. You'll run into Fern. If the sensation of wearing wet socks were a person, it would be Fern. His hate boner for you is still going strong, so he'll instruct his goons to keep you out of the school and will lock the west entrance. Walk outside and enter the school from the right side. Fern's lackeys will try to stop you, so you'll need to battle your way through the entire school. 

         You can find a gamer who's frustrated with the arcade on the second floor. He'll give you his Coin Case in an attempt to stop himself from wasting more time on those games. You can now enter the arcade center. If you talk to the people in there, you'll be able to get coins for free. I recommend playing Voltorb Flip. It's free, fun, and always earns you coins no matter how poorly you do (though you get more the better you play). You can use this website if you want to significantly increase your "luck". The prizes for the Lottery are as follows:


Last digit: Full Restore

Last two digits: Max Revive

Last three digits: PP Up

Last four digits: Experience Share

All digits: Master Ball


         I recommend you obtain as many Pokémon as you can for two reasons. The first is that at one point in the game, you'll have limited access to different types of Pokémon but you'll still have to battle at least 3 gyms. You'll want to have a broad selection of Pokémon to choose from should struggle with an event. Even if you think a Pokémon is weak, you might reconsider later or use it to breed. The second reason is for the lottery. Free items. You can also buy the following Pokémon from the arcade center:


Slugma (Level 20)


Rock Throw, Harden, Incinerate, Clear Smog




Nidoran♂ (Level 20)


Focus Energy, Double Kick, Poison Sting, Fury Attack




Shinx (Level 20)


Charge, Baby-Doll Eyes, Spark, Bite


         Slugma has access to Fire moves which will be super effective against the upcoming gym. However, Florinia's Grass-type Pokémon have access to moves which oppose Fire-types and Slugma is rather slow which ensures that it'll be hit by them. The slightly safer route if you're looking for Fire-type moves would be to take the Blitzle you caught outside Julia's gym (see Blitzle event from part 1). At level 18 it learns Flame Wheel which also increases its speed after every execution, thus helping to set itself up for a sweep. Just be wary of her Pokémon with Ground-type moves. Additionally, you can buy the following TMs: TM45 Attract, TM42 Facade, TM90 Substitute. Facade is a physical 70 power Normal-type move that doubles its strength if the opponent has a status effect. It's a better alternative to Cut, especially if you downloaded the mods I recommended. 

         If you dig around, you can find a bit of backstory about Julia, Florinia, Amaria, and another girl you've yet to meet named Titania. Unlike the others, Titania's diary will chastise you for reading other people's private journals. There's a computer that's spazzing out in another room. Several hours from now you'll need to return here to get a Porygon. As things are, you can't receive it right now. What you can receive in this room is the item Protective Pads. Also on the second floor is a kid with a hat by a plant. If you talk to him from his right side, he'll leap backwards and bump into the plant on the side. The teacher standing nearby will leave to get a janitor, leaving open a set of doors as he does so. For those who missed what the teacher says before you talk to his student, here's the dialogue. You're a gym challenger, aren't you? Visitors are frequent here, but they usually don't have to come upstairs. Are you lost? Not very interesting, but I'm one of those people who likes to read everything. Follow where the teacher went and you'll find info for Desert Field, the exact same field you'll be fighting Florinia on.       

         When you return to the first floor after battling through the second, make sure you head right and unlock the gate so that you can quickly access the PokéCenter. As you battle your way left in the west wing, you'll find more terminals. You need to unlock all of them in order to reach Florinia. Throughout the school is the information you need. Throughout the rest of this paragraph are the answers from the rightmost computer to the leftmost: Starmie learns Rapid Spin at level 001. Huntail is number 367 in the PokéDex. It's true that areas have field effects that can increase or change the power, accuracy, and type of some attacks. Corsola's base stat total is 410. It's true that field effects can have special characteristics that may dramatically alter a battle. Cubchoo evolves at level 037. 15 Pokémon can learn the attack Lava Plume. It's true that field effects can be destroyed or transformed by certain attacks. With that out of the way, proceed left.

         You'll run into Fern. Fern's the type of person who calls himself a nice guy but gets angry and yells at girls for rejecting him. He'll block access into Florinia's gym, so you'll have to battle him to get him out of the way.




Super Potion x2

Field: Default


Sandile (Level 23)


Ability: Intimidate, Moxie, or Anger Point

Item: ---

Stats: HP 62 / Atk 44 / Def 27 / SpA 27 / SpD 27 / Spe 41

Bite, Rage, Mud-Slap, Sand Attack


Roselia (Level 24)


Ability: Poison Point

Item: ---

Stats: HP 70 / Atk 40 / Def 37 / SpA 65 / SpD 55 / Spe 55

Poison Sting, Mega Drain, Leech Seed, Stun Spore


Dartrix (Level 25)


Ability: Overgrow

Item: ---

*Stats: HP 84 / Atk 52 / Def 52 / SpA 50 / SpD 50 / Spe 41

Razor Leaf, Pluck, Astonish, Nature Power (Tri Attack)


*Due to variations in nature, stats may alter


         Fern will get angry at you for defeating him and will decide to best you by attempting the Pokémon Gym League as well. Now that you've defeated him, you can go to the same apartment complex where you got that egg. Talk to Skye, the boy the blonde hair. He'll ask for forgiveness and grant access to his rooftop garden. It has higher level Pokémon but they seem to give lower experience points. If you need to grind, you can do so either in the alleyway or the slums.


Rooftop Garden

Bellsprout, Kricketune, Pidgey, Pidove, Spearow, Tranquill, Venonant



         If you have a PokéSnax on you, you can also encounter a Pichu up here. It'll attack you for your PokéSnax.


Pichu (Level 9)

Sweet Kiss, Tail Whip, Charm, Thunder Shock, Fake Out, Wish, or Volt Tackle


         Now that you're ready, it's time to face Florinia. Though you were helpful with the events at the factory and the park, your actions weren't enough to merit a badge. She makes note to mention that it's not because she's unthankful she battles you but rather because it's simply procedure. She'll tell you she expects you to lose. Prove her wrong.


Head Instructor Florinia


Super Potion x3

Field: Desert Field


Maractus (Level 22)


Ability: Water Absorb

Item: ---

Stats: HP 67 / Atk 44 / Def 36 / SpA 53 / SpD 36 / Spe 33

Nature Power (Sand Tomb), Pin Missile, Needle Arm, Spikes


Ferroseed (Level 22)


Ability: Iron Barbs

Item: Telluric Seed (+1 Def/SpD/Spe, but holder is placed in a Sand Tomb)

Stats: HP 54 / Atk 29 / Def 47 / SpA 18 / SpD 45 / Spe 12

Nature Power (Sand Tomb), Pin Missile, Leech Seed, Sandstorm


Breloom (Level 23)


Ability: Effect Spore

Item: ---

Stats: HP 62 / Atk 66 / Def 43 / SpA 34 / SpD 34 / Spe 39

Mach Punch, Mega Drain, Spore, Leech Seed


Cottonee (Level 24)


Ability: Prankster

Item: ---

Stats: HP 61 / Atk 26 / Def 45 / SpA 27 / SpD 37 / Spe 44

Nature Power (Sand Tomb), Leech Seed, Protect, Poison Powder


Cacnea (Level 23)


Ability: Sand Veil

Item: Big Root

Stats: HP 61 / Atk 54 / Def 28 / SpA 44 / SpD 28 /