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  1. Champion... 'The' title for which many young and veteran Pokemon Trainers aspire, and wish to become one, to prove to the entire world that they're on the top of the game. But... what does it mean "to be Champion"; is it just a fancy title/position, or there's more behind it? And who are to be one? Generation 9's Paldea League, V19 of Pokemon Reborn, Pokemon Insurgence and more got me thinking, so I, Oscar "Oscarus" Samson*, invite all of you for a discussion titled: POKEMON CHAMPIONS - ROLE, DUTY, OR JUST A TITLE? *oh, and to clarify, that isn't my real name - i'm not naive; i do know the capabilities of modern day hackers. Consider it my... "artistic name" Before we begin, a few clarifications: I'll be looking mainly at canon sources (mainly game and anime, and occasionally manga), but I might bring up an example or two from non-canon sources like fanmade games. While examples from Paldea will be brought up, don't worry - there will be no spoilers from the Scarlet/Violet; only info known before the games' release and some basic info from the very beginning of the game that, I think, everyone should know by now (and if not, they aren't much of a deal, in fact) Basically all the situations talked about here will be said and considered from anime/lore point of view. So... no levels, base stats, EVs, IVs, and so on (natures apply only to Pokemon personality) The "lore" situations that didn't happen in canon, but could if Pokemon was real irl, would be analyzed from the real life angle. Obviously, there are situations and possibilities which GameFreak haven't shown us... for obvious reasons, but I'll discuss because I believe it to be important logically. Some argument may contradict each other, but that is because some Leagues function differently from the others, and also canon sources aren't consistent between each other - often outright opposing each other's claims. I won't be taking Orange Archipelago into account in this project - Orange League is in comparison to any other in terms of structure, challenges, plus the original, Japanese dub calls the winners of the "Winner's Trophy" not "Champions" as English dub does, but "Orange League Honored Trainers", so that's that. The "participants" are open to speak their mind, as long as it isn't outright offensive, blatant, or so controversial it could polarize the entire community - let's keep it E, ok? (or... PG-13 at least...) Who is "Champion"? "Champion", short of "Pokemon League Champion" (also known is some languages as "Master" or "Grand Champion"), is the highest rank in most of Pokemon Leagues around the world. Pokemon Champions are #1 in their respective League, and usually the strongest Trainer in the entire region(s). In most Pokemon Leagues out there, there can be only one Champion at the time; with the only canon exception being Paldea League, where there can be many Champions, but only one Top Champion; I'll discuss that later. In the franchise, Champions have been often presented as the respected authorities, symbols of power and justice. And not once there have been situations where other Trainers, inspired by Champions, decided to follow the career of Trainers, with hopes of matching the strength of their idols (like in case with Sawyer and Steven). In some cases, that inspiration may be a little... stronger (Marina was basically "in love" with Lance). But regardless, Champions have been shown as ever-reliable, noble yet incredibly powerful and talented. There... are some~ exceptions to this rule, yes, but, in like 95% cases, those who you will encounter are good-aligned. Not to forget, they're as popular as it gets, not only in their own region, but in others as well - with the strongest known worldwide (Cynthia is considered quite known in Unova, region which is located literally on the other side of the planet to Sinnoh, with Lance and Leon also being world renowned). Not to mention, it has been well-documented that Champions are good friends with fellow League Representatives (for the most part...) How to become Champion? (Gym Leaders) Becoming Champion is... no easy task. While in games, it can be considered a relatively trivial thing (with most fanmade games actually making this task much harder), in lore; so in-anime and in-manga universes, the challenge is far more difficult. First, you actually need to show that you're worthy of becoming Pokemon Trainer, because... I highly doubt you'd be given any Pokemon, let alone a possibility to become Trainer, if you were a cold-hearted sociopath who enjoys suffering and threw temper tantrums, swinging and throwing knives wherever you lost. But since the chance of that happening is extremely low, especially if you're a child/young teen (and if somehow there exists one like that... what kind of uprising have they experienced?), we can neglect that in this discussion. Then comes the most well-known, I think, part of that road - facing Gym Leaders. Gym Leaders are, as you probably know, experienced Trainers who are very strong in their own right as well, just not as much as Champions. 99% of the time, they specialize in just one type of Pokemon, and are seen as authorities in that type. Now, you may say "Oh, but I can just win with just one Pokemon with supereffective STAB and OHKO them", and if you were to face one in real life, I'd say "Good fucking luck". In lore, Gym Leaders are far more powerful than they are in initial battles... because they are holding back. First episode of Pokemon Origins shows that perfectly - when Brock asks Red how many Badges he has, and is replied with "None", Brock picks two selected Pokemon. He could choose more, and the stronger ones, but no. Full-power Gym Leaders are beasts, but they limit themselves because of one reason... so you can defeat them. Not every Trainer is like Tobias who could waltz in to the Gyms with overpowered Pokemon, beat them in no time, "gg ez" and refuse to elaborate further. While they will hold back, they won't hand-carry you. They will use just enough power so you could defeat them, but also enough for them to defeat you. The primary job of a Gym Leader is to test you; examine your abilities, talent, intelligence, strategy, bonds with your Pokemon, and force you to use all that knowledge and passion in practice. You must show that you want to win, that you want to push forward, and that you are worthy. Them using only one type of Pokemon in battle doesn't handicap them; on the contrary, it gives them immense advantage as they tend to know basically everything about their type specialty - strong sides, weak sides, positives, negatives, strengths, weaknesses, you name it. Additionally, Gym Leaders are the ones throwing rules - they decide what kind of battle their Gym will be specializing in: be that 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3, 6vs6, Singles, Doubles, handicap, forest field, icy field, they have no limitations. ...Okay, that's not completely true - there are some "unwritten" rules, like Gym Leaders can't use more Pokemon than the challenger, or that Gym Leaders cannot switch their Pokemon out (that second rule isn't always "active", as Lenora in anime can switch in and out her Pokemon during Gym Battles as she pleases; but vast majority don't switch, unless the move/Ability causes the switch out). Generally speaking, it's far more difficult as it appears, but the hard work pays off - when you manage to defeat Gym Leader fair and square (or you tie and Gym Leader thinks you did well), you are given Gym Badge. You need at least 8 official Gym Badges (for the most Leagues, in the world there are official regional Leagues like in Reborn or Aevium where you need 18, and other Leagues might have other conditions as well...) to go to "the next stop". If you didn't manage to defeat Gym Leader, don't worry, as you can rematch them as much as you like (however, there tends to be a "one match per day" limit, so you can't really leave and enter after 10 seconds like in games). But since in some regions there are more than 8 official Gyms, you can challenge those which you want to, in any order, without consequences. Also there's a chance that after "the League season" (which tends to last a whole year) ends, Gym Badges become invalidated, but since I couldn't find any reliable source to claim it, that might be just my babbling. How to become Champion? (Conference/Elite Four) So, let's say you have gained those 8, or more, Gym Badges. Does that mean you can challenge Champion now? Hah, you wish. There is one more step, which is... even more endangering and challenging. Since games, anime and manga all are inconsistent on that part, I'll say it - there are two ways to have the opportunity to challenge Champion (well... three, in fact - the third one is to win an event or tournament of sorts that guarantee facing League Champion for the title, like Junior Cup in Unova, but those aren't constant, all over the place, and not as prestigious, for the most part). The first one, used regularly in the anime, and usually in manga as well, is event known as League Conference. This is perhaps the most-known, annual Pokemon battling event of a regional scale. Every Pokemon Trainer with at least 8 Badges is allowed to participate in it. Conferences differ between the Leagues, but what all have in common is the single-elimination tournament-based structure and at least two parts. The first, which can appear in some Leagues, but doesn't have to, is qualifying round - series of quick battles, usually 1vs1, to weed out weak Trainers. it's used in situations where there were too many Trainers qualified. This lasts until those deemed strong enough are left... or just enough to fit the "2x" formula used for all high-rank real-life single-elimination tournaments. Next is preliminary round; this is when the real Conference begins. This is a series of 1vs1, 2vs2 and/or 3vs3 matches (the quantity of the Pokemon used is consistent across the entire rung (Top 64, Top 32, etc.) of the tournament) between competitors, all in a ladder-style set-up. Those matches happen rapidly one after the other, until Final 16 (in most cases; currently all anime Conferences decided on the Top 16 borderline) has been revealed. Those sixteen Trainers and their Pokemon will participate in the final round. And while the tournament formula is still uphold, the ladder-style isn't, as the opponents are being selected randomly. They battle in either 3vs3 or 6vs6 single format... usually. Battles like that are uphold, with little breaks for relax/training, until the winner is decided. Fun Fact: in most Conferences in anime, battles are fought on special biome-based fields, like forest, icy, water, rocky, etc. Fortunately (or not, depends on the point of view), those fields don't give boost the damage or empower the Abilites, but they can be used as a part of some pretty unorthodox strategies - Ash is perhaps the best example. The other way, found in games, and mentioned in the anime (but never actually seen outside of anime-tized game shorts), is facing Championship League. In short, this is a gauntlet against the Elite Four (also known as "Four Heavenly Kings"; which is, in my opinion, perhaps one of the most badass names ever for a group of 4 powerhouses in all of fiction). In game, you just need to officially get 8 (or more/less, depending on the League) Badges, and in anime, you additionally have to win League Conference (but, to be honest, we've never see anyone actually do the Championship League stuff in the anime, and it's hinted that it's just a one try, as all winners fail to get the Champion title after Conference we've seen, except Manalo Conference but that was a tournament to reveal first Alola Grand Champion so it doesn't count). Elite Four is, well... elite - they're said to be 4 strongest Trainers in the League right after the Champion, and are no pushovers either. In order to challenge League Champion, you have to defeat all members of the Elite Four... at once. You go in, defeat one, go to another, defeat them, and so on until all have been conquered. Depending on the League, you face Elite Four Members in fixed order (f.e.: Indigo Plateau, Hoenn, Paldea, Reborn) or in any order you want (f.e.: Unova, Kalos, Rikoto, Torren). The one thing is constant - if you fail to win at least once, your progress is reset, and you have to redo the Gauntlet from the beginning. Granted, in games and some manga versions, you can heal in-between, so it's not that bad, but don't let your guard down. Elite Four members are veterans, and talented in Pokemon battling, even more than most of the Gym Leaders. They tend to have a type speciality, just as Gym Leaders, but they may also lean more toward some 'theme', like weather team, strat team (Baton Pass, Trick Room), biome team, or team based on some similarities, like color. But unlike Gym Leaders, they won't hold back. Fighting 4 mighty Trainers in rapid succession, with them having full or near-full teams filled with strong Pokemon, and the Elites being far more competent and experienced, using a variety of strategy you've never seen... By Arceus, I won't lie - defeating Elite Four in one go is already an incredible achievement... but there's still one, battle, left. How to become Champion? (Championship Battle) Facing Grand Champion of the Pokemon League is already a huge honor, but being possible to face them for a region's Championship? Stakes couldn't have been higher! (well, they could, but that'd need to involve human lives, and no one wants that). However, you must know that facing one is far, FAR harder in lore than in game, and Champions can be defeated only by other Champions, or other Champion-class Trainers - no wonder they tend to hold their positions for years. But, when facing one, you must know that one slip-up is enough to be crushed into nothingness. Champions, except for being uber strong, are generally far more intelligent and keen than most, if not all, other Trainers, and outsmarting them is no easy task, even when relying on unorthodox style of battling (in fact, some Champions also prefer that way of fighting, so if you happen to challenge one... well...). And that's just the tip of an iceberg - Championship battles are almost always 6vs6, or 1vs1, but defeating Champion in 1vs1 if you're not already on their level is outright impossible, so let's focus on Full Battle format here. Unlike Gym Leaders and most Heavenly Kings, Champions will present a wide variety of Pokemon; in type and function, but mainly type. In fact, out of all 14 Grand Champions known in games (I excluded Nemona because she's 'a' Champion, not 'the' Champion - who knows, that knows), only 6 are listed as type specialists: Lance and Iris use Dragon-types, Steven and Peony use Steel-types, Wallace uses Water-types, and Mustard uses Fighting-types. But 4 of those 6 used to be Gym Leaders, and the 5th one was an Elite Four member. Additionally, only Wallace and Peony use teams fully representing their types, with the others having 3-4 Pokemon be from their type specialty, and the other are simply Pokemon which suit them or are loosely connected to their type specialty. So even if you brought a team full of counters to the specific type, that wouldn't work as smooth as you'd plan... and let's be honest, even if it could work, do you think that'd be that easy? Champions in Title Defense also can switch Pokemon in and out, unless they handicap themselves and opt against it, but if they don't, they might use switches to throw you off-guard and nullify the strategy, just like you were doing. And, as I've already mentioned, they're extremely powerful, smart, (oftentimes beautiful/handsome), and experienced. There aren't much tips I'd say, except one - watch out for their ace. Aces of Champions are Legendary Pokemon in disguise; far stronger than anything you had experienced since then (unless you happened to have some really insane journeys along the way). Expect them to be much more of a challenge to defeat that... rest of the squad combined, in fact. With these Pokemon, oftentimes, being Champion's starter Pokemon (which isn't something I've thought of on the spot - Lance had Dratini as his first Pokemon, Cynthia had Gible, Leon had Charmander (despite being in Galar) and Alder had Larvesta... althought the 'had' part here is the most matching... sorry), is also their strongest; spending the most time with their Trainer, being bonded with them the most, seeing and experiencing falls and rises, kinda like your average shonen protagonist. And like your average shonen protagonist, defeating them won't come easy, as the Pokemon may be just as determined/ready/hyped as you are. The Champion might be as well, remember - Pokemon battles are only fun if you fight a Trainer on your level. And that is what many Champions are waiting for; a worthy opponent. In fact, there are cases when Champions might get a little "depression" because being on top means all the other are below you; Cynthia almost willingly resigned from being Champion, and battling as a whole, as no one outside of other Champions was a challenge for her (and might I remind you that she's late 20s' at the absolute latest; quite a young age for such a passion burnout... but I can relate to with all my heart), and Leon is hinted to have some strong desires to see worthy challenge, as before battling Ash, he has been losing a maximum of 2 Pokemon per battle (with the only known Trainers to accomplish it were Raihan and Diantha). But if you manage to defeat them fair and square, and sign your name on the cards of history inside Hall of Fame, you might fulfill two wishes at once - giving old Champion a battle they've wanted for very long, and becoming new Champion yourself. Yet defeating Champion for the title doesn't mean you are new Champion, with the most often (and realistic) reason is... simple refusal. Natural did so, despite defeating Alder without any help (barring Reshiram/Zekrom, but shhh~). Now, the question - is the refusal the right way? What are Champion's Duties? Again, the answers depend on the region. In most cases, Champions are representatives/ambassadors of the League and "guardians" of the region - one-man special army, if you will. They may have an actual role in controlling Pokemon League, but in most cases the one who holds the full control is the League Chairman/Chairwomen, so Kukui in Alola, Rose (later Leon) in Galar, and Geeta in Paldea. In most regions, Champions aren't shown to be in direct control of the League, but it is shown that they might have some influence in there; able to summon Gym Leaders and Elite Four members to assist (like Diantha did in XYZ anime while facing Lysandre and Giant Zygarde Rock). Of course, that doesn't mean they are free all the time, as some Champions have additional duties outside of being region's #1 - Steven is an heir to Devon Corporation, a worldwide known company, Lance in the anime is one of the Pokemon G-Men's elite agents, Diantha is a world renowned actress, who's said to have a rather strict time schedule, and Geeta is the Paldea League Chairwomen. But since Champions without those "additional" duties are mostly needed only in some specific situations, that means they tend to be free outside of major sporting events or region-endagering situations. Can Champion do whatever they want? Theoretically, yes... as long as their actions don't threaten the safety of other living beings. Canon Champions were shown to have a variety of hobbies they pursue: geology, archaeology, teachings... or just battling. They aren't any different that normal human when it comes to personality or avocations. While in-universe people love to sing how their Champions are legends, gods, etc... the reality couldn't be any more different, as we often see those "almighty Trainers" in rather silly-at-first situations, especially around each other; Alder flirting with Cynthia, Iris wanting a selfie with Cynthia and Diantha, Steven having casual conversations with Wallace and Lance... there are countless examples. There's no point in keeping ever-serious facade in public; just be yourself. But, as I've said, if your actions are considered a sin against nature or humanity, others WILL stop you, even if you're Champion. The only difference between ordinary villain and Champion doing crime is that the latter might be more difficult to stop in direct confrontation. Plus, you will get stripped of the title, fame, freedom and even your own Pokemon if you fail... Is that worth it? To risk the existence of Earth and all who live here, with the risk of becoming prisoned for the rest of your own life, for some... rather petty reasons? To be fair, no canon Champions have done such sins (the same cannot be said about some from fanmade games, like Reukra, or... 'The One Who's Name Shall Not Be Spoken On This Server'), but in some cases they've done some morally questionable choices, with perhaps the most known example being Lance having Dragonite Hyper Beam point-blank one of the Rocket Grunts - dude'll be traumatized for life, that's for sure. Geeta isn't also a pure example of lawful/neutral good, but I'll avoid continuing the topic for two reasons, with the first being spoilers, and the second... those who've played Scarlet/Violet and read the dialogues, or knows the lore, should know. And the last but not least, Cynthia had the MC, 12-13 year old teen, go to the twisted, completely unfamiliar to humanity dimension overrun by one of Pokemon Universe's main gods, banished by opposing Arceus themselves, in search for depressed psychopath who's days were basically counted... like, what the fuck?! And you guys still adore her like some goddess?! Dear Pokemon fans... you are beyond me... How much political power Champion has? I'll surprise you - not as much as you'd think. As previously mentioned, despite being the strongest Trainer in the League, and oftentimes in the whole region, Champions are more akin to Ambassadors/Head Representatives of the League. Of course, the title itself brings attention, and the power Champions possess can be used when necessary (or when they want to). But officially, they tend not to control the League directly - in some sources it's been said that Champions may be doing Gym Inspections where asked to do. They may have some influence over League decisions, but that have never been brought up; heck, Elite Four is said to have more political power and influence that Champion (at least in games and in Adventures manga... in most regions). Given, there are regions like Torren or Sacroc where Champion has the near-absolute power, and their word is law. But in most, they serve mostly as ambassadors, icons, and glorified mascots of the Pokemon League. Whenever that's a good or a bad thing, is debatable. Of course, if you're among the strongest, you'd like to have some influence and political power, yes? But maybe the reason why they aren't given such opportunity is because people are afraid their Champion becomes evil. Then, the dream would become nightmare overnight. Also, looking at canon, and some fanmade Champions, they aren't seemingly bothered by it - they live their own life, and that's it... if they have any "free" life, that is (looking at you, Amethyst - death is not always the best solution... kewk). Perhaps that's why they are among the most beloved people in-lore: they have the power, the might, they're intelligent, cunning, talented, they could create a plan and easily conquer the entire region, if not the entire world, even without using Legendary Pokemon (which is something Indigo Elite Four almost did in the manga). But nope - they simply don't care about domination; they want to live normal human life and fight the strongest. No wonder they are 'Champions' Final conclusion? I guess that's all major questions to be answered. In short, Pokemon Champions are amongst the strongest Trainers in the world, are extremely respected and beloved, and becoming one is very far from a mundane task. While it is near impossible for anyone to become one, being able to overcome weaknesses and reach the top is worth all the pain gathered during the journey. And even if Champions usually don't hold as much power and influence as people think, they're still respected by community and . Plus, given their might, only foolish would dare to cross paths with them, not mentioning actually pissing them off. To answer the topic in the title... "Pokemon League Champion" is all at once: you are the #1 Trainer in the region, willing to represent and protect it from danger, upholding harmony and peace, and while they don't have literal influence, the popularity and flare they have, holding the title, surely recompensates... if you're not seeking for total domination, that is. That, uh, took a while. I've been waiting, like, almost 2 months to write it - finally did. I hope you enjoyed my little lecture of sorts. If you have questions, or additional info to share... Please do - nothing makes me more happy while doing such than positive feedback and ability to conversate.
  2. I highly recommend Sandstorm hyperoffense teams (sorry, Ame...) for overall exploration and Trick Room teams for... most postgame battles. Sandstorm teams are... generally among the most effective offense-focused teams across the board, and there's a lot of Pokemon that you can fit on those, not only those with typing benefiting from that weather. And Trick Room teams are great because... almost all enemy teams in postgame are generally fast. I won't be pushing or telling you what Pokemon should be chosen... But I'll tell that Sandstorm team needs at least two Sand Streamers (and you have a grand total of... 3 Pokemon with that ability...) and some Sand Veilers and Sand Rushers. And Trick Room team should be slow, have at least 3 Room setters, all be bulky and have at least good offense, plus bring some rocks. If you want specific tips, just ask. If don't, I'll leave the team building to your own imagination.
  3. I was a little of a dickhead, I know. 

    • Not saying or responding to wishes during Christmas' and New Year's seasons
    • Being overall silent in the forum
    • Being serious and hardly laughing at all
    • Forgetting myself and accidentally spoiling plot of the gang just because "it's been public for a while"
    • Not giving a fuck about other people's deaths or tragedies (perhaps the most insensitive was my reaction on Joseph Ratzinger's passing, which was like: "Well, I saw that coming...")

    In fact, I feel like I'm slowly becoming insensitive, bored and way too straightforward, but in a bad way. Just like Larry. 

    But there's a difference here - Larry is a fictional character, within a fictional universe, fullon unique personaliies. And I am pretty much real. And... I don't wanna lose the will to live!


    Maybe it's just me getting desperate over lack of any human contact ("quite unique" for an introvert since early elementary school), or my life is getting repetitive, or it's real depression... or combination for all.

    I know I don't need to say it... well, I guess I just did... maybe because not even my family doesn't want to hear my problems, even daring to say that "depression and all 'mental illnesses' are a figment of lazy humans"



    Do I need to say more? 

    Maybe it's on me for not having close friends in real life... because I wish NOT to be in the vicinity of vandals, drug dealers and third-rated racketeers. 

    And- and why am I saying this? Who will care? Are you trying to make a victim out of yourself, Oscar?


    ...y'know, forget it. 

    Maybe I shouldn't type it... but, somehow, I have the urge to speak about my problems with others whenever I'm feeling under the weather. 

    1. Aphelli


      I don’t know why I’m writing this. I usually give a wide berth to personal advice or comfort talk because many kinder, more empathetic, more eloquent, more reasonable, more insightful people write it better than I can, and I don’t trust myself to strike the right chord. 


      But here, I guess the worst-case scenario is that you decide that at least you’re not as bad as I am. 


      First things first: it’s universal of to have issues, and want to talk about them – if not to a person who can understand you, then shouting about it from the rooftops or writing them on the walls… 


      Second: everyone needs human contact. Even those who used to think they didn’t – I should know, I’m one of them too. It’s not victimhood, just about a need about as deep-rooted as food or shelter. Do you know the rule of threes? About surviving three minutes without air, three days without water and three weeks without food? I read about a fourth “three” lately: three months without social contact. 


      I hardly know anything about your personal situation, but you might need to cast a wider net, as I struggle to believe that everyone you have ever met was as base as you described. 


      As far as I understand, the prevalence of mental health issues in students (I think you’re one) has skyrocketed from an already high baseline. So I guess the main takeaway from this part is that you’re not alone, and other people struggle with similar issues.


      I wish I had material advice to help you “snap out of it”. I suppose that the best way to prevent your life from being repetitive is to just do something new or unusual – but that’s not that much help. Maybe something outside, one way or another? While you can find a lot of excellent content on youtube or different derivatives on other parts of the internet, these coping mechanisms may be insufficient, perhaps because they’re too passive. 


      While boredom may be fought (for instance, by seeking out novelty – be they books, shows, topics of interest, content creators on social media, challenges, IRL projects…), I don’t really have any advice on the topic of insensitivity or being straightforward.


      Finally, regarding the behaviors that you’re accusing yourself of: I think you should keep in mind that you’re obviously not in the best frame of mind to judge yourself.


      Spoilers are a blunder, as are a lack of answer or just acknowledgement to well-wishers (Jan 4th is still completely fine in my book though), but it’s nowhere near the end of the world. “Being serious” is not particularly unpleasant behavior, neither is “being overall silent” – lurking is fine! I have little to say these days too (TOOO is quite stuck, I’m not very good at the game and the rest isn’t really worth talking about). 


      As to deaths… I think it’s fine to not sink in grief every time someone slightly famous passes away. It’s sad, certainly – but it’s usually not unexpected, nor do I think it should be incapacitating. If they didn’t mean much to you, why should you mourn them any more that the other, less famous, dead of the day? And how could we keep going ahead if we’re mourning each day the dead of this day? So I think it’s fine to be unaffected – so long as you’re considerate to those who aren’t, regardless of the reason. 



      Happy new year, and I hope that you get better. 

    2. SharlaSmith44


      *Internet hug from a fellow introvert*

      Edit: At least people acknowledge you exist. Sometimes it feels like people purposely ignore me..


  4. Aevian Power Rangers in Metroid's Morph Suits. You couldn't have gone more extravagant... or, you know what, I turn it back, because I'm certain you will. Oh, but don't get me wrong. The drip is real! It's just... I wouldn't wish to wear those futuristic full-body leotards anytime soon.
  5. I used Trick Room team for, like, entire post-game barring a few fights. This fight was definitely one of them. PULSE Tangrowths are slow as bulky as hell, so Trick Room might benefit from them more than for you. In fact, lead Tangrowth DO set up Trick Room, so Taunt will cripple it, unable to use neither Trick Room, nor any other annoying status move. You'd like to KO it before Taunt wears off, but if I remember correctly, PULSE Avalugg is the partner, and it will fuck you up with its' huge Attack. It is also goddamn bulky, and with Assault Vest, using Special Attacks on it will render useless. I used Destiny Bond Sharpedo to take down Avalugg as it OHKO'd Sharpedo (which wasn't too hard - it is as slow as a literal iceberg). That is probably your best option. Now I've checked to ensure if I was right, and yes - not only one-eyed Tangrowth has Trick Room, but two-eyed has it as well; I wasn't so sure because I remembered it from spamming Sleep Powder. But since it has much worse Defensive typing and lacks Filter, so a couple of Ice attacks should bring it down. Just remember to have those Ice attacks before the Tangrowth appears because it has Arena Trap. I used Glaceon to defeat it, but had to heal because the first Tangrowth and Swalot were attacking it without a break. And Swalot, oh boy, that thing just wasn't dying! Super bulky, great defensive typing, +1 to both Defenses, Ingrain which was actually healing it... I'll be honest, I don't know how my Tyranitar actually managed to defeat it. I used a couple of Dragon Dances, and healed a little, and three Stone Edges later, it was over. I was lucky Muddy Water missed twice. Because as I look at Reborn Wikia, that Swalot had Clear Smog which would completely nullify my attempts. I guess it tried to KO him, but with the bulk, it would be hard for if to do it. And the last Tangrowth... was SO ANNOYING. All it did was Roaring my Pokemon out and in, out and in, using Strength Sap to weaken my Psyhical Attackers and since Glaceon was down then, I, digd, ugh! I smashed him with Tyranitar's Superpower when switching him in - without it, it'd be a nightmare to fight. In summary, you need to lead with medium-speedy-and-not-frail Taunter with Toxic in case, and decently fast suicider with Destiny Bond. Also have a special attacker with strong Ice attacks, one or two other special attackers with STABs strong against Poison/Water and Rock/Grass and bulky psyhical attacking Assault Vest Tyranitar, with Dragon Dance preferably And if roles overlap, carry more all-out attackers, physical ones preferably.
  6. Whhops I get a little ahead Sorry
  7. He's just very, very jealous - MC has a natural talent when it comes to Pokemon battling and we are generally more liked than him. There are reasons behind it, 'course. Firstly, they rarely talk, and when they do, it's quite laconic and usually about events, not people. Fern, on the other hand, always tries to prove his worth, Are his actions and motives understandable? Yeah, I think so. Are his actions and motives justifiable? Ummmmmmm, that's complicated.At the beginning, with him being a mildly-annoying asshole, I could see that he's a little salty, and had a sour life. After joining Team Meteor, I was "Jealous much, Ferny loser?"... although his comments about Aya had me a bit furious, wishing for a minute to tear apart the barrier with my bare hands and snap his neck. But in the Victory Road...
  8. Nowadays, in my life, there's either superluck, or no luck at all. Recently, I've experienced the first one.


    I have a love-hate relationship with gacha games; the thrill of seeing whenever I receive 3⭐️, 4⭐️, or 5⭐️ is addicting... too addicting, in fact. Even though I maintain my F2P virginity, I feel like I'm craving the lottery-like adrenaline a little too much.

    But moments such as those are worth the trouble.


    I haven't rolled for a quite some time in Pokemon Masters (no wonder I have 22k gems right now), so I've decided to test my luck; on Master Banner.

    Master Banner are pretty rare banners with event-exclusive Master Units: those are not only better overall than most in-game units, but also have the Master Passive Skills, which give large boosts to the entire team, which are getting stronger the more allies share the Theme with the Passive (either Type Speciality or Region)

    Now, Master Banners include wholly new "Champion Outfit" for Calem and Serena; those appear to be better Sygna Suits. And, as all Master Units, they have only 1% to be pulled, unlike 2% for all the other 5⭐️ banner-leading units. But, since I ultimately decided not to pull for them, trying to sum up on some other banners, I've decided to do "one random pull", just for gigs.


    For Calem, I got Bugsy (3⭐️), so nothing special

    But for Serena... the screen of Kalos at night made me screech for real, not believing it actually worked.

    But, it did - Champion Serena on my first attempt. I felt like all those Poketubers who got Shiny Legendary from Ultra Wormhole on the first encounter. I was, and still am, stoked. 

  9. I'd say that is the only "truly bad thing" about Scarlet and Violet; but it isn't consistent - some will experience just FPS drops, some will have game-crashing bugs, and some... some really hilarious moments, especially in Co-Op. Perhaps the third biggest performance issue in the game, in my opinion, outside of FPS drops and those experience-destroying incidents, which might not be considered performance issue at all... is theme-loopin'. Some themes, especially- -suffer from that loop, because the game sometimes do not enter the "VS" Template at the start, after sending Pokemon; the theme loops the intro... creating some really anxiety-inducing experience. The more minor, sometimes barely noticeable, changes because of the lack of "VS" Template are battle themes like- I do agree, that sucks. Nowadays, I always play on Set Mode in Pokemon games because: I like handicapping myself, especially in a easy game That helps me training my skills in a competitive environment, where there's absolutely no Shifts But this-... this is getting ridiculous. They've already made EXP Share permanent, and it appears major opponents' Pokemon aren't exactly better than the surrounding one, other than having clearly better movesets and AI supporting them; seemingly low IVs and probably no EVs as well, and they don't use any Potions! Galar kinda started the trend, but some Trainers did have some Potions (I remember Leon using one or two Full Restores in the Championship Match, and probably someone else in DLC, but I can't recall). And I... don't understand that decision - for Galar, that makes some sense, because using item on a Dynamax Pokemon is a waste of a precious turn, but in Paldea, where Terastalization works very similar to Mega Evolutions... That doesn't sit with me; it cuts down the difficulty of the battle, as does- -that thing. What's the point of open-world story progression... if there's no scaling, so the difficulty gets fixated! They didn't need to do much, just base the levels of story Trainers basing on user's highest level Pokemon; just like Torren Elite Four does in Insurgence, giving them levels like: X-5, X-2, X, X+1, X+10 and so forth. umm, no. Grusha is the final Gym Leader (high 40s), Tulip is the penultimate one (mid 40s) Nemona is a family-friendly yandere... period. And a little socially awkward, with family issues... No contest. With the rest... I mostly agree.
  10. Ah, ok. I thought that was your OC or something; well. I guess this is the right place to do so And also you could ask them to be the art creator to make "anime-realistic" portraits of the characters like Rejuvenation characters have.
  11. Gligar is a dead weight, and even if it was a Gliscor (and... I don't know why it isn't by now...), because all of Blake's Pokemon carry Ice and Water attacks; except Sandslash but its' Rock Slide on Snowy Mountain field is Rock-Ice, which means x4 damage to Gligar. You would want to teach it Tailwind... but the move tutor is in New Reborn City, bummer... Looking at your team, your best deal would be to teach Houndoom Heat Wave to change the Field to Mountain, because on it, Blake has a massive advantage with Mamoswine's Snow Cloak, Walrein's Ice Body and Sandslash's Slush Rush active... but the move tutor is in New Reborn City, because of course they are... If you have bought the Data Chip from the 7th Street, you can change Rotom's form in Ametrine, but if not, welp... I'm not saying normal Rotom is bad, but other forms would be better for that fight. Those calculations are made assuming all your Pokemon have 0 IVs in all stats - if you have more, good for you. From what I've known, Blake tends to lead with Gyarados and Mamoswine, so levitating Rotom would be a very good choice. But the partner for it... All of your team members are either Physical attackers, or weak to Ground, so automatically they will be either weakened, or at the risk of taking big damage. You could send Rotom with Houndoom to bait Earthquake, then switch it to Gligar so both Pokémon will take no damage. Also, Rotom should outspeed and OHKO Gyarados with Discharge, with Gligar taking no damage. I predict Weavile being next because it has STAB to take out BOTH of your own Pokémon, so switch Rotom for Medicham or Houndoom, and Gligar for Empoleon; who aren't weak to Dark and Ice attacks. Now, quite a problem - Mamoswine will KO both of your Pokémon with Earthquake, and Houndoom cannot OHKO it with Flamethrower because Snowy Mountain halves the damage of Fire attacks, and Medicham won't OHKO it with High Jump Kick if it doesn't have Pure Power. If Empoleon was completely healthy and had a decent amount of IVs in HP and Defense, there's a chance it might survive Earthquake, and its' Hydro Pump would OHKO Mamoswine easily (...assuming it hits, and with Snow Cloak, it only has, like, 64% chance to do so). Plus Weavile hits hard and outspeeds your entire team. There are two possible outcomes to that situation, and it comes to prediction: will Mamoswine use Earthquake or not? If it does, both of your Pokemon faint, but Weavile is OHKOed well. If you think he's going for Earthquake, switch for flying/levitating Pokemon. If it doesn't, focus on it - High Jump Kick should OHKO it, and Hydro Pump deal massive damage to Weavile... assuming both attacks connect, and Weavile doesn't KO Medicham which is very possible. In best case scenario, Mamoswine should faint and Weavile be weakened, with both of your Pokemon being damaged but still standing, in worst case scenario... both faint with Mamoswine and Weavile being completely healthy. In worst case scenario, you wouldn't win due to being KO'd seemingly easily by those two. If you switch to flying ones, But if you manage to defeat them, the next would be either Starmie or Walrein - Starmie is fast and hits decently hard on the special side with Blizzard and Thunder (which never misses on the field), plus can set up hail and Light Screen which handcuffs most of your team. Rotom would be a good one to take it down; more preferably if it was in its' Heat Form (overall, my preferred version of Rotom for this battle - with Rock attacks being Rock-Ice, it will only have one weakness in Water, but all of Blake's Water Pokémon are weak to Electric), because in the normal form, it's still slower and not as bulky, it could be OHKO'd by Blizzard in default form. In Heat Form however, Rotom would win, defeating Starmie with two Discharges, or even one with slight support, especially from Houndoom. Walrein, however, is a bitch - super bulky, especially defensively, and each turn it's gonna heal 1/8 of its' Max HP due to Leftovers and Ice Body. Preferably, if one of your Pokémon faints, send Dragalge and Toxic-stall it... Sorry, with this team this is the only answer... Blake's ace - Alolan Sandslash - is dangerous to take down, with Slush Rush active, but Medicham beats it in one-on-one confrontation (it has to be healthy, though, so don't let it faint early) This fight won't be easy - the result may vary wildly depending on luck. Preferably, you could replace one of your Pokémon (Gligar would be the best to bench because it's useless in that battle), and pick a Pokémon with preferably Fire Pledge (starters), Heat Wave or Incinerate, and if you don't have any, those with Eruption, Flame Burst and Lava Plume would work as well - just one usage of those moves changes the Field to Mountain (but the first three are more preferred by me), which makes Blake far more manageable. Fortunately, only Starmie can change the field back to Snowy Mountain (with one use of Blizzard or having Hail on the field for three consecutive turns), so if you manage to faint it before it does, you'll have easier confrontation. If it sets up Hail, better change the weather, if you can, or have the Pokémon melt the snow yet again... after some time because Starmie has Icy Rock. My preferred Pokémon of choice is Vulpix - you can get it by trading away Stunfisk, and it will know Heat Wave right away, plus Drought will come in handy - not only then, but in the entire playthrough.
  12. A question... Is peace and harmony in life too much to ask for? 


    I know this is not quite the place to ask, but I honestly can't find a better place, especially since my "friends" are apparently defending the bullying-and-toxic kind of behaviors everyone around me loves to present in public and in private life. 


    I honestly could write down an entire article about my life situation... But right now I'm feeling under the weather (and not even Pokemon Scarlet/Violet - perhaps the best canon Pokemon games in terms of plotline - lightened my mood), so maybe one day, one day... 

    1. NeoBolt


      It is a really tough question to answer; but what could assist would be journalling.  Journalling can help quite a bit in dealing with hardships and helps you to strategize on what route to take so that you can tackle a situation.  It can assist you to chisel you into the person you want to be one day.  A suggestion is also to use a self-coaching model (you will see on google) to assess the situations, so you can form strategies that are suitable to you and what feels right to you

  13. The games' not out yet... And many websites, including YouTube, are full of spoilers. 


    While I don't mind spoilers like: "Oh, this Pokemon's gonna get a new evolution/form", or "That plot-irrelevant characters will be one of the Gym Leaders", or just soundtracks, the spoilers about plot, ESPECIALLY those including end-game twists... I HATE THEM WILL ALL MY HEART


    So imagine my reaction, when I listen to Scarlet's & Violet's soundtrack (which, side note, it slaps (at least to me)), only for a brief moment when one OST switches to another on the playlist, when I was awaiting to see what OST it is... and seeing top comment with a MASSIVE, MIND-TWISTING END-GAME SPOILER ABOUT MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS! WITHOUT ANY WARNING!!! 


    And it's not like I entered the comment section to see comments, it just popped up with the OST.

    I was completely NOT prepared for this... And I'll never see them in the same light ever again...

    Which is, is, I... I wanna have that person's fingers cut off and mouth stitched! 



    ...i don't think i'll recover from this disappointment till christmas, I'd say... 

    1. SolareInferno


      Even if it comes from Serebii.net?

    2. Oscarus


      ...there are spoilers there? I had no idea. 

      Maybe that's for the better

    3. SolareInferno


      They will come maybe after tomorrow. Just like always did. But not everything at once.

  14. Spoilers to Scarlet/Violet 


    After hearing that Tyranitar will have a Paradox form (either Past or Future Form), I couldn't resist but to see it, and... and... 


    Oh, my, GOD. 

    It's so BADASS - looks almost like Armored Tyranitar from Insurgence, but with more armor, and green spikes. 


    If to trust the leaks about typing and stat spread, it will have Rock/Electric typing, the same HP, Attack and Defense, but only 70 Special Attack, 84 Special Defense, and 72 Speed. That means its' BST is only 570, which is by no means bad, but it's not the 600 BST normal Tyranitar has. Yet, seeing that all Paradox Pokemon have 570 BST, including those based on other Pseudolegendary and Legendary Pokemon (like Salamence, Hydreigon, Suicune, Virizon), and likes of Delibird and Jigglypuff, I think this was to be intended - they would be an equivalent of Ultra Beasts (but cooler) 


    And about the typing... I think Rock/Electric is a bit better defensively than Rock/Dark:

    • Rock/Electric has 4 weaknesses (one of them being x4), and 5 resistances
    • Rock/Dark has 7 weaknesses (one of them being x4), 6 resistances and a immunity

    Offensively they fare rather similarily, with Rock/Dark having a slight edge in "how well they fare against Pokemon in general". 


    Whenever Paradox Tyranitar will be better than Johtonian Tyranitar will depend on the Ability; Sand Stream helps normal Tyranitar being more bulky specially, and makes it a necessary stable of Sandstorm teams. 

    If Paradox Tyranitar doesn't have Sand Stream, it means that specially it's gonna be quite fragile by comparison. Plus all Psyhical Electric moves which are widely accessible... suck. 


    But the Pokemon looks badass 

    And that's what matters 



  15. Quote

    If you are to settle things right

    First use words, and then swords 

    ~ Oscarus 2k22

  16. Obviously they have different one. But what do you mean by "how do I switch between them"?
  17. One question I have, to which I have absolutely no logical nor satisfactory answer, and I wish to know if it even exists.

    To warn you, this is about the latest episode of Pokémon Journeys


    I've seen SO MANY comments where others were whining and crying about Ash's Lucario being defeated and that now Ash won't defeat Leon for sure... All their "opinions" and "analyses" are more pathetic than political campaigns and public discussions in Poland. And trust me, I know what I say. 


    Does the entire Pokémon fandom, like, share a single living braincell, or are they actually that stupid? Everyone that pays just a little bit of focus on plot and anime rules knows that Ash's ace was, and still is, Pikachu - even in situations with him having objectively stronger Pokémon, namely Charizard and Greninja. And he's currently Ash's strongest in PCS; defeating Steven's Mega Metagross even without Mega, and almost singlehandedly putting down Cynthia's Gastrodon and Spiritomb, and he could take out at least one or two more Pokémon was it not for Destiny Bond.


    And even if Lucario WAS the ace... does no one know the one unwritten, fundamental rule existing in, like, almost every sport event? That nothing is certain until the very end? As someone who was watching Inazuma Eleven from years to come, even before knowing what "anime" is, that rule has been engraved in my mind and soul; telling me every time that as long as there's even the slightest of slivers of chance, the tiniest amounts of time left, you should try to pursue winning, no matter the circumstances. 


    I wish to know what the more, ekhm... "human" part of the fandom has to say about the incident. I say that Ash still has a chance - 4 Pokémon left standing against Leon's 3, and Pikachu is completely healthy (I know, he has taken Libero-boosted Scorched Sands, but c'mon, it was not only at the very beginning of the battle and Pikachu is extremely tanky).


    So, If you have an opinion and wanna share it, do it.

    And, from the bottom of my heart, to all non-believers, a very sincere S.T.F.U!


  18. For everyone that've through Grusha has facial hair (hairy beard, goatie, Dali's mustache, or at least some stubble)... 

    I have some bad news. 



    He's clean shaven. 

    And looks a little less feminine when his full face is shown. 

    1. Oscarus


      Screenshot taken straight from one of the older Scarlet & Violet official trailer, so it isn't neither a leak nor a spoiler. Just saying 

  19. S-seriously... will Paldea have ANY new Pokémon which I can say are "bad"?


    Because as of right now, all I've seen are intriguing, badass, derpy in a funny way, or so cute I'm getting diabetes just from looking at them. 


    That includes the new Pokémon from the trailer - at first I thought it was a Paldean Litwick, but... it was an adorable af puppy... which unfortunately I couldn't pet because apparently playing with it causes the exhaustion, lose of consciousness, and even death.



  20. Why does this sound like something Radomus would definitely do? And why can I already see him with Luck's hat in his arms/on his head, laughing jovially and running in all possible directions with his Gardevoir, with Reju MC, Mr. Luck, Anna and Noel all chasing them, creating yet another Scooby-Doo chase?
  21. There's a lotta of opinions about newest Paldean Gym Leader - Iono. 

    Barring fanbase's whining and lamenting about character, design, personality and voice acting (which, in my opinion, are awesome... or at the very least unique; like c'mon - Gym Leader who's a influencer/V-Tuber? I don't believe that even in fanmade games I found such a combination), the main 'problem' (or should I say 'conundrum') is her... real identity 


    According to available news, Iono is a character/personality of sorts; a fake persona in fact, just like most (if not all) VTubers have. I don't know if she's just a cyber creation, or also the one with the role poses as her in real life (especially during Gym Battles), but for sure that look and personality isn't the true one, because:

    1. As I said, many/all VTubers and influencers of similar functioning have their public character changed, differing from their real one, more or less
    2. Iono's German and Spanish names, Enigmara and E-Nigma come from "enigma", meaning "unknown". And her Italian name, "Kissana" comes from  "Chi sarà?" - "Who will it be?". That signifies that no one knows truth about her, at least in the public sphere of things. 

    The question is... Who IS Iono actually? Who's hiding behind the mask/image of the most electryfing star of Paldean pop-culture?


    And, a very popular theory says that Iono is actually... Penny. Yes, you heard me right, the 3rd, shy and timid "rival", being one of the most extravagant and flashy Gym Leaders in the entire Europe? I'd lose my shit if that turned out to be true. But, still, that would be one hell of a plot twist, and a very positive one, because the last mega plot twist GameFreak gave us was a bit... heart-breaking, not gonna lie... 

    At first I thought since Nemona would lead us through Paldea League, and Arven would "hire" us to help him gather Herba Mystica, Penny would be a key character in hunting down Team Star... only to be revealed as one of the Admins, if not The Head Boss of all fractions. And now... I don't know which would be more sick from story-telling point, but I sure know that I'd rather be proud of her... rather than feeling the urge to break her back in three pieces. 


    But that'd mean that our passionate chef Arven would be the only "rival" to not have any plot twist/sudden reveal to his character:

    • Penny being the one behind the persona of Electric Leader Iono (or Team Star's Head Boss) 
    • Nemona rumored to be one of Paldea League's Champions
    • Arven... has nothing

    I, honestly, don't want him to have some super mind-breaking twist (like... using the power of Herba Mystica to turn his Pokemon into Titans and, by controlling them, conquer Paldea Region, and then the entire world), but something as impactful, but without breaking immensions. Maybe have some other important character, like some truly competent Trainer, be revealed as his relative, and then reveal that his lack of talent in battling has caused them/his family to reject him, so he decided to use his cooking skills, and gathered Herba Mystica, to show his value as a human being. 


    Why do I say it...? Maybe 'cause I love theorizing, and story creation? And I wanna talk about it? So... @SolareInferno, @Evi Crystal, @Q-Jei, anyone?

    Anything? Any ideas? 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Oscarus


      If there is one... I'm betting on Clavell. 

      That old man is weirdly silent and peaceful... 

      I believe that his "Treasure Hunt" is a way to garnet great power in order to accomplish vile goals. But I may be overthinking 


      Also... What do you mean "beyond my understanding"? This isn't complex, is it? 

      This theory is but a fast one. 

    3. SolareInferno


      I might be relieved if your guess might be right but I'm scared when you might go into wrong conclusion.

    4. Oscarus


      Why? If I was wrong, but the actual concept was even better, then that means I have to hone my prediction skills, but I get a new trope to analyze 

      But if the actual concept was objectively worse, then that means I'm better than I thought. 


      It's a win-win, sorta. Panicking and blaming won't help - just pushing toward the future. 

  22. I swear to all what is dear to me - if you ever call a character like N, or Taka "villain", I'm gonna come to your house and snap your fucking neck by 360 degrees! 


    How come people still cannot get the fact that not everyone who's fighting the main protagonist is villain? Those are antagonists, because they are anti-protagonists; it's THAT simple! 


    Not every antagonist is villain. Villain is a creature which commits vile (evil) acts. There are antagonists which aren't villains, like afromentioned N and Taka - they are actually friendly toward MC and, in some cases, create a bond between. But purely because of their association with evil teams and the fact both them and MCs have different, contradictionary goals, they are forced to battle each other. 


    But, in the same vein, not every villain is antagonist - some of them are PROTAGONISTS. Perhaps the most known examples are Light Yagami from Death Note, Momonga from Overlord or Frisk/Chara from Genocide Route Undertale. They all commit acts cruel and evil, while having either little to no remorse about their acts, have no actual, tragic or sympathetic reason to act that way, or both. Because of that, they are classified as THE EVIL, despite being the main characters of their journeys. While the main antagonists (in those cases, L and Sans especially) are the defacto heroes - the good guys fighting the bad guys. 


    I'm ranting about it, because as writer and creator, I'm getting mad about that cardinal, in my eyes, mistake. I know that people might not know about anti-heroes (characters, usually morally good, doing bad things for noble reasons) or anti-villains (characters doing bad things for causes they believe to be noble, yet those are far more complex than one might think, or the true cause is obscured from their sight), but for Arceus' sake, STOP CALLING NICE, KIND CHARACTERS "VILLAINS"! 

  23. Me: sees the art of Mr. Luck and laughs Others: Why are you laughing? Me: Oh, nothing. My brain: Aevian Radomus
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