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  1. Spoiler

    Saphira from the future: wants to give us a brownie


    Saphira's brownie: https://youtu.be/-bSofVciETg


  2. My head is no less than full of ideas. 


    After doing that 'short' about one of the Postgame Quests, I was thinking about more - not only about Quests and parts of it, but some 'events' after them too, in the "true postgame", or how do you want to call completing all of the main postgame quests.


    And lemme tell you, that certain ideas are... truly something else. 


    I'd love to give you some insight, but I'm afraid... of Amethyst comin' here (and trust me, she DOES go here from time to time), seeing this and wondering: "What in the name of all Vulpix in our world is this man thinking?" because... she, just like all of you, are justified to think that I'm psycho. 


    Actually, I'd take that as a compliment more, as I don't hear compliments often, and they tend to be the exact same thing said over and over again... which makes the same effect as eating ONLY your favorite food for an entire month for all breakfast, lunch, dinner and sometimes in-between - you'll be fed up with it, and won't touch it for the next month or so. 

    So, if you think I'm insane, say it; I will even personally thank you for constructed criticism. 

    And comments are good for algorithms anyways~

  3. I've decided to have some fun... And did a monotype team for Gen 8 National Dex OU on Showdown. 

    For now, I can proudly say that I have an 9-1 record, with 7 first fights won. 

    For the record, I do count fortifying as lost (both in opponent's, and mine, case). But all those surrendering came because of a domination, and they quit. 


    What monotype, you ask...? 

    Try to guess. 

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    2. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal

      It's the Water-type because of the whole Swim-Swift and Rain Dish tactic?

    3. Oscarus



      Yes. It's MonoWater; Rain team

      I'm Savage 2.0!



      I just hope no one brings a Shedninja to the roster... 



    4. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal

      Yes, I guessed right! 😃


    I have an theory... an insane theory, which doesn't have as many proofs as I'd like, but it makes sense, to some extent. 

    If it wasn't obvious, this theory WILL involve spoilers to V19. 



    What if... But what if... 

    The thief that murdered Taube and his wife, only to be killed by Solaris afterwards... was Sirius' father? 


    I don't know if you noticed, but ALL important characters in the story have some kind of sad story, event or such, that either happened before our arrival, or after it; even if it isn't as obvious as it might seem. All, but one. And that one... is Sirius. 

    All we know about his past is that he had murdered at least 3 high-ranked League Representatives, and destroyed lives' of at least three families (Molinar, Vanhanen, Belrose). And that he's a psychopath. 

    But that is still weird... everyone had something that caused them to commit sins like that; with motivations being almost as tragic as the done acts. But Sirius has none. Absolutely none... which didn't have me sleep for a few days. 


    But we have, except aforementioned murders and crimes, no insight on his past. 

    However, all events of Pokemon Reborn, from present, past and future, are connected to our set of characters; and also characters themselves also are bonded with each other. But there's one but... 

    We know nothing about person who at least 25 years before events of Reborn invaded the headquarters of the Order, killed their leader, leader's wife, and possibly more, and was ready to steal the keys, just to be killed by Solaris/Phoenix (Taube's son), and thrashed around for hours and hours after dying. 

    While I don't think it was explicitly said that it was a male, I doubt Phoenix would massacre female's dead body; he has some standards. 


    Now, one would say... but how does that connect Sirius and the thief? 

    Well, while there is no direct connection in-game (or I did ommit some details), we know something - Sirius despises Phoenix. And this is shown several times; when cyclop was offending and laughing at his leader, usually behind his back because he knew he would stand no chance in frontal battle. A few of the examples are: calling him "old fool" without hesitation, or taunting him or his son (Taka) after "Duel of the Fates" during Battle of Agate. 

    And it's not like Sirius simply thinks that Phoenix's goals are stupid, he outright thinks and claims that his actions and himself are foolish and old-dated, or something like that. Heck, he even enjoyed picking up his (or Taka's) eye... But this might be just some weird fetish born after he lost an eye to Corey 12 years prior. 


    But why would Sirius despise Solaris? Well... If my theory is true, he might want to avenge his father (or whoever that was, but must've been in close relationship; maybe uncle or grandpa). In age-time relationship, that would make sense, Sirius is 30+, and that 'tragedy' happened at least 25 years ago. So he might had heard the news (possibly even in details), and decided to avenge. 

    Also, the possible relationship between thief and Sirius would explain how he knew about the keys, their purpose and power. If they were just a piece of jewelry, I believe no one in their right mind would be stupid enough to break into Order's headquarters (which used to rule over Reborn Region) and steal them, even if they worth much; risk would have been too big, in my opinion. 

    And how would he get his hands on them? Well, by joining forces with the one that had them - the one who killed the killer. Therefore, Sirius could kill two birds with one stone - avenge the family member, and gain access to unlimited power. 


    Still, there are some holes. First, and most important one... What would he do with the said power? Even when Solaris dies, and Taka is punished/dead too, Sirius continues to push on, indicating that he wasn't driven by a singular purpose (which can mean that either my theory is wrong, or - unlike Saphira - he didn't plan to have spent his entire life on just trying to unleash anger on the mortal enemy). However, I don't think Sirius has EVER said anything about his motivation, or reasons, except being overall general, like "achieving New World". But I haven't played V19 version of pre-V19 events yet, so I may be wrong. 


    Also, a worthy thing to note: even though Sirius keeps babbling about loyalty, commitment and respect toward superiors, in fact, he's loyal to only one person: himself. He doesn't give a single fuck about his enemies, victims, allies, or even superiors; in fact, the only reason he was listening to Lin and Solaris, is because they were stronger than him, and he knew disobeying could bring him a one-way ticket to afterlife, especially in Lin's case (from what I've seen, Sirius is VERY salty about Lin going through the rankings at a speed of light, going from mere Grunt/Private to Leader in mere days {eventually weeks}, while he must have spent years to become a Commander/Admin).

    But! Maybe... Maybe Sirius either agrees with Lin's goal and found a common laungage with her, or has some other ulterior motives that's equally bad for others as the New World one. I guess we'll never know, as the only one who would is dead. 


    Another hole, which I wouldn't exactly call hole - as that is more of an subtheory - is how long exactly Sirius was waiting for the opportunity? 

    Team Meteor, according to Radomus, had existed for at least 13 years (that is for the versions before 19.0.8, which changes the ages of characters and screws many things up, complicating well-known pieces of lore). And, most likely, Sirius and Radomus knew each other WHILE being in Solaris' fraction. So Sirius must had been a Meteor for 12 years, which, honestly, makes sense - he was third-in-command, before Lin skyrocketed through the ranks, making him officially fourth, but actually second (as for Lin, Phoenix and Elias, who were against her, didn't count). But... Didn't Sirius have any other chances of getting rid of Solaris in those years? Because I think there could be some. Or Solaris was actually THAT good. 

    Nevertheless, that could mean that Sirius was very persistent in his goals. 


    Like I said, I don't have many reasons and proofs to confirm my theory, but there is absolutely NONE which would contradict it. And since the ones I gave are actually logical, I think that - even if it isn't true - the theory of thief Phoenix murdered was Sirius' close relative is actually solid. 

    If some of the story/character designers are reading this, they may confirm/negate the theory and say the truth. 


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    2. Oscarus



      I did. Because I'm not a kind of guy who spelunks every house and library in search of additional info; despite me being a lore geek. 


      Knowing that Sirius was hunting for the keys, he did find the owners of Ruby Ring and Sapphire Bracelets, and killed them secretly (or so he thought). I assumed he did the same to Amethyst Pendant's (Zina), as: her name was engraved on one of the tombstones in Beryl, Sirius knew Radomus personally (according to dialogue between him and Anna in Yureyu), and twins were in Orphanage, despite their father still living and being in a good mental health (as lack of the last one disqualifies from being a parent, according to laws of multiple nations; that was the argument Sigmund had against Saphira). 


      I thought that Sirius murdered Zina to get his hands on Pendant, but couldn't because either Radomus or Gardevoir intervered. Then-widow was mourning the one he truly loved, to the point of being depressed. Then, I assumed that Radomus gave Anna and Noel to the Orphanage willingly, afraid that his mental state would cause damage to them. He was left with his Pokemon and Gardevoir, who became his closest; that'd explain her developing feelings toward her master, to the point of obsession in fact. 

      Radomus eventually got over it, and decided to start a new life, and run for the position of Psychic Leader (in my fanfiction however, he already was a Psychic Leader before it - he was, in fact, one of the Ace Gym Leaders in pre-collapse era of Reborn, alongside Caroline, Amethyst and Adrienn). Still, he never forget Zina, and was still loving it, which had Gardevoir be a little salty... 


      And I think that's the most important - the rest know are from pre-V19 game. 


    3. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal


      About how he killed Zina exactly? How did Radomus and Gardevoir saved hed before she, you know? Maybe she died from being mortally wounded sustained by him.


      With what, because I know Elena died from being poisoned and Monty and Caroline being burned alive (?) with being directly killed by Sirius inside (kinda ironic with the Fire Leader dying in fire...)


      Sirius is just straight up psychopathic and a monster


    4. Oscarus



      I don't exactly know... As I haven't planned it exactly. Maybe I subconsciously went with her being stabbed or poisoned by Seviper's Poison Fang, and Radomus with Gardevoir went in as he was about to take Amethyst Pendant. 


      Now we know that Zina... simply "vanished"; left Radomus so he wouldn't suffer. The reason is because she apparently could read the future, like Olympia from Kalos, and could intercept that Sirius would kill her, leaving him completely heartbroken. 


  5. Spoiler

    How, how, how, and I ask HOW did Amethyst and the rest manage to make Fern... FERN, of all characters, a truly likeable guy in a blink of an eye?! 


    I'd argue that this character was in everyone's Top 3 of Most Hated and Despised Reborn Characters as of V18. Even in V19, he still was hateable; I even cheered for Titania to beat him so badly he wouldn't leave the wheel chair for the next 5 years. 

    Even though I knew he simply was jealous for me being better than him... every time, which made him hostile towards us, players, that didn't change my opinion about him, as this isn't as good of a reason to be evil as fe.: Sigmund, Phoenix or Elias. 


    But in postgame, especially during Mew and Mewtwo quests... Those two quests were enough to make me truly appreciate that asshole. Well, not an asshole anymore, I guess. As he was truly beginning to see his mistakes; like he landed in a "hole", as we did early in the story; the roles swapped. Too bad we didn't have the chance to have him beg us to free him, or to leave him; just to secretly return, proving our previous action a mere trolling. 


    Or when he dies (sorta; I guess petrification by Mew/Mewtwo can be described as death), only to be "resurrected" by umbral energy, he finally says what he truly thinks... and dear Arceus, if I knew earlier that he........ 

    After everything, after all the adventures and plot screws, I think Fern truly deserves an Gym Leader and Elite Four spot later on! 


    But... Now I feel like a dick, honestly. To think that I planned to... well... I guess I'm not as good writer as I think I am... 

    They say that I am creative and know how to bring the essence out of character. Alas, that is not true. I still have much, much to learn... 



  6. After skimming through Reborn lore yet again, I think it would be funny to list all important Trainers by their Type Speciality. 


    Any by "important", I mean character who has a significant role, unique look, is met or mentioned at least once, we know that that person is a Pokemon Trainer, and/or is closely connected to other important characters. It should fall into at least three categories. 


    Oh, I should mention four things upfront:

    • if the character has several type specialities, it will land into those specific labels. So, if Trainer specializes in both Ice and Poison, their name will be in both Ice and Poison labels 
    • if certain Trainer isn't said to have a type speciality, but basing on teams it is seen that they favor certain type, it will be put into that type's label. 
    • I will be counting EVERY known speciality of said Trainers; even if character specialized in certain type, but doesn't now, it will be put there, but with a special annotation (the same works for those, who have different type speciality in the future) 
    • I won't be counting Trainers who "aren't native" to Reborn (those who come from different Pokemon games and such, like Rejuvenation)... or are devs (with one exception; and also almost all of them have a type varied team) 

    As if it wasn't obvious, that list will be FULL OF SPOILERS, so don't open those labels up if you haven't finished postgame and don't want spoil yourself the game. 


    Well... Here we go. 


    • Shelly Citra
    • Bennett Voclain 


    • Luna Hazel
    • "Zero" 


    • Saphira Belrose 
    • Monthy Belrose 
    • Elias Hazel (Elite Four) 
    • Luna Hazel (Elite Four; future) 


    • Julia Wilde
    • Sigmund Connal
    • "Arclight" 
    • John ??? 


    • Adrienn Flores 
    • Amethyst Liddell 
    • Anna Vanhanen (Elite Four) 
    • Laura Belrose (Elite Four) 


    • Victoria Marlow
    • Kiki Mikael Argall
    • Samson Alvarez


    • Charlotte Belrose 
    • Caroline Belrose 
    • Cal Whitaker 
    • Maxwell ??? 
    • Bennett Voclain (Elite Four) 


    • Ciel Featherstone 
    • Taka Alcantara 
    • Heather Molinar
    • Elena Molinar 


    • Euphie/Shade 
    • Elena Molinar (Elite Four) 


    • Florinia Sevilla
    • Fern Sevilla
    • Laura Belrose


    • Terra Pierce 
    • Sandy ??? 


    • Serra Voclain 
    • Blake Whitaker 
    • Cal Whitaker (formerly)
    • Luminia Seijaya 


    • Noel Vanhanen 
    • Elias Hazel 
    • Taube Alcantara 


    • Corey Molinar
    • Cain LaRue
    • Aya LaRue 
    • Heather Molinar (Elite Four) 


    • Radomus Vanhanen 
    • Anna Vanhanen 
    • Evelynn Seijaya 


    • Hardy Andersen 
    • Titania Andersen (formerly) 


    • Titania Andersen 


    • Amaria Fiore
    • Archer ??? 
    • Fern Sevilla (Elite Four; future)
    • "Savage" 


    • "Aster" (he seems to favor Rock and Ground Pokemon) 
    • Caitlin Fisher 
    • "Ace" 
    • "Sirius" (formerly had a constellation-based team) 
    • Phoenix Alcantara (sandstorm) 
    • Lindsey ??? (labeled as Dragon specialist, but her teams are anything but Dragon) 
    • Corin Rogue 
    • Alistasia ??? ("Circus"-themed team) 
    • Ignosia Craudburry 
    • Eustache ??? 
    • Zina Vanhanen (in her battle she favorizes Dark types) 
    • Joseph Hazel (probably trained Normal and/or Dragon types) 
    • Shelly Citra (Grand Champion; future) 

    If I missed someone, let me know. 

  7. If you wish, I can send that (and other) short stories on Creative Writing forum. 


    Do say if you want more of my entertaining bullshit or not

  8. A little fanmade "story" by me - based on postgame quest (with me/my OC as MC)


    *Meloetta Ouest - Lin Route*

    *After quarterfinals of Ferris Wheel Tournament*


    -Meloetta was happily and energetically flying around, when Ringmaster Alistasia was about to announce the results of the Round 3 of the Tournament-

    -on the "announcement grounds", only few were remaining; except Alistasia and Meloetta, there were: Samson Alvarez, Agate Circus' strongman and Ringmaster's bodyguard/enforcer; Oscar Pendragon, "current" Grand Champion of Reborn; Luminia Seijaya, younger sister of PULSE creator Evelynn Seijaya; and Cass (full name currently unknown; A.K.A. @andracass ), close friend of late Amethyst Liddell, former Grand Champion and League Manager of Reborn League-


    -Lumi and Cass were talking to each other, until Oscar arrived onto the scene-


    -Oscar was 20 years old, yet looked as if he was in his early-mid 20s', and had 6'3'' of height. His bodybuild was bulkier than average human, but not so extreme. In fact, in terms of that, his bodybuild was actually slightly less "impressive" than that of Drayden - mayor and Gym Leader of Opelucid City in Unova. He had his medium-long auburn hair and dark chestnut eyes. He was wearing dark grey thick shirt and jeans with black no-sleeve coat long to his ankles. He also wore black knee high boots, and also a long ashy grey scarf which looked old (one end of it was lying on the chest, other was behind his back). He was wearing some kind of gauntlet (without hand covering) with spiky/triangual ending at the top. The said gauntlet was metallic blue with silver edges and details, and also had marble- and diamond-shaped holes for Mega Stones and Z-Crystals to insert-


    Lumi: -tad suprised-   Oscar, you've won?


    Oscar: Yes. It has taken more than I anticipated, honestly. That robotic Breloom was quite tough... I guess that is because it is a robot, after all.    -ponders-   Still... the range of emotions it displayed was bigger than Florinia's and "adult Lin's" combined. 

    Why are you suprised?


    Cass: We thought something's happened to you, our once-defeated Champion. You should be the one to be here first.


    Oscar: -sighs-   First of all, you could save that "once-defeated" phrase. It happened almost a year ago, and everyone knows what happened, I do not need to be reminded of it. Second of all, I have spent more time cheering up that Breloom than fighting it...




    -in one of the condolas, CL:4R1-C3 (or simply Clarice, or Breloombot) was sitting and being visibly depressed; if it could cry, it possibly would. Oscar was sitting on the opposite end, looking at it and trying to conversate-


    Oscar: -the situation was kinda awkward to him-   Listen, uh... "Clarice", yes? I know that you, just like any other that participated in this pseudo-tournament wanted to meet Meloetta, correct?


    Clarice: -very sad; robotic voice-   Breee~...


    Oscar: I, honestly, cannot relate to you, as I have never had any specific "idol" or "role model" of sorts... except my father... But I can assure that one loss is not the end of the world. You simply have to live your life!


    Clarice: -lifts their head, stares in consternation on Oscar-   L-looom...?


    Oscar: I have a friend who's only goal was to deal with certain human for the past. And after said goal was impossible to achieve... She was a bit lost and was finding troubles to find herself in the new reality after the conflict was over... However she did find her next goals, and is pursuing them without having to worry that much about the past. 


    Clarice: -confused-


    Oscar: -continues-   The point is... is that we, whether we are human, Pokemon, robot or any other living being, have to have different goals we wish to pursue and achieve, all bigger and smaller ones, and not just one. Because... if we complete that goal, or it is impossible to be done... would we not lose all sense of life after it?


    Clarice: -"shuts down" for a brief moment, only to later nod and agree-   Bre, brebreloom!


    Oscar: Exactly! When, in the faraway region of Sacroc, Team Omega was finished, the region was safe, and I lost the title of Champion to younger, more talented and ambitious Trainer than myself... I, too, felt like I had done what I had to...   -gets more confident-   But my master kept claiming that we are never too old to learn, develop or set new goals   -in his thoughts-   ...heh, of course that old geezer would say something like this...

    -to Breloombot again-   What I mean, Clarice, is that you should find some goal you wish to run to. And if you do it, then pick up another. Then another and another, until all your cogs get rusty for you to move. You are very ambitious robot Pokemon; do not throw away everything so easily. As Pokemon League Champion, I can even help you find a job that someone like you would be a perfect fit.   -stands up and approaches Breloombot-   So... what do you say?    -kneels before Breloombot to have him be on the same "level" as it and extends his right hand-   Will you accept my proposal?


    Clarice: -stands up, smiles and shakes hand with Oscar; jovial-   Bre-loom!!!


    *end of flashback*


    Lumi: -likes the story-   Wow~...


    Cass: To think that Reborn's WORST machine operator would serve as an actual therapist to some random robot...


    Oscar: I may be bad with modern technologies... very bad, in fact... Yet I am quite experienced in talking to Pokemon; all of them, in fact, not just purely biological ones.


    -meanwhile, Meloetta stopped flying around and returned to her place; next to Ringmaster; and Samson got really bored, really quickly... and also a bit salty-


    Samson: -bored to tears-   ...have you guys finished? Let's get going with it already... Sometimes I wonder why I put up with this all...


    Meloetta: -in a singy tone-   Melo melo etta~!


    Alistasia: -claps her hands thrice to bring others' attention-   All right, everyone. Here's the results of Round 3~!

    In the first match, Champion Oscar trounced robo-Breloom known as "Clarice"!


    Samson: -questions for a while-   ...anyone know why that... 'thing' was here in the first place?


    Lumi: I guess it simply loves Meloetta's music


    Cass: As basically everyone who's here... well, ALMOST everyone   -gives the sharp look at Samson-


    Samson: To my defense, I was forced to compete. By you-know-who...


    Alistasia: -cleans throat-   In the second match, Break of Magma Gang was crushed-   -her eyes started to shine and the tone of voice changed slightly to being more proud but in a cute way-    -by our powerful and beautiful Mystery Participant~!


    Cass: -annoyed-   Subtlety's... rrreally~ not your thing, huh?


    Lumi: Apparently not-


    Alistasia: -interrupts them-    Ahem! Continuing, in the third match, Samson's Pride was eliminated by our friendly local, Cass.


    Samson: -sigh of irritation, annoyance and shame-


    Alistasia: -continues; ramps up-   Not just eliminated, no no no, but also stepped on and absolutely destroyed! Truth to be told... it's really hard to understate just how much Samson's Pride was thrashed right then!


    Samson: -impatience grows-   You can stop now...


    Cass: -to Alistasia-   No, don't stop, go on.


    Oscar: -to Cass-   You really love to humilate your opponents, do you not?


    Cass: Hmmmmm... sometimes :)


    Lumi: Like defeating him wasn't enough...


    Alistasia: -continues Samson's harassment-   Of the top 10 most humilitating defeats we've had here at the Agate CIrcus, I promptly believe that Samson's Pride suffered the worst out of all of them! But... some might say, that the outcome was bound to happen... to someone like Samson's Pride


    -having enough, Samson left his place, still trying to maintain his cool-


    Samson: -to Ringmaster-   Good luck in finding yourself a new bouncer.


    Meloetta: -worried-


    Alistasia: -panics-   W-W-Wait! ...Okay, Okay, I'll stop! Just... just don't go!


    -Samson just turned around, smirked while seeing her beg him, and returned to his place-


    Alistasia: And in the last, but not least, fourth match, our icy angel Lumi prevailed against Santiago of the Q Gang!


    Lumi: -excited-   Y-hym! That was a fun battle! And he even taught me a new word!


    -everyone suddenly began to glare at Lumi, not believing their own ears-


    Lumi: -confused; looks around-   ...what?


    Cass: Lumi...? What word that was?


    Lumi: Oh! Y-you know, the one that Santiago says all the time, in various forms, that starts with 'f'. 


    Everyone else: -complete silence-


    -soon after, Oscar turned and left them; even though he tried, he couldn't hide his anger-


    Alistasia: -concerned-   Um, Oscar... Where are you going? The Tournament isn't finished!


    Oscar: -stops next to the steps leading to the main part of the Circus-   Forgive me, Alistasia, but can we postpone semifinals for... later? I have a matter to attend in Reborn City.    -pulls out an Ultra Ball from the pocket-   Do not worry, I will return as soon as possible.


    -he released a Pokemon from said Ultra Ball, which was Dragonaiad (alternative evolution of Dragonair; exclusive to Sacroc region; Pokemon looks like Dragonair, but is bigger, has two pairs of angel-like wings {near their "neck" and in the middle of their height}, plus one additional pair on their head which looks like Dragonair's but are longer - and also Dragonaiad has a bit longer horn, two crystal orbs on the body and and three at the end of their tail)-


    -he willingly accepted his Dragonaiad's snoggling and jumped on her back, ready to take off-


    Oscar: -before flying off-   Oh. And if you happen to see the streets of Peridot Ward painted red, it was not me.


    -he and his Dragonaiad flew to the Reborn City, with others silently standing-


    Samson: ...he's gonna murder him, isn't he...?


    Alistasia: Yuuuup...


    Lumi: -reminiscing-   Like in the old days...


    Cass: Certified Oscar moment...


    -all of them were silent for a while-


    Samson: Now what? 


    Meloetta: -whispers something to Ringmaster-


    Alistasia: Ah, okay. Break time!


    -Meloetta started to soar around again, and Alistasia with Samson returned to the head tent of the Circus-


    Samson: -while on the way; to Ringmaster-   But I WILL get raise for having me and pride embarrassed, yes? It was you who put me against that gal, when I was to face that Lumi girl.


    Alistasia: You want a raise for your own embarrassment? It was you who lost, not me. 


    -"camera" is directed onto Lumi and Cass, who overhear the conversation; voices of Samson and Alistasia are "off-screen"-


    Samson: I know you manipulate the tournament just to have Meloetta just for yourself and to ensure no other would get her.


    Alistasia: Whaaat? Pffff, nonsense!


    Samson: Then explain having yourself as that... "Mystery Participant"... which isn't actually a mystery cuz everyone's know them, or should I say "her"...


    Alistasia: -tries to think of an excuse-   W-well... That is becauseeee...ummm....


    -Cass and Lumi looked at each other for a while- 


    Samson: Also the fields. Because it was such a great idea to put mid-tier Gym Leader against League Representative on the level of the E4 on a field heavily favoring the favorite


    Alistasia: Y-you were just unlucky, Samson. That can happen to anyone.  ...maybe with a bit of luck...


    Samson: So you're telling me your match with Champ won't take place on Big Top Arena, huh?


    Alistasia: ...


    Samson: U...huh... whatever, boss. 

    You're gonna get "stepped on and absolutely destroyed" and "suffer the worst defeat in the history of Agate Circus" anyways


    -they got so far that their conversation was barely hearable for the girls-


    Lumi: So... will we tell Oscar about the incident?


    Cass: -reminds herself of Oscar-   Um, maybe? I don't know. But I've gotta make a phone call - can you stay here for a moment?


    Lumi: Yes, I can!


    -Cass went several feet away from Lumi (and everyone else), then took her phone and started to make a call-


    *meanwhile; somewhere else*


    -on the "screen" there is seen a room; probably just one of an entire house, even though there were only one set of doors. Walls and celling were painted white, with floor made out of light pine wood. Inside, there was a small office with desk made out of the same wood as floor, and on it there were lamp for night work and lots of papers, and chair next to it. Alongside it, one could find acacia-wood wardrobe next to the desk, one-person bed on the opposite end, two big, soft dens for cats/dogs to sleep next to the bed (both white) and old-fashioned brick stove on the opposite end to the entrance doors. But in the room, there already were Absol and Alolan Ninetales, lying in their dens-


    -then, doors opened, and through them entered young woman with fair (and a bit pale) skin, long pitch-black hair, violet eyes, wearing light red dress-like shirt long to the thighs, dark grey trousers, black block heels (which weren't high, actually) and black-purple rope bracelet on her right wrist-


    -Pokemon after seeing her stood up and ran to her, being happy-


    ???: -pats them-   There, there. I'm here, alright? Nothing happened. 

    Oh, you must be hungry, right? Let me just redress. 


    -she then opened the wardrobe, which had quite a few sets of clothes, but above it, on the shelf, not knowing why, a mannequin head (the same which are used in clothing or hairdressing shops)-


    -mysterious women removed dress from herself, threw in onto the bed, and wore different clothes, which were more... loose. That were white-on-top-and-black-on-bottom T-shirt, violet trousers and dark high boots. Her right hand reached left eye, and pulled out what might look like a eye contact; after removing it, color of the eye changed from pretty violet to deep blue. The same happened when eye contact was removed from the other eye-


    -after putting them to some box, she looked up in the wardrobe and found black scarf (shorter and smaller to what Oscar was wearing), and wore it around her neck. Then, after adjusting and taking a deep breath, she reached up to her hair, and slowly pulled them off, showing that it was just a wig. After removing it, long snow white hair flew down, and she took a breath once more, only to smile a little. Then she put the wig on the desk-


    -after everything, the truth was revealed - that women was none other than Amethyst Liddell; presumed dead (or so we thought)-


    Ame: And~ done! Now we can go to the point.


    *short timeskip*  


    -Absol and Ninetales were promptly eating their food given to them in the bowls, with their owner giggling, then suddenly, a phone rang-


    Ame: -picks it up, but before cleans throat and tries to change the voice-   Yes?


    Cass: Ame? You there? It's me, Cass!


    Ame: -freaks out-   Cass!? What have I told you about phoning me during missions!? You're gonna fizzle out my plan! I haven't faked my own death for nothing, you know!


    -screen splits into two, with a line that comes from top right corner to down left corner - Ame (in her room) is shown on the left side, and Cass (near Ferris Wheel) on the right-


    Cass: Oh, sorry, I forgot about that. It's just... I still haven't dealt with the fact that "you" are dead...


    Ame: Not only you. Oscar apparently still deals with it and keep blaming himself for that. And... why are you calling again?


    Cass: -forehead slap-   AH! Yeah! Do you remember Santiago? That big guy from Q Gang who secretly loves cute and soft Pokemon?


    Ame: How could I forget him? His reveal made an ever-lasting impression on me.  ...not in a positive sense, though...


    Cass: You~... might give him an protection or something.


    Ame: -genuinely confused; curls her hair-   ...what has he done this time? Is it something bad?


    Cass: Welp, you can say so... He, um, taught Lumi the 'fuck' word, and it seems she may like it.


    Ame: Oookay? That is definitely a sin, but that doesn't explain why he needs a protection... and from whom?


    Cass: The point is...   -sighs-   Oscar has heard that, and went to Peridot Ward to punish the foul-tounged gangster. 


    Ame: -silent for a while, then takes another deep breath-   Do you know... how IMPOSSIBLE that task is?!

    You want me, a 'dead' League Chairman, to sent something or someone, to stop a pissed off, determined man who could completely level an entire Reborn City in 5 minutes...  Even if send all Gym Leaders, Reserves and Elite Four, there's a chance they would still lose, and maybe even die!

    ...maybe you should have informed Santiago how overprotective toward children Oscar can be?


    Cass: -ponders-   Maybe... Buuuut can you at least organize funeral or something for him?


    Ame: I'll contact Elias about this. 


    -meanwhile, on "Cass' part of the screen", Lumi turned to her-


    Lumi: -waves in the background-   Hey, Cass! With who are you speaking? 


    -both Cass and Ame were scared of the situation-


    Lumi: She sounded quite familiar... Who is it?


    Cass: -puts down the phone and covers it with the hand-   U-um... nobody! We've just finished!


    Lumi: But...   -points at "Ame's part of the screen"-   ...you still are in contact right now.


    Cass: -panics-   NO, WE AREN'T!


    Lumi: -questions her-   Yes, you are. Look. 


    -Lumi got closer to Cass, while Ame hid behind the "line" so she wouldn't get noticed-


    Lumi: The conversation window is still here-   -notices-   oh, nobody's there?   -observes the room-   But that place looks very comfy.   -climbs up the "line" to have a better look; Cass is terrified that the truth will be revealed-   The bed, the stove, the... hair? Wait... what's that?


     -out of blue, Alolan Ninetales came and stood on their two back legs, so their head was on the same height as Lumi's. Pokemon quickly licked her nose, and returned to their place-


    Cass: -sweats nerviously-   Um, Lumi? Maybe we'll check if Alistasia and Samson have returned?


    Lumi: -disappointed-   So... we can't meet your friend?


    Cass: N-not today, but someday... maybe...? 


    Lumi: -sad-   Okay...   -quickly reverts to happy-   Bye, Cass' friend!


    -she returned to the place she had previously been-


    -Ame stood up and wiped off the sweat off her forehead-


    Cass: It was close...


    Ame: Too close, in fact... 

    You know why no one else must know that I live, right?


    Cass: Mmmm... Because you want to live peaceful, non-stressful life out of limelights?


    Ame: Yeah, that also. But the main reason is that now - especially now - all higher-ups and VIPs in Reborn Region are associated with Oscar and as their Champion, he'll get informed about everything that happens. If he discovers that I'm alive-


    Cass: -interrupts; thinking that she knows the answer-   He'll be hugging and apologizing you for an entire week straight only to throw a big party for you?


    Ame: Either that... or I'm gonna be dead for sure...


    Cass: And what are the chances?


    Ame: -analyzes all possible outcomes-   Roughly 6 to 1 on "big party's" favor. But that can change, depending on his mood. Because now, I think it's 50/50. 


    Cass: Okay. So... we're leaving Santiago just like that?


    Ame: As Oscar's father, Aegis, was saying... "If necessary, sacrificing a few for the sake of many is the best option... as it may be the only good option"


    Cass: Where did you take that from?


    Ame: From one of Aegis Pendragon's biographies... which I've "stolen" from Titania's library that one day I was inspecting Gyms while she wasn't paying attention. 


    Cass: Now you have to worry about both Oscar and Tania, don't you?


    Ame-annoyed-   Ugh... Yes, I do... Is that all?


    Cass: Yes...? I think yes. Enjoy your second life!


    -both disconnected, and screen returned to the normal, showing Cass and Lumi- 


    Cass: So, Lumi, what about we start now...? Without having to worry about Oscar, that greedy Ringmaster and her antics?


    Lumi: -determined-   But I won't lose! Glaceon and I will defeat you, no matter the field!


    Cass: About that...    -whispers-   ...will your Glaceon still like me if I defeat her too?


    Lumi: -whispers back-   Don't worry, she will. And I too. Let's have fun!


    Cass: Then, here we go!


    -both ran to the Ferris Wheel, ready to face each other-


    -literal seconds after, Alistasia and Samson (who was pressing a piece of raw T-bone steak to the right half of his face) arrived-


    Alistasia: ...It's over? Already? Without me?!


    Samson: -announcer's tone-   It looks like Ringmaster Alistasia's Pride was crushed yet again!


    Alistasia: -annoyed-   All right, I get it... 


    -a mysterious, constant sound of heavy object falling down was getting louder and louder- 


    Alistasia: -looks around with Samson-   What's that sound?




    Both: -look up; not suprised but quite worried-   Oh...


    -Samson pulled out an umbrella and gave it to Ringmaster, who opened it above their heads- 


    -for a brief second, we could see Terra diving down while being curled into a ball. In the exact same moment when she touched the ground, everything around in 6 feet radius exploded- 


    The End

    What do you think? 

    Give your opinions and say if you would like more of them

  9. Happy B-Day, Jade. 

    I do wish you would never lose the dark flames that ignite your soul and heart, and you stay determined, even in the most unlucky moments of the world and your life. 


    Soory, I'm not good with wishes 

    1. Dark Warrior

      Dark Warrior

      Thank you!

  10. Jade... You have NO idea what terryfing classes would look like. Since middle school, I've had the opinion of intimidating and if I were to become teacher, I'd be "the menace of the school", with the strict rules, rough behavior and NO compromises. Hm, should Cass and I rival who's bigger teaching menace?
  11. The Master Eight of World Coronation Series has been announced. 

    And the roster is... stacked, to say the least:

    1. Galar Grand Champion Leon
    2. Sinnoh Grand Champion Cynthia 
    3. Hoenn Grand Champion Steven
    4. Indigo Elite Four Lance 
    5. Kalos Grand Champion Diantha 
    6. Lumiose Conference Winner Alain
    7. Unova Grand Champion Iris 
    8. Alola Grand Champion Ash

    Six current Champions, one former/recent, and Mega Evolution expert. 

    We can say that the matches should be very exciting 


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Oscarus



      Actually, in the anime, during his battle with Leon, he was presented as "Lance of the Elite Four", signifying he had lost the position. 

      But now I check Bulbapedia, and he apparently in the last episode was referred as "Champion of Kanto and Johto"... so you're right. 


      I'm not watching anime regularly, and spoilers on YT and other sources are so common it's nearly impossible to avoid. And my friends spoiled it to me too... 


      So, we have, in fact, all Grand Champions of canon regions... plus one, semi-random Trainer. 

      To be fair, I'm not mad. 

      Actually, I think that the list is perhaps the most accurate as it can be. Maybe I wanted a Frontier Brain like Anabel, Brandon or Palmer to appear, but... The list makes sense - all current and currently-known Champions are there, so it makes sense. 


      One could argue with the rankings within the list, but since they (probably) didn't battle each other (expect some matches in the past, like Alain vs Diantha, Ash vs Leon, Ash vs Iris and Leon vs Lance), the more they battled, the higher they are. 


    3. SolareSupremo


      It took more than 90 episodes for Lance to appear with his title as a champion so that's not surprising at all.

    4. Dark Warrior

      Dark Warrior

      You guys watch the anime? I don't

  12. I honestly don't know if being creative and having wide imagination is helpful... or hurtful. 


    On one side, I do have many ideas, but also not enough time nor determination to create those. For example... I was thinking about writing some "off-story" (In an alternative universe where no one dies at the end and everyone's happy) fanfic piece where some characters from Reborn play "King's Game" (Ousama game) together and... there would be a LOT of chaotic things that'd happen. But chaotic in a humurous way, not cringey. 


    Of course, I'd rather it to be in an "anime-style" because I'm afraid my writing isn't giving the full perspective of the scenery - especially if you're not familiar with the universe in which the story takes place. The reason is because English is just my 2nd laungage, and I still can't develop my linguistic skills to their fullest. I also often make mistakes while typing, and keep repeating the same words 'cause I cannot find alternatives. 

    And animation would look better than just pure words, duh. 



    ...what was the point again? Ah, my potential short story. 

    I don't know if that's a good idea to do, but I honestly want to try and see if that will appeal. 

    1. Anime


      Honestly? I think that's a great idea! It's pretty interesting to see how it'll play out!

      Also, although I'm only saying this based on this post since I haven't been around the forums in ages, but your english seems pretty good!

  13. Nothing... and I mean NOTHING pisses me off more during competitive battles than "strategies" falling under the umbrella of: stalling and wasting time of the opponent 


    That means: spamming Toxic, Will-o-Wisp, and Protect, constantly switching in and out, using moves like Roar or Whirlwind... Those strategies-  I can't even call them strategies - that's just being annoying. Of course, if only 1 or 2 Pokemon have those, no problem. But if ENTIRE TEAM is built around those strats... then I cannot even name it a strategy - that is being a dick. Especially when you laugh and taunt your opponent on chat 


    If you're using such strats all the time, then that means you cannot face create true team to fight like equals against others. And if you keep laughing and salting others, then you only support my theory. 


    The only loss of my new team come because of Toxic-Protect stall with entry hazard (which are rare in Doubles outside of Sticky Web which benefits me more), Roar and Whirlwind to prevent Trick Room and some Taunt, Torment or Encore. 

    That guy... girl... whatever, had SO MUCH LUCK that they were able to Double-Protect almost every single time, and I think there even was a Triple-Protect which... isn't impossible, there's, like, 1 in 27 chance to do so. But I'm still salty - just like another battle which ENTIRE team was around Perish Trap; which I've barely won... Jesus Christ... 


    Currently my new team has 8-1 record (first 6 won), and my Trick Room team overall has 29-6 record (which is 82,8% win rate) 

    1. Dark Warrior

      Dark Warrior

      Yeah, I don't do battles like this, and this is exactly why. I get enough shit from Reborn.

    2. Oscarus


      No shit. I like competitive... as long as both teams have the chance to win. 

      I'm not some kind of mastermind like Wolfe Glick or Se Jun Park, so I may be defeated by non-superniche teams. 


      But that kind of teams wall not only me, but others as well, giving them no chance to do anything or limiting so badly they might as well surrender. Plus there's the factor of RNG, so~... 

      RNG of status conditions and flinching, not damage factor. 

  14. Spoiler

    When in one of the Championship Defenses, Charlotte proposed to redecorate the Champion room... I honestly am all for. 



    I honestly would like the Champion room in the Pokemon League to have a combination of black, (very) dark grey and dark indigo (violet) or dark crimson. 

    Then get rid of the electrical light and let's put some torches on the walls and pillars which will burn with either violet or crimson-colored (it is possible; just a little chemistry can do wonders) 


    Then, at the opposite end of the room, instead of PULSE Abra I would like a throne made out of human and Pokemon bones, which I'd like to have them surrounding the room.

    If the challenger manages to defeat Elite Four, they would see me, sitting on that throne, slowly clapping as a mean of congratulating, then speak the "classical dark yabba yabba" in a Champion manner, with a low and stern voice. With the scenery, it'd create an truly terryfing, blood-freezing atmosphere in the final battle of Reborn League. 



    Obviously, the bones would be props and my manner... just acting (if we could send voicelines here I'd show you how I could sound like there)

    I just want them to think that Champion would be nice, diligent and peaceful invidual... only to find he might be an actual psychopath who loves to spread suffer and agony, and eat the flesh of the beaten challengers. While others would be right - an acting to have them both scared, and determined to give their all, because if they knew they could die if lost, they would give 100% if not more. Which means more fun in battling! 


    Actually, Lin does something very similar - her image of invincible, stoic and ruthless terrorist leader is an act; she's just an child who doesn't want to be forgotten, and have fun with the others... in her own, twisted way... 


    And... How would you like to rearrange the Champion room if you could? 

    Share your ideas


    1. Dark Warrior

      Dark Warrior


      Purple, white, and gold.


    2. Oscarus



      And... A bit more? 

      Because just colors aren't giving the full potential look. No offense 


    3. Dark Warrior

      Dark Warrior


      Purple Drapes on the walls, , gold plated flooring, white marble walls and pillars... Very fancy room, with an Amethyst throne.


  15. I'm asking, because I have analyzed and created new team - which is created to counter any anti-Trick Room leads, especially fast Taunts or Fake Outs


    Stakataka @ Steelium Z  

    Ability: Beast Boost  

    EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD  

    Lonely Nature  

    IVs: 14 Def / 0 Spe  

    - Rock Slide  

    - Gyro Ball  

    - Stomping Tantrum  

    - Trick Room  


    Camerupt (M) @ Cameruptite  

    Ability: Solid Rock  

    EVs: 252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 SpD  

    Quiet Nature  

    IVs: 30 HP / 1 Atk / 30 SpA / 1 Spe  

    - Heat Wave  

    - Earth Power  

    - Ancient Power  

    - Hidden Power [Grass]  


    Togekiss (F) @ Iapapa Berry  

    Ability: Serene Grace  

    EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpA  

    Quiet Nature  

    IVs: 0 Atk / 0 Spe  

    - Follow Me  

    - Air Slash  

    - Heat Wave  

    - Dazzling Gleam  


    Milotic @ Leftovers  

    Ability: Competitive  

    EVs: 252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 SpD  

    Sassy Nature  

    IVs: 30 HP / 1 Atk / 30 SpA / 1 Spe  

    - Ice Beam  

    - Scald  

    - Hidden Power [Grass]  

    - Protect 


    Cresselia (F) @ Mental Herb  

    Ability: Levitate  

    EVs: 252 HP / 164 Def / 92 SpD  

    Sassy Nature  

    IVs: 0 Atk / 0 Spe  

    - Trick Room  

    - Psychic  

    - Moonlight  

    - Helping Hand  


    Tyranitar (M) @ Weakness Policy  

    Ability: Sand Stream  

    EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD  

    Brave Nature  

    IVs: 0 Spe  

    - Rock Slide  

    - Protect  

    - Brick Break  

    - Fire Punch  



    Mega Camerupt and Tyranitar - the most reliable members - are without any major changes; Tyranitar has different offensive moveset, but that is it. I do consider giving Camerupt Protect, to "summon" Water attacks and bait them to hitting either resistant Milotic, or Weakness Policy Tyranitar, but as of right now it doesn't seem necessary. 


    For Milotic I replaced Dragon Pulse with Hidden Power Grass, to deal with other bulky Water types which would wall it. I've experienced it before; in one battle there was Milotic vs Milotic at the very end... and it was ultra long. 


    For other Pokemon... Porygon2 and Dusclops stopped being reliable; especially when opponent had Taunt. For that I wanted to introduce replacements for them: Cresselia and Stakataka


    I know I've replaced Stakataka for being unreliable, but now I have better strategies 

    I am aware that Cresselia basically screams "Trick Room team"... but so does Dusclops. And that Legendary Pokemon is bulkier than even Evolite Dusclops, thanks to Base HP which is 3 times bigger! 

    One could say that it isn't THAT better, because it's also weak to Knock Off, and vulnerable to Taunt, while not being immune to Fake Out. Well, I have the solution for two of the three:

    • Fake Out is very hard to counter if not a Ghost, but if the opponent aims at the offensive Pokemon, it should be fine 
    • Knock Off is boosted only once; without item it isn't as strong, even if used by Max Atk Incineroar
    • Taunt can be repelled with Mental Herb; one-use item which nivelates the effect of moves like Taunt, Disable, Encore, Torment, etc.  If Cresselia isn't hit by Knock Off before it is used, it can counter opponent trying to counter my Trick Room setting

    Moonlight and Helping Hand (either of them being able to be replaced by Protect) are for utility, and Psychic (eventually Psyshock) to actually do damage in case something goes wrong (taunted AND blocked at once, f.e.) 


    Stakataka isn't as obvious of a Trick Room setter as Cresselia, so it won't be a target of Taunting. But it might be Fake Out'd... or hit by a x4 Fighting or Ground attack. And since its' IV/EV spread is made to have the Attack be higher than Defense, therefore Beast Boost boosting Attack, it's a bit fragile. Also Trick Room makes impossible to effectively use Assault Vest. But that's where completely new team members joins - Togekiss. 


    I'll admit, that's a bit odd of a choice, but hear me out. Togekiss is (almost) perfect choice to potentially lead with Stakataka because of one move - Follow Me. 

    Thanks to +2 priority, it will have most of the attacks to aim at Togekiss, who takes excellently all types which Stakataka's weak to - it's immune to Ground, double resistant to Fighting, and only neutral to Water, which if they aim at it, I can switch Togekiss to Milotic or Tyranitar. The only attacks that won't redirect are those with higher priority (only Fake Out), those with the same but on faster Pokemon (First Impression, Extreme Speed, Faint; all uncommon in Doubles) or specific ones: Doom Desire or Future Sight. So I think it's fine to have those. 

    Alongside it, spread moves of Dazzling Gleam and Heat Wave, plus STAB Air Slash with 60% chance to flinch and Iapapa Berry (or Sitrus) to heal the bulky Togekiss. 


    And Stakataka gets Steelium Z... because I don't have any better item on it, except Chople/Shuca Berry (which are too much of a roulette to use), or Life Orb.

    I'll see if I made good choices 

    1. Dark Warrior

      Dark Warrior

      Maybe Life Orb would be better than Steelium Z...?

    2. Oscarus


      I do wonder about it

      We'll see later

  16. Question - where on this forum can I talk freely about competitive Pokemon (outside of Reborn topic)? Because I'm afraid I won't reach much writing here about my "team-creating problems"... 

  17. received_363955589025233.thumb.jpeg.c2bfdf6046543d93f1e4ed19e3c84b98.jpeg




    Saphira Belrose (w/ Laura Belrose) vs Sigmund Connal in a Intergender Match with Elias Hazel as Special Guest Referee and Charlotte Belrose as guest commentator. 


    Book it, Amethyst! 



    that's just a joke, don't be mad pls


    1. SolareSupremo


      I don't care!

  18. Spoiler

    So... Do you want to say... that we-, I-... can be friends with Lin... for real...? 




    I have been saying that it'd be interesting if the "real Lin" was actually controlled or something like that by Giratina or other (unholy) being, and she was actually delicate, kind and cute. And that I'd love to be friends with her


    While the part about "controlling" was wrong... after we save her (only in Lin Route, unfortunately), she slowly becomes to what I've imagined her to be, and we can be friend.

    I wonder if we can battle side-by-side or against each other for fun... 



    And I want to present her to remaining Meteors to say: "Now, guys, allow me to introduce to you... your almighty leader, Lin". 

    I can only imagine their reactions; that they've been ruled by some goddamn orphan, which is younger than the youngest member of Reborn Pokemon League 




    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. SolareSupremo
    3. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal


      @Q-Jei I believed that the Child Lin (Lindsey) was actually a Red Herring to me and that it was just pure coincidence. Guess I was wrong.


      Also I fully agree with you about Charlotte. That damm bastard ruined their lives, but I'm glad that he got what he deserved. Finally! 


      After watching some cutscenes and read the dialouges, I noticed that Saphira had it MUCH worse than Charlotte. After going through hellish years in the Orphanage and failed to claim guardianship for her sisters back then. I think she eventually broke down, believing that she failed as their protector and sister.


      With nobody help them, when their parents died😭😢


    4. Dark Warrior

      Dark Warrior


      Me and Lin shall be besties for life, despite the age gap


  19. Stakataka's x4 weaknesses made their presence fell to me... in a hard way. 


    So, I decided to replace it with Celesteela - another bulky and offensive Ultra Beast.

    Yes, I've said that I hate that UB... but the effectiveness and wide coverage can't be denied. Honestly, I've had the trouble with deciding whether should I use psyhical or special side of offense (as Celesteela's Attack and Special Attack are almost equal). Ultimately, I decided for special side, with seemingly better coverage for my tastes (and Giga Drain being able to heal it) 

    And it helped me a few times - easily tanking Rain-boosted Ludicolo's Hydro Vortex (from Hydro Pump). 



    Now, that team has a 15-3 record (Win Rate of 83,3%, which isn't that good, but for now it can be) 

  20. My Trick Room team has currently 8-1 record in Gen 7 competitive Doubles meta game on Pokemon Showdown - winning the first 6 matches. 

    Not even Taunt can do much - even without Trick Room, Dusclops and Porygon2 are too much for opponents to handle at ease. Intimidate users are a fodder to Milotic. Stakataka and Tyranitar can tank even x4 hits, then obliterate with boosted Rock Slides. And Mega Camerupt WILL destroy you if you don't destroy it. 


    Team is... almost perfect - it does have some holes, but as of right now, I don't see much need of correcting those, as the ways to heavy-counter them are quite 'niche' 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. SolareSupremo


      I’m not forcing you to change your team. I was trying to say about my future team.

    3. Oscarus


      No no. It's just me being... pricky. And a bit salty. 


      As once - before doing that Trick Room team, I've lost because of a Chansey. 

      It Guard Swap'd with Shuckle. 

    4. SolareSupremo


      Dusclops can have Pain Split move by breeding or by Move tutor.

  21. Not gonna lie... She's kinda hot in those.
  22. Spoiler

    Man... I am very sorry for Taube. 

    He just wanted to make Reborn a better place and serve Arceus. He wasn't a battler but a kind leader. 


    Yet, he was just a victim of people's greed and unhealthy desire for power. And the things he possessed - The Keys - were too much weight for him to handle, as he never was a strong Trainer.


    Maybe that's why Solaris wanted to be the strongest - to have the power to protect what's dear for him: the region... and his son. 


    1. Evi Crystal

      Evi Crystal


      And then he and his wife got killed because of the keys, causing their son to create an organization and went off into the madness😭


      That's just sad and cruel, which makes me feel bad for Solaris😢


    2. Oscarus



      That makes me wonder... If Taube's and his wife's death could be put as "the chronologically first causation of Pokemon Reborn events" 


      Because of that, Solaris began his path toward evil (which isn't as rare of a trope as one might think), and decided to protect the keys himself, as previously he hadn't cared previously about them or family's traditions. 

      But... that didn't work out 'cause Radomus yoinked them out of his sight (except Emerald Brooch which had been given earlier to Elias), only to sell Ruby and Sapphire to Corey and Monthy, which were given to their loves - Elena and Caroline, and gave Amethyst to Zina, alongside buying castle south of Route 1, as apparently she dreamt of living in castle. 


      Soon after, he formed Team Meteor to fulfill his goal - reshape Reborn City to its original "form". And then... we all know what has happened 


  23. You have said that Porygon2 was my weakest Pokemon in the Trick Room team. 

    And thanks to it I've won my first match lol. 


    My opponent quit after its' Blizzard froze BOTH Mega Alakazam and Zapdos at once! The did survive both the Blizzard and Stakataka's Rock Slide, but barely, and only because of Aurora Veil. Still, that was hilarious

    1. Dark Warrior

      Dark Warrior

      Wow. Good job.

  24. 10th could be Dragon, since it's a type also associated with purple/violet. And the design reminds me of dragon scales. I think that 11th isn't Steel, but Fighting (swords represent knights and other valiant warriors like gladiators), and 17th is Steel (because it's a cog; at least it looks like a cog) But that would mean the 12th is Ground... which wouldn't make much sense unless the so-called "cards" represent tectonic plates of the Earth, which lie on each other and occasionally move, causing earthquakes (and tsunamis, but that is an aftermath of underwater earthquake)
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