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  1. "Protagonist can talk" for Pokemon Rejuvenation. It's about Aero's Hisuian Decidueye fighting wild Ghost type Pokemons in Darchlight Manor :

    Aero : Ha! How do you like this?!

    Decidueye : Deci!


    Wild Ghost type Pokemons fled.


    Aero : Sometimes, I forget about your ability Scrappy. Without it, we would be goners from the get go.

    Decidueye : Dueye!!!


    Hisuian Decidueye then scolds Aero for not noticing it.


    Aero : Sorry! I didn't want to upset you!

    Speaking of which, where is that mysterious ghost girl, here?

    That place is getting weirder as long as we investigate even further.

    Decidueye : Decidueye!

    Aero : Wait. What are you doing?


    Hisuian Decidueye is running to the upstairs in living room.


    Aero : I hope you're showing the way. I suppose.


    Aero went to follow Hisuian Decidueye until they see the doll who's moving to the rock, transforming it into a boulder that can be moved by using Strength, much to their shock.


    Aero : It changed shape of that rock.



    Aero summons Pinsir.


    Pinsir : Pin.

    Aero : Pinsir. Use Strength.


    Pinsir used Strength to move that boulder, causing to fall to Main Hall.


    Aero : Let's check it out to the Main Hall. We gotta find out the answer.

    Decidueye : Deci.

    Pinsir : Sir.


    Note : That's it for now. And about Jojo Bizarre Adventure, the original era timeline story has come to an end. Took 10 years for them to release episodes from Part 1 to Part 6 in the anime case. Sounds like the story is over. But Part 7 and Part 8 still exists. Yet, the story will happen in alternate era. Well, anyone will hope for Part 7 to appear in anime. See you in next weekend.

    1. Oscarus


      DP truly outdid themselves in the last batch. While some parts were a little chaotic, like Bohemian Rhapsody arc (which... was even more chaotic in manga, so at least it was a little cleared up), but all was worthy. 


      Additionally, the references to previous parts, both on-screen and in OST, ESPECIALLY Roundabout being the ED Theme for the last episode... We've truly reached the end. And how glorious it has been...


      But, oh well, we should wait 3/4 years for Steel Ball Run, right? This part will be absolutely bonkers, and I truly mean it. 


      I want to see the anime-only fans freaking out when Jesus appears and starts teaching Johnny how to overcome the feeling of guilt. 


  2. "Protagonist can talk" for Pokemon Rejuvenation. It's about Ariana who's training her Hisuian Typhlosion (who's holding a machine that translates Pokemon language into human language which it was a prototype made by Saki) about mastering the ability Frisk along with her Venusaur with successful attempts :

    Ariana : So which item I was holding?

    Typhlosion : Typhosion! (The machine says : You're holding the Choice Scarf!)


    Hisuian Typhlosion guessed correctly. It was a Choice Scarf.


    Ariana : Bravo! I guess you're almost here!

    Typhlosion : Ty... (Machine says : Well, I hope so...)

    Ariana : Final question : Does Venusaur hold Venusaurite?!


    Hisuian Typhlosion is starting to glow, mastering the ability Frisk.


    Typhlosion : Typh. Typhlosion. (Machine says : I don't think it has Venusaurite. It holds Leaf Stone.)


    Typh. TYPHLOSION?! (Machine says : Wait a minute. WHERE DID YOU GET THAT LEAF STONE?!)

    Ariana : Wow. You did it. Though, I admit I obtained Leaf Stone without telling you.


    Ariana laughed nervously.


    Ariana Anyway, I guess we're done.

    Typhlosion : Typhlo! (Machine says : Good grief!)

    Ariana : You did a good job too, Venusaur.

    Venusaur : Saur!


    Note : Since before yesterday, I was ill. Even now, I'm still struggling to get over this illness. See you in next weekend.

    1. NeoBolt


      Get well soonn

    2. SolareInferno
  3. "Protagonist can talk" for Pokemon Rejuvenation returns. It's about the Gym Leader battle between Aevis' Bisharp and ET2000B's (the Steel Reserve Leader) augmented Bisharp nicknamed : Bishaomega (combination name of Bisharp and Omega) which enters into climax :

    Aevis : Are you alright, Bisharp?

    ET2000B : You have to do better than that.


    Aevis smiles.


    Aevis : I know.

    ET2000B : You're smiling?

    Despite the chances of losing you're having, you're still smiling?


    Aevis : Everyone might be battling for the fate of the region but you don't the meaning of having fun, do you?

    Sometimes, trainers can evolve themselves after countless of battling and strategy. But when it comes for fun is what makes us happy. 

    It's something you really don't have for yourself.

    Besides, it's not over until my last Pokemon is out of bounds.

    ET2000B : ...

    Perhaps, I underestimated you. You're worthy of being the savior of Aevium.

    It's because...

    Your heart... is pure like the light that pierces through the darkness.

    It's like you're... special.

    Aevis : To be honest, ET2000B, nobody is special. Not even me.

    It's a matter of hard work me and all my Pokemon paid for.

    ET2000B : I understand your view and I respect it.

    Aevis : *sigh*

    Cinderace, my faithful partner. Can you see the power of bond between human and Pokemon compared to the bond between the mechanical being and Pokemon?


    Aevis' Cinderace (who's his first Pokemon he chose) nods positively.


    Aevis Just watch this. I'm going to win, no matter what it takes.

    As for you, Bisharp. I believe that you will surpass Bishaomega.

    So, I believe in you.

    Just like I believe in every Pokemon.

    You might be the last but you're not alone.

    What our allies are fallen can become your strength.

    So, Bisharp. You can become better than what you think you can.


    Aevis' encouragement causes his Bisharp to glow and the crest it has been holding is the reason for it.


    ET2000B : What is happening, right now?

    Unless... This crest...

    Don't tell me his Bisharp is...


    Note : I guess it's mostly the moment of awesome I've been writing for. But tomorrow, I won't do that for Pokemon Desolation because of E6 that is on testing or I don't know. Well, see you in next weekend.

  4. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

    1. SolareInferno


      Thank you. I appreciate it.😁

    2. LykosHand


      You're welcome! 😄

  5. Today is my birthday.

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    2. SolareInferno
    3. NeoBolt


      Happy Birthday; wishing you a happy day ahead of you o/

    4. SolareInferno


      Thank you. You, too.

  6. I will tell you about what will happen that is Pokemon Rejuvenation that happens in "Protagonist can talk". But the scene and the dialogue will be adapted differently. What’s worse, I can’t even do that part in new chapters if there isn’t any. So, for the moment, it’s only in chapter 0 to 15 that I can write. However, there’s only many things that what happens which is adapted differently better :


    1. One of the Interceptors becoming the traitor. (Yet, almost following the Renegade Route)

    2. Aevis’ Pokemons act the same competitively as in Radical Red. (Like his Delphox, who wasn’t his starter he chose, gaining the ability Magic Guard and can learn both Nasty Plot and Mind Blown, compared to Delpha, who learned Blue Flare and Dark Pulse and has the ability Adaptability. But Delphox base stats stays the same while Delpha has an incredible one. Yet, Delphox never suffers damage from Life Orb and Mind Blown thanks to Magic Guard while Delpha suffers from Life Orb like always.)

    3. Only one of the Interceptors is the key to save the world. (Passing to Paragon Route)

    4. Axel will temporarily become the "He who fights monsters" due to Nim’s fate. (Meaning that he becomes no different from Madame X.)

    5. One of the Interceptors will sacrifice himself to save everyone, even the loved ones (NOT romantically, just his own friends that he cares the most), which only happens in Paragon Route.

    I hope you understand. But I won’t do the dialogue during the Renegade Route because I prefer the route which is the best one, even if it’s mixed up because many protagonists choosing different paths.

  7. That is the conclusion of Pokemon World Championship. I never thought this would have happened in the end.

    1. Oscarus


      But you have to agree - it was beautiful. Even I shredded tears; a beautiful resolution of the last 25 years. 


      When all of Ash's Pokemon (including the released and temporary ones) appeared in Pikachu's consciousness, as he was about to faint lifelessly, and they with Ash encouraged him to not give up, man, I wouldn't do it better. 


      And, in the end... 


      Ash... did the impossible. 

      He defeated the Undefeatable.

      He attained the highest rank Pokemon Trainer can have - Monarch. 

      His dream of becoming a Pokemon Master... finally came true!



    2. SolareInferno


      It’s about time for the last arc (or so I call it) : Project Mew! It will resume in next 2 weeks. Before it happens, you can say that again about the conclusion and all the career Ash made through, he really got his own wish what he wanted. But does that mean Pokemon anime is going to end?!

    3. Oscarus


      Of course not!

      Not with the popularity the franchise has. 


      I'm more than sure that the anime will continue with different protagonist - teenager attending Naranja/Uva Academy in Paldea. Either we'll have: 

      • One protagonist who's going to participate in "Treasure Hunt" 
      • One protagonist who's willing to complete all three paths from Scarlet/Violet game at once 
      • Three different protagonists, each with different story, but all happening at the same time (eliminating Team Star, gathering Herba Mystica, becoming one of Paldea League Champions, or maybe even Grand Champion) 


      As for Ash... I can see Pokemon Company having him in some hidden cameos, and maybe challenge him the Champion Path protagonist at the end of the Paldea season (only to potentially crush them like a little bug because I doubt they could face him in actual confrontation), but I'm open for suggestions. 


      It is high time to have a new main protagonist which journeys we would follow: it happened in countless shonen-like animes, where the previous main hero's dreams finally came true, and there was nothing more to possibly achieve. 


      I mean... I have in mind imaginary seasons where Ash would go to Sacroc Region; as Diantha and Leon claim that their League is said to be the most challenging (structured similarly to Reborn/Aevium Leagues, but much harder, and all Gym Leaders are Champion-class) 


      Ash could potentially go there, and even with his full power, fail to defeat some Gym Leaders, because knowing who he is, they wouldn't limit themselves. 


      Also... that line from Sacroc Champion I've made gives me shivers


      Ash Ketchum... You may have bested a king... But are you a match, for the Emperor? 


      I, personally, am looking forward to new era of the anime. People may complain that it isn't as bloody and adult as manga, but that's why it is so famous - because everyone could watch it: and with kids who started watching in the 90s', shedding tears as their hero reached the top... 

      Just wait a year or two. 

  8. That completely changes everything. I rather choose Paragon route than Renegade Route. Renegade Route sounds like a path of darkness and despair. Can be heartbreaking to see the Bad Ending.
  9. Mostly in Pokemon Journeys episode 131 :


    Leon’s Rillaboom managed to beat both Ash’s Dragonite and Sirfetch’d despite many damages it takes before being beaten by Ash’s Dracovish. Then Cinderace takes the lead and beats Dracovish without any damage taken. Next, it’s Ash’s Pikachu vs Leon’s Charizard which you will see what happens next.


    1. Oscarus



      This is perhaps one of my favorite of Ash's battles OF ALL TIME, alongside his battles against Gary in Silver Conference's 1/8 finals, Paul in Lily of the Valley Conference's quarterfinals, 3rd battle against Brandon, and Kukui in Manalo Conference's Championship Battle. 


      Ash really shines there, and stand tall against World Champion Leon himself. The battle can be summarized as: Unstoppable Force VS Immovable Object 



      While Ash lost the number advantage, which was quite obvious as 3 of his 4 remaining Pokemon were damaged and tired, and the odds are against him... I'll say it upfront - even if he loses, he DID show the best performance in his entire career, I'd say. 


      But one thing still bothers me... What role will Eternatus futfill in the clash? Judging by the ending and preview, they will have a fairly neutral role, but... will it benefit the fighters, or interrupt the confrontation at their end?


      My guess is since the explosion caused by G-Max Wildfire and 10MV Thunderbolt was so powerful the Dynamax particles in the surrounding area were either destroyed or stimulated, causing Eternatus to enter the arena to give their own Dynamax energy or to balance the power, respectively. 


      One thing is for sure... Goh's decision to give Eternatus to Leon wasn't a betrayal in the slightest - just an action for better good (and Ash probably agrees with it) 



  10. Happy Halloween and I hope you have passed a good time this day.

  11. In Pokemon Journeys, despite the battle in episode 130, Ash manages to beat the other two Pokemon but lost another one with powerful gimmick :


    Mega Lucario

    It looks like Rillabom appearing out means that it will get much worse to Ash’s remaining team.

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    2. SolareInferno


      You got a bit wrong about Ash’s Pikachu part. Do you remember from the start of their battle that Pikachu got hurt by Leon’s Cinderace’s Scorched Sands?

    3. Oscarus


      Oh...so that was... 

      I only remembered Cinderace using Libero to change into Ground type. 


      But still, I doubt it did any damage to Pikachu. Plus he had plenty of time to recover; Pikachu's fine. 

    4. SolareInferno


      Well, today, I checked in the site Serebii and I saw that the battle ends in the episode after the next one. You can see right there down :


    1. Oscarus


      1. I prefer the first remix. The second one is too... "electro" for my tastes 


      2. Can ya give your bro my best regards? 

    2. SolareInferno


      I did and he said thank you.

    1. Oscarus


      Pokemon Scarlet and Violet might be the biggest/best mainline Pokemon game since Black2/White2 


      That is, if GameFreak doesn't screw up balancing and storytelling 

  12. Spacea and Tiempa might be considered to be good characters but they're neutral. I wonder who's their majesty.
  13. Hello. I played Pokemon Xenoverse and you won't believe what I did :


    I registered 197 Vintage Pokemons in Vintagedex and I'm in good mood.

    And yet, I'm upset because it sounds like I'm becoming more distant to my friends. I played this game trying catching and registering all of them but I never bothered to talk to Evi Crystal, nor Q-Jei, neither Oscarus. To be honest, I miss Dark Warrior and I'm really sad now. I really admit how much I'm screwed back then. In the end, I'm always alone here.









    I.. I must go.

    1. Oscarus


      ...what can I say...? 

      If I had any tears left, I'd probably cry as well. 


      Honestly, I don't mind exactly not being talked to - in spite of what haters love to say, I do have friends both here, on other forums, and in real life.

      I'm no longer a spoiled fat child who has to be in the centre of attention because of his successes and is obsessed with perfection; ignoring me won't cause any anger nor resentment. 


      Still... I will not lie: I miss Jade as well. Since May, I wonder where she is now, disappearing from all servers like that... At first I didn't mind, thinking this was just an unannounced break, but after a month... If this was simply losing the access to accounts, I bet she'd just create new ones or find another way to inform us about it, yet...... 

      I, myself, don't know the reason of sudden disappeance, but if something awful happened, I question if I would ever forgive myself... 


      All what is left is hope... 

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