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  1. I did breed a spiritomb for this person, but they never responded, so I suppose you can have it if you need?
  2. I can trade you a moon stone, I don't need your ditto tho
  3. No worries! Are you sure you don't want this chimchar back?
  4. There we go. My bad, I'm so sorry about that mistake on my end!
  5. ASDFGHJ oh my god lol I totally forgot to get the Ditto out! My bad! One second!
  6. Hmm...I was stuck on waiting too. Do you want to send the request instead? My ID is Broken Elegance
  7. Yeah I can get online now, I just got out of the shower lol
  8. I can trade one for you!
  9. Be sure to look closely at that Torchic's stats/summary by the way <3
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