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  1. No it's the same here. However, if you really want a shiny I could trade one
  2. Or not never mind! I'm so sorry about all that trouble!
  3. sent a new request, im so sorry about all this! would you like to add me on discord? we can try to work it out in a call maybe?
  4. I've had issues with the trade doing this before, usually it helps if the other person initiates the trade, that's why I'm asking you to stop sending the request and let me start it
  5. I sent you a request this time, sorry it's having issues!
  6. We may be stuck in waiting, let me restart the trade real fast
  7. Broken Elegance, waiting for request now
  8. How many did you need? I have a few
  9. I can do it now, sorry didn't get a notification
  10. I have one, but keep your shiny
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