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  4. Sylva It had been a slaughter, to be truthful. They were in no way ready, and no combination of their greatest powers could match up to the sheer strength of Li. How she had surpassed the other Coerators was unknown; just that at one point, she had soared far above them in raw power and technique in the blink of an eye. Sylva stood at the plane, slowly ascending. It was huge; the colour of pearls, complete with a whole host of pods and piloted by the best they could afford to waste on a bunch of degenerates learning to use a sword. They filed in, a rush, a horde of panicked prey running from a pack of wolves, fleeing from the flames. "Move, move!" She roared, trying to count but then losing her place - no sign of Aqui, most of the recruits... they couldn't stay much longer. The flames were advancing, and Li wouldn't be confused for long. They had to move now. They had no time.
  5. Li She looked at the girl. The foolish, young girl with hands floating at her command. It bothered her. She was... clingy. Naive. Foolish. Raising her fist back, she prepared to cave the girl's skull in with one, single, mighty blow. But everything moved too fast. Already, a boy was beside the girl; trying to coax her back. A girl, screaming, at Aqui's side to her left. A massive, flaming hellhound - another fire Lumen user? - charging straight for her. In her one moment's weakness, she faltered. Marius wasted no time. He charged immediately into her, sweeping her backwards. She collapsed on the ground, directly in front of the flaming dog. It smashed into her, sending her hurtling back again as if it was a game of ping-pong. Yet when she stood again, there was but a slight scratch on her otherwise perfect face. Even in the midst of flames, she looked as harmless as ever. Yet clearly, something was wrong. She didn't seem scared. Smoke descended further onto the battlefield, but Li saw through it. Flames licked at her hand impatiently, and she herself grew tired of this game. Crimson heat surged from her fingertips, creating a simple enough blade. Gripping fire itself, she vanished. She used the smoke to her advantage; dancing in the shadows. Flames parted at her bare feet, and her hair framed her face. And then she struck. From the cover of smoke like shadow, she had Marius on the floor. Even when the man turned the rain into daggers themselves poking and prodding at her skin, she merely grit her teeth, and then slammed her foot down onto his head. Grabbing him, she threw his unconscious body at Cindy, turning her attention to the next threat. That massive, flaming wolf. She could already see who had summoned it, who controlled it, who used it. She raised her hand. The flames disappeared. Not the hound; that stayed. But every blazing, towering inferno she had made vanished. Yet when one looked at Li, they would see flames emanating from her body. The ground singed beneath her. Her eyes soared around her. A man zoomed past her, fast as lightning, with electricity bristling at his touch. He got too close; and in one fluid motion she had grabbed him with her searing touch, impaled him on a fiery spear and left him to rot. A man with a cane, just a bit too close while trying to stay a bit too far. With a wave of her hand, a searing dagger materialized the farthest she could get to him -- and moved with such frightening speed the man had been knifed and fell to the ground, the smell of charred flesh filling the forest. Another one to gut yelled at her. Xyr face was as sour as a poisoned fruit, with a voice of nails on chalkboard. Arrogantly, she punched at the air -- such a boring move -- and sent a jet of flames in the insolent fool's direction. Then again, and again; sending three streams of blazing hatred xyr way. That wolf was racing towards her again. Growling, she stood her ground. Conjuring a spear, she didn't exactly think she'd be able to do much to the wolf. Best to throw off the girl. With perfect aim and unnerving speed, Li sent a twirling spear for Rame's heart. At the same time, she leaped in an elegant back-flip, landing carefully in a roll. There was less distance between them now -- in ten steps, she'd be caught up. Surging flames, violent as a hurricane were bottled up inside her. With a stomp of her foot, she released it, fully intending for the girl to be scorched. It started out as a red light in her chest, that grew until it enveloped her. And then the flames came. A spark, turning into an ember. It fed off her anger, her hatred, her hurt. Her desire to kill. And then, in every direction at once, in a terrific show of fireworks and light, she roared a tremendous roar as every flame she'd previously taken swarmed out of her. It was sent upwards, into the sky above. To the sides, enveloping the entire field in a cataclysm of fire, as if someone had set off a bomb. Quite a powerful bomb, at that. And when the flames finally died down, Li was still standing as if she'd simply waved her hand at an old friend. As if it was nothing. Surrounded by stray tongues of flame, twirling around her like an elegant veil. Truly, destruction had never been so elegant; and yet so disgustingly savage at the same time. She glanced around the barren wasteland, the only building being the -- slowly falling -- auditorium. Rame stood; immune to flames. Li walked forwards. She was confident. The girl would do nothing. She'd just eradicated everything. Everything. If any of those pests still remained, save for the ones in the auditorium -- cooped up like sheep before the slaughter -- she was impressed. And she'd reward their courage with a swift death. But not this one. "Didn't they tell you I'm the spirit of flame itself?" She spat. "You. You're nothing but a disgrace. And I'll take pleasure in removing you." The second she finished her word, she made good on her deal. Throwing a punch directly at her side. A vicious kick, with the force of a horse, was sent flying towards Rame's neck.
  6. Sylva It was clear from the way she rushed out from wherever she had once been. Clear from the uneasy panic set in stone in her face. Clear from the looks on Aqui's face, from the sudden break in the stoic demeanor of Marius. It was clear that something was oh so terribly wrong. "Everyone!" Sylva roared, her voice powerful enough to cast fear into the hearts of any who heard it. "Come! Follow Tempus." She demanded, pointing out. Locus was nowhere to be seen, though in truth, he was getting Lasia to safety, ordered by the vigilant Sylva. She ushered the recruits into the space behind the curtain, where Tempus was waiting to lead them through a simple underground tunnel, away from the camp. But of course, as luck would have it, they were too slow. Sylva had only noticed the incredible surge of Lumen when it was far too late; the two Coerators had been blinded. Whereas Sylva had been given time to sort out the Lumen of the recruits -- and had a much better idea of what was normal in this area! -- the Coerators had merely attributed the shift to all the new faces, and their own arrivals. Cocky bastards. So, as the cruel grip of fate would have it, they were all too late to stop it when the world lit up in flames around them. A fiery red object smashed into the ground near them, with the force of a meteor. The grass and the trees aflame, the air thickening, Aqui and Marius nowhere to be seen. Sylva's face no longer hid the full extent of her fear. "HURRY!" She screamed at the recruits, praying somehow that Marius and Aqui could handle the beast -- and that none of the stupid, absolutely insane children decided to play the hero. Li The devil was plated in glistening golden scales, shining like the sun. Underneath her scales was skin black as the charred ground she walked on. Eyes shining a dangerous red, as dangerous as the flames that danced even now in her cruel mouth. A single pointed horn jutted out proudly from just above her nostrils, which were shooting out smoke. She was big enough to take up half the clearing. The force of her landing had created a crater, the fountain shattered, water disappearing the moment her hellfire touched it. A sweep of a giant claw smashed through what was once the dorms, a mighty tail lined with spikes sweeping through to hit anything that got in it's way. On all fours she stalked, walking directly up to those doors keeping her from winning the war. And there were her old brothers! Aqui and Marius, standing proudly before her. It brought a sadistic laugh out of her, unlocked a side of her she never got to show. Destroying recruits and those pesky agents, and then these disgusting embarrassments? Perhaps life was finally being kind to her. In turn, she changed. Her body erupted in a mix of red, black and fire -- a blazing, towering inferno that shot into the sky and parted the clouds, sparks flying, fires starting. The dragon vanished. In her place was a single girl. She looked frail enough; her skin was tattered, the golden, dragon scale armour looking too big for her (yet, in truth, being the perfect size). Hair black as the darkest skin, with those same, glowing red eyes that promised to bring the world to it's knees. And she looked like someone who kept her word. "This is it?" Li asked, voice tainted with ridicule. "I was hoping for a challenge!" She let out a dangerous, cruel cackle. And then she leaped. In the midst of her flight, a lance forged from the flames of hell itself conjured itself in her hands. She swept at Marius' legs, and when the man jumped, simply sent a jet of flames where he would land and grinned as it singed his skin. Keeping her momentum, she twirled and jabbed at Aqui, who narrowly dodged out the way. But in retaliation, she deftly added more flames to the spear, it's length increasing, and she stabbed forward again. He fell back, rolling unceremoniously onto the burning ground. Oh, it made her feel alive. Marius came at her, as harmless as a flower in a gun. "And what will the Great Defender do without some water to splash me with?" She taunted, a savage grin lighting up her face. The flames morphed, turning into a single, small knife. She threw it. It soared through the air, with the Coerator dodging it effortlessly. But there was another one already in mid air, flying at him. And then another. Again! Too many to keep track of, and when she bored of going easy on the weakling, clicked her fingers and watched as the air itself ignited in flames, fashioned into deadly spikes. With a sweep of her hand, they fired at him, and she watched in satisfaction as-- She tumbled, landing hard. Aqui was on his feet again, and had clearly just blasted her with some wind. "Thank you for that. I was getting a bit hot." She jested, chuckling at her own jokes. Nobody else would. Marius was on his feet again, damn him. They descended on her like feral wolves. Oh, wow, this really was too easy. Her eyes flashed orange, and a single stream of flames appeared, following her finger like a ribbon. Then again, one for each hand. She viciously whipped at Aqui, smashing him through one of the few trees not ablaze. Marius, however, was not so lucky. The tendril of flames wrapped around his body, tightening like a vice around him before he was smashed into the dirt. "Just what was your plan?" She asked, both to herself, and to them. When she, predictably, got no answer, she turned on the final Coerator standing. Well, there was her. But was she really a Coerator? No! She had ascended. She had ascended into God-hood! And these traitors would fall to her, like everything else that ever came her way. Swiping her hand upwards, she giggled. Crimson spears formed in the air around her, at least ten. She sent them flying at the falcon, and when he dodged them, she was already at his face. Gripping his neck tightly in her hand. Smirking, she threw him onto the ground, hard enough to send the rocks and dirt flying. The clouds were no longer able to be seen. The sky itself was crimson and black. Yet Li had never looked so comfortable, so at home. With not a single scratch on her elegant and yet toned body, she sent a brutal kick into Aqui's side, watching him writhe in pain. The only word that could describe this was slaughter. "How comfortable have you been, being able to destroy anything that came near you with a wave of your hand?" She teased. "How is it you can be so strong to any mortal, yet to the likes of me, nothing more than bugs? You've grown complacent. I will punish your failure as Coerators. This world needs you no longer!" Roaring, she lit her fist itself ablaze, the flames bothering her as much as a slight breeze, or the trickle of rain. Rain. On her cheek. Rain. Not enough to douse her hellfire, yes, but rain. Li was far from stupid. Cracking her neck, then her knuckles, she turned to see the man standing once more. Blue aura around him. Standing as proud as she. Then in the next instant, not there. In front of Li, sending her flying. Wiping blood from her face, she laughed. A cold, cruel laugh. "Oh, finally." She mused aloud. "You're finally making this fun for me."
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  9. Aqui Aqui hesitated for a moment. He wasn't exactly sure of how to answer. "Every Coerator is different." He said simply. "It's up to them. They choose whomever they like. There's no... set process. It's just a case of who the Coerator decides is worth spending a little Lumen on." He said simply. In truth, that was all there was to it - he disliked how random the system was, It almost felt unfair. "Some people live their whole life never knowing they were given Lumen. It just... happens. It's like a stray spark from a fire. It catches onto other things and sets them ablaze. Coerators can give as much, or as little as they want to. To whomever they feel will put it to good use, or deserves it. People can be given Lumen as late as fifty and beyond." That was all Aqui himself could say, and Marius certainly had nothing to add.
  10. Aqui He smiled at Haruki, nodding knowingly. "I'm not exactly sure. Us Coerators are free agents unless something truly seriously occurs. As it stands, I know as much as you do in regards to what they are doing. I merely pray it is good." Turning around to Damon, Aqui's smile faded, though he was still clearly at ease. Marius stood behind him, eyeing Damon suspiciously. Aqui shrugged it off. "And what do you want to know?" He asked in return, smiling, eyes drifting to the clock. ((Apologies for the short post! A bit overrun right now, there's a lot going on. :[))
  11. Aqui The Coerator nodded at Rame's explanation. He seemed tuned out to anything else that was going on; eyes focused sharply on Rame. Yes, even when Roy yelled at him, his face made no change and he simply smiled at the girl in front of him. "You're correct." He stated, as if it was only them in the room. "Upon the first uprising, Maia took to the fight. It's worth understanding that Maia is one of our strongest. When she was brought to near death, the world suffered greatly. It's only now stabilizing. One such consequence of Maia's defeat was storms. The waters were treacherous, the earth uneasy, and the wind refused to be tamed. It climaxed in a blizzard near what was at the time known as Boreas. It was violent, and would almost assuredly distinguish any last trace of life from the unforgiving continent. And you know the rest, no?" He finished with a slight chuckle, before eventually turning his head to look at Roy. "Well, what's wrong, my friend?" He asked; the warmth in his eyes still there. Marius Now, if there was one thing Marius didn't mind doing, it was showing off. Smirking, he stretched his hand out, fingers held apart. A stream of water soared through the door from the fountain, and gathered in a sphere at his palm. He turned his hand around, palm facing upwards. The ball of varying shades of blue began to spin, the light hitting it and shining. Sending it up into the air by punching upwards at the sky, he watched as it shattered into droplets of water, a mimicry of rain. But before even the smallest drop was close to touching anyone, he smirked, and swiped up with his hand. The water stopped. His hand formed a knuckle, and his eyes flashed a brilliant blue impossible to ignore. Every shard turned to ice, and with a single motion with his outstretched hand, came to swarm around him. He formed water again, and this time, kept it as a stream. He ran it around his body, as if it was a ribbon. "It's a lot more impressive in battle." He added with a wink. At that, the water began spinning around him, at a speed akin to the rushing, violent waters of the sea. A dark grin spread across his face, as though at any moment he would strike. But at what was most certainly the last second, it stopped; and instead with a swipe of his palm, he sent it back to the fountain, and gave only a mock bow. "Perhaps if you're lucky you'll fight alongside me one day."
  12. Aqui Glancing down at Cindy, he smiled. "Yes. We can. In fact, it's easier for us than understanding you strange humans." He added, a playful smirk on his face. And then Rame was in front of him; yes, the girl. His eyes hardened for a second upon seeing her, but it relaxed soon. He was certainly wary of her rage. It was dangerous if he wasn't expecting it. Aqui hummed; considering it for a second. "Tell me, child." He said, yet his tone showed respect and understanding. "What do you know of the first war? More specifically, of Maia the Rabbit?"
  13. Sylva The clock struck 10:30. Sylva cleared her throat. All had arrived. As if on queue, the wind picked up. The frills of her dress ruffled, her hair the colour of howlite. A single falcon rode the winds, remarkably ordinary, save for it's red plume. It landed delicately on her outstretched hand. It pecked at her affectionately, and Sylva's cold stare melted into a smile. She ran a single finger over its feathers, and then swung her hand out, the falcon taking flight into the air. It glowed radiant emerald, far too bright to look at; and landed delicately onto the stage. It had became a man; of average height, and short hair the colour of crimson. He was well built, skin tanned. Narrowed eyes looked out onto the seats, before relaxing considerably. He stepped back, behind Sylva, content to let her explain. But before she could, the curtain was pulled back. Another man stepped forwards; but this time, Sylva's mouth did not change into a smile. Instead, her pale blue eyes watched as he stepped forwards. In truth, the man seemed more like a boy. A slim yet toned frame with pale skin, it was as if he was sick. Locus stood by his side, as though afraid he'd fall. Yet his wavy black hair fell and framed his face, and pupils black seemed to possess unchallenged power. His gaze was that of a royal king observing his suspects, and his suit of dark blue and black was immaculate. "Undoubtedly, you all are wondering what is going on." Sylva stated, her voice projected effortlessly. "I have recruited the help of two Coerators, loyal to our cause. They will be on the premises for the duration of your time here. They will help you train, answer questions, and watch over you. Allow them to introduce themselves." With that, she stepped back. Marius stepped forward, for now it was impossible to doubt it was him. "My name is Marius. I hope to be of service to you." He said, voice curt. And then Aqui stepped forward, gesturing out to the group in front of him. "And I am Aqui. I'll skip the formalities for now. Come see me anytime." Sylva then stepped up again, and nodded. "Now, for the more pressing matter at hand. You all are going to be sorted into teams based on how you do today. As for what you're going to do today... well, you'll see soon." With that cryptic hint, she smirked. "At twelve o'clock, meet back here. Until then, feel free to converse among yourselves. Or indeed, with the Coerators." She stepped back, behind the curtain - which masked a small room, with a stairway leading up to her personal room. Convincing Marius and Aqui to come had taken a lot out of her; and now she needed some rest. ((If you didn't get a post up in time before this, no worries! Feel free to slot your character in, there all along; or, if you'd prefer, be late in character if you think it's more fitting.))
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  15. OK FAM TWO THINGS 1) Kudos to anyone who picks up on the little theme I've got going around when I'm writing from Sylva's PoV. It's to do with colours and description. It might make it feel a bit stilted or awkward at times, but hey, that's Sylva for you. 2) Thanks, Stratos! If you have Discord, join here: https://discord.gg/PrVh4eN If you don't have Discord, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE GET IT. This'll make my life not a living hell, yours much easier and I may decide to use it for some roleplay purposes. Let's just say there's gonna be some combat in here, and typing out 1000 forum posts for one scene isn't in the cards for us. There are alternatives, and it's not the end of the world, but if you CAN get Discord, you won't regret it in general, and it's a load off my back.
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