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  1. Without Taka and people like him those people would never have been in danger in the first place.
  2. No it wasn’t. Solaris ordered Cal to stop her from destroying the Pulse. Cal obeyed. His Magmortar caught Medicean, and threw it into the lava. Solaris might have given the order, but Cal carries it out.
  3. Taka is a willing member of a terrorist organization that has killed at minimum hundreds, and probably well into the thousands of people. You know the people in Jasper and Beryl who died? Taka killed them. Oh he might have whined about it, or felt bad, but he did it. He activated the machine that killed them all. What's more, But its worse than that, since he knows what he's doing is wrong, and doesn't care enough to stop until he's forced to. Cal meanwhile literally murders Kiki's Medicham in front of her. Oh, but he totes sabotaged the machine that was going to blow up the volcano. Despite there being no reason to think that he would know how to do that, or did it competently. He also couldn't be bothered to warn anyone in case something went wrong. He's definitely a better person than Taka is, or at least less guilty (and does have the decency to turn on Team Meteor of his own accord unlike a certain Chatot wielding person), but that doesn't absolve him of anything. Fern though, like I said before. He's a loser. He hasn't accomplished anything in the entire game. Yeah he willingly joined Team Meteor, but lots of people have done that. The one "mission" he was put on after joining Meteor was a complete farce that ended with him and indeed the entire group humiliated by the player and the lowest ranked gym leaders. He hasn't managed to succeed at anything all game, and I don't see his track record changing whatsoever. He's a jerk, but so far he's also pretty much harmless due to his own incompetence and stupidity. Fern's not even in the top five horrible people in the game, probably not even top ten. Like I said before, hating him is way, way more than he deserves. Ignore him, and it would both infuriate him far more, and be far closer to what he deserves.
  4. This kinda thing confuses me tbh, as both Taka and Cal are both drastically worse people than Fern.
  5. Fern is a loser. Its literally his character. He fails at everything he ever tries in the game. His attitude is a cover for that fact, and one that he can't keep up convincingly. Hating Fern is more than feeling than he deserves. Its basically what he wants from you.
  6. Eh...it really doesn't. While it uses a lot of the same mechanics, Rejuvenation has an extremely different style, tone, even down to basic storytelling. Honestly it feels less and less like a Pokemon game as time goes on, but it definitely isn't a Reborn copy in the slightest.
  7. That doesn't impact whether a backup is present. It will just be Game_2 - # Name etc.
  8. No. An updated map was posted a while back from an early location that looked completely different.
  9. If Ame made a signature move for Budew it would knock itself out and then like heal the opponent or something. And it would be the only move you were allowed to use on Budew. Just as punishment.
  10. I don't think so. Even if we assume that the legendary quests being done means that Ame is done (and it doesn't, she's made that clear), there will then be a closed Beta period where a group of players who are selected will play through it and deliberately try to break the game and catch as many bugs as possible. Then whatever they find, and they WILL find stuff, has to be fixed. Only when that is done will the open Beta (which any members of the forum can play). IMO even under that circumstance late November would be the absolute earliest. IMO its more likely to be December or January is the earliest plausible date. But even that depends on how much more Ame wants to do.
  11. I mean...he uses a sand team because they're effective, and Amethyst hates sand teams for some reason.
  12. You can also grab Nidorina with 3 31 IVs from the cave north of Corey's gym, and evolve it into Nidoqueen which learns Earth Power at level 43. And Nidoran is available from the game corner for Nidoking which also learns Earth Power by level 45. I'd recommend swapping out Onix, Murkrow, and Charjabug since none of them really have the stats to keep up at this point without evolving.
  13. But I hear its dangerous out there. There's like...dangerous animals. Bobcats. Coyotes. Geese.
  14. Hey, I only have three pseudo-legendaries on my main game's team. Uh...the last three are Greninja, Naganadel, and Blaziken. I forget what point I was making.
  15. Notably this means that my earlier supposition can now be confirmed, in that each of the overlapping Pokemon was part of a pair, and there remains a single pair left to implement. Then three individual Pokemon. I'm guessing probably mythicals since those tend not to have counterparts which could easily be worked into the same quest. That does lead into the question of groups though.
  16. wcv

    Dragon Dance and TRs

    TRs are a Gen 8 creation, and Reborn will not include Gen. 8 mechanics. To get Dragon Dance on Charizard you have to breed it with one of the Pokemon in its egg group that can learn the move.
  17. Yes. Just name one of them Game1 Then when you need to switch just use the choose save file option and select the one you want to use.
  18. Pulse Arceus is one of those talked about by either Eve or Lumi when she's discussing what all of the remaining Pulse's were and why they were developed.
  19. Or you could just bring a team of six dragonites.
  20. This does make me wonder what the overlap is. We have nine Pokemon, but only six quests. I'd presume at least one trio, which reduce it down to seven quests. So possibly a trio and a pair. Or maybe the Tapus, which could be four Pokemon in one quest...Also might mean that one will take longer than the others.
  21. They've already posted at one massively changed map for the second PULSE, so...
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