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  1. I actually been thinking on that question for last few days. We all know that story is written and complete, but what about sidequests? Are these winged for each version, or planned out long before they were going to be released?
  2. Let's not forget that Keta had a brother, Deagan, who also could've been Isha's patient. Also it was rumored that he might be alive. (Supposedly died in WLL by falling onto spiked rocks from a waterfall, tho there was only blood shown, but no body)
  3. Wrong. There is confirmed to be 1 Version without a gym. V14 propably. We will get Fairy and Dark on V15 and Dragon with League on V16 propably.
  4. Happy Birthday ๐Ÿ˜„, i hope that you will have a greatย day ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿฐ

  5. I believe it is in Deep Carotos, the part of story when you go to retrieve a Magma Stone. So it's after Angie's badge.
  6. There is a Shadow Slakoth later in the game that gets Entraitment and Sucker Punch. Why be useless alone, make others useless as well! Plus Normalize Slaking vs Adam is a BEAST.
  7. Insurgence got an update some time ago that revamped some stuff and added more postgame iirc. I am playing through it again to see how much was changed.
  8. I know it's still early development, buuuuut I just want to know, if there are plans of going with canon s8 and removing same moves as these that are gone with sw/sh
  9. Route 3 trainer sprite disappears if you stand on the tile shown on the provided screenshots
  10. Sup sukka.


    1. Illumi



    2. Kasheena


      How ya been dude

    3. Illumi


      Pretty good, V12 of Rejuvenation finished, work is treating me fairly, how about ya?

  11. For some reason, at the Sheridan Village Move Relearner, Alolan Ninetails is capable of learning Flare Blitz and Heat Wave, tho it shouldn't, because... well dunno, buggy bug
  12. When finishing the story of v12, after Isha is captured, a yellow line of his sentence caught my eye. I thought about it, and I realized what he was talking about. So, my question is: How important are the vaccines we got at the Grand Dream Station, and are the effects different depending on type and color; f.e. Melia got Golden Vaccine, Venam purple iirc, etc.
  13. 2 bugs. Random Huey that you can walk through in HoH after finishing story, and MC turning into Lavender when looking through Isha's PC.
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