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  1. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

  2. Delcatty, definitely. Always loved this cute kitty and now it's awesome to see it get such a nice tool to finally become relevant. Also Ledian and Dedenne crests are amazing, but I have issue with Dedenne pretty much having no ability due to holding the Crest.
  3. If you have no luck with the den, then sadly earliest Rockruff/Lycanroc is on Route 9, which is past 11th badge.
  4. You gotta have exactly 10k to get it, no less, no more.
  5. Well if you have troubles outside of Intense then...
  6. It is Intense mode, plus Azery helps with making fights and we all know how brutal Memeborn is. It's 15th badge, if it wasn't a challenge then game would be boring.
  7. Oh also forgot to mention that her fight has auto Wonder Room, which swaps defence and sp.def stats with each other.
  8. First of all, Glitch Field cancels physical/special split, second of all, her Aggron is holding a seed, which on the field gives +1 to def and sp.def plus makes the holder typeless. Same goes for her Bronzong.
  9. Flora and her terrorist group blew up Grand Dream Ball, leaving Erin, Alice and Allen in critical shape. MC with Ren and Aelita travel through Zone Zero and Eclysia Pyramid to find Spring of Rejuvenation and dip the injured in it. Team Xen helps them on the way, Nim/Lorna try to stop MC and gang, then some Garufan technology happens and we fight Ryland/Flora. Then red haired girl and guy from the past appear to swoop in with Madame X and make sure the Spring is not activated, buuut Braixen evolves into super strong Delpha and with Adam regaining memories they are taken down. Damien and Alexandra help people in pod survive, then they are dipped in the pool. Melia, Erin, Alice and Allen form an archetype which no one knows what it is for now. Lastly, MC and co. free Lavender from Isha and Venam is back from being a stone. Episode ends with Alexandra calling everyone for a meeting in Sashila.
  10. Arrokuda is apparently in a dive spot near Route 6
  11. I guess playing Rejuv at midnight was a bad idea, but I wanted to finish it quickly, tho I still can't cuz of a crash, rip. Reported it tho so gotta wait for patch and thank you for the support!
  12. I didn't finish v13 yet, but the story and everythgin is SO GOOD! Just... one things for devs, please make a jumpscare warning next time cuz my weak heart got a mild stroke plus I fell out of my chair while
  13. People really be crunching code left and right as I just watch and patiently wait for release cuz got a Nuzlocke to record after finishing V13 stuff on main.
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