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  1. 1) We will not. 2) Only Arcade Star Tammy! Or maybe Victoria.
  2. Kricketune, Butterfree, Pachirisu shouldn't be listed as weak in Reborn. Kricketune rocks through Julia and Florinia. Butterfree as above. I managed to use Pachirisu in quite a few of my playthroughs up to around 50 lvl: nuzzle + electroball with superfang is quite useful.
  3. The ice cream vendor appears everytime there is a sunny weather, but the she has BMIC in stock very rarely. Dont remember if anything changed in this matter along the releases, like, she has one BMIC every time when we visit her for the 1st time or so.
  4. Nice - in detail, we have much more room to speculate for much greater inaccuracy. As for the general view, the above does seem like a highly possible, if not the only possible, path. I'd still place my bet for Laura+Bennet double battle tough. Laura's stone stands for love (and the relationship points would alter only his team members, if anything).
  5. I agree on fire, it is really easy. Good starters, early growlithe, numel can carry you on its back really far into the game too.
  6. Don't know the exact chance, but it is very minute. In all my playthroughs, I encountered BMIC only once and I find it the hardest thing to obtain in reborn. I know additional content enabled by it only from yt, lol.
  7. Also, there are certain choices that (used to?) give you +1 to Anna and +1 to Shade, this is reflected when Anna hears on Taka's death/surviving. There are like, three states: 1. when she says everything goes according to plan, 2. when something went wrong, but it is acceptable (I think Taka dies, but Solaris got kicked at the Pyrous, but dont quote me on that) and 3. when she is terrified nothing goes the right way. Now I wonder, what if Radomus/Anna plans aren't exactly our understanding of the good outcome? What if siding with Elias was the good choice - after all, we witness Ra
  8. Hi All! Is it possible to disable the menu music (upon start, before starting/continuing the game) using Game-Z.exe?
  9. I know one thing: for her Jirachi, Im bringing my Houndoom with Flash Fire. Anyone has any idea how she can erase that one with Jirachi?
  10. It was already explained that this certain order (e19 story -> starlight -> starlight demo -> e19 postgame -> e19 release) is the reason for the long development time. While I understand people being frustrated about long waiting, I don't understand hate towards starlight or the developers for that. The burnout with Reborn was already lurking in the shadows in the past few episodes, so I totally support the decision to give yourself some time off of reborn. (Btw - really none saw that coming? xD this order literally screams "THERE WILL BE IMMENSE DELAYS WITH EVERYTHING"
  11. Thanks for that, I knew about the moments based on the real events, but I think you captured the essence: we had speculations about who the Champion is, and out of sudden, without any build-up, we get ''It's A-me!'', like, hey, Im the strongest trainer around and two steps later the strongest champion is gone, without us witnessing any bit of its power in fact. That's why I felt this scene is being forced. If this was, let's say, Radomus or Amaria, this would look differently.
  12. I dont remember if she ever stated why she regrets putting herself into the game, nevertheless, without knowing the reasoning, from my perspective it would be better if she kept it as it was.
  13. While Ame stated many times that she regrets putting herself into the game, I also feel like the way she got rid of herself seems forced. This could have looked differently.
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