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  1. Thanks for that, I knew about the moments based on the real events, but I think you captured the essence: we had speculations about who the Champion is, and out of sudden, without any build-up, we get ''It's A-me!'', like, hey, Im the strongest trainer around and two steps later the strongest champion is gone, without us witnessing any bit of its power in fact. That's why I felt this scene is being forced. If this was, let's say, Radomus or Amaria, this would look differently.
  2. I dont remember if she ever stated why she regrets putting herself into the game, nevertheless, without knowing the reasoning, from my perspective it would be better if she kept it as it was.
  3. While Ame stated many times that she regrets putting herself into the game, I also feel like the way she got rid of herself seems forced. This could have looked differently.
  4. As you mentioned, Greninja is hindered much by the lack of TMs/Tutors, and you will feel that until very late in the game. Torchic is an easy mode. Generally, fire starters are the best choice, but on the other hand, you have access to growlithe early in the game.
  5. You see, the translations are either faithful or beautiful. The whole art is balancing it, so it sounds good and carries the original, widely understood meaning, as far as possible.
  6. Add all items' and moves' descriptions, pokedex entries - this is a hell lot of text. I'm planning to translate Reborn too, but as years pass by, life happens and I have less and less time - definitely a team is needed for that. I used to translate scientific papers (both ways) as a side job during my uni, but localising the whole Reborn is on another level. I don't want to think about working on Terra's lines. Also, in general, the names should not be translated - but for instance, "Florinia": this is so good material to create a gentle, better sounding name, I'd make an exception here (not to mention Shade, lol). The creativity is time consuming, and there are so many things like that...!
  7. The developers are okay with the translations, you can search the forums, I'm pretty much sure the teams will assemble for every major language. Somebody even already extracted the whole text from the game (including moves, descriptions, etc.), but I strongly recommend waiting with that for the very final release of the game, for various reasons. This will be A LOT of script to localise, though.
  8. Well, main story line was finished, in case big bad powers came in and decided to make us disappear. Adding few variables, copied from Amaria's gym fight (she has two teams, right) and adding one more team to Elias doesnt need to be very demanding, though I'd understand if there are no chances for that. Even better, if this choices were independent from those shade/anna +1 choices that are supposed to be leading to the best ending.
  9. Virtues/Sins team we face could be dependant on our in-game choices. That's an interesting idea, I wonder if the developers are down to it too.
  10. For the champion battle we will receive something special. Dont forget that technically, Lin is the Champion now. As of E4, it is Elias, Heather, Laura+Bennet, double battle (given the story circumstances and this garden-or-so field, it is almost certain) and Anna. The other options are Laura and Bennet separate (and no Anna), but taking into account the fields and the plot, this is the least possible. Alternatively, the spot in E4 remains the same, but it depends on our choices if we fight Laura OR Bennet. So or so, we have no other candidates for E4 left, unless we will receive some twist like Cal, Blake or Sirius getting into E4 out of blue, but this would be wrong if we take into account the characters development; there's not much room here left.
  11. Egzample

    18.3 beta

    Wait, it is possible now to play reborn on Android?! I gave up searching for the solution to run reborn a few years ago already. Good Lord, I'll better be still working from home when E-19 is released, cause I'm damn sure I will get fired due to excessive use of private phone, lol. Or my manager would play with me, who knows.
  12. When I think of that now, I cannot recall any pun regarding Hardy sleeping 3 out of 4 times we ever meet him (except for the gym fight), This must be fixed before the final episode, definitely.
  13. so we press soft reset... I mean, Jirachi grants a wish for a different outcome. Btw, player already was ''kissed by the void'' after the gauntlet, Shade brought us back to the world of the living.
  14. I can answer all at once: as one of the very 1st characters we meet is gay it was somehow remarkable, later on I can only see the effect of these characters through the prism of story/design/depth, similar to my previous post. In short, as long as these characters are well-designed and fits into the story, I have no expectations towards them. Do you mind sharing the abstract or at last the title of your thesis?
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