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  1. Just to mention effects here too: Bastiodon Crest - Deals 50% damage taken as recoil and recovers that amount. Rampardos Crest - It helps with Rampardos always hang on with 1 HP regardless of HP, once per battle. Dedenne Crest - It merges it's Speed and Attack to be the same.
  2. Meganium Crest: Meganium and Allies take reduced damage and recover every turn.
  3. Near Lux apartments; the bit after everyone drops down to help you with the horde of bladestar, but before you come across the area with the prison cell, there's an open door that was previously closed, you have to go through some grass to get to it.
  4. Ledian is actually one I have; It punches 4 times. You get it via a member of Novae's clan in a Zone Zero building, after the story in that area is done. Johto starters is based on Virtual Quest and which starter you've used all the way through.
  5. In addition to above, I got a Typhosion Crest for doing the E4 Virtual Quest, after all 8 badges. Typhlosion Crest - Atk scales with SpAtk, and contact moves do additional fire damage.
  6. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 😄🍰

  7. Hey, just to let you know, I'm a massive fan of Rejuvenation, love it. And I also love the written criticism and commentary on the game you do, seriously it's the only topic I'm subbed to to get notified of new updates, it really brings parts of the game a new light in my eyes and I can see some flaws I hadn't before. I wanted to let you know what you say and do here is very much appreciated, there are less and less people willing to be critical of a topic in the middle of the forums the fans populate, for good reasons as many people's reactions to you show, especially from someone who has prior writing experience and can properly form criticism into constructive and outright advice to improve areas and parts of the game. Just saying that not everyone thinks you're an arrogant asshole here, despite what the majority on discord may have you believe, Commander.
  8. Might not be possible, Chansey only has Lucky Egg in some generations, it didn't in Sun and Moon, so its held item data might be updated to just a Lucky Punch. Even if you could, Chansey is in the Safari zone, no pokemon allowed to fight there. The only other one is from an event, where again, you cannot fight it.
  9. Stats aren't great, but guaranteed crits even with mediocre stats can have some great use, with the ability to ignore stat modifications and all.
  10. Looking forward to your thoughts going through Rejuv again, Commander! Will you be doing sidequest stuff in this run?
  11. There's a door at the top of the map, it looks like a slight indent in the map instead though, it's upstairs too if that helps.
  12. Sashila Trial is not currently available no.
  13. There will be one in Golden Leaf, once you defeat the gym leader. After that, they'll appear just often enough to help you out.
  14. Trapinch and Vibrava (Accidentally put Flygon), quite a few of them as Wandering Pokemon to battle and catch.
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