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  1. Chin Chin

    hi again

    Ayeeee something to enjoy during the next 3 quarantines!! BLESS!!!
  2. Chin Chin

    Gen 8 Sprite Pack

    Who wants to bet if people will ask if this includes DLC content
  3. alright thanks tried that before but didnt change anything. i tried now again with a save even older and it worked for the previous to last one. thanks anyways
  4. yeah mb didnt notice it till now
  5. I was playing the game and after i left agate city with cain and terra my laptop went crazy and got the message the script is taking to long and i accidentally saved that moment and i'm stuck now in the entrance of the circus with cain and terra. can anyone help?
  6. Chin Chin

    Focus Sash

    Hey guys can anyone help find a focus sash before the fight with solaris and his garchomp?
  7. alright thanks do you have a link to that?
  8. Can i trade pokemon between different game files?
  9. u can counter it with a mon holding a focus sash or a mon with sturdy
  10. i got one but i will have to breed it cause cause it's my last one, unless castiel breeds it first
  11. So while i was doing a quest i was training a pokemon with the exp share and gave it away for the quest while holding it and didnt realise it only after i had saved several times, does anyone of you have a solution or is willing to trade for one? i have a some shinies (not so great competitively though) any help would be really appreciated
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