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  1. Chin Chin

    hi again

    Ayeeee something to enjoy during the next 3 quarantines!! BLESS!!!
  2. Chin Chin

    Gen 8 Sprite Pack

    Who wants to bet if people will ask if this includes DLC content
  3. Greetings! Is there perhaps a guide or a changelog of the new relationship points?
  4. Dont really wanna stress devs or smth im just excited like everyone, what is the most logical ETA of v12? (not considering possible personal problems that can come up)
  5. So after a meeting with kakori and venam arriving in the island melia asks how i am doing (I'm alright, Could be worse, Terrible) Does anyone know if there are any relathionship points changes during this choice?
  6. The room that unlocks after you beat the puppets has 4 numbers. Are they of any use?
  7. i prefer using golden wings, if you got spare ap and dont really want to teach fly to a pokemon go to the hotel in east gearen
  8. I didnt expect ICSW, i havent collected the berries yet And honestly, i think many people will agree with me, take all the time you need
  9. I 've noticed some people saying new relathionship points have been added in the newest episode Does anybody know or have an updated guide?
  10. Btw i didnt find the shared pc mod on this modpack. Do i need to put the one from v10 in the mod file?
  11. Thanks to everyone that were involved in the modpacks!!! You guys are the heroes we need P.S.: Happy new year!!
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