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  1. Yeah, I had to start over AND use the manual files that someone posted, because no matter what I did, whether I started a new game or not I got an error message when I exited the game and came back. Hopefully someone can post the manual files each time there's an update because the converter apparently hates me. Love the artwork though! Top tier as always!
  2. fireflame

    v13.5 .Karma Files

    I can't even start the game, when I try and open it fir the first time after conversion, all I get is this error message. Can anyone help, or is there a Linux version of the manual files that I can use?
  3. fireflame

    v13.5 .Karma Files

    Can anyone tell me where to get a Linux version of the manual files? I started playing this on Linux but I can't use the Linux auto update files because they don't work
  4. fireflame

    v13.5 .Karma Files

    It's not working on Linux for me. I'm in a loop where when I download the game and click the updater the _version.txt appears but immediately vanishes and then when i click on the Game.appimage, it tells me to open the updater file and the same thing happens. I'd use the manual updater, but there's not a Linux version of those files yet
  5. Linux works fine 95% of the time, so it's not usually an issue, but occasionally I do run into limitations (like this). I just work around them when I can,
  6. Is there a version of this for Linux, because the original way isn't working and this one only has the Windows file.
  7. Hey, I played the original game, and I downloaded EX but it's recognizing my old save file. How do I Fix this so I can continue where I left off in the original game?
  8. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  9. I like these changes. My number one gripe about these amazing fangames is that with custom things like Rifts/Pulses and Field effects is that in the end, all they do is power u the enemy Pokemon and turn everything into a one shot. It's like "oh they're perfectly suited to exploit the field and now every pokemon can one shot my team". I eventually win these battles of course, but more often than not it feels like an artificial thing to increase difficulty. Just my 2 cents
  10. So. much. good stuff! Awesome job guys. I don't know if this was already ready to be implemented, but if not, I would loe a feature that makes getting or learning egg movies much easier. (I would trade in all my hard stones/everstones for the chance to learn egg moves)
  11. Oh my gosh the Pokemon Centers won't all be identical anymore?!?! Awesome!
  12. I'm liking all the new scenery that seems to be included with 13.5. The sidequests were always amazing in this game
  13. A lot of love toward electric type alternate forms... I like it!
  14. Loreal... because they're worth it
  15. Oh no, I can already tell that Braviary will have a crest. Probably a broken one too
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