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  1. Oh no, I think we've found the final boss of the game. I'm sorry for all those HM jokes Bibarel. Have mercy!
  2. Hello Rejuvenites... ...Rejuvenairs... I don't know what our community is called. Oh and devs, if you want to delete this because someone else already discovered this fix, feel free. BUT. For weeks I have been stuck as Saki in the Penthouse (No spoilers) unable to proceed even after clicking everything. I couldn't play the game for weeks, and it sucked. I installed the patches, reverted to an old save file, sent my issue to support, everything. But after giving it a lot of thought, I finally thought of a brilliant idea. "This is a game breaking bug, so in order for people to finish, this must not have been a problem when it first came out?" So that got me thinking, "What if something in one of the two patches messed up that specific part?" With nothing to lose, I downloaded the Original V13 file and tried to proceed. VOILA! it worked. I was able to proceed. Then I played the game with the patches like normal and haven't yet had an issue. TLDR: if you're stuck on the Saki Penthouse part, play that part on the pre-patch file and get past that section. This is temporary fix, but as long as I can finally play the game. Like I said, devs, if you want to delete this, feel free. Edit: now, I can't get the reward from defeating the people in the bobsled club, smh
  3. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a great day 🙂🍰

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      Thank You!

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      You're welcome!

  4. Can a dev help me with this problem, I'm stuck. I am playing as Saki and am in the hotel. I talked to everything but can't progress and I don't receive the phone call. I have V13 patches downloaded and reverted to a previous save file. Please help so I can finish the last part of this section. At the very least, if any devs have downloaded this, put me past this part, and I'll watch whatever I missed on Youtube Game.rxdata
  5. I can't progress anymore when Playing as Saki in the Penthouse. Talked to everything, and apparently am supposed to get a phone call but didn't so I can't progress. I reverted to an old savefile and beat that sequence of battles again, but that didn't help. Please help, I feel like I'm close to the end of this update and want to finish gloriously. At the very least, if any devs have downloaded this, please put me past this part, and I'll watch whatever I missed on Youtube Game.rxdata
  6. fireflame


  7. Puppet Master, what are you doing now?
  8. Yeah, that's what I meant. This is great, because I love Rejuv's sidequests
  9. SO is V13 part 1 going to have a cliffhanger ending like an abrupt "to be continued" sort of thing, or will the action take a breather and the next part will smoothly continue the events?
  10. Great to hear; this will make early game players have less of a hellish time. I have a suggestion though; can we make the PC box searchable. Like we can search for specific pokemon and maybe moves/items. I know there are mods for that, but it would be really cool if it were done naturally
  11. Can't wait for this!! Actually I can and will patiently, but you get the point. I wish I had an even better computer to play on though
  12. One progress bar Ame, really?? Christmas isn't even mere yet and you're already spoiling us, lol. I for one appreciate the update and look forward to playing it whatever year it comes out. I've been playing this for 6 years, what's another one or 2?
  13. fireflame


    Weasel from I am Weasel is finally having his day in the sun!
  14. This is awesome! I had no idea that there were such ambitious plans for this part, it's definitely going to be worth the wait! I read that you don't want side quests in the next part, a cool thought for the one after that would be to tell the story in only sidequests. Oooohhhh! Thanks for all you do Jan and devs!
  15. Alright, Anju's study. I'm glad we're getting into Angie's past. Maybe a redemption story is in the works?
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