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  1. This logo is amazing, but I'm surprised that the Dexoy tentacles didn't find their way in because they're very iconic
  2. Hey, I am at the place where you get the Shadow Beldum and I have the pieces of the Card key and the newest patches installed, but i'm not able to use it. Could someone help with this? Game.rxdata
  3. fireflame

    LOL random XD

    Lol, a Route 1 Rattata with Flame body and Judgment
  4. The rest of the Gen 8 updates can always be added in as a patch later on this year, but if we keep delaying this episode because of stuff like that, the final Pokemon Reborn episode will come out before Rejuvenation, lol.
  5. I'm looking forward to the excellent sidequests most. Rejuvenation always has great sidequests, even though sometimes you have to search the region for them. I hope we'll get another Help Center, those are convenient.
  6. For the Golden Items idea (or whatever she wants to call it) they can just be given to us after some tough battles in the Battle Tower. Or maybe bought for AP
  7. Whoever thought of that Lapras build is pure evil. Also for rewards, how about giving out Pokemon with normally unobtainable moves and abilities, like a Chimchar with Ice Punch or a Slaking with Clear Body. ANd maybe throw in some HM replacers like the Golden items in Rejuvenation
  8. For all that is good in this world, please no braille for getting the Regis!
  9. fireflame

    SH3'S B4CK

    I hope this will be in episode 19, because Terra is one of the best characters out of any Fangame that i've played
  10. Oh, I must be mixing up Reborn and Rejuvenation then. One of them has an Elite 8 Instead of an Elite 4
  11. I assumed that it was like regular pokemon games where you can't go back and buy more items or heal at a Pokecenter.
  12. I'm actually terrified for the Pokemon League. 8 different teams in a row with 8 different field effects AND the Champion battle. Man, that's going to be quite a challenge
  13. Happy Birthday 😄, i hope that you will have a fun day 😉🍰

  14. Hey, I went back to the past using the Altair Manor time star and it doesn't work to get back to the present. No more backups have been saved either. Could you help me? game.rxdata EDIT: never mind. I found another Time crystal somewhere else
  15. I'm trying not to fly through this game, but I'm already on the part where the thing happens. I've been waiting for this chapter for so long!
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