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  1. Make a post & link your savefile in this thread and i'll unlock you.
  2. You aren't! Your questions are anwsered so this is worth :)
  3. How are you reverting back? Do you rename your backup file (format "Game - XXXX- Player - HHHh MMm - XX badges") to "Game.rxdata" ? Your day&night cycle isn't broken. 1st screenshot was taken by forcing ~11am, 2nd by forcing 11pm (and the music changes)
  4. Please provide a savefile where I can reproduce the bug easily. You're not even in the school of nightmares in this savefile. Use a backup savefile if needed.
  5. Oh, so this is a per-person ratio thingy! I wasn't aware, so sorry for creating a topic for nothing. Thanks a lot, Dreamy!!
  6. So I wanted to help someone in the troubleshooting section of rejuv and I couldn't upload his savefile because so I uploaded a ~14kb screenshot (the one above in fact) to say to the guy "welp uh sorry please go discord etc" and it went down to 153!!! so uh yeah. the world is full now
  7. OK. Looking at the known bugs list, it seems your issue is indeed the game's fault. I've updated your savefile and will update this post with a link as it seems the max size has become super small; what you need to do is to give exactly 1k Red Essence. No more. It will trigger the event. EDIT: @Bitchboi Game.rxdata
  8. You did not provide the right savefile, you uploaded a backup & considering that you do have backups, please use one.
  9. You're in the pyramid, with Ren & Aelita, and you have to make progress using the A key to switch between partners. I don't see any problem here.
  10. Did you speak to the Kimono Girl who is having a nightmare outside of the cafe? Because investigating your savefile, I saw that you did not. (the property stating "you did speak to her" was set to "nope") So I just did and everything's working. Game.rxdata
  11. Problem solved. For the record : you couldn't encounter any pokemon in wild areas at all (did some test below grand dream city and in the dark forest on the west) and the reason is super weird. Did you notice that your game was kinda... dark? :p After hours (literally) of debugging, the issue was that your save... has been forced to be "evening". And during evening, as far as I can tell by looking at the code, several areas doesn't have pokemon at all for this timespan. Switching this off solves your issue! Game.rxdata
  12. But it's written "9 badges" in your savefile name. Can you post / update your post with / a sceenshot of your trainercard?
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