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  1. Use a backup file. There's no wayback machine (or describe what do you mean by "get me back before"? what happened?)
  2. That should do the trick. I also gave your mon some EVs in some useful stat (50 in a stat for the 4 first mon) to simulate natural exp gain. Tell me if anything's missing! Game.rxdata
  3. Indeed, your game was lock into nightmode. Fixed! Game.rxdata
  4. This has nothing to do with the savefile content (i'm able to save in my own game using yours) but more likely the way you manage them. What I can suggest you to try: - backup your savefile that comes from your old computer (the savefile name should be "Game.rxdata". All other files are temporary backups ; if you want to use one, you will have to rename it Game.rxdata.) - in your new computer, launch the game, and as soon as you can control your character, save. This will create a "Game.rxdata" file in the destination folder (C:/Users/<you>/Saved Games/<game>/. - replace the newly created Game.rxdata with the one you backed up.
  5. If you mean: - "how do I use a backup?": Choose a file in the folder, and change its name to "Game.rxdata". This will replace your current Game.rxdata (where you're stuck) so if you want to keep it for reasons, move it elsewhere. The game is coded to recognize that file as your main one. - "how do I ask in the Rejuv Save Troubleshoot?": Go there, create a new post in this topic with your issue and link it your Game.rxdata (the one in which you're stuck).
  6. Use a backup save (located in c:/users/<you>/saved games/pokemon rejuvenation), you can't really fix this without messing around with debug mode. If you don't want to backup, you can try to ask in the Rejuvenation Save Troubleshoot forum and post your savefile here
  7. The savefile you provided doesn't allow to walk out, I have to battle Amanda first, and well it's working fine. Do you have the latest version of the game? Any mods? (screenshot)
  8. I found this in the Pokemon Battle Effects script in the functions that handles status conditions: (hasWorkingAbility(:LEAFGUARD) && ((@battle.pbWeather==PBWeather::SUNNYDAY && !hasWorkingItem(:UTILITYUMBRELLA)) || @battle.field.effects[PBEffects::GrassyTerrain]>0 || $fefieldeffect == 2 || Basically, what it says is: if your ability is Leaf Guard AND - the weather is Sunny and you don't have an utility umbrella OR - the field effect is Grassy Terrain OR - uh i don't know ???? Then the function displays a message (in this case, "nope can't be [status]" and your pokemon is safe So looks like it's a feature!
  9. Hey, sorry for coming back so late but this was so hard to investigate lol I think I found the problem but I don't know how to fix it however, as a workaround for this battle to work, go to your game Graphics/Transitions folder, and create a vsBar187.png and a vsTrainer187.png (you can take any existing file in this folder, copy it and just change their name so it ends with 187) This will trigger this battle as a "VS Battle" one, but ultimately you're not gonna have this weird infinite zoom glitch. Hope that helps!
  10. I tried to lose on purpose and could replicate ; I was able to fix it but you're now back at Ranger HQ (since I lost). Is it okay? Game.rxdata
  11. I just loaded your savefile and I don't have this issue, so it might be a internal script messing around with pictures that didn't cancel itself when you lost and just got stuck. Can you try downloading the game again?
  12. Can you post a screenshot of the content you unzipped? Just the main root folder
  13. Fixed it. If you go up, the event should occur again and you'll be able to proceed! Game.rxdata
  14. Weird. This is what's happening when I use the savefile I gave to you in my last reply I saved right after throwing the stuff in, so you just need to interact with the purple light Game.rxdata
  15. This is known to be the case with Game Capture & not only with Reborn. Try to use Window Capture, or Game Capture + horizontal flip / 180° rotation :)
  16. Make a post & link your savefile in this thread and i'll unlock you.
  17. You aren't! Your questions are anwsered so this is worth :)
  18. How are you reverting back? Do you rename your backup file (format "Game - XXXX- Player - HHHh MMm - XX badges") to "Game.rxdata" ? Your day&night cycle isn't broken. 1st screenshot was taken by forcing ~11am, 2nd by forcing 11pm (and the music changes)
  19. Please provide a savefile where I can reproduce the bug easily. You're not even in the school of nightmares in this savefile. Use a backup savefile if needed.
  20. Oh, so this is a per-person ratio thingy! I wasn't aware, so sorry for creating a topic for nothing. Thanks a lot, Dreamy!!
  21. So I wanted to help someone in the troubleshooting section of rejuv and I couldn't upload his savefile because so I uploaded a ~14kb screenshot (the one above in fact) to say to the guy "welp uh sorry please go discord etc" and it went down to 153!!! so uh yeah. the world is full now
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