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  1. Did you update the game right away or are you still using the same version of Rejuv as of 2016? For each update, it's safer to place yourself in a Pokémon Center or a place that isn't likely to change.
  2. you sure you provided the right savefile? should just be named game.rxdata
  3. great news overall! can't wait to play the next version! regarding the boss battles, I do think they are hard, I did sweat and bleed and cry and whine about a boss or another, and I can get why this content could be removed ; however I also agree with what has been said earlier about slightly nerfing the shields. Less bars or less hp to break them would totally do the trick ! It wasn't the feature that was frustrating in my experience, it's the amount of tries and the "screw it that's just unfair" sentiment that was causing problems for me. But again, removing it is understandable, just wanted to share my opinion. Keep up the good work guys!! <3
  4. Congratulations to all the people who worked on this project during all these years! I've been continuously running the game occasionnaly, once per release episode and i can't help but feel super nostalgic remembering the first time i heard about your game almost *ten* years ago knowing that it is now done. this is like. insane. can't wait to play the whole game one more time. congratz to u all !!!
  5. I'm running 13.0.5. When I load your savefile, i'm immediately greated by Erin, so no issues for me. You can try to download the game again that might work
  6. In your save folder, can you isolate (i.e. create an "old" folder) all the backups and only keep the Game.rxdata inside, load it in your game & if it's the same issue send it here? Because since i don't have the same result as you i can't really help
  7. Done ! You should be right outside of the maze, before the Maria's cutscene. I also gathered all the items and clues: Game.rxdata
  8. What is the correct thing? What's the problem you're trying to get solved?
  9. Weird. I did try to move your around in a safe spot ; can you delete / backup your local game.rxdata and replace it with this one? Game.rxdata
  10. Did you give the right savefile? as far as I can tell, you're fine (i'm able to go into the rooms)
  11. What do you mean "you're stuck" ? you seem to be fine
  12. You should have been with a partner and the event that deregisters them as a partner must have derp. Anyway, it should be fixed Game.rxdata
  13. You should probably use a backup file (in the same folder as your main save, just rename it)
  14. Hey! I took a look at your problem and i found out that this save is screwed. Whenever the game swaps you with another trainer (like Melia) it stores your info somewhere ; I tried to run the Restore script but nothing happens. If by any chance you have a backup file with your teams, items, money etc : I can try to reset everything by hand. Or, if you do have a backup shortly after the Pearl component, I might grasp the restore data there.
  15. To be fair, I don't know, but I think the internal scripts & events that handles the battle are being overwhelmed when the game goes too fast. Try maybe different fast states ? x2, x2.5, etc
  16. 1st post of the 1st page of this thread. or, if you don't have that link, go to Users > (your name) > Library > Application Support > Pokemon Rejuvenation
  17. The battle is working fine on my end. What you can try - completely delete your game (just keep the saves) and download the game again with the latest patches - don't use fast-forwarding / speed up mode while playing the game before a fight - (might sound weird but) make sure the music engine is running by forcing some audio if no music is playing (like with the ingame radio)
  18. That's the one you game chooses when you save. You can tell in your file explorer by looking at the last update date
  19. Why is your file name "Game_5.rxdata"? Do you have a plain "Game.rxdata" file in your saves folder?
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