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Found 4 results

  1. Note: Due to my images host's site crashing I had to re-upload them all. While doing that I added some post commentary labeled with this mark: >>> Also here's a link to the When Love Lies Written Run [Up to the end of Chapter 1] Hi there. Some of you may know me from doing the hardcore mod over in the Reborn thread. Well...a long, long time ago I played bits of Rejuv and just got burned out due to so many issues I had with Rejuv. Well, I decided to give this another shot because Rejuv had a lot of good things I liked, but the issues eventually made me put it down. So this time we're doing something interesting so that I may actually finish this game as well as give a piece of my mind a bit of feedback regarding issues I had with the game and if they're still there. Don't worry, I'm still going to keep this entertaining since this is a semi screenshot run. It's just that not every post is going to be about a battle but more like an LP of the game. Anyways let's get started: Prologue: This is Starting to Look Like a Shipwreck So I didn't screenshot any of the prologue since it's kind of the same old same old stuff from before. At first I didn't like the Zorua story at the start but when I saw the reference I really liked it as it adds a nice touch. I also don't have an issue with anything in the Marianette (I think I spelled that right) flashback except for one thing. It takes focus away from the protag and is something kind of contradicting the silent protag. You see the purpose of a silent protag is to immerse yourself into the game and more or less become that character. Kind of difficult to do when you know something that the protagonist doesn't. You also almost always want to keep it in their perspective only. Breaking that immersion really hurts the idea of a silent protag, however, some characters are designed to be not the player and are normally quiet, but Rejuv I doubt was going for that. Anyways, I still think that portrait is beautiful and the graphics are pretty good here. I'll go into graphics a bit more in a second as it's actually interesting. So now we're at the... (Hello Gorgeous! What's your name?) If this is somehow not Zumi's work I'd be surprised since it's her art style, but she looks so, so much better than Amaria. I really disliked Amaria's design so I approve of the new and improve Amanda. Anyways we're going with regular mode as I'm not sadistic enough to try and go through Rejuv intense while talking about all kinds of things. Also we're going with the standard boy so you're going to see this guy a lot: Yeah...this really isn't my style. Not really a hat person so let's try this... Shit! I forgot to screen cap there. Give me a minute: (That's better. Much Better). Yes, this crappy sprite of mine does have a small purpose. It does help separate Reborn and Rejuv's art styles a bit as I'd say some of Rejuv's NPCs are super well detailed compared to Reborn's since anytime this sprite stands out is a good thing. Also, it is fun to be me in the game. Not much to talk about here still so let's move on: (I'm pretty sure I'm old enough to be your mom.) Not much really changed storywise here that I remember, but everything felt less memey or pop culture which I felt was an improvement. Also pretty sure that hidden item that's easy to miss got moved making it easier. Thank you, Jan. Thank you. Now I don't have to have nightmares knowing I missed a good item early on. I like the layout and design a lot more as it feels a lot more unique and is easier to traverse. TBH, I thought I was going to dread this part, but it didn't feel that bad this time. Maybe because it was prettier. But... (You know what they say: Shippers gotta ship) I know it's a standard, but the NPCs really aren't all that interesting imo. They're the kind of people you can go wild and through more logic out the window compared to the main story. They aren't bad, but more like meh. (We can play a game of Blackjack if you want to try and win it all back. I am a gambler after all). Kind of odd how certain NPCs don't move for the banquet, but whatevs. I missed a few screencaps of the piano girl floor as honestly that bit looks amazing with the backdrop. So much better than the previous design which I think was just a floor. It also makes a bit more sense how the piano came tumbling down later but uhh I'll let the logical fallacies go on that one as it's entertaining. But uhh... (Pieces of metal can control wild animals. The more you know.) An RPG fallacy that even some very good game designers fall into is trying to explain game mechanics in the plot. It sounds silly which this kind of did honestly. I had a hell of a time trying to explain level limiter in hardcore so I can't be too hard here. Just for future game makers of the world, avoid this at all costs. You'll thank me later. I don't have much to talk about until the plot kicks in but... (Seriously look at the difference in art quality. You can see the heavy details on the random NPC so well. Yes, a random NPC.) Rejuv has plenty of graphic inconsistencies and some stuff looks absolutely amazing and other stuff looks...flat is the best way to put it. What I will give so much props to is that the custom tilesets feel so much better than the public and free stuff. I know some stuff was borrowed from Reborn, but most of it feels like it was made just for Rejuv and Rejuv only. That's something I didn't feel in Version 6. And yes, that's the last version I played iirc. It's been a long time. Anyways time for something new: (Tentacles popping up from the ground. I don't like where this is going) I'm glad the Harry potter reference was removed from the bomb part, but...the shading here is a nice little touch that's new. A lot of stuff got changed here and uhh...not sure how I feel about it. I liked all the little boys people getting grabbed by these things as it gave a feeling of intimidation, but this whole new setup does feel a bit more pleasing in terms of animation. The water levels rising was such a cool little touch. (I don't know if it's the sprite or not, but every time I walk I suddenly become Jesus. 10/10 best game ever). I actually liked the boat scenes a lot better now and I really didn't like the previous two versions. I don't even think you really need the password thing at this point as it's not as bad as before and the layout makes it pretty quick paced. Wish the NPCs were a wee bit more interesting, but I thought everything else was fine. And now thanks to a magical fire bird we can move onward! (Thanks Magical Fire Bird! Sorry that Gen VII killed your usefulness) I don't remember what it was like in the early days, but I swear this is the only area in the game that never changed. Never really liked it since well the true city is like 2 minutes away and nothing really goes on here. Well sidequests, but that's a long topic for later and we get to see me get my butt kicked...since Pelipper is gone But yeah, I'm going to stop here now: (The more I look at this building, the less sense it makes. I think the old one was more fitting). Now as a warning, I barely know anything about Gen VII so this is going to certainly be an experience. I know the mons and what they're kind of known for, but that's pretty much it. I'm not sure what starter I'm going to pick though so you guys can humor me. Only ones I won't pick are Chimchar, Typhlosion, Torchic, and Froakie as I do like a challenge. Oh yeah I almost forgot about this:
  2. Heyo! I was wondering, what are your favorite homebrew creations? Doesn't matter if you concocted it up yourself or someone else did, any ideas are welcome! My favorite comes with a little story: Recently, one of the players of the campaign I'm going to host soon came up to me with a proposal. He was going to play a sorcerer, but none of the cantrips really peaked his interest. So, he and I sat down to create a new cantrip: The cantrip was made with his character in mind, a pretty cocky sorcerer who likes to show off his knife-throwing skills. I was glad to hear that he loved it! Now, what are your favorite homebrew additions?
  3. "Messiah Complex" I am the Way. Lay upon me all your sorrows and burdens. For you who thirst, drink, and never be thirsty again. For you who knocks, the door will be opened; Ask, and receive Seek, and find Comfort, for you, who are laden with troubles. For I feel that my existence is worthless if you have no need for me I only wish to be by your side.
  4. IMPORTANT This thread is for the follwing members ONLY Group 1 Acquiescence - F Elf Dancer KingMurdoc - M Shantii Berserker subkoopa - M Elf Ranger Hukuna - M Elf Elemental Knight - Wind Arkhidon - M Vanda Shaman If you are not one of these members, please DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD. If you are looking to join, the sign-up thread can be found here: http://www.pokemonreborn.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=6543&page=1 Thanks. Saarid was a small town located on the outskirts of the Shantii Desert. The streets were empty, with small gusts of wind blowing the sand around. It was dark outside. The sun had set hours ago and most people had closed up shop for the night. However, Saarid's tavern, the Roasted Boar, was still serving its drinks to the few customers it had. Saarid was located out of the way of most traveling paths, and the few customers in the Roasted Boar were more than the usual. Most were humans and Shantii, though there was an elf dancer on the stage, a few more elves scattered around, and a lone Nomad sitting in one corner. ---------------------------------------------- Kho turned to look as the tavern door opened. A human walked in wearing silver armor that gleamed in the moonlight shining through the open door. He wore no helmet, and his hair seemed to stick up everwhere, like it had never been combed. The man walked over to the bartender as if to buy a drink. Hoever, the conversation between them lasted longer than it should take to place an order. The bartender shrugged at the man before walking into the back room. The man turned and stepped onto the center stage, where the elvish dancer had just finished a dance. Under the better lighting of the stage, Kho got a better look at the man. The first thing he noticed was the blood. The front of the man's armor was covered with dried blood. Kho could also clearly see now that the man had light brown hair. The man gave a sincere smile, then began to speak. "Hello, fellow travelers. I must say I'm sorry to disrupt your peace, but I carry an invitation as well as some rather dire news. First, I will tell you that my name is Gillem. I'll start with the bad, I guess." Kho was curious what news the man might carry that was so important.The man called Gillem cleared his throat before continuing. "Surely, you've all heard the rumors of demons gathering in the north." As soon as Gillem said this, there were groans and shouts in the crowd. Many looked away and whispered to each other. "Now I can see that many of you believe these rumors to be nothing more than that - rumors. However, I can tell you that those rumors are true. The demons do exist and they're making their way south. Some have already made it. I can testify that for myself." Gillem gestured at the dried blood on his armor as he said the last part. One man in the crowd stood up. He was a bull of a man, well-muscled with arms as thick as the greatsword on his back. "Let me get this straight," the man said, "You expect us to believe that you've seen these demons and escaped with nothing more than some of their blood on your armor? And how are we supposed to know that that is their blood and not that of some wild animal?" The man crossed his arms. "You make a good argument," Gillem said, "but my tale is true. The demon I came across was not very powerful, and though I defeated it, I did not walk away unscathed." Gillem turned his side to the man and lifted up a metal plate on his armor. Upon closer inspection, Kho could see that that particular plate appeared to be melted away. Whatever had caused that had burned through Gillem's shirt as well. Gillem's flesh underneath was a gruesome sight. All of the skin had melted away along with some of the other tissues. What was left was burned, blistered, and appeared to have just recently stopped bleeding. "This was the biggest injury I obtained from the foul creature, but if you require more proof, I can provide it." Gillem looked at the man who had challenged him. When the man seemed unconvinced, Gillem reached into his travelsack. "Here's the body," Gillem said and tossed a dark lump to the man. The man cried out and backed away. "By the gods, you kept the body?!" the man said. He appeared to be whispering prayers under his breath. "If that was what was required to make you all believe me, then I'm glad I did." Gillem said. Kho walked up to get a look at this "demon". Upon reaching the body, his breath came up short. It was small, but unlike any creature Kho had known to walk Aervana. He had spent his entire life traveling and had never seen such a creature. It had six legs, each ending in a sharp point, like an insect's, but sharper. It had a long neck, and it's face was devoid of any eyes. The only noticeable feature on its otherwise smooth head was its mouth. It had long teeth, the top and bottom rows strecthing over the opposite "lip". As Kho looked up to the stage, he saw that Gillem was beginning to say something. "...as for the 'invitation' I bring... I'm looking for strong fighters to travel with. I'm going to search for the cause of these demons. I believe they have something to do with the decline of the world's mana, and I'm going to see if I can stop it." People in the crowd whispered among each other nervously. No one seemed inclined to accept his offer. "I'll go with you," Kho said. ---------------------------------- Gillem turned to look at the person who had agreed to journey with him. He appeared to be a Vanda Nomad in his lower twenties, with short, dark-brown hair that extended just above his eyes in the front. He wore a leather chestpiece with a green shirt underneath, black pants, leather boots, and carried a sword at his hip. The man wore a long tan-colored scarf wrapped around his shoulders many times, so that it reached just below his chin. There was still enough left over to come close to touching the ground behind him. Gillem was worldly enough to know that the scarf was the sign of a Vanda swordsmaster. The scarf provided protection from sand in the deserts, but it also showed the fluidity of the Vanda in battle. The scarves would trail behind a swordsmaster, leaving a graceful show of their skill. When the man turned to look at the demon's body again as he came past it, Gillem noticed that he wore a shortbow on his back as well. "Nice to meet you," Gillem said with a smile. "I'm glad to see I'll have at least one companion in my journey." He extended a hand to shake. The man looked at the outstretched hand, but did not shake it. "You can call me Kho," he said sternly. "I am a ranger as well as a Nomad. I have reached the swordsmaster rank among the Vanda, and have traveled the world." The man went quiet suddenly, as if he had spoken more than he had meant to. "Well, it's nice to meet you." Gillem said with a friendly smile. "I hope to become better acquainted along our journey. Your worldliness will be much appreciated, as we will be traveling through places I have not yet traveled. Now... are there any others who would like to come along?"
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