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  1. Persona 4 on steam is awesome, hopefully they will put the others and future releases on. It suck having to buy a whole console just to play 1 game.

  2. Gen 5 had the best soundtrack in pokemon. 

  3. She ain't evil, but she isn't in the right either, the best word to use would broken. But still being manipulative toward Titania and trying to drown you is in no way OK. I also love how this ties in with the whole truth vs ideal theme, personally I chose the truth route even knowing the outcome. Overall though both characters are well written, both of them are some of my favorite characters in the game.
  4. September is my predicted time to go back to Japan,  can't wait. :]

  5. I fully understand what Titania was feeling, to think my relationship would end up like that.

    1. Vinnie


      I remember holding back tears on my first playthrough on the path where Amaria tells her about how much she needs her and Titania responded with something along the lines of "I need me too". 

  6. Welp aint that my luck, I get shore duty orders to Atsuki airbase, only to get delayed by corona .

  7. Happy Christmas everybody. Have a jolly good old day.

  8. Time to watch Jojo's Bizarre adventure. Down the rabbit hole I go. 

    1. Angelo
    2. doombotmecha


      I've always loved what a romp it is. Yeah sure there's a lot of Dramatic Moments but at the end of the day, every saga's gonna end with some cruel idiot getting the tar beaten out of them, and that's just existentially satisfying.

    3. LeoYT
  9. Halo on PC is the best thing that happened to the franchise in almost 10 years. 

    1. Ikaru


      agreed, i'm very glad to be able to play it again

  10. I feel like Dynamx has killed my want to do competitive battles in gen 8.

  11. If you need a reason to play the Blue Lions route.


  12. It's been a while

  13. It is weird being back home. Expect a thread of my life in Japan. It is crazy standing here in America for the first time in 3 years.


  14. Comic con is pretty dope

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