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  1. HAWLUCHA OVER 9000 SWEEP BABYYYY!!! ACROBATICS NEVER NEEDEED WOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Oh my god my throat hurts, hit a scream ive never hit before XD. Thanks for the help y'all.
  2. Was entering route 4, forgot to heal, fainted, and Nim is now completely bugged out for me, didn't manage to reset a backup, they all got lost for some reason. I can't make any progress, for some reason, and when i enter route 4 again (escaped by losing to wild mons) I just get locked there, no way to progress that ive tried has worked, either. What I'm basically saying is, my savefile is ****ed Game.rxdata
  3. Don't have Substitute TMs, so that's not an option, and yeah, should've probably put in my boxes, so here, i've caught all unique pokemon I've found.
  4. I may need some help regarding Samson's Gym Battle. I've tried some things, such as Vivillion Sleep Powder Quiver Dance Hurricane, I've used seeds, tried things like stalling and the such, and I can't seem to get anywhere. Any Advice to be given? (Team From My Most Recent Attempt)
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