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  1. Wasn’t neved, it was Indriad in chapter 3 when you meet him in Chrysalis Manor
  2. I actually completely forgot about talon. After everything in V12 he was kinda forgotten, with only slight mentions in v13. This is actually interesting, but I don’t think we have enough info about talon to make any sort of conclusion. All we know is that he’s the official flying gym leader, he attends axis high, and he’s good friends with Risa and Lavender.
  3. You could go to grand dream and bike down Main Street, and check on the day care quickly without encounters. Or just get a Pokemon with lave body if your trying to do this without debug
  4. Another point I wanna bring up is Clear and Kieran. How and why do they have the power to time travel. Sure you can say Madame X can give them the time Crystal she has, but they come out of what looks like Ultra wormholes whenever they travel through time. I feel like the futuristic tech they use has something to do with. Another random point & and fun fact: When we first meet Clear on the pyramid, correct me if I’m wrong, she said she was on a mission of a couple of days and I assume that mission was the WLL, so from her perspective, WLL happened a few hours ago?? I’m just guessing based of her interaction with Aelita when they meet.
  5. I personally think she did this to make Tesla and amber suffer a bit, but there’s probably more to her doing that so I say with certainty. This is because Cassandra is the Mayor of Grand dream City, which gives Team Xen and Madame X a lot of power, as an admin of their organisation is literally the political leader of the Capital of Aevium. If someone like Ren (who only joined Team Xen a few months ago from where we are in the story) was able to access the database easily and could find her name, she would be put at risk. So they had to hide her identity.
  6. I want to know why variya chose Crescent to co-host. I understand that was our closest friend at the time the contract was made, but surely there were better options. I also really wanna know what actually happened to the A-class, the backstory we get in v13 is a distorted version of what actually happened, because of what crescent did to Eden
  7. Try the ice creams (vanilla berry etc.) they also boost friendship. Save before than buy like 40~50. I bought them straight after catching A-bedew , feed them, levelled it up and it evolved straight away for me. Daytime of course
  8. Oh that makes sense. Also found a little plot hole while replaying the story. I’m the rift dex it says madelis got the volcanion from draconia’s den in the badlands, but in the 3rd layer, Cassranda says she kidnapped the volcanion from Valor Mountain? Probably just a mistake but still interesting
  9. I think we’ve been introduced to 4 of the 7 castles: The Lost castle in goldenwood (Griselda’s kingdom) Blacksteeple (Nymiera’s castle) Castle Zygara underneath Zorriyalan Labyrinth (Isiel’s Castle) Kingdom of Goomidra Castle (Kasumi’s castle)
  10. Rock memory is found in the ruined city ,which you can access through the sashila help centre quests
  11. So I want to make a thread talking about multiple areas that have been mentioned through the game, but still haven’t been revealed yet. For example we still haven’t been introduced to: -The area where Kanon underwent the “Dragon’s trial” - Dragons den (Rift volcanian home- for context read the Rift dex) -Mt. Ruin (introduced in chapter 15 with no context to its location, but we can assume it’s in the badlands -Spotlight city (Random guess but maybe it’s in the Artica/Neverwinter region) -The Pokemon league (It’s apparently hidden, but it wouldn’t be unsurprising for it to be in Neverwinter, considering it’s the furthest part of the region from the badlands so Madame X would be less likely to attack it) - Blacksteeple (We already know it’s in Neverwinter, but maybe it’s off the coast, sort of like how Kristiline is separated from the mainland of terajuma. -Damien’s gym?( sort of a random one I know, but considering he’s the dragon type gym leader, I wouldn’t be wrong to assume his gym is somewhere in the badlands, but the only gym we’ve seen there is Adam and Ryland’s , not Damien’s even through he’s the chief of sashila. I could be wrong about these so any thoughts?
  12. Should probably mention something in relation about the augustus theory. In zeight, Nancy did say that Crescent designed her to resemble someone else (which is highlighted in bold golden letters showing it’s important) so it’s possible Augustus knew the real Nancy or possibly the person who she was based off.
  13. Can we buy this anywhere in the game? Seems like every other major character has them but we don’t. I know you get on in the underground sanctuary but I’ve already used it
  14. Then I have no idea what to do, try updating to v13.0.4? It’s the newest one
  15. You’ve probably already tried this, but I sorta had the same issue and I just finished that chapter a couple hours ago. Try going to the edge of any bridges/ platforms and try clicking A, or try moving around while spamming A. I did this a few times and it eventually worked
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