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  1. Could you tell me what the characters are? I’ve already finished the current version. And thanks
  2. I don’t know if this has been asked, so sorry if it has, but do you think you guys (devs) will add characters from the real games (I.e red,Cynthia,wally) to rejuvenation or no because of copyright reasons (not if it’s planned but if it has been considered)?
  3. Does anyone know what To do if you miss a zygarde cell (like at the pier at the start of the game) or will there be an opportunity to get them later?
  4. Wait is rejuvenation acc cancelled? I’m getting scared...
  5. You have to go evergreen cave, then use certain moves to unfreeze the ice, and you have to fall down a hole and find the big ice rock,, idk all the moves but you can use flame burst or fire pledge, and in akuwa town there’s a move tutor for fire pledge I think
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