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  1. It worked!! I felt kinda hopeless but I’m really surprised it worked out. Thank you so much for linking the thread, hopefully this will work when V13 and E19 comes out
  2. The laptop I usually use to play rejuvenation is kinda getting really slow, and I have this chromebook I never use, so I wanted to ask if there’s anyway to play rejuvenation/reborn on a chromebook?
  3. Sorry if this has been asked already, but will this game be available to play on linux? Kinda stuck on a chromebook for a little while...
  4. Another topic I want to bring up: who is the Champion? Evidence points to Alexandra being the Champion given that she was acting very reclusive and suspicious when Venam was questioning the fact that the Champion has not been doing anything to help the region. I also think that it may not be Alexandra and that the champion could be Jan, given how he’s organising the League gym leader and everything, similar to what Ame was doing in Reborn (you will always be loved, Ame) But another part of me thinks that there may not be a champion, given Amanda’s plan (Rob
  5. Where do you guys think Freya and Kieran come from? I’m not sure if they are siblings or just associated comrades. I think they might come from the future, where maybe the dark prophecy was fulfilled and they suffered because of it. I have no evidence to back this up though. But something that does have evidence could be the fact they may be from the ultra space. Given their weird clothing, and the fact that whenever they appear, they always come out of some portal (Freya at elcysia pyramid, and Kieran at Amalessia Urban) I just butchered the names of those places but moving on....
  6. This is just a question rather than a theory, but in the creation story involving Nymiera and Vitus. Is the meteor that spilt Arceus into 3 pieces, the same as the one under Reborn city?
  7. Considering the battle took place underground, Thomas would have to go down and find her, which I doubt he would do (it’s not impossible tho) because Indriad and Gardevoir warn him to never meet again, and he doesn’t seem like the type to risk his life for some girl when he could get more money. I think we might get an explanation of what happened for Hazuki next version, but I think that Nymiera and Anju probably wanted at least one of them to escape and tell the story of what happened so maybe they bought time for her to escape from hiyoshi. There also the possibility that somethi
  8. I don’t think many people noticed it, but in the bad future, when Madame X talks to the MC & Melia about the time diamond, she says that she used it save us from ‘Indriad’s bomb’ in the past, even though his name at the point in time was Vitus. Even Nymiera calls him Vitus and she’s known him the longest. Though we already knew about it, there’s obviously a connection between these two, because besides our MC, Venam and gardevoir, no one else calls him Indriad. Any thoughts?
  9. There’s a good point I forgot about, I guess it can’t be Indriad. There is something I’d like to point out though regarding the darknesses. We are actually told the quality or type of darkness they are going to be at Blacksteeple Tower. If you talk to the Absol statue outside the Hidden Grove, it says: ”The shadows that shade the earth shall be known in the end.” ”The one of raw evil, the one of obsession, the one of betrayal, and the one of greed” “These four shall see the world be lost forever” Any theories on who fits the descriptions?
  10. There was a cutscene in the Church in Theolia a while after you beat Angie in Kristline town (I don’t remember what gym badge) but if you walked into a certain room, it was only for a couple of seconds, but you would see anju and Indriad, then Indriad ran into her, then they fused, because Angie was there Skip to 41:42
  11. I just want to quote the light & dark prophecies again, and give my own theories on them. Light Prophecy: “With death there is also life. With life there is also death. On darkest day, on the darkest night, tragedy shall befall the Earth. All those caught in the lord’s shadow shall be drained and destroyed. The world can be brought to peace again with four lights not born of man. They shall preserve and save the land, and break down the establishment to single layer of sand. Light shall once again be restored to the world. Prosperity and peace s
  12. Could you tell me what the characters are? I’ve already finished the current version. And thanks
  13. I don’t know if this has been asked, so sorry if it has, but do you think you guys (devs) will add characters from the real games (I.e red,Cynthia,wally) to rejuvenation or no because of copyright reasons (not if it’s planned but if it has been considered)?
  14. Does anyone know what To do if you miss a zygarde cell (like at the pier at the start of the game) or will there be an opportunity to get them later?
  15. Wait is rejuvenation acc cancelled? I’m getting scared...
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