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  2. That sounds totally fine actually! As long as the battles are more fair, I’m totally ok with that! Thanks for answering!
  3. Sorry if this is a stupid question but will there be a way to change difficulty from stuff like Easy, Normal, and Hard? (Kinda like Rejuv) The challenge is fun but I personally enjoy the story without getting my ass kicked for hours on end *Cough* Tristian *Cough*
  4. My body is ready. (To get my ass kicked by Tristian over and over, again)
  5. Makes you wonder what they mean by "Doll". Are they implying that Nancy is an artificial person? She did say "she wasn't made like the others" I wonder if it was Team Xen that built her. It would make sense because Ren has a mechanical body so maybe they built a body from scratch.
  6. Yeah maybe, there is definitely something supernatural about the MC. I think the Interceptor is like a force of nature pretty much. It is basically just spawned into existence to change the world's fate. I am not sure what role Nancy and Crescent play in this though because they clearly both knew more than they let on
  7. Yes, very possible. It makes you wonder if Chrisolia Hotel will play a major role in the future.
  8. That is an interesting thought. I'm not totally sure though since in the flashback with Adrest at the pyramid, he was with a woman who he addressed as his mother so that kinda rules out Nymeria as his mother, Indriad as his father, however is an interesting idea. We don't really know when exactly the flashback took place though.
  9. I think it is also possible that Vitus thought he recognized the player in the sewer manor, though it's most likely he thought it was nothing. Something I'd like to figure out though is when exactly does the crack in the sewers take you, how did Vitus/Sirius get involved with Team Xen and met Geara, and what exactly happened in the prologue cutscene? We find out the house it took place in was the very same house outside of Sashila, but how could Anathea die both there and at the manor in the past? The latter we personally witnessed. We never found out how exactly Anathea died in the first cutscene.
  10. That's an interesting thought. I'm kinda curious to how she knew Vitus though since you travel back to Hiyoshi City several decades in the past where she clearly knew him. Close to the present day, if you do Narcissa's quest, you get to see an old photo of Narcissa, a young Geara, and Sirius(Vitus) who looks like he hasn't aged a day at all. This leads me to believe he is definitely the man in the legend
  11. No she didn't say it was her and Vitus but it is definitely implied
  12. Alright I have another theory for y'all. I looked back at the story Nymeria told us about how Arceus was once part of a bigger entity, got split by a meteor, and how a man and a woman went to war against each other. I think that the man was Vitus/Indriad/Sirius/(Angie possibly?) and the woman was Nymeria. I think this because the sprites were blacked out but looked very similar and she spoke as if she was there. I'd like to know if you guys have any theories about this or other parts of the legend.
  13. Honestly a pretty solid team, I'm by no means an expert on competitive teams but your team definitely has a good balance and can definitely take you pretty far.
  14. There is an entire sidequest going through the dark story of Darchlight Manor, definitely one of my favorites in this game plus pretty rewarding. If you want to start it, go through Narcissa's Gym again all the way to the last room like last time and go through the mirror if I remember correctly.
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