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  1. Oh cool! So how do I transfer the folder to my new pc?
  2. So I’m not sure if this belongs in troubleshooting but I’m gonna be getting a new PC soon and I was wondering if I’m able to move all the progress I made in Rejuv and a few others to my new pc. (Please, I’d rather not do everything all over again D:)
  3. You can get the Electrizer (Item to evolve Electabuzz) in the Cellia Powerplant. You’ll have to fight a boss Electavire but after you beat it, the item will be right behind where it was.
  4. OHHHH that one! I found two so far! Just need three more then, thank you!
  5. Oh that is still pretty cool. Which sidequest is it then?
  6. Oh neat! Does it have to do with that new fight club in Cellia?
  7. So I just completed Episode 5 and felt like doing sidequests I haven't finished and I was curious about something. Is it possible to get a mega ring at this point? If it is, how does somebody get one?
  8. Try Honec Woods by diving in the dive spot. Catch a male and female Dragalgae, put them in the daycare, hatch whatever egg the daycare couple give you. It can be kinda long but it definitely helps.
  9. So this might have been answered already but I keep trying to go to Jared (Blue bearded speedo guy) in the library but there’s an invisible wall or something preventing me from walking over to him. Any tips or solutions?
  10. Nevermind reloaded it and things are fine now
  11. So I made it to the Black Fox base in the under city and activated the first locking mechanism. I checked both adjacent rooms to activate the switches but there’s something blocking both terminals that I seriously think should not be there. Thankfully I saved before entering the room with the first switch but I have no idea what to do from here. Help would be appreciated
  12. Hmm good plan. My Magmar usually is able to do some serious damage to her Lucario and my Ambipom is pretty damn fast, not enough to outspeed her mega but still fast
  13. Alright, what's your advice from there? I can try to put a team together to beat her somehow. Thankfully I somewhat remember how to go back to an old save, just gotta figure out which one
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