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  1. No man, the location has changed to an old factory in North Celia. Talk to an NPC in North Celia who'll ask a few credits to open the factory since it will be locked.
  2. Next time i too shall take part in the popularity votes since i was too late. Didn't know there was a popularity vote until it was too late. [ sorry in advance for missing it.] PS : the art works looks too good. Absolutely love it.
  3. ice stone should be somewhere in silver rise i think. i remember getting one.
  4. Haha I use the same strategy too. Especially Blaziken with bulk up.
  5. i think it will be enough. iam not sure to be honest. But I think it'll do.
  6. Did you try the cave? or did you you some dreamscape sidequests? because by doing some side quest you can access some of the books of the NPC.
  7. after you read the books in the north and west then go to the east to meet up with tristan
  8. Surf will be given to you after you beat the 6th gym. As for the keys are you asking about majira's keys? or you asking about some other key.
  9. If i remember the last one is cacturne
  10. yes you can. its a part of the whole ranger side quest. To initiate the side quest talk to clarke [ you know the leader of the teal panther's gang, the red haired woman if you don't remember] in celia north.
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