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  1. Burning the field is going to be hard with his team as nothing can stop Rain Dance being used unless I'm forgetting some kind of Fake Out user he has, but probably the one biggest factor that'll decide it is if the field is different in some way on the first turn Anorith is out (as it's a tiny fraction of the threat it is if the field is burning or at least if the rain isn't active). I can't remember if he has a telluric seed, I want to say he found one? (How many are available? I think it's one, but it may be two)
  2. #PUNCHFERN "Evil intentions towards Team Meteor" is a surprisingly accurate way to describe Saphira. (And Titania for that matter) I also wonder how his nuzlocke rules would handle the mystery egg. I'd assume it's treated as the same location as Growlithe is, and I'm not sure if you'd even allow breeding in a Nuzlocke even if you don't use the egg itself. At the same time, it'd be a bummer to miss out on one of the potentially strongest pokemon you can get at this point in the game. (or Phantump...) Growlithe is fine enough on its own, though.
  3. "Poison mist is the most overpowered field effect" Fairy Tale Field is gonna send him for a loop.
  4. That's an... interesting way to interpret ZEL's sprite Glad to see he's seeing how good of a move Acid Spray is early game with the PULSE Tangrowth battle, now all he needs to do is stop sleeping on Wonga. (preferably before Corey or at least Kiki if Wonga's even alive by then) And if he's surprised how little damage he dealt to Tangrowth... looks at pulse Swalot and the (otherwise easy) Avalugg
  5. You don't even need to get to Shade, Shelly crushes anyone their first time around if they don't know what to expect. She's so much of a step above Julia, Florinia, and Corey it's unreal, probably the sharpest difficulty spike in the game in my opinion. (yes, even stuff like glass gauntlet, since this is relative to how difficult the game was before; none of the battles were really that scary outside of maybe Taka+ZEL, Shelly is what shows you what Reborn is about and it keeps it up till you get a breather with Radomus.) Going in blind is gonna be rough since you probably won't have a Fake Out user turn 1 or one of the small handful of pokemon that learns Rock Slide by level 35. Not to take away from the power of Shade, Aya (even Kiki isn't a slouch), and Serra (if you don't break her field and don't have moves that play well with it), though.
  6. I think they meant more in the sense of a trainer who doesn't speak in general, though it could be referring to the player character. I can imagine if Pokemon can understand human language, that something like sign language or even just general gestures/instinct could command them as well, though it might take more effort to train them. This is all "headcanon", though, and pardon if this counts as answering questions for the devs themselves, though this feels more like a general hypothetical inquiry about Pokemon.
  7. Is this planned to be true of (official, sicne I think Gym Leader moves were stated before to be planned for postgame) TMs, or will a couple of the really powerful ones be V16/Postgame? If this isn't considered confidential, as it'd pretty implicitly state certain TMs will be in V16 like Earthquake, Ice Beam, Swords Dance, and Calm Mind unless you pull one of those surprise moves like Flora/Florin giving out Energy Ball, Erick rewarding Volt Switch, or Narcissa rewarding Shadow Ball. (Unless V16 is already planned to be a standalone postgame version as opposed to Reborn E19, I don't remember the version roadmap) Also, thank you for answering my questions too, happy to see that more crests are planned!
  8. Thanks for the answer, Zumi! Sorry if my question was kind of obvious in hindsight. If it's not an issue to ask anything else, I'm wondering about a few things gameplay-related. 1. Are Crests done being implemented in V12 or will they continue to be implemented throughout future versions? The crest I'm holding out for (Furret) is likely in the area of being difficult to salvage like Delcatty, though, and I won't ask if any specific Crest is going to be implemented. Also, what are the personal favorite Crests of the dev team? Ledian's Crest is absolutely hilarious and singlehandedly makes me want to train one for V13! 2. This one's a bit more of a spoiler. 3. Where did the increased focus on playing on other characters temporarily starting with V11 come from? While some of the segments in V11 kind of wore me out, I thought it was done much better in V12 (as well as it appearing that they are now properly EV trained, perfectly natured and IVed, where before the guest parties had no EVs and seemingly random natures.)
  9. I think this is already strongly implied, but is Adam homosexual? I don't mean this question in an offensive manner, I'm all for more representation being queer myself, and it's nice to see the game's primary romance being between two girls and not forcing the player through romance themselves, as I dislike harem tropes myself. If so, (V12 stuff above) Edit: I'm pretty sure the game outright states both my spoiler and non-spoiler question to be true. I'd forgotten the content of some earlier cutscenes due to not having seen them in a while. After all, Ledian's crest is essentially Hugest Power for punching moves, and it's really easy to get a good moveset on it with tutor changes in V12. It being where it is makes sense to me as it becomes a true glass cannon. Just make sure to EV train it!
  10. I haven't played this battle to confirm, but whenever an "impossible" speed situation occurs, it's almost always due to a choice scarf. Unless Venomoth was able to switch moves...
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