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  1. Ohhh it is not specified in the v13.0.3 guide so i did not consider it ... And no is daytime.. Thank you
  2. I am starting the quest in the help center and then when i go to the inn novae is not present there.. I have beaten Keta but according to the v13.0.3 guide i should be able to complete the quest even before it. I m on v13.0.5 patched What can be done? Thanks in advance.
  3. I m getting an error when i m resetting the game neat gearen lab in the bushes( to be specific ) D:/@raw/PKMN/Rejuvenation - v13/Data/Mods/PokemonSystem.rb:141:in `update' Scene_Map:71:in `block in main' Scene_Map:69:in `loop' Scene_Map:69:in `main' Main:78:in `mainFunctionDebug' Main:55:in `mainFunction' Main:88:in `block (2 levels) in <main>' Main:87:in `loop' Main:87:in `block in <main>' 000:Export/Import Scripts:336:in `eval' I dont know how i get this error I dont recall getting this error before but i started getting this error after i patched the pyrolusite mod for reju. Thanks. edit1: sorry i dont know if this is the right place to post this. please excuse me.
  4. I dont know if the SWM Mods can be used with the new version...... I kind of liked the stats changes thing that the mod had along with the pokemon type. I have not tried it thou? Does anyone know if they are compatible/ can be made compatible?
  5. hey @Pyrolusite missing your theme for v13 of rejuvenation .... do you plan on making them? Also can i use v12 on v13?
  6. well showcase old content ONLY!!!! As I would like to be the v13 content to be spoiler free (I do appreciate the music spoilers though)
  7. hey the download links are not working for me can you please update the links to mega or something...... i am a big fan of the pack and have already installed v1.11 for reborn but want to update to v1.12 and also need the rejuvenation pack.... Great work @Pyrolusite.... Sorry my network issue ... anyway thanks buddy
  8. I have installed the lastest versions of both app and was trying to run the reborn 18.3 game-z.exe but this error show without starting the game
  9. u cannot increase all the ev of all stats of the pokemon.....the total of all the ev points of all the stats should not cross 511
  10. Hey guys i m new to mods but before installing a mod i go through the forum....so is this mod safe as there is a egg bug and zygrade cells missing and also can i add Pokemon with this mod??
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