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  1. Oh sry about that couldnt find the right option
  2. i can climb the mountain like that. The path there is in the second time you do the jumpy stones..the pillar with the rock..
  3. Oh no guys i think i bugged. So first when i came to Telia Resort i did the cooking competition with ana then the story... so when i had to go find andie and found the tm lady i got bugged with the Ana story because it was in the same house i had to go.. and it dropped me out of the house and now its locked i cant go in i think i am screwed what can i do? i saved too
  4. Thanks alot for helping me and making this game awesome!!
  5. Another question. Where is the move relearner?
  6. Thanks alot but where can i find link hearts?
  7. Hey..! I cant find the evolution changes wiki in this game so if there is please send me it...
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