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  1. so basically, Jan said they're gonna take down the rejuv tab on the forums because they're afraid nintendo ninjas are going to take down the game as collateral if/when do crack on reborn, because e19 is being officially released soon the rejuv website is still up though, and downloads are still over there
  2. from @reborn_ooc on twitter since this was posted 1 hour ago, community beta will be released 19 hours later at the latest personally, it's 1pm here, so i can dig into v19 after tomorrow breakfast
  3. hoo boy it's almost here i remember starting on episode 12 at 10 years old lmfao and here I am a college student what a ride
  4. there are a few pokemon/sidequest guides for empire here: https://pokemon-fangames.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PE/overview no walkthroughs though
  5. Also consider that if it is Starlight Arena, ATales' Snow Warning is going to wipe the field to Bewitching Woods.
  6. also the EV editor's more of a EV reset. Though with Pokerus, you can gain 240 EVs per battle with the EV center under Gearan Labs.
  7. Snom can be found on Evergreen Island/Forest Headbutt trees (I can't remember which). They're at Level 1 and has a 4% Encounter Rate iirc.
  8. Rockruff was axed and is first available on Route 9.
  9. Glitch Field has one advantage built in: faster Pokemon gets +1 Crit Rate, so anything with Sniper holding a Scope Lens gets a free 50% chance to deal double damage, 100% if it's a high crit move (Night Slash, Snipe Shot, ect). As you can imagine, Kingdra with Agility, Inteleon after Wonder Room removal or Drapion with Agility goes through her (Normal) team like a hot knife through butter.
  10. in the new 13.03 patch, EV cards are available at the start again
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