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  1. Of course just to make me feel less special lol, thanks for your help though all things considered it could have ended up a lot worse,
  2. Well I found sort of a solution, I found an old file that is able to make more than one backup but it reverting to it means I'll lose over 20 hours of gameplay, but I get to keep my Larvesta and the majority of my playtime so it could be worse, if anyone finds a solution please let me know.
  3. I tried turning off and on to no avail, I really don't wanna have to restart because my mystery egg was a Larvesta, anything else you think it could be?
  4. My main save file won't create more than one backup no matter what I change the amount to and so to fix this I reinstalled the game and tested out a fresh save file and it works as normal, creating as many backups as I want, but then with the fresh install my main save still wouldn't create more than one backup, do I need to give up my main file and create a new main save to fix this or is there some other way of fixing it?
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