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  1. its not exactly a weather problem its a new system. Ame said when i asked: there is! the first thing to know is that it is kind of a little bit busted as of the community release, but has, we dearly hope, been fixed for public it works on a 5 day cycle updating every 8 hours (instead of a 7 day cycle updating every day)
  2. work work work work work

  3. Hey guys, i'm mostly just writing an intersting story as i found reborn so amusing because of it, its jsut another story that i would like to play, a darker view of the pokemon world as they are use as weapons for wars. If i had the time i would love to do it myself ( i'm a designer i can do animations, sprites ,ect) but the reason i dont work on my ideas is that i dont have much time because of my job, so without an actual objective i'm just letting out there an see what people think just for fun. I will update the post continuing the story, the Character Name Scarlet it was choose because he would be in this fanfiction Red's Father and as the story goes much of the actual game will be development Im unsure if make Delia ( ash mother name) the love interest or her sister... as Red's mother name has never been told, and Ash is Red counterpart in the anime, but with the time he separated from him... so maybe her sister.. i will have to change that in the story. ScarletSword you will be given small fees of what the game made ( no game will be made) If i had to make a game plan, it will mostly be a normal pokemon game but maybe adding some elements of pokemon conquest , and making you leader of a small troop you will have to manage wich of the pokemon your soilders have you will choose for them to go to battle they will go as the formation you entered and try to take as many enemies as they can depending on the number of defeated enemies you will be able to proceed into an invasion using your character. You can use your unlimited Tm to teach their pokemons new tecniques, you will have a Headquaters and you will have to manage how much you will divide the Army Budget lets say 100% Army Budget 20% goes for Troops training 25% goes to Tm development / Pokeballs improment 30% goes to Pokemon Hunting ( new pokemons for your soilders) 15% goes to Intelligence gattering 10% Corruption The much % you add to each categories the better the chances of getting Better Tm, better pokemons with hidden abilities, your troops pokemon will be stronger Investing in Intelligence will help you to know which pokemon they will be using agaings your troops so you can plan an strategy improving your chances of success Like in every army you have to keep them happy and your higher ups happy or you will have troubles, Corruption will affect your troops morale and if your morale is low the chances their pokemon will no obey them will grow. increasing the chances of your Troops losing the attack There should be an attack almost affter every badge some times you will not attack but defend againts enemy invasion. Yeah i know how complicated this all look but its something i would like to play, then again this is just theoretical no actual game will be made out of this. i hope this answer most of your doubts guys.
  4. This game will be based in a temporal line 20 years prior to Reds Aventure in Pokemon Red, this is the Story of Scarlet a young men who fights to save Kanto region and others as well as the pokemons in there from the atrocities of war as two Evil goverments and an Anarchyst organization will battle for power and freedom. This Game is based on the fan theory that a war existed in Kanto long ago and thats why most male adults are missing and there is poor infraestructure mostly just gyms, markets and poke centers and why the connection to Jotho needed to be repaired later on. Pokemon Scarlet The story begins with a new recruit(you) for the army listing his form The commander Quartz enlisted you together with three other recruits as he let out his speech You(scarlet) , Rival/Friend (Filero) , Antihero ( Lucas) , Surge C.Quartz Speech: Welcome to the great Kanto Forces, much will be expected of you in the upcoming fights the situation in Asferus region its delicate the peace treaty has been broken and we are at war again, we are expecting our allies from Sinnoh and Kalos to send their best champions to our aid, but we must not depend on them to protect our land this is our war and Johto and Asferus must pay for this bretrayal...uhm.. getting back to the topic. All of you will be given a pokemon from our storage you will train with them and earn the 8 badges of this region as your assigment requires it, the more acomplishment and more badges you get the more chances of getting a promotion, get your pokemon and then wait in your rooms until further notice. Undertood? Soilders: Yes Sir! C.Quartz: For our Supreme Leader Tojo and Kanto, to victory! Soilders: to victory! --------------------------------- A mass of running soilders gets in the facility when you enter all pokemons are gone Surge: Nice an Electric type thanks Lt.Oak Filero: Water type for me, what about you Lucas? Lucas: i'm not telling, ask him (Scarlet) Filero: Hey what did you choose, dont tell me you didn't get any! thats sucks Lt.Oak: Scarlet do not worry a new shipment is coming soon...mmm..well there is one pokemon...but he refuses to obey you can try to take it if you want, he is in the back roo... As you enter the dark room a pokemon approach you its ditto but it seems he does not want to come with you , force him into the pokeball? Choose No. Lt.Oak: oh well no one has been able to tame it, poor thing...sometimes i wonder why i'm even here...when i see a pokemon affected by this war... Scarlet the next shipment will arrive soon, go get this letter to Quartz for me will you? ----------- Scarlet hand over letter to Quartz Quartz: He quits!? what the fuck does he thing this is! where is he? Scarlet: ...... Quartz: i will find him myself Soilder Rem: are you waiting for the next shipment to? Scarlet: Yes.. S.Rem: i was in the Alola battle you know, pokemons there are different from the ones over here the one they gave me here was useless and die really fast, wanna see it? Scarlet: Do you have it here? why havent you bury him? S.Rem: i managed to capture another pokemon in alola but if they found out i did they will not give me a new one, so i had to bring this dead weight with me. keep the secret, if you do i may even teach you 1 thing or two about natures, i learned it the hard way... Ditto approaches Soilder Rem and is really mad S.Rem: whats the matter you little shit are you lost? Ditto: he was my friend! Scarlet: !!!! S.Rem: Holyshit this freak can speak, i will capture you, i managed to get one or two of this prototypes Beta M-Balls in Alola from the enemy, it has a 80% catch rate, just watch this. Ditto looks afraid, will you help him? Choose Yes. S.Rem: what the fuck do you think you are doing want to steal my pokemons? Alola Marowak vs Ditto Ditto has an especial item called: Transform Lock that give him 1.2% more speed and cannot be removed (story only) C.Quartz: whats going on here? what it this mess? it is true you dont have any pokemon left Rem? S.Rem: Yes Sir. C.Quartz: It is true Scarlet? If you choose No, both of you will be able to pick a new starer and go with two pokemons, if you choose Yes Rem will fill that hole in this team with a legendary pokemon later on and you will be awared with a Exp.Share and a Life orb. You go back and begin your training in the camp, you will be able to go to the market, shop get an event pokemon and capture some. Battle againts Surge , Firelo and Lucas they are all hidden in the camp You will be given running shoes and ask to get your firts badge to then get you firts mission. in this city there is a kid call Lance who sais his dad is an Gym leader with Ice type pokemons. After winning your firts badge Firelo will challange you to a battle a girl will come running saying she is from pallet town she and her friend Delia was kidnapped by some will pokemons and ask for your help. Firelo goes with the girl and you are left alone to go into the forest. A group of wild mankeys/Primate/ Slakoth/Vigoroth are attacking any trainer they see As you rescue Delia she thank you and says she was going with her friend to visit her father who is the 5th Gym leader. Delia is upset cause men are the only ones allowed to be trainers and fight in the army, and her sister runaway of home because of this so she is going there to tell her father about the situation. you felt a special connection with her it will continue soon.
  5. i need a mega swampert!

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