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  1. Alas poor showdown server, you had a good run

  2. lia does seem like the type of person who would run a cult, so I'd believe it [Eliminate] Walpurgis
  3. Hm, a series using reader imput, with a large amount of expendable manpower, with permadeath I wonder what game you could possibly be playing anyways I hope you get well soon
  4. And so you accidentally saved the life of a lesser being while attempting to murder it how heroic >I'm smart when I want to be if I was using my own laptop to type this I would have put an x doubt spoiler just for that alas poor bombardier, you were the best fire/dragon sean ever used
  5. After exiting the rainy parts of route 120, I head on my way to lilycove city, come see how I handle the journey here https://nuzlockeforums.com/forum/index.php?threads/taking-on-hoenn-an-emerald-screenshotlocke.2152/page-3#post-779717

  6. and so melias messiah complex caused her to commit a robbery on one of the only people capable of stopping the gas how heroic if your character could actually talk, I'd imagine the cutscene on the yacht would actually be pretty comfy and if you know, the characters that could talk had likable personalities
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