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  1. forget screenshot, what nuzlocke gets to 116 parts in general I can only think of two examples and one of them is kynims diamond nuzlocke that basically small comic blocks the other is also a diamond nuzlocke but that hasnt updated in 5 years so eh everyone needs holy water in their house what if you're suddenly attacked by vampires skyscrapers are earthquake resistant now, its fine poor tusk he didnt deserve dying so melia can look pretty also poor mammoth pig
  2. well good news about those sinnoh remakes! gamefreak isnt making them! talking pokemon is just a standard power of nuzlockers seriously name the last time you saw a nuzlocke were the pokemon didnt talk I didnt expect rejuvenation to turn into a lezdom hentai but I really should have tbh
  3. why would venam care about type match ups in casual relationships that shits never mattered theres theres an important reason she followed that letter sean! jan needed the plot to move forward and ouldnt think of a better reason for her to be there newspaper articles in different langues cira 1913? god I wish rejuvenation was a long set up for a rom of chrono trigger then maybe I'd play it longer then goldenleaf!
  4. I'm sure caeser is fine or at least copes better then most ......what the fuck does jan think podcasts are I assume jan wanted to reveal why she bames herself but then he forgot he wrote that scene or something man I wish dc marketed the titans better, they beat satan on their first major storyline they're basically equal with the league
  5. they did make something like that its called hetalia and its about as shitty as you think it is the 5 second rule doesnt apply to anything germs arent just gonna wait around to jump on something oh god damn it why does rejuv have the stamp system it works in reborn since you get access to the department store early on and reborn city is the major location that the game is built around but you get access to grand dream after 8 fucking badges and over 60 levels what the hell is the point of locking you off like this unless it was changed in the massive overhaul of v13 IDFK
  6. to be fair it does take alot of effort to dance especially since shes a quadruped how often do you see those dance at least its a better degree then literature risa has entirely too much detail for a gameboy advance styled pokemon sprite my god >tournement ah finally rejuvenation embraces being the low budget shonen anime it always wanted to be
  7. I'm sure that was a fun story to tell to the news who the fuck color codes vaccines this cant be kingdom hearts there isnt enough Yoko Shimomura themes and zippers for that to be the case fucking surprise doubles battles goddamn it bluster didnt deserve to die like that rip him congrats on 1000 posts here and 130k views on the nuzlocke forums!
  8. did did granny altair pick up a fucking gremlin turned into a doll to be fair clefairy's line is rare as fuck so a stuffed animal version of them makes sense if you cant get your hands on a real one the strength puzzle was in both dungeons yes >>>>>dragon's potential I didnt thing you'd be eating the super saiyan comment so soon
  9. The tail grows back immediately because sceptile is a gecko and they can do that hidden power was still in gens6&7 it just couldnt be fairy figures you'd be the one trainer unlucky enough to get hilter in their mass of evil spirits oh the yandere oshawott it returns to haunt our nightmares how swell
  10. man I love wonder everywhere AI scrpits I hope they never go away oh she did enough of that on her own florin yeah well into 2020 so well into 2020 we're in 2021 damn it chiller you team killing fuckass what a waste of a perfectly good sidekick rip prophet they turned sceptiles tail into a missile weapons with its mega as seen with its special attack animations so its like mawile in that respect speaking of game shit fairy hidden power doesnt exist because all the iv combinations where already used up in gen3 and gamefreak didnt want to overhaul the entire attack like that
  11. I expected it to take longer then a few minutes for you to turn into the mole man honestly ah erin, all I know of her is that the artist was incredibly horny when making her vs sprite was not expecting her to be that much of an asshole to be honest with you, but I guess asshole girls are all jan knows how to write yeah no I dont blame you for not accepting bladestar after that recruitment attempt jesus christ the rocket grunt after the nugget bridge gave a better pitch then that >I'm a leaf fucking canadians and another good water lost rest well gustav you cannon octopus >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>next 100 fucking plot tumors
  12. I assume moemon kinda fell off a cliff after the switch to 3d but who knows more teams should be like cipher and just drop the team suffix would add a bit of name diversity to things, although the last two gens had the real bad guy not be a team so eh >pokemon, doing anything? >>lets be real florin its a fangame that will never happen jesus flora you dont need to lay it out so thick so insurgence so kaizo/post gen1 brock fucking team rocket traps
  13. poke amine/refresh/camp basically puts alot of the luck based elements of the battle system in your favor its both convenient and cute kanon is there to add a vital element to any party constitution gender diversity because the pc isnt guaranteed to be male >>>expecting programmers and artists to have mechanical knowledge they only know how to code and draw pls understand hey stantler gets intimidate, that makes it a decent not!tarous!.....wow it really does have no niche alas poor deer hooray, sakis dead! shame adam and the water leader whos name I've completely forgotten had to be sacrificed to ensure it but it was a necessary sacrifice oh boy a green pair of siblings! surely this wont lead into another plot tumor!
  14. I see zaius was working on his comeback game during his time on the bench, good for him ultra beasts are just aliens so technically speaking many pokemon are just ultra beasts >scooby doo got dragged off to hell early on would be a sick twist in mystery skulls ngl >leon is going to do nothing for the plot man that comment did not end well at all fucking kill stealer blue is not a flattering light for you my god favorite pokemon list eh
  15. >200 chapters right I forgot how fucking bloated rejuv is in terms of content jesus oh boy orphans! at least these ones have a loving matron instead of a psychotic sadsack and arent actually part of the main plot poor old old man stompy he tried his best but in the end he went senile and died some say his machop is still stomping in his lot, waiting for orders that will never come >rpg maker porn games you just get dialogue trees with the basic battle system ripped out its not that exciting tbh jan had to put the various secret base decorations somewhere so he might as well throw them at the orphans >xerneas is the games icon NOT FOR LONG! rip its trozei sprite it lasted so long
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