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  1. yeah jans constant updates to the game kinda fucks over old savefiles and makes people who dont replay lose out on a lot of content, its been kinda an issue for a while but hopefully its done after v13.5 as for you continuing the run, well thats entirely up to you, hopefully you find the energy to continue it but if not well the past 8 years was a fun ride regardless and the end of a version is a pretty good place to end it as a nice time capsule of what the game was like if nothing else
  2. I hate when you step into a hell portal everything turns out to be crayon drawings sometimes you can be too artsy I cant imagine getting your dad bonded to your very soul to be a comforting experiance oh its just a delusion fair enough I thought you become popular by nuzlocking niche fangames and showing people in a regular forum what these games are like favorite fma opening huh probably not most peoples first choice but I just find it neat oh rip zolt losing a magnazone at any point sucks so much and nova too ah man what an unfortunate situation when you have to use the self sacrifice move
  3. clearly spacea and timepa revived him without working equipment so they couldnt get it on because of reasons that or they just forbade it like the asian tigermoms they so clearly want to be but an ugly pokemon is an exp punching bad! jan just didnt want to use blisseys for whatever reason who the fuck just tells someone the person they thought was their dad was actually their husband in a past life god no wonder aelita freaks the fuck out
  4. damn I'm annoyed I missed an upload because that to be continued bit was really well done oh well eh the only important part of wll is a screenshot you can dig through the files to get anyways its not super necessary especially since keta is very minor in the grand scheme of things it'd be like a reborn spin off game featuring archer and maxwell the funniest jokes are the ones that you set up years in advance, good work past sean I did not realize the sky field battle took place on a fucking cloud holy shit mind clouds same bullshit rip souta, another victim of the reborn evolved forums americian focus oh well he gets off better then arceus
  5. and you didnt crush your past selves to death jan can make all the over the top bullshit he wants he still doesnt know how to have fun ah classic playground format yugioh I did not miss that but I commend the level of effort to make a mostly convincing duel of a game you havent played in 15ish years or so oh god rejuvenation is so anime theres a 9 episode gap where you end up in the exac same place you were before because the writers didnt know how to continue the plot christ goddamn reincarnation always taking away from the dramatic sacrifices people make its usually not so instant though
  6. that is not how I expected melia to save the day goddamn it honestly dont come back is the best thing anyone can tell you about a horrible hell future like that one it shows real concern for your safety I hope the time crystal has you crush your alternate selves like in futurama a good futurama reference is a great palette cleanser for all this fanfiction nonsense oh combining thats lame that sure was a climax without any pokemon battles! I sure hope this doesnt end up becoming a trend
  7. ah the foreshadowing font dont know where jan got it from, probably danganronpa, but it sure beats you over the head that some big ass cutscene is coming in hot the worst thing about the 10 year old being able to catch god thing is that until BDSP you couldnt actually catch arceus since it was only given away via events and even in PLA you just battle it to prove your worth and not actually catch it also lucas and dawn are 11 not 10 I miss the days when comics where the most prominent form of nuzlockes shame a consistent schedule is a difficult thing to justify for a project you arent getting paid for, and all the big nuzlocke comics are either finished or abandoned the bad future versions of your party are both stupid and incredibly shitty friends and the big choice at the end of a major story beat is a danganronpa reference thanks jan oh well better then homestuck god could you imagine if jan took anything from that
  8. oh hey sean I thought you died >>>time diamond what was the fucking adamant orb too mainstream for this game >pokemon recreation machine rejuvenation has less foresight put into it then rwby what ever happened to ash and the gang getting lost in endless forests it just sorta stopped happening as the anime went on when was the last time they were even in a forest
  9. clayton wasnt strangled his neck snapped since thats how hanging kills you think of it like a shonen! where all of the personal enmity is with the side characters while the main character is actually the one who defeats the villains man bad future valerie is kinda a baby christ
  10. oh so thats why donkey and dragon could have babies in shrek what a fucking terrible lose poor zira alas poor zira you were the average cat but you were a beloved reminder of a character long removed
  11. the two week montage is one of your best editing efforts! good job sean man characters using weapons in a pokemon fangame is never gonna look cool especially not the ones in the GBA styled ones
  12. ...why is madame x a companion for this arc is it because janforgot about her for nearly the entirety of grand dream up until this point damn it jan melia reacts shockingly poorly to threats to her life by people she can use her pokemon against sure they're kids but self defense is self defense damn it melia stop having a hero complex about shit its the least helpful thing in the world medabots unfortunately is one of those series cursed to be japan only after getting a scant NA release like yokai watch only with robots instead of ghosts
  13. good on spacea on restoring your heracross back to you I'm sure you'll repay her by being slightly less brutal to her then the other one it was the laser needles in the original series because the budget back then was not ideal for a weekly anime of this calibur and the only thing they had to go off of was the gen1 attack animation it stayed the laser needles because it was like that in the os so why bother changing it I dont get how regigigas soundslikes a dying synthesizer when the other 3 where alot more put together although regigigas sounding funny is the least of the hoopa movies problems oh boy time bullshittery I'm sure jan is perfectly capable as a writer and will make something intelligent and not hacky as shit
  14. >time is a social construct anyways YOU ARE LITERALLY THE GODDESS OF TIME WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN SOCIAL CONSTRUCT YOU CONTROL THE VERY FLOW OF IT WITH YOUR HEARTBEAT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I wish jan would stop trying to be witty man zaius was completely replaced by prophet wasnt he thats why you vary up your characters roles so there isnt like 10 different characters occupying the same story niche alas man ripping off reborn is one thing but uranium? does jan have no shame? whats next, ripping off insurgences deltas? ripping off desolations actually good writing? ripping off sages space theming? who knows! Can you really blame arceus for ditching aveium after everything that happened though? I applaud your devotion to haxorus but I have to point out ash already beat iris to get to this point and the writers arent gonna spend an episode on a repeat match shes doomed sean doomed
  15. to be fair you time travel using someone elses power its far more likely they're deliberately sending you to all the important events to uh witness them I guess I think being immortal has had a negative effect on your ego if you hate natasia for the crawli comment and not the fact she was the major architect behind the attack on the ss oceana haha arceus being in a meteor brought to the region how silly! especially given that PLA revealed arceus actually was! spoiler alert it has nothing to do with being brought to planets via meteors >she'll turn up eventually god no wonder nastasia turned out to be the way she is fucking vivian everything involving xen is your fault mostly somewhat my moneys on cynthia personally
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