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  • hey, what's going on?



    oh man. remember dev blogs?

    i don't.

    in fact, when choosing a title for this one, i had to stumble over all of the other related "i've forgotten what a dev blog is" titles.

    this is how we got to where we are today.


    so i'm sure that all 5 of you who regularly visit this devblog (hi! thanks for checking and i'm so sorry we haven't done more of these!) are wondering:
    what's going on?

    i am dying, squirtle. oh man am i dying.

    i gotta finish grad school, i gotta find a job, i'm trying to do this whole "coding" thing on the side, and my fun field trip to europe got hit by the Rona (i'm okay! it just sucked!).

    life is big stresso. too big stresso. i work great under a nice stable level of stress. i genuinely find cleaning up the code to be stress-relieving (stress cleaning, but for nerds!) but that's only if i'm not already super stressed out.

    and oh man am i super stressed out. so i haven't been getting nearly as much done as i would like to. that includes blogging! even though the blog's in a weird state right now.


    what's going on? (devblog edition)

    reborn's in a weird place rn since it is, as you may have heard, finished!

    upon finishing, the team basically split into three directions:

    - some people went straight with ame over to starlight

    - some people hung around with me for additional game fixes

    - some people stayed right where they were! they were on multiple games to begin with and this has really changed a whole lot of nothing for them.

    regardless of where people are, the situation is simple: reborn's done and everyone's off doing better things. fangames devs require two things: time and motivation. no one has time, and the motivation is on other projects.

    but this is a reborn dev blog! and the only way for there to still be work on it is through the scripts.


    what's going on? (scripts edition)

    sooo stop me if you've heard this one before....

    i really wanted to get reborn/rejuv/deso all on the same scripts.

    that basically kicked off the moment that the last version of reborn was out.

    it is, uh, very hard.

    there's two main components of the script work:

    - data structure redevelopment so everyone can share scripts

    - everything else

    there's a lot of work! tinkering with the scripts is complicated! these changes are very sweeping and require a lot of bugfixing to make sure everything works correctly with the new system. and i swear to god, every time anyone looks at the scripts we run into like five other things that we'd like to fix. i'd like rewrite the battle system!

    but, alas. no time.

    so: where are the scripts at?

    well, we redid the data structures and battles almost work!

    this is a pretty significant distance from the original state of the scripts, which was "everything is crashing everywhere all the time". stuff actually tends to work now!

    this statement will, of course, come back to bite me very soon. but there's hope for progress!

    i also want to take a moment to shout out the whole scripter squad who's been helping out with everything. i have primarily been directing stuff off in the distance (with some brief bursts of my own work) while the individual games' scripters have been cranking away at the myriad things we want to do with the code.

    big things we've got coming (that i would expect the average player to care about):

    - new pbs! we now use ruby hashes instead of the standard text files for compiling game data. it's internally simpler at the expense of requiring a touch bit more coding knowledge to use.

    - new save files! don't freak out, we have a converter. new save files are going to be a little bit smaller than they used to be and will hopefully be a little less prone to corruption!

    - quicker animation loading! and data loading in general. i mentioned this before, but i'll mention it again because i really like my optimizations. game go zoom!!

    so hopefully one day this'll come to a game near you!


    what's going on? (games edition)

    oooookay, so, development's a little weird for everything these days.

    basically, the script development now occurs in tandem with the development of the individual games but isn't actually directly tied to the games themselves. the scripts are their own thing. legally the game (say, reborn) is separate from the scripts. everyone does their own work and then the scripts are shared between everyone. rejuv/deso will release a new version with whatever scripts we've got, and those scripts will just get progressively better over time. theoretically we'll reach a point where other hot new community games can just take the same scripts and run with them. who knows! 

    ideally it'll be really easy to pick up and use, kind of like a reborn-based essentials. (one day i'll get a name for it!) the primary focus of the scripts will be the core community games, but if you're making one and you wanna use what we've got, more power to ya.

    this is also why i'm hoping i'll be able to sneak an engine update to reborn someday! that'd be cool. 


    i feel like i'm starting to get rambly, so i'm cutting the post here. hopefully this explains some of the stuff that's been going on, and hopefully the other games will start showing off some of the work soon!

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    Ngl I wasn't sure if there would be a new post on here, but I compulsively check anyway out of habit. Don't have the technical knowledge to understand a few of the things you said, so I'll just say good luck with grad school and everything!

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    quicker animation loading! and data loading in general. i mentioned this before, but i'll mention it again because i really like my optimizations. game go zoom!!

    Man, I remember when heading from Peridot to Opal would make the game lag a bit and it took a second to cross into the other area. Now that is already working smooth as hell, and you want to optimise even more? Y'all are too good for us

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    Sounds like a lot of work to me, I honestly didn't expect another post for like maybe a month or two, if ever. Anyways an even smoother Reborn? Now that's what I never imagined to be a goal.

    I hope no-one is overworking themselves tho.


    Happy to have played the game 'till today and will continue to slaughter the legendaries. :)

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    This is awesome! also since you want a name and I like puns how do you like the sound of it being called ReMewed Essentials since it'll be the hopefully new origins of future fan games! Also good luck with school.

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    i genuinely find cleaning up the code to be stress-relieving (stress cleaning, but for nerds!)

    Put that in your resumé and software engineering employers will drool all over you :P


    Jokes aside, try not to work yourself to death. You already doing god's work over here.

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    One thing that really bugs me is how during double battles, some attacking animations go wonky.  If it's a 2 on 2, moves like dazzling gleam and discharge will look as if the side it's damaging is attacking with it, and moves like eruption play upsidedown to what is supposed to look.  Beyond that, can't wait to see how the revisions look, then seeing how the mods respond to that.  Keep up the awesome quality Cass and Co.

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  • i know i'm, like, criminally bad at updating the sidebar

    but it's just the scripts!

    i never know what's worth mentioning.

    anyway we might redo the battle system.





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