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  1. Tryna take down solaris on the first try and refuse to lose. If anyone could trade that'd be great
  2. Charlotte's wooping my ass and the only pokemon I have with rain dance is bronzong. Anyone got a level 65+ pokemon w rain dance?
  3. never realized how vero's hair was spiraled out right above his forehead. very glad he's taking proper care of his hair now, because that inevitable bald spot would've been embarrassing!
  4. noahsuxx

    E18 Cat' Stats

    So after four months, we're just above 50%. This means that, if all goes to plan, we'll be aiming for another Christmas release right ;))
  5. wait, for real? you're amazing
  6. Does anyone have a Charmander, or any of that evolution line they want to trade away?
  7. @Sayia its noahlol. what mon do you want/prefer?
  8. Is there anyone willing to give me their Unfeazant? I can trade with a mon you'd like
  9. noahsuxx


    yes please!! that would be a big help :))
  10. noahsuxx


    Does anyone have Blue Moon Ice Cream? I'm about to confront Titania, and I want to have that extra dialogue.
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