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  1. Some days ago, i post a topic about me being stuck in route 9. One of the solution was fly, but at that point (i was starting zone zero mission) i hadn't the HM Fly (something i was supposed to have at this point according the videos), and Aelita ritual quest advanced without me doing anything. Using previous save files, i was able to continue from zone zero, and when i enter to the stores in the college, the part of Aelita ritual quest that want me to go to the tournament registration continue, ignoring that i advanced on the story (after completing the pyramid). Searching in youtube, i found that, to do the ritual to Aelita, i would go to Hospital of Hope to see Lavender and continue the quest, something i did (before start the hospital assault), but the event didn't start. Long story short, i end the game without fighting Souta and his badge. The point i was looking is that in some point in the chapter "City of Dreams?", something happend and the continuity of the Story and parallel events become a mess, found character through the main story that supposedly y already known, and found them later like the first time they see me, etc. It's Possible end the game, but hard to follow the events of the story when it's chronological wrong. I can't find topics about this on the forum, that's why i write this for future inconvenients.
  2. I found the backup files, i didn't know i have it, Thanx!!!!!!
  3. I don't have the HM. I tried to get fly, but i can't enter GDC. I only can move between route 9 and Tournament map. The auto save rewritten my save file, there is some way to recover it? I tried in other saved file option, but there is only ones lot.
  4. Before fighting lorna, i explore the Alamissa Urben and found karen. After spoken to her, it send me to sasilla village, where i talk to a man with a latios and send me to route 9. The.problem is that i cant come back to zone zero, there isn't the xen'plane, BDC is closed for the bomb, and the auto save activate on route 9, make it imposible to reload to a prior point in game. Anyone know how to.come back?
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