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  1. I don't know if you can do this(or even care to) but i would really like a custom pokemon reborn ICO folder file to change the default folder icon. I feel like most people would enjoy a small treat like that assuming they know what im talking about and how to actually change the default icon for folders but yeah.
  2. So Reborn is coming to an end(or a beginning for some), but the real question is what's next. Will there be another project fan made pokemon game? Initially, I assume the answer will be "HELL NO" but I'm probably not the only one thinking this and that includes the devs as well.
  3. I'm going to be that guy and ask(and before anyone asks, yes I read the entire post) when are we getting the release?
  4. I would go into your save folder and change the current save to one of the previous ones, assuming you have been saving regularly. https://www.rebornevo.com/pr/save/ This thread will help your find your save file.
  5. I'm pretty sure ice will not scare her considering she the strongest gym leader. If anything you might want to get dragon pokemon of your own to fight her and considering she is the last gym leader you should already have 1 or 2.
  6. So, will this new AI make the much expected Lin battle harder then impossible? Also, will this new AI work for double battles when we battle along side a in game character like Cain or Shelly?
  7. So, you are saying that everything up till now was just training for the bullshit battles that are to come. You are also saying that one of these bullshit battles will be near impossible to win(99.7% win rate is near impossible). This and the fact that all legends are post game makes it even harder. There was also that other post that depicted pokemon level cap over 100 and some kind of powered up trainer battles. I CAN'T WAIT, drop a like and/or comment if your excited for this new year full of more reborn.
  8. Anyone else wondering what we are waiting on. Does the counting down list of side quest mean that the next episode is coming soon or is it part of the bulk of what's left for episode 19? I assume i am not the only one waiting for an estimated release date.
  9. Proto65

    18.3 beta

    Can the new executable run save files of older episodes or does something need to be done in order to ensure a complete transfer.
  10. I figured it out, i was looking for the guy that takes you to the place but now you access from the pokemon pc in the grand hall instead.
  11. Was Wondering if Zeraora was added to the mod cause i can't get it in the before or after updating sandbox mode. Unless im updating it wrong and it should be there, could someone let me know.
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