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  • Internal Begins! So let's catch up.

    so, we've finally finished cleaning up from our several supervised test periods, and we're shipping off to internal. but for those who haven't heard, we are not doing a full test cycle right now-- internal will be the last test. the purpose here is just to make sure that if we for any reason have to drop the project and release as-is, the main story will at least not be horribly bug ridden for y'all. we'll have another full test cycle again (one that will probably span eons) once postgame is complete.


    that said! it's been a minute since i talked about some of our new features and changes. let's start with the thing i've been screaming about. hint: it's AI. 

    we've made a number of improvements and fixes to a lot of facets of it, but there's two things in particular that have really just knackered my knickers:

    • the first is what we've just started referring to as the 'speed bug'. basically, there was a certain line of code used in default essentials that, when we reworked AI, we reused a lot. it speed like a nice, strapping young line of code, and we had no reason whatsoever to think it might be completely broken. so naturally, it was, and we copied it into 200 places. this caused the AI to basically always think it was faster than the player, even when it definitely was not, which as you might imagine, has caused a lot of issues and a lot of emotional pain. this has now been fixed, unleashing never-before-seen chambers of code into the wild for the first time. that can come with its own issues. basically: aaaaaaa
    • the second we just discovered a couple days ago. let's call it the 'switch-reversal bug'. basically, when deciding what pokemon to switch in, the parts of the code that checked type effectiveness got switched around. thus, it has been intentionally sending in pokemon with bad type match ups the entire time. this was an easy fix, but also 😰 😰 😰
      frankly it's amazing that switching has worked well enough to this point that it wasn't completely obvious
      here we are.

    those are the big bois but like even aside from those i've been fixing dozens of case issues for the last week or two. it's gonna be good.
    or i'm gonna cry.


    what else! check this out:


    by popular demand, we've merged the multi-move mod into the main project! Huge shoutout to @Waynolt for getting this going and letting us adapt it. We've also made some convenience improvements that you can see in the above gif-- Instead of selecting each pokemon through the menu, you can just hold Ctrl when you select them to automatically add them to the multi-move queue.


    We've fixed some other misc things too, the fishing animation that's been missing for years, some PULSEs have been buffed, and we found an issue with hidden power where the player's hidden powers weren't actually properly set to the static 60 BP even though we tried to change that before. Very sorry about that, guys :c


    One more update for you today. This one comes from our animator Vulpes, and it's exactly what the move deserved:



    That's more or less where we're at. So since we're not moving on to later stages of testing, there's no set end date to internal-- we'll just fix stuff as we go and as we work. And thus, internal will simply evaporate into the distance, as must I.

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    I can't react to this content 😞 I want to because all this stuff about AI is very interesting, even if it seems evil. I guess one can find good in the bad after all.

    Have fun with the testing!

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    Even if progress is coming along slowly, it's still progress.

    And i am willing to wait for as long as it takes to finish this project.


    I mean....whatever happens, it can't get worse than Pokémon Sword and Shield, right?


    Also: Yes! The AI is evil! It eats Pokémon (and probably children as well) and likes to torment poor Ame and her team! And it's probably the evil twin of Nebby, since it also doesn't like to stay in the bag.....er....it's cage....

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    you have just pushed the release date back another 3 weeks

    30 minutes ago, EyesOnKindred said:

    I know there’s no release date, but I still wanna ask: What is the approximate date to finish and test all stuff of ep19 and postgame? August? The end of this year? Or this time next year or even further?


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    First off, the animation for aurora veil looks clean AF.


    Secondly, i'm happy we got some an update at all. The wait may be long, but it'll be worth it to see the final product. 


    Besides, with stuff like P5 Royal coming, the wait seems all the more bearable. Lol

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    • Administrators
    11 hours ago, EyesOnKindred said:

    I know there’s no release date, but I still wanna ask: What is the approximate date to finish and test all stuff of ep19 and postgame? August? The end of this year? Or this time next year or even further?

    i'll let you know as soon as i finish summoning satan

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    I come here everyday and mine, always a surprise and my heart about to stop every time I see the scoreboard bars.
    Do you want to share plug and play code for multi-move? It would be nice to have this facility for creators.

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    AHA! yes, I had figured that was the issue, to the point that I started training for defenses and low speed with high damage.

    That multi-select seems awfully nice, wish that was in the actual games.

    ~ Excited to see the update when it's out!

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  • memes are cancelled actually




    Legendaries Accounted For:



    early game updates are also cancelled actually
    only quests now
    another milestone hit but i can't update the counter :\\\


    edit: okay no they're not actually cancelled, i just reached a good pausing point so i'm going back to postgame content, funny phrasings only, there is no need to do a worry

    (updated 7/28)


    hi i made a twitter

    i don't know what twitter is

    click this to go to the twitter (because the embeds on this sidebar are dUM)

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