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  1. As an european, that 'US time' physically hurt.
  2. poggers. Finally managed to finalize my plans of playing it with my friends, just in time apparently. Can't wait to suffer for hours over the course of literal monthes, in a terrible, miserable experience, waiting for each others while stuck in a gym because holy shit we're so bad at pokemon help One week. I've got to finish all my work this week just to be ready. Love you and the work you put on all that!
  3. I just need one answer, and I'll be ready to wait until the release. Is Shelly still an adorable smol bean that deserves everything? (Jokes aside, I'm excited as all hell. Been a while since I played some challenging pokemon, and I was starting to hunger for some pokemon story)
  4. to be frank, nothing that makes it easier, just less grindy. More EXP, more casino coins for less work, mid-battle evolution... Nothing makes the game easier, but you'll spend less time doing the same repetitive tasks for mild rewards.
  5. I don't give a shit about any of those features, because you confirmed that you think of us dumbasses living with an internet so fucking slow that 15 MB less is a whopping 30 secs save. THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart.
  6. So, I went back to the earlier posts to calm my hype down a little, and then I decided "fuck it, let's read the posts!" Oh, what a mistake. I've got so many things to say and ask. So, let's go: allow me to give my quite frankly irrelevant opinions and thoughts! First, the thing that makes everyone and their mothers antsy: Ace. Sidenotes: my language does not have they/them, so if I use "he/his", don't take it badly, as masculine is our neutral too. Also, if I write Axe, it's because I'm an idiot and didn't notice. Sorry I guess. Ace. Ace is... Ace is in many ways a problem. Nah, just kidding. But it has the potential to be one. The set of villains we have is actually already pretty good. They all felt unique, and from what I've seen, Ace can actually fulfill a niche we don't have and bring a lot to the story. He's also filling a role Team Meteor doesn't have, that of computer genius. Master hacker? Whatever. Their design is... Not my favourite, but it looks good. They got the jester/magician aspect really well, and I'm pretty sure I will like the design even more in their first appearance. That said, jesters/magicians characters done wrong can really destroy the mood of a scene. On another note, if Terra exists and is an enjoyable part of the game for many, I have little doubts that the team can handle a jester/magician well. So, design-wise, personality-wise, and even just-being-there-wise, Ace don't seem like it's gonna be that bad. My issues comes from the fact that... You can pick up your 100+ hours file without knowing anything about an early-game character? Granted, at first I thought we would just have some kind of flashback/thing where Ace would be explained, or we would have their appearances, or something. In a flashback. I guess? I don't remember what I thought at first very well, yeah. If it's like that, then sure- might be a bit messy, but fuck it, I entered reborn knowing fully that the game wasn't done and over with, and things could change. Wait, no I didn't- I kicked my friend's ass for that! But now I know, and I already expected that the early game would be changed a bit. It's changed more than expected, but meh. So, I won't be a dumbass and say "you handled it badly!" if I pick up my old file, mainly because I will start again from scratch because I convinced friends to do a playthrough with me. Because once again, the game was not finished, so I expected things to change. Characters. There's not too much characters? I think the main "problem" I have with the characters is that they're all either gym leaders, villains, and/or related to one or the other. Aside from that small bit, I love almost all of them, and they're all pretty unique, for the most part. Fuck Fern. He's unique too but he doesn't deserve anything but scorn. So, I don't think adding one more villain will "bloat" the cast. Hell- longer dungeons means we can get (optionnal? Maybe?) minibosses! With some villains being introduced in midgame, and even mid-to-lategame, having one in early-to-midgame is nothing that will kill us. That said, once again, adding a character means redefining their relation to every other characters. With everyone being so closely tied to each others, if Ace is related to nobody from something (childhood friend, son, sibling?), it's going to feel like a waste (I think), and if they are related to someone, there's a chance that it'll redefine everything. And also be a mess but eeeeeh the writers haven't fucked it up yet in a hundred hours of gameplay so I'll hold Judgement until I have the game in front of me, while bitching to my friends because god dammit I'm doing a dualtype run why am I faster than you? So, yeah, characters. I don't think one more will shift things too much, and there's not too much of them either. "people really complaining about more content? Dafuk" More content does not equal better content. But again, I've loved reborn and I don't have the rose-tinted glasses of "it's my first fangame". Worse, it came after a string of fangames that I loved, and I really didn't get into the game until gym 3 or 4, so I think the redo to earlygame will be a blessing. Difficulty? I think I remember someone talking about difficulty? Don't care + didn't ask + ratio. Reborn being hard is good, but if it lowers its difficulty scale a tiny bit, then it's not a problem. The game is harder instead? Still don't care. As long as it's still a bit challenging, and an enjoyable experience, it'll be good. I think that's everything? Might be. Now, that's a long ass post, to not say a lot, but I'm gonna use this space to say a bit more in general: As of now, I have as much faith in the dev team as I can have. Which, granted, I don't have faith in much people. But so far, the game has been excellent in some places, amazing in others, and pretty good in everything else except, once again, the beginning which I felt was weaker. The devs clearly knows what they're doing, they have more info than us, and many games and movies have done the same thing of "add an element for no important reasons at all". I- I don't know if the reasons are not important, but I'll assume it is, since I don't know how much earlygame changed. So, yeah. Take care, take your time, and remember- your game is already so good that I'd have spent 20 or even 40€ on it... Well, I would have cracked it first and bought the full release after, but potatoes toe may be toes. For a free fangame? You've exceeded expectations. By a whole fucking lot.
  7. Grass/Electric, huh. If I didn't like my snek so much, I'd chose it in a heartbeat.
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