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  1. The best talks in parties are the ones after it's done , with lower lights and the coolest music <flies away>
  2. @Amethyst @Marcello @andracass All the devs having worked on this game, thank you guys very much. <3 It's been years with this game that we really enjoyed, loved (and hated. our relationship is intricate) I started in 2015 with ep.14 and loved each phase of this. About 15 years after playing Gold Version i was back again hooked with my Pokeballs xD Looking forward to see rejuv and even more deso Thank you for all the work done for Reborn and for the final release. <3
  3. hopefully something anniversary-y?? like "post your first starter" ? "raise your hand if you caught gastly in ep14 and lost misdreavus for all eternity" ? "count the nights you lost to train for glass gauntlet?" hopefully..
  4. I never thought I'd read something like this ever reborn devblog has had more visits than my opening homepage recently <hype reaching lethal doses>
  5. It may be obvious, unnecessary, or already clear to the developers, but I'd like to point out that there are those around here who realize the volume of work there's been for this project, and with the little or not technical knowledge they have, can imagine how much effort has been put to the already released material as well as to the one incoming. Regardless of whether they have wishes for some features they are more than grateful, and most of all, the see the evident wish to create something enjoyable. Lastly they do remember what they enjoy for free something much (much) better than things they have paid for. So I'm just gonna leave this here. (P.S Also, Cass, I'm such a good guy, now cmon plz tell me where Lugia will be)
  6. sora21

    v13 and MKXP

    https://mega.nz/file/9m5CTDCZ#gtEbk5U07VDfgosj8hZYqBKws0rrbSYeo8gSOIVRyWc I tried it, it works for me, but the game is too slow, in fact unplayable.
  7. @andracass that really necessary tho? We luv the Luvdisc and everything about them <3
  8. @andracass 1. Are there going to be exclusive legendaries for each branch? (meaning we'd get the others by a second gamerun or trade)? Or are they all available regardless, and it's just sequence/storyline differences? 2. Will we get to know the branching split point beforehand? Is the Reshiram - Zekrom split related? "Final episode" is really something tbh. Some of us have been around with that game for years. (episode 9 ) Waiting for that ep16 release Waiting for that ep19 release Thank you and all the developers for the great finale prepared
  9. ~ are we a joke to you?? please raise the money cap over 999,999 because this happens... (i've lost like more than 2million in that cap) incorporate this shiny mega charizard (isn't it lovely?) make pre-evolution exclusive moves available at the Move Reminder at Onyx (prettypleaase <3 ) give us a means to change IV's (even lategame or expensive) make shard items, if still valuable, a little more efficient to win (or buy?) also, the good old Legendary music track was much better than post ep17 (insert puffin meme) ( damn i used to have many of those.. where are my notes??..) great job tho. tutors single-charge, moveset restorer , amazing stuff
  10. @andracassCap'n Ti me is fro zen s ti lllll
  11. Dialga Palkia Giratina routes i assume it feels like talking with Taka
  12. 7 years of a savefile, 586hrs of playtime , all in the void with Luna
  13. @andracass I'm a bit confused with the mechanics: Once i run it for a given national number , the predictions run perfect but they collapse when generation changes : For example : Bulbasaur became Bellspout (#069) , charmander became gothitelle (#576) and squirtle taillow (#276) Therefore my Base is 69 and my modifier is 169 So pidgey (#016) should become marill (#183) -and it does or ratatta (#0190 should become skrelp (#690)- and it does Why does #152 become #302 (instead of #571) ?? Or why does #252 become #793 (instead of #524) ?? Does the base change for every generation?
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